Explosive Consequences of Turkey Downing Russian Su-24 Jet in Syria – Complete Analysis and Predictions!

Putin’s video announcement: Turkey, who is aiding terrorists, has stabbed us in the back Rus/Eng. Link

MAP: Russian Su-24 crash scheme by Russian defense ministry:

Russian Defense Ministry demonstrates map of the Su-24M flight which ended in downing by Turkish F-16 jet. Russian MoD insists the jet didn’t violate Turkish airspace, while Ankara says the plane crossed into its territory for 17 seconds, leaked document indicates.

US-backed states have right to self defence, but not others- State Dept.

During the moment of Turkey shooting down the Russian Su-24, it flew at the 6km altitude, one kilometer away from Turkish border on the Syrian side. The plane was shot down by AMERICAN missiles from American-made F-16 employed by TURKISH army, in retaliation for Russia successfully bombing Syrian terrorists, whom they call ‘Turkmen,’ and who are financed, trained and openly supported by Turkey.

In the area in which the plane was shot down there is no peaceful population. It is the territory fully controlled by various armed thugs, fed by Turkey to create havoc on Syrian territory.

It has been known that Turkey actively recruits terrorists in the former Soviet republics of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, as well as in the Russian Chechnya and Dagestan, through a wide network of mosques and extremist Islamist schools they openly organize and finance. The exception are Chechnya and Dagestan on the Russian side, where recruitment is done more subtly.

As was seen on many videos, the plane crashed very quickly. Both pilots ejected. It was also visible on videos how Turkey-supported terrorists were shelling the pilots as they tried to land.

The info about the pilots is conflicting. There was a speculation that they may have been taken hostage. However, the latest sad news I’ve heard is that either one or both pilots are unfortunately dead. One of them may still be alive, being a hostage in the hands of the militants.

Let me begin by expressing my deepest condolences to Russia on the downing of the jet, and full support to the families of pilots.

You know how balanced and restrained I usually am in my message. You know that I always try to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone, including Turkey/Erdogan and US/Obama. But this is literally the line they should have never, ever crossed. This bodes big changes with very serious multi-level and multi-directional consequences for many parties worldwide. These changes will be complex and I will discuss them below.

First, let me say that Erdogan and Turkey will have hell to pay. This was a big mistake on Erdogan’s part. Russia put up with him despite his schizophrenic idiocy, for fear of destabilizing the region even further.

As we have discussed on many prior occasions, Russia as the Earth’s Great Balancer, always strives to maintain balance and status quo, until she is pushed too far.

USA/UK and the West play the opposite role – they (especially the Anglo-American countries) play the role of the global agitator and imbalancer. This is what they do to the rest of the world, while keeping their own countries in wonderful balance.

One of my readers asked me recently a question about millions of the Middle Eastern refugees streaming into Europe, among whom there are sleeper terrorists. What to expect, where is all this going, will Europe and this reader’s native Sweden become Muslim?

I’ve replied that the sooner EU understands that the only solution to this crisis, as well as all the crises that are happening in Europe now, is in getting closer to Russia and distancing itself from the US, the sooner the refugee crisis will stop. US had feared that EU, and especially Germany, were getting too close to Russia and this is why Ukraine coup was engineered, MH17 was blown up in eastern Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions were organized. Divide and conquer.

Keeping Europe artificially away from Russia, keeping it in fear and distrust – that’s the ultimate goal. This way they can continue to control Europe and prevent Russia and China from developing; this is how the world is kept in the perma-instability mode.

Incidentally, here is the blow away part of the intel I was saving for the upcoming piece about the Russian Airbus A321 catastrophe in Sinai, Egypt. But it seems more appropriate here. It is known that it was Turkey that organized the refugee crisis for the EU. It is also known that the USA was the mastermind of the refugee crisis. The whole thing was very well coordinated, down to maps, money, logistics and text messages which way to go and where to meet. I have proof and I will share it in a different piece.

So, to the question how to solve the refugee crisis: look at who benefits and who organised it. Then side with the only country that actually works to solve this crisis. This country would be Russia, for those who haven’t heard.

Instead, the likes of Merkel are making deals with the devil. She recently met with Erdogan and offered him a bribe to stop the flow of refugees: 3 bln euro to keep refugees in Turkey, plus a fast track into the EU (between us – this will never happen).

Below I will talk about USA and its unseemly role in the downing of the Russian Su-24 jet in Syria. You know I usually don’t talk about Obama, but this is one exception. Obama’s despicable role in this matter deserves a special mention.

I previously wrote about Erdogan trying to sit on multiple chairs at once. See ESR5: SYRIA GAME CHANGER, where I explain Turkey/Erdogan’s game in detail. But this never works.

Putin at G20 in Turkey that just ended has presented a list of 40 countries, including G20 members, who are supporting terrorism. Certainly Turkey is very high on that list, but the diplomatic Putin has stopped short of accusing country’s leadership directly.

At the same time, Turkey is a very significant trade partner for Russia. Russia exports a lot of natural gas to Turkey, a lot of agricultural produce is imported by Russia from Turkey. Several million tourists from Russia go to Turkey for warm sea vacations annually. Russia and Turkey have visa free regime. Turkey was also projected to become a major gas distribution hub for southern Europe, if and when Turkish Stream is to be built.

Incidentally, Turkish Stream up till now was still a reality, contrary to what some have been saying. It is a real project and many parties, including Turkey, Russia, Italy, Greece, all of the Balkans, Hungary and Austia are eagerly awaiting it.

It stands to reason that the following parties would do anything to prevent Turkish Stream from happening, and these are: USA, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. USA and the other two have been working tirelessly to sabotage this project. The downing of the Russian jet is creating conditions for them to achieve their goal, if only temporarily: Turkish Stream may be conserved – at this time I don’t see it being abandoned altogether yet. The delay in building it is definitely in the cards.

Now, I want to emphasize that sabotaging Turkish Stream is one of the major goals for the USA, Qatar and Saudis in Turkey. But there are lots of others.

Another goal is not letting Turkey get closer to Russia and China, while distancing itself from its NATO and Anglo-American allies.

In 2014 Putin made huge strides and it seemed this was happening, as Turkish Stream deal was signed, visa free regime began, and various other trade agreements were executed. Erdogan began talking about joining Eurasian Union.

However, after a series of attempts on his life –  which to me were rather a warning for him to toe the line than real attacks, terrorist acts, bloody protests and problems with elections, Erdogan changed his song. He began talking again about joining EU despite Turkey being snubbed for several decades. He again began being active in NATO and started taking a more and more actively militant stance against Syria and Assad.

It is evident that there has been tremendous pressure on Erdogan and Turkey to get back into the fold of NATO and Transatlantists.

At the very same time, Turkey has been playing double game with Russia. Saying friendly things to Putin’s face, Erdogan has been clandestinely recruiting Islamist militants behind Russia’s back and attempting to destabilize the post-Soviet space. The big goal and wet dream number 1 for Turkey has been the resurrection of its Ottoman Empire.

Of course Russia knew all about it – it’s pretty much common knowledge. But due to various geopolitical risks, Russians attempted to balance the situation, keeping Turkey reasonably in check.

The thing is that there really is no alternative to Erdogan that would keep the country in a semblance of a balance. Russia, with significant interests and visa-free regime, can’t afford the destabilization of Turkey.

It has to be mentioned that Kurds play a very significant and convoluted role in Turkey. On one hand, they have legitimate grievances and it is their right to want independence and being re-united with other Kurds from three other Middle Eastern countries. To remind, Kurds were artificially divided between four countries, with borders drawn by the British Empire during colonial era. Same happened to Armenians, who also became divided between several countries by the British Empire. Read all about it in SYRIA GAME CHANGER.

On another hand, it is known that in many situations Kurds are financed and controlled by the US. Exploiting their natural grievances, desire for equal rights and re-unification, USA systematically uses Kurds as a very clandestine and non-obvious weapon for US geopolitical gains in the Middle East. Therefore, Kurdish protests and riots in Turkey, manipulated since 2014 to get Erdogan back into the US/NATO fold, were helped from across the ocean.

Despite Erdogan’s idiotic and inconsistent behavior, Russia still supported him, since there was nothing else on the horizon. Russia could have easily helped Erdogan NOT win the latest elections, if they so desired. Erdogan won with great difficulty.

In view of the Russian jet’s downing and the killing of the two Russia pilots, I can predict that Erdogan will be in a more precarious situation than ever.

Read much more on Erdogan and Tukrey in the new EARTH SHIFT REPORT 7: TURKISH CONUNDRUM.

Big changes in Russia’s attitude towards Turkey are coming.

Russian Duma has been discussing since the Egypt crash certain security measures regarding Turkey. It has been proposed to stop air traffic to Turkey, in addition to Egypt. It was also proposed to revoke visa-free regime. This proposal didn’t pass the Duma, as most rejected such restrictions at the time. It’s almost inevitable that it will be passed now.

Egypt tourism indistry is already dead after Russians withdrew all tourism. Russian tourists constituted 70%, in some case up to 90%, of Egypt’s tourism revenues. Turkey’s tourism industry is about to suffer the same fate. For both of these countries tourism is extremeley important.

Meanwhile, Russian resorts in Sochi and Crimea are getting a boost. In this regard, note the ‘co-incidence’ of Ukraine’s terrorist act, as discussed in: Urgent! Ukraine Blows Up Power Lines, Leaving Crimea and 2.5 Million People Without Electricity. This terrorist act left the peninsula without power, sabotaging the growing Crimean tourism. Russia is also developing winter tourism in Siberia and the Far East.

I foresee other severe repercussions for Turkey, of economic, financial and political nature. If and when Russia withdraws any political support from Erdogan, he will likely not survive for too long in his post. By his erratic and duplicitous actions Erdogan managed NOT to generate any real allies and suporters. Remember Qaddafi? This kind of flip-flopping doesn’t do any good.

As I said, Russia tried at all cost to keep Turkey stable, overlooking some of Erdogan’s actions. Destabilization of Turkey is beneficial only to the US – this is why by default Russia had to do the opposite.

Now the situation may change. But I will predict preliminarily that Putin will still act very carefully, so not to destabilize the region further. The political outlook for Turkey will change gradually; when Putin is ready to act – no one will see it coming.

This is still the situation when Russia will have to choose between bad and very bad so not to destabilize the region even more.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is this: Turkey and its government simply cannot be trusted under any circumstances. This has always been the way of this region of the world for a long, long time. They will flip-flop and stab anyone in the back on moment’s notice, depending on who pays them more or who threatens them more effectively.

There is a saying in those parts: if someone extends a hand to you, bite off his arm. I know it sounds vicious and awful, but in light of the present events, I thought it was necessary to mention this. 

It’s sad news for those countries that were hoping to get Russian gas first via South Stream and then via Turkish Stream. I still think the pipeline may happen one day, but it may not be through Turkey, after all.

The other variants include: it may still go through Bulgaria, but only after Bulgarian government stops being the complete US slave and the people of Bulgaria take their power back.

Or it may happen through Ukraine, but only after Ukraine is restored as a normal country. Most likely it won’t be called Ukraine for long. Also, in the near term, most likely it will either split into several pieces, or become a very, very loose confederation of practically independent, divergent regions.

Now, let’s talk about USA’s unseemly role in this whole situation.

I wrote in SYRIA GAME CHANGER that USA or NATO airforce under no circumstances would collide in any way with Russian airforce, for fear of world war. But we know that US is very, very peeved at Russia for Russia’s independent policy and for trying to maintain stability, when US works so incredibly hard at destabilizing the world.

What can US do to hurt Rusia? US can start a hybird war against Russia. It can employ all kinds of financial and economic attacks and sanctions, as it has been doing. It can also ignite color revolutions all over post-Soviet space. Finally, it can destroy Ukraine.

But Syria presents a great opportunity for USA to sick on Russia its vassals: the clueless Turkey is very convenient; all kinds of ‘very moderate’ terrorists US is financing – such as ISIL; Qatar and Saudis.

USA is the biggest supporter and CREATOR of terrorism in the world. USA is THE terrorist super-power of the world.

And now let’s see what Obama has said immediately after the shooting down by Turkey of the Russian Su-24 jet: ‘Turkey has the right to defend itself.’ Meanwhile the US command in Iraq says they can confirm that for 5 minutes Turkish army was warning the Russian jet to withdraw from the area, and only then they fired.

Let me get it straight: Turkish army was warning Russian jet to withdraw from the area across the border, in SYRIA, where Turkey has no right to be present or give commands, and where Russian pilots are present at the direct request and invitation of the Syrian government.

It is clear that this is an openly cynical and blatant collusion between USA and Turkey. I would not be surprised if it turns out that the ones pushing the trigger that killed Russian pilots and downed Su-24 were actually Americans, under the guise of the Turkish army. Let’s recall that USA and NATO have a lot of military bases in Turkey and this territory has always been their prised stronghold against Russia.

A word about Obama.

I said previously that I didn’t normally write about Obama is he was too predictable and un-interesting to me. This is one little exception.

Obama, this typical peace-loving ‘nobel peace prize winner,’ is one of the biggest war-mongers out there.

Obama is a puppet and a simpleton, who is a very effective mouth piece by virtue of being not very smart, but highly trainable. He’s a good actor though. He once fooled a lot of incredibly naive people by his ‘we are change’ slogan.

Having very little, if any, power from the start, after six years in office he looks like just an empty, soul-less shell. This happens to all American presidents whose daily job is to swindle the world and to lie to their own people. They are the ones who make pacts with the devil as a normal daily occurrence.

And now, a little preliminary prediction for the USA’s presidential elections 2016.

I am saving the full prediction for the US elections for 2016, when I’ll do a complete prediction about USA as part on a new Earth Shift Report. But I will give you a sneak peek, which is tied to the Russian jet downing in Syria.

Here is my prediction about US elections:


Here are more predictions:









Su-24 crash: RT special video coverage of Russian warplane downed over Syria

Rus – Expert: Turkey is afraid Russia will soon obtain proof of Turkey’s connection to ISIL (IS)

Eng – CrossTalk on downing of Russian military jet: Dangerous Skies

Latest coverage from RT:






Turkey conundrum 2




ESR5: SYRIA GAME CHANGER              








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  1. I have been saddened all day because of the sad news. Thank you for adding some positive thoughts on the subject as well as some or your insight.

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  2. Hi Lada
    We may be at an historic juncture point in 21st Century history. Turkey is supporting ISIS against Russia; and the Washington Regime and its NATO vassals are lining up behind Turkey (and ISIS). A truly tragic farce is unfolding that may lead to general war in Europe and globally. The West has lost its moorings in reality and reason and morality. We are in grave danger in the period ahead.

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  3. We may be at an historic juncture point in 21st Century history. Turkey is supporting ISIS against Russia; and the Washington Regime and its NATO vassals are lining up behind Turkey (and ISIS). A truly tragic farce is unfolding that may lead to general war in Europe and globally. The West has lost its moorings in reality and reason and morality. We are in grave danger in the period ahead.


  4. Lada, your keen insight into geopolitical machinations continue to astound me. This is a very difficult topic to cover comprehensively, yet you have captured the essence of the dirty games played by the USSA and poodles. The Apocalypse, the great unveiling of the truth, is revealing for all those with eyes to see and ears the sheer evilness of our USSA/City of London Banksters.

    BTW, how do you think China will react in light of Turkey’s and the USSA’s latest provocations?

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  5. Lada, many thanks for your comments and inputs regarding today’s outrageous event. As the situation becomes increasingly complex I appreciate the fact that you are generously offering us with a growing number of posts. They are very instrumental for me to construct a big picture and have a more clear view on the facts. Putin seems to be a especially selected person to conduct Russia and its allies in this tormentous moment, what a serious mission he was given. All the best !

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    • Thanks so much. I’ve added more material to the post. Those readers who were the first to read it, please take a look again for added insight and video links!


  6. Five stars and right on target. For me, I hope Russia turns Ankara into a sea of glass. Shame on me but if NATO/US wants WWIII, I’m in. This is the worst experiment God ever created and shame on God, too.

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  8. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Wow, this is literally an explosive situation we have here. Spot on analysis regarding Turkey’s role in Syria, Lada I’m truly impressed how you called the signs in your Syria Game Changer report well in advance. Thanks to you, i’m seeing all the pieces of this geopolitical chess match.
    It would be interesting where satellite imagery place the Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fighter plane right before it was shot down. I’m sure there will be plenty of lip service on all sides but the truth will come out. Latest news:

    “What may make matters worse is that those Turkmen tribesmen say they shot and killed both Russian pilots as they floated to earth in their parachutes, having apparently ejected safely from their plane, which was brought down by a Turkish F-16 firing air-to-air missiles. And then the tribesmen reportedly destroyed a Russian helicopter with a TOW antitank missile as it tried to rescue the airmen.”

    Truly a tragic and volatile situation we have unfolding right before our eyes!

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  9. Lada, I posted this elsewhere, so feel free to remove. This is for your information.


    Without question you are my prime “analysis about Russia/Ukraine/Europe” website. Continuing thanks for your works.

    About WordPress, there seems to be an effort on WP’s part to defunctionalize their new editor (the Beep Beep Boop one) , which I have stopped using altogether. Many have complained about it. I ONLY use the “classic” editor. They say they are going to keep that one available for those who wish to use it.

    I do not know if you know this, but you may always access the classic editor by going to this link:

    and the classic stats page:

    I hope this helps you. I may post this on another post you’ve made to be sure you see it.

    Keep up your continuing great works. Aloha Kp

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    • Thank you so much for the good words, KP. Means a lot coming from you. 🙂

      Many thanks for WP editor info. I’ll look into that. Frankly, been so busy that had no time to research the alternatives.
      I’ll post your comment’s info in case other bloggers may be interested.

      Blessings, my friend

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  10. Dear Lada,
    Please do not post this.

    The Western world is controlled by jews, like in Isreal, not the USA government, not the British.
    These jews are called Zionists, like Stalin was a half jew, Winston Churchill was a jew. The Tsar was murdered by jews. Many of the English officers in the Anglo-Boer war were jews.
    These jews in contoll do not show themselves, they appoint goims, who are power hungry and money hungry criminals, and they get it through the jewish banks and through the jewish media.
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    The media is making the Palestinians bad because they blow themselves up, but do you realize how bad conditions for those poor people were made under these jews that they would go to such extremes as blowing themselves up ? Think about it.
    Here is the history of these jews, and note out of how many countries they have been kicked out of in the past for the problems they caused. http://www.iamthewitness.com/books/Andrew.Carrington.Hitchcock/Synagogue.of.Satan/0740-1818.htm

    Thanks for the update, and we hope all goes well with Russia, she’s the only hope we have from preventing a sic one world jewish government.


    • Oh, Fanie, Fanie. What am I going to do with you (shaking my head with a smile). I know you mean well and thanks for the good words towards Russia in the end.

      Comments on FT are meant to be published.

      Stalin was 100% Georgian ethnically; by education he was a Russian Orthodox priest.
      Tsar Nikolay II and his family were executed by ESERs (social-revolutionaries), who at the time sided with Lenin and Bolshevicks. It’s proven that ESERs were acting on orders by the British intelligence.

      I’m not going to go into the rest, but there’re mistakes there too, although some is correct. You don’t need to convince me in anything.


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  11. You have an interesting post and comments with really varied opinions. That is to be expected where there is freedom of expression in a great arena of conflicting power struggles. Nations are invaded, threatened, bribed, and blackmailed from all directions, honest news provides the ultimate reality show, our greatest writers and producers couldn’t do better. Thanks for your part by presenting your side.
    Just a minor afterthought; Angela Merkel should change her first name to Teufela. I had read that at one time, she and Putin frequently spoke to each other on the telephone in both German and Russian and not needing interpreters. What is her motivation today?

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  12. It’s three dead Russian citizen soldiers there was another death when the rescue helicopter was shoot down.


    • Two, not three. One pilot still seems alive. One pilot and one marine from the rescue team.

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      • Newest: the second pilot has been rescued by Syrian army and is out of harms way. He gave interview in which he said that Turkey is lying, they never sent any warnings to the crew and that it was a pre-planned ambush.

        By now, even the West says it has been a deliberate ambush.
        Of course, NATO withdrew support to Turkey, saying it’s between Russia and Turkey – as I predictied in my article.

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  13. Hi Lada, thank you for your informed articles, I really enjoy reading them.
    Do you know if Putin has any evidence for 911 and if so why doesn’t he expose it? Also, is it not time to tell the world that we are in the sixth mass extinction and that as our Mother Earth is taking her last breaths we should honor and give her the peace she so deserves. I’m sure Putin is well aware of the extensive daily spraying of our skies around the world, it won’t be long before mass populations wake up to the reality of environmental damage. Perhaps the only way to avert mass extinction from nuclear war is to inform the public that we don’t have much time left here and that we should make every day count. Don’t know where you are, but here in Canada the trees are dying at a very fast pace now and most insects and small creatures are becoming invisible, it won’t be long before we follow unless there is a mass consciousness awakening and a quantum leap.

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    • Putin knows about 9/11, as do most people by now. There was a very good full size documentary made by Russia Today – RT – that exposed the 9/11 conspiracy. Come think of it, RT made more than one such documentary. You can probably find it on YT.

      As to chemtrails, it’s a huge problem. I forgot to ask Putin last time I saw him why he doesn’t talk about it – sorry. 😉

      Bust seriously, each person can protect themselves and the surrounding area up to 10-20 miles if they know how. If there is enough interest, next year I will do an online workshop about my system, with all the remedies, methods and know-how. All of us who are aware need to take personal responsibility for our own and our land’s protection. We do it at home every day and that’s why where we live they hardly ever spray, and when they do, it doesn’t reach the ground, being transmuted well above.

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  14. Thank you for your response, would love to hear how to protect from and transmute chemtrails.

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  15. Thank you Lada for this insightful post. Russia is supposed to turn the other cheek says Martin McCaulay!?!I However, the other old saying is “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. The world is awaiting President Putin’s response to Turkey’s stupidity and blatant duplicity. He will not act in haste and irrationality like Hollande did the day after the Paris attack. Immediately bombing Syria (which was Illegal) when evidence of who did it was scant and was stupid. The ‘terrorists’ were homegrown nationals of France and Belgium. As for the Syrian passport found…reminds me of the Saudi passport found at Ground Zero…pathetic. There seems to be a lot of questions to be answered by Turkey in this recent action which defies all accepted International norms from shooting down the plane over Syrian territory to the shooting of the parachuting pilots which defies Geneva Conventions. No doubt increased NATO relevance is one of the objectives. Although I was quite surprised at Stoltenburg’s response to Turkey’s action yesterday. It was the first time I have seen him other than a warmongering rabble-rouser. I have no doubt Russia will continue on with assisting Syria with its routing of Daesh as it is successfully doing even knocking out the Turkish criminals in Syria as well.


  16. Hi, Lady Lada ! What ever happened is very sad and unfortunate ! However, it is also noticeable that Russia had already immediately taken necessary counter measures :


    I think, Another incident Russia and Syria should take immediate notice and action is this : http://sputniknews.com/politics/20151124/1030683556/us-turkish-military-invasion-syria.html

    Looking at the Head Line “The US and Turkey have announced an operation aimed at maintaining control over the last 98 kilometers of the Turkish-Syrian border,” it seems Russia and Syria needs to do everything immediately to seal off the Last 98 Kilometer of the Turkish-Syrian border before the US – Turkey invasion began. Although till now there is no information of VDV Airborne forces of Russia in Syria. The Russian Air Force in Syria could definitely airlift and para-drop the Syrian armored Force into the last 98 kilometers of the Turkish-Syrian border quickly. Lets hope in this future geopolitical move also President Putin would checkmate the possible US- Turkey invasion and proved the Grand-Master !

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  18. Probably not on the right article but sometimes ago we were asking how the new Prime Minister will behave… Not that good so far: http://www.sott.net/article/306873-Wait-what-US-Canada-Ukraine-vote-AGAINST-Russias-anti-Nazism-resolution-at-UN

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  19. Nice report. I suppose I would just mention that a big part of the problem is not Erdoghan, it is the nature of power in that part of the world. Turkey and her Gulf allies were hoping to break Iran, which would then also break Syria and Hezbollah. To a large degree, one or the other is likely to win. As the US and elements in the West came to the conclusion that they needed a deal with Iran, that meant disaster for the others. Russia has been trying to find compromises between these two groups, but it perhaps would have been easier to get the USSR and Nazi Germany to work out their differences. Sometimes, there is no balance between such opposite forces.

    It is entirely likely that Saudi Arabia is beyond salvation at this point, and that Iran will end up being the major power – which is a disaster for Turkey and their whole ideology and geostrategic position. In other words, Turkey is in a desperate situation at the moment, no matter who is in charge. And some are arguing that Putin at the recent gas summit in Tehran was showing that Moscow is now moving into Tehran’s camp against Ankara. Your thoughts?

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    • Russia isn’t moving to any ‘camp’ against another. Russia is the Great Balancer and her job is to balance everyone on the planet, Eurasia being prime objective.

      It’s like saying that the king moves into a camp of one lord against another lord. The king may support one lord more, while still being king. See the difference?

      In this case, Iran is helped by Russia in its development to establish a bettter balance in the Middle East. Iran has been artificially stifled by Turks, Saudis, West.
      Iran as a more fully developed state will help Russia balance ME. But of course, Iran also has to be kept in check and not allowed to get out of hand, as is typical in ME.

      But Russia isn’t abandoning work with Turkey, if it’s possible to work with these lunatics. Most likely Russia will do something completely out of character, is I wrote, and this time insist on regime change, albeit cautiously (maybe too coutiously, knowing Russia – should be more assertive). Or it could be the de-facto division of Turkey.

      I’ll say more in the upcoming ESR: The Battle for Eurasia


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    Great article, Lada Ray!!! Thank you for your research and clarity.

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  21. How can I forward to you some funny stuff about the Russian jet shoot down. Its a bogus discussion between turkey,Russia,Syria, U.S Great Britain and Nato. Turkey says, O shit, we just shot down a russian jet in our airspace. syria says, remind me, when was
    syrian airspace your airspace? Turkey asks Nato, You got me covered, right? Nato responds yo yo–you are on your own.

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  22. Sad news of which I learnt only today. Well-balanced analysis, as always, Lada, thank you.

    People in Russia, who had vacation booked in Turkey, started refunding their trips, and hashtag #НеЕдувТурцию (I won’t go to Turkey) goes viral.

    Meanwhile, Lavrov makes the most direct statement:

    Downing of Russian Su-24 looks like a planned provocation – Lavrov

    Also, this looks like a fulfilment of the false flag that Saakashvili was heard talking about. I posted about it in a comment in the beginning of November:

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  23. Well guys,

    Joe Biden put his shoe in his mouth by spilling the beans over Turkey’s efforts in Syria at a University.. (you just have to love Joe cause he can never keep his script close to his west.)

    He had to apologize to Tayyip Erdogan for that little blunder.. who’s son btw Bilal Erdogan happens to trade the crude oil from ISIS.. with others. What are the Turks actually thinking? Do they really think they will have their old Ottoman empire back? By shooting down that Jet they must have known that Russia would bolster it’s presence even more.. thus destroying the rest of ISIS even faster?

    The Turks are so heavily pissed that they can’t steal the industrial plants any more nor sell the priceless artifacts and least but not last having the Russians snub them on ISIS oil revenues on top of things..

    Also seems like China is in for some action.. #istandwithrussia ❤

    No gas deal for Turkey and who is going to spend their holiday there from now on? Not me have been there but not again until that fool in top is gone..

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  24. Video of the shoot-down, which can be added to the article:

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  25. Lada, sorry if I am spamming with comments. I am gathering information, and some of it is important.

    A comment on the Zerohedge shed some light:

    You can shoot down any jet from an ambush even F-22 whatever. When our bombers were covered by SU-30 fighters turks were whining about getting locked and dared not attack. But then we made a mistake: agreement with the US about flight safety and stopped covering our bombers. This mistake has costed us 1 SU-24 bomber, 1 MI-8 evacuation helicopter and 2 lives (a pilot and a mariner).

    They didn’t trust Americans, did they?! Russian military command acted as naïve fools! About a month ago I read that all bomber groups flew covered by Su-30 fighters, so I wondered how this Su-24 bomber would have been shot down by F-16…. Now I have the answer.

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    • I was thinking the same. This is Russia’s normal (global blancer, you know) overrriding desire to keep everything in harmony and to please everyone. Nice in a NICE world where everyone’s honorable, but not in THIS reality.

      Years ago, when RT was just starting out I was a part of the focus team, and I literally had to give them a good thrashing to stop being on the defensive and to start being pro-active and go on the attack against those who would never think twice about attacking Russia. The result is today’s RT, thank god they listened.
      Also told them to take their security in Caucasus seriously finally, without looking back at what West thinks – and they began more decisive ops against Al Qaeda infiltrated groups.

      This time, they have already listened to specialists and the no fly zone has been de-facto established. Too bad they had to lose 2 machines and 2 valuable lives to do so. But the result will be that NATO/US/Turkey will lose hands dodn in the region, so from that perspective losses weren’t in vain.

      Although of course, as I always warn, Russians have to brace themselves for more attempts at retaliation and be on guard at all times.

      Will say more in the upcoming ESR.

      Best wishes

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  26. RT’s founder died in an “heart attack” in the US according some sources??


  27. Lada,

    Looking forward to your future reports on the Turkish situation. To me, Turkey and the enemies of Syria and Iran are not really best described as lunatics. They just have different strategic interests. The entire Syrian war was over gas to Europe (weakening Russia and potentially Iran) and breaking Iran’s power by smashing Hezbollah, which first required taking down Syria. Totally logical issues – no lunacy, just evil. Once the US refused to bomb Iran, there was no alternative to dealing with the problem from their point of view.

    Of course, Erdoghan and the King of Saudi Arabia have had power go to their heads, and it makes them personally seem insane. But, as an example, the recent Turkish downing of the Russian jet had to have had far more than Erdoghan involved. At least the Operation Gladio elements of NATO for starters. Notice that the killer on the ground was a member of the Grey Wolves, a Turkish fascist group that is like its counterparts in the Ukraine. And the press was waiting it seems. More likely, it involved lots of people within Turkey and NATO. This was an ambush that was planned. The big question is what the NATO planners wanted. Perhaps they want a zone from the Baltics to Turkey that is in a state of turmoil or war, all to keep Russia away from Europe. That would be quite logical.


  28. Lada do I have a lot to say and some may find this post too long but I’ve got to get these ideas off of my chest. I’m proud and so thrilled by Putin’s behavior after this stupid act by Erdogan. He’s taking a page out of Teddy Roosevelt by “walking softly and carrying a big stick”. Putin couldn’t ask for more. It’s like a beautiful, ripe and delicious fruit has fallen from the tree and into Putin’s hands. Now he can really ramp up the defense of Syria with no hesitation. As I write Russia is delivering the dreaded S-400 so feared by the US and Israel so that, with the tables turned, Russia declaring basically a no fly zone over most of Syria. Let’s see the next time the little punk psychopath Erdogan tries to attack a Russian jet! Russia has totally shed the cowardly and wimpish times of Gorbachev and Yeltsin and IS BACK BIG TIME IN THE WORLD! The gloves are off.

    Believe it or not I’m actually very optimistic and excited for the long term future of the middle east and the world. You know why there’s not going to be World War III. The US and Nato are cowards and will not fight head on Russia. It’s fantastic that Russia finally has come down on the side of alliance with Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and Iraq. Iran is a hard working, intelligent and a very talented nation and Russia can learn a lot from them. I believe that the Shiites are the most advanced and cultured sect of Islam and they really are the dominant religion in this particular part of the world. You’ll never see Shiites destroying world historical monuments like the extremist sunni creeps in Afghanistan and now ISIS have done. I’ve been waiting so long for Russia to quit pussyfooting with deceiptful players such as Erdogan and join Iran. I hated when Russia got strong armed from the US and Israel in denying Iran the S-300 a few years ago. Now that Iraq is dominated by majority Shia they along with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are forming a formidable alliance with Russia which I’m absolutely sure will turn the situation around and stabilize the area. It will take time of course but the handwriting is on the wall. By the way Russia already has big plans to rebuild Syria when the islamic creeps are done away with.

    The US and Nato invade Iraq and the international jihadi movement is metastisized. With Saddam in power every wahhabi muslim was executed. He didn’t put up with these fundamentalist loonies. With him overthrown they grew. Next the US and Nato overthrew Gaddafi of Libya. Gaddafi didn’t tolerate these crazies. Now the place is a mecca for ISIS. Next the US and Nato are trying to overthrow Assad. Much of the country and Iraq is currently under ISIS (which of course will change). So the US and Nato are destabilizing one country after another in the middle east with a corresponding rise of ISIS. I think this is deliberate. On top of that because of this destabilization millions of refugees are flooding into Europe with thousands and thousands of jihadis invading the continent (they can thank Erdogan for this). The question that we should ask is why the elites of the US and Europe are allowing this invasion. The great majority of the so-called refugees are healthy looking males between 20 and 40 years old. Make no mistake it’s coming to the US also. So now Europe will become destabilized. Europe is screwed. I think they are doomed unless drastic and severe counter action is taken and immediately by patriotic Europeans.

    So from the middle east to Europe destabilization is the trend. You see what’s happening here. This is no accident. The question is why the powerful elite in western Europe and the US are fomenting this. I don’t know the answer. Maybe they are trying to foment violence so they can declare martial law and get rid of our liberties. This is just a guess. I just don’t think that it’s stupidity. Governments don’t work that way. They always do things in a planned way.

    As western Europe gets up to their eyeballs in islamic terror the people there will look to Mother Russia as their savior. The only nation taking head on ISIS is Russia and the western Europeans know that. The US and Nato are just shadow boxing, pretending to fight ISIS. Christian power in the world will move from Rome to Moscow. The Byzantine civilization, which was centered in the East, will come back to life. This development will be truly earth shattering. Russia will become immensely wealthy and powerful as people, especially Christians, will be drawn to it. While I’m personally not religious I think it’s great. I also believe that the capital of Byzantine, Constantinople, will go back to its rightful owners, the Orthodox Church of Russia and the Sofia Cathedral will be brought back to life. But in time the US and Nato will regret what they have done to Europe and the middle east. They want to destroy Sykes–Picot agreement which carved up the middle east then they will sow what they reap. They want to destroy and break up nations they will get that but it will be not what they figured they would get. Be careful what you wish for. Turkey will be broken into pieces with the south going to the Kurds and Syria and parts of the north and east going to other nations. Ukraine will also cease to exist with the eastern and southern parts going back to Russia and the rest to Poland, Hungary, etc.

    Next but not least Russia will do what it can to bring to justice the perpetrators of the bombing of the Russian plane in Egypt. All roads lead to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. I fully expect Russian help to overthrow these disgusting excuses of humans in Saudi Arabia. I also expect the Shia region of Saudi Arabia (the oil producing area) to break away and join an alliance with Iran.

    So in conclusion finally the cowardly and wimpish Gorbachev and Yeltsin years are done with and we find an assertive Russia taking its gloves off and taking head on the evil forces in the world. Yes Lada this is Russia being the balancer.



    • I like your optimism, Gary 🙂
      I’ll discuss some of this in the upcoming ESR.


      • Yes Lada I’m wildly optimistic. I’ve been waiting 20 years for Russia to make a comeback and boy have they. Since I’ve been following the Soviet Union (Russia-same difference) since the 1970’s and know really well their history, even in the depth of their depression in the 1990’s I always knew that they would come back. Historically they have always made a comeback. Russia is an amazingly resilient civilization and it was just a matter of time. I’m not alone. Jim Rogers, who is a very successful investor, is also wildly optimistic on Russia. By the way, if it’s not out of protocol for your website, I encourage everyone to contribute to the great website Russia-Insider. They’re running a fundraising campaign. The website is run by an American who lives in Russia. It’s a great source of daily news about Russia. Along with your site it’s one of my go to places on a daily basis. And of course I encourage everyone to contribute to you Lada. I made a contribution in the past and I intend on doing again.

        Thanks for all you have done.


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    • Well put Gary.. your spot on!


  29. Here is another must-read article:

    Let’s talk, Turkey: Downing of Russian SU-24 bomber just doesn’t add up

    It’s a mathematical analysis of the events (as presented by Turkey), done by a pilot and demonstrating that the attack on the Russian plane was a pre-planned murder.

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    • In addition to the ground-based S-400 AA systems, missile cruiser “Moskva” has arrived to the shores of Syria:

      (One of the commentors suggested renaming it into “Constantinople” to give a hint)

      Without going into technical details, it has both S-300 AA missiles on board, as well as an anti aircraft carrier rocket system, where once a group of 16 rockets is launched, one of the rockets climbs to a high altitude and acts as a radar, relaying target data to the remaining 15, which stay undetectable at low altitude. Half of the rockets agree on targeting a carrier, while the remaining half target different ships in the carrier group. If the radar-acting rocket is shot down, another rocket from the group climbs up and takes over. Everything happens decentralised in a fire-and-forget mode – once these 16 rockets are fired, AI takes over their control, so they will still find their targets even if the launching ship is destroyed right after the launch.

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  30. I think… Lada’s site could also be named as FUTURETRENDBLAST.. 😉 LOVE YOU WORK Lada.. btw..

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  31. Here’s a article on how one of the top Iranian generals organized the rescue of the co-pilot behind enemy lines. It shows tremendous unity and coordination between Syria, Russia and Iran.


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  32. Look where we are today… not that long ago.. head news was that France / Hollande refused to sell two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia but instead selling them to Egypt!

    After the Paris attack (false flag) Russian and France a Nato member are working together while the US is sidelined.

    The Western rethoric about ousting Assad sounds very similar to the rethoric towards late Colonel Gaddafi. Ousting.. and then what? Who will benifit from the power vaccum? Not the people.. but both Turkey and the US .. they think.. ISIS threath will be even greater if such scenario would be allowed but nobody in the West IS talking about this!

    Hugs Ollie


  33. I feel that you relate,events and facts accurately.. The world needs your voice.. your coments about the political system in america ,states the obvious,that all, are long past bored of hearing..Enlighten the world about the deep rooted evil forces,pulling the strings of our puppet congress…Awakening the masses here as to how evil–connect the satanic sacrifices of our leadership…Normal corruption is accepted here. It is not news worthy…Good and decent people have no place in the american political system as is…It is completely corrupt…perhaps i may suggest the writings of Thomas Jefferson,about the solution for a completely corrupt political system….it is know , here about the need for a-lawful-military coup…Please help,by paving the way for,why this is a correct step for the constitutional system…

    The world needs to know,how the russian federation,is set up to work for the benefit of its citizens…We only know of the Soviet period…American mass media is so very complete here with it s propaganda..I,m sure you are aware of that…NAMASTE…


    • For lots of deeper and varied insights you may read my many articles on this blog from 2014-15, and especially, Earth Shift Reports. Links on the right bar.


    • P.S. It’s YOU who may only know of the Soviet period. MY readers – those who follow me on my blog – know much more than that. But that would actually require getting down from your high perch and be willing to read and listen.
      That said, I very seriously doubt you know the truth about the Soviet period either. You know what Western media diligently fed you since your birth, which is very far from the truth.
      All the best

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  34. A brilliant post Lada! I would like you to clarify though if you think this is a case of Erdogan being a madman, or that he is a very rational man being forced into this by the USA and other Gulf countries?….. If its the latter then it makes no sense to me that Russia stops or delays Turk Stream from going ahead.

    Some punishments like Turkish companies working in Russia and restricting the visa regime are necessary but scrapping Turk Stream just plays into America’s hands of isolating Russia from first Ukraine and now Turkey…….and USA and the Baltic and Polish idiots in their government will do everything to sabotage Nord-2.

    Also remember that throughout the Cold War , Russia peacefully supplied gas to western Europe NATO without any problems

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  35. The insanity continues,

    Our political officals have little clue as often, now the EU plans to pay Turkey who in large helps funding ISIS thus creating the refugee crisis 3 billion EUROS! Is this some kind of reward? Sweden will pay 70 million EUROS from this portion!


    Erdogan thinks he is a smart ass.. but he is digging a huge hole that no money can’t solve underneath him arresting high ranked military and journalists questioning his arming of ISIS and also getting hit by Russias sanctions.

    But the EU.. what a face palm!!


  36. Quite unrelated Lada, but a nice heart-warming story here for the animal lovers among us….

    Dog Walks 200 MILES To Find The Woman Who Nursed It Back To Health~

    Shavi was run over by hit-and-run driver in Rostov-on-Don, Russia
    She was left to die at side of the road, with bruises and broken hind legs
    Shavi was nursed back to health by Nina Baranovskaya, who lives in town
    But Nina could not look after Shavi long-term due to other commitments
    She finally found new home for Shavi with friends nearly 200 miles away
    But the canine escaped – and managed to walk entire distance back to Nina



  37. Just another opinion: Baba Vanga predicted that there will be a black U.S. president and that he will be the last president. The black president has come… Does “the Democrats will lose” mean, that the Republicans will win? Not necessarily. We shall see 🙂
    Thanks for your great work, Lada.
    Да здравствует Россия!


  38. Earth Shift Report #7:
    Do think Crimea is still part of Ukraine? If not you might want to update the map… :))


  39. Hi Lada
    Find the corrected map here (file name unchanged):

    My pleasure!


  40. Crusade partitioned Greece with Venice and Russia with Poland. Then imposter Polish clergy concocted the Uniate Eastern Rite. That is why there are Magog Muslim Lipka villages still in Poland. Marco Polo Korcula Croat family were part of Venice force occupying Byzantium. Poland persecuted Protestant Jan Amos Komensky of Torun and burned Leszno under the leadership of Jan Dziedzic banning Protestant Socinians in 1658. Polish laws of 1717 and 1733 barred Protestants from parliament, public office, higher military ranks, and free worship – including Evangelicals of Stanislawow, Calvinists of Wilno and Volhynia, and Lutherans of Silesia – justifying Partition of Poland. They ate glis glis yet blamed others for their pestilence. Polish Jesuit Felix Dzerzhinsky was the Bloodiest Bolshevik. Hitler was a Catholic Altar Boy. Hilter was protege of von Papen, Catholic who directed Armenian Genocide and Black Tom, NJ megaton WWI sabotage – which is why Churchill called them Magog Huns. Pogroms against Jews began with Warsaw decrees of 1570, 1580, and 1633 from tracts of Marcin Czechowic against Isaac of Troki. This is why worst Nazi camps were in the lands of the former Lithuanian-Polish Empire. Magog massacred Little Bighorn, Pearl Harbor and Boston Marathon. Crimean War against Photius Heresy avenged humiliation of Louis Napoleon uncle because Czar Alexander marched on Paris, demanding food Bystra. Do you remember Franco one hundred fifty thousand muslim Moors proclaiming Death to Intelligence? Or Hitler Mufti in Jerusalem and Bosnia spawning the PLO. Greece was neutralized during the Crimean and Cold Wars by P5 Sindona and Venice nobles masquerading as Greek Shipping Families who pay no tax because of Liberian Registry. Clinton embargoed photographs vindicating Serbia because Choochtown had his crotch files. Carolingian Brzezinski spawned Zia al Haq, Khomeini, and bin Laden and breaks up superpowers via Aztlan and Kosovo as per Joel Garreau Nine Nations. Schindler Unholy Terror shows 9/11 was Yugo Crimean Blow Back. Greece 2008 riots incited to stop Russian pipeline. Putin tax, gay and oil policies are almost like Sarah Palin. Putin did not violate constitutional term limits like Bloomberg. CNOOC was not allowed to buy Unocal just like Exxon and Chevron tried to buy Yukos. Hermitage Browder grandfather was FDR chief red. Cuomo environmentals even exterminating Tchaikovsky swans. Anyone who knows the cruel, vindictive ending of Vercingetorix, Spartacus and Carthage can only blame Rome for the death of the Messiah. Let them off to Argentina where Croat and Arab Nazis pork for lore enforcement, casuistry and pestilence instead of thinking! The Europa Canal links the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers to the Black Sea, an aquatic Orient Express. It was for this reason that Yugoslavia was partitioned, to keep the Danube international. The Danube is Ukraine’s border with Romania, whose Hun Timasoara is the next conflict area. Obama was raised by his Catholic maternal grandmother and was promoted by Brzezinski, who also promoted Carter and Wojtyla. At the time of the Bolshevik revolution, Russia was the largest petroleum producer. Casey got the Saudis to flood the petroleum market in 1982 to bring down the soviets in Afghanistan. The Tsar chased Napoleon to Paris, leading to the Russian word for fast becoming a type of restaurant, bystro. This is why Napoleon’s nephew prosecuted the Crimean war, which the pope called the Crusade Against the Heresy of Photius. France was indebted to the Russian central bank for saving them from the 1838 and 1846 panics.


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