How to Tell a Hoax from Targeted Info Dump (Navigating MSM and Alternative Media)

I think it’s crucial to understand the difference between a hoax being spread in MSM/ alternative media/ the web from what I call a targeted info dump. The latter is my own term; all definitions/explanations below are also mine. I want to share with you my secret technique for telling the difference. I think understanding this distinction will be very useful for all my readers in navigating a sea of confusing and conflicting info out there.

A hoax is usually a sensationalistic in nature report, often on some sort of blog or alternative media, but lately also in MSM, whose professionalism is so down that they can’t and won’t check their sources. It usually starts with some sort of sizzling bomb of a story, complete with pictures and certain facts that do not directly confirm the story, which is obvious to those who know the circumstances. Sometimes, pics and details are twisted or untrue. But for the uninformed people the appearances serve as a solid confirmation.

This is a great example of a hoax tweeted to me recently:

Lada, is this for real?

The title of this ‘news’ is: Report: All Out War As Russia Prepares To Deploy 50,000 Troops To Ukraine: “Cities Burning, Hundreds Dead”

So, Russia is sending 50,000 troops to Ukraine, right? If you ever read my blog, in which I spell out the timeframe for Ukraine’s turnaround and how it will happen, and where I predict that Russia will NOT send troops to Ukraine to oppose Kiev troops, you will know you are looking at a hoax that muddies waters, incites panic and confuses people. Those who ask me such questions, first kindly review my PREDICTIONS, which spell out the sequence and essence of future events for Ukraine.

AND THIS IS THE REAL TRUTH: Kiev is amassing a huge army in Donbass; the shelling of Donetsk and some other towns has intensified. It is believed that Kiev is preparing a new massive offensive, of which DNR and LNR have been warning international community and leaders of EU since the beginning of August. Sergey Lavrov has come out with a warning, emphasizing that Russia is for the diplomatic solution and return to Minsk 2 peace agreement.

(The rest of the TRUTH is coming in a separate post about breaking news from Ukraine.)

But the sensationalistic hoax above explains none of this. Whoever put it together obviously has no idea about the real situation and the geopolitics of the area. Of course, there are even famous geopolitical analysts (such as Russian analyst Alexandr Dugin), who completely lost perspective when Ukraine had started, thus losing credibility. But here we see no attempt to even establish any perspective.

All I see is someone so desperate for attention as to create a false sensationalistic hoax. This happens to those who want to increase their readership or viewership at all cost. Some resort to this kind of sensationalistic posting, without understanding what they are talking about.

Sometimes hoaxes like this, since they are catchy and highly visible, are the ones that get repeated and reposted, spreading lies like wildfire. Meanwhile, the real truth, honest and profound analysis get neglected or even disbelieved. The example of honest, detailed and truthful writing is what you see on FuturisTrendcast and also in those videos and from those authors whom I usually recommend.

A great example of a mega-hoax I had dispelled is my Earth Shift Report 1: IS PUTIN PART OF NWO?

Also see more: The Neglected Russian Gift to the American People, Geopolitics of the Middle East and Putin.

An example of Targeted Info Dump: 

Jim Sinclair – Russia & China to drop “truth bomb” revealing US fraud & false flags, any thoughts?

Note, we are focusing on the title, not so much on the article itself, which may contain valid thoughts of its author. I haven’t read the article; it’s not about the author of the article, who is a respected precious metals analyst.

It’s about the title. I have seen this floating around before, and I have been asked this question previously. Is it true that Russia and China are threatening to release secret data about what US did here or there, or reveal a secret of this or that? When you see such headline, this is what I want you to remember. You are dealing with a typical info dump.

What is targeted info dump? It’s when a government (usually, but not always; sometimes it’s some sort of large and influential organization) dumps into the informational matrix a certain type of targeted message. It’s usually a warning to someone, be it another country or specific political or public figure. It is also done to mold public opinion in a specific way.

A typical info dump to prep Americans for the upcoming Iraq war was ‘info’ that Saddam aided Al Qaeda and had weapons of mass destruction.

As you see, this specific info dump was also a hoax. Therefore, it can be both at the same time, except, in a case of info dump the goal is either to change or manipulate global public opinion, or to send a very high-profile warning to multiple recipients.

Ultimately, ask yourself: Qui bono? Then you will know which it is: a simple hoax or targeted info dump.

Info dumps are used extensively by the Kiev junta. So much so and with such lack of professionalism that they are not believed any more even by their biggest allies. But they did their damage throughout 2014, when they influenced the not so bright EU leaders to make mistake after mistake, thus pinning them into a corner out of which they now can’t escape.

But ultimately, Kiev junta’s irresponsible overuse of info dumps to manipulate public opinion caused them to completely lose credibility. It’s just the matter of time until this pseudo government loses any support from the West and will be overthrown. Similarly, lies by the US about weapons of mass destruction, 9/11 and false flags, caused US government to quickly lose credibility not just worldwide, but also among its own citizens.

That’s why info dumps have to be used very selectively by governments, if they don’t want to lose credibility.

Perhaps this is why Russian government very infrequently does that, although some regional or political factions within Russia can resort to that more often. Same would be true for China.

Additionally, when info dumps are used as in the example above – as a warning to a global bully to back off – it is a good and positive use of this tool. Please also learn to tell the positive info dump from the negative one.

In this regard, Putin as part of NWO hoax was also info dump at the same time that it was a hoax. Despite years of character assassination, Putin continued being the most popular public figure on the planet. Someone (we all know who) needed desperately to tarnish Putin’s reputation. I explained in detail the mechanics and the goals of this hoax/info dump in: IS PUTIN PART OF NWO?

As the Earth Shift intensifies, info wars are becoming so skillful and so multi-faceted that most of the time people have no idea whether they are seeing anything worth their attention or not. This is when very few trustworthy sources in existence become priceless. Stick with trustworthy sources, some of which I recommend on FT, and don’t help spreading hoaxes and lies.

Now, let me explain how info dump may be used in the above example.

US/UK and much of the West have been using info dumps for years, or rather for centuries. The Anglo-American world was always very skillful at information and propaganda. Russia, China and others were far behind. Info war was lost, as some suggested. But info war in today’s world is only intensifying. It never ended. There was no loss, just a temporary retreat.

It was only recently that Russia and China finally took it seriously and started using info war to their advantage.

The above info dump about Russia and China dropping a truth bomb is a warning for the US to behave. These info dump warnings have been appearing since last year. Whenever the situation in a crisis zone such as Ukraine escalates, info dumps would appear in order to cool off the USA’s hot heads. It works every time. Presently, the escalation of the Kiev junta military activity is taking place. Therefore, dumping info with a hint that such and such damaging to the US truth may be released, will act as an ice box: freeze!

This is an example of a positive usage of targeted info dump in international relations. It’s sort of reverse of a carrot. You can dangle a carrot in front of a horse to make it run, attempting to reach that carrot, but never getting it. This is just the opposite. You dangle the possibility of releasing a truth bomb, thus making a bully back off, lessening its appetite for someone else’s carrot.

In addition to the projected Donbass war escalation, there is also a danger of the renewed Pridnestrovie conflict; Odessa being turned into a US base and tensions around Black Sea; US meddling in Turkey and related Turkish Stream; recent US resolution authorizing the US military bombing of Syria government forces.

The recipients of the targeted info dump in all the above cases are: Obama and the White House, State Dept, Pentagon, CIA and other structures that are actively engaged in the destruction of Ukraine. China would usually have its own interests, often coinciding with Russian.

Obama and the ruling democratic party cannot afford to lose face so close to elections. If there is a danger of Russia releasing truth bomb, they will slowly back off, just like a bully. On the other hand, if the truth bomb targets something that happened during republican administration, then recipients would be republican presidential candidates. Release a juicy piece of truth about Bushes and there goes the republican front-runner Jeb.

These are just examples – targets every time will be specific to the situation. The warning can be sent to those who are behind the scenes and whose names we don’t even know. But they will understand the hint when they see the headline.

I thank my two friends who sent me these questions (you know who you are) for providing such good examples of a hoax and info dump. Unfortunately, I am not always able to answer all questions, but I hope this will help you all in the future to identify hoaxes and negative info dumps, stopping them in their tracks.


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Reputable news reports must be substantiated with facts based upon reputable sources. Washington creates news to sway public opinion based on nothing more than conjecture and “expert opinion” who are often paid agents of the state. State run propaganda disguised as “news” controls the media to follow an agenda. “Info dumps” are targeted info weapons of the cabal, since it fulfills many interests of the state, corporation, politicians. Follow the money, who stands to benefit from these smart bomb stories? Great info Lada!

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  2. hey lada

    good post

    i wanted to say that obama is a lesser evil when compared to the other factions of the us ruling class

    obama belongs to the sorros / zibnew camp his goal is to isolate both russia and china

    where as the republicans would want an all out war and they along with some of the democrats suck up to the zionist lobby

    israel and certian factions in london and paris berlin ect would benifet for both the us and russia to be in a cold war

    there are good factions in the us establisment working with there russian-counter parts witch causes obama to flip his script to focus on isreal and china

    the pentagon sees russia as a counter to china but i feel that russia would only get involed to prevent any tension between the us and china but there is a truce between all 3 russia china and the pentagon to counter zionist influences in either country

    china wanted obama to be president in 2012 because romney would have been worse and in return for his election victory he fired clinton betry us as i call him and others in his goverment to return the favor

    general allen is the one who wants to bomb assad in syria not obama

    a typical obama tactic would be this lets get assad to side with us over russia and china and play iran against russia

    and to turn countrys against the other rather than have a war

    obama is focused on dollor control of course you and i know that the petro-dollar is not a real american currency but a currency controlled by the oligarchs

    i think i see a fight between the us military and the mercenary gaurds of the ruling class unfolding in the us witch shows there is a civil war going on

    i think in the long run the us will get back on track but not over night of course

    also i commeted on one of your videos awhile back titled who really ruled the ussr i go by the name james101 ect

    blessings to you 🙂


  3. thats ok but thanks for your response

    all im saying is things are complex

    but i do agree that the west is wired to act a certain way ect

    i think we are in the age of balence no doubt



  4. Lada, the following analytical article (in Russian) about Lukashenko’s change of direction in relation to Russia is quite alarming:

    Could you, please, take a look at it and write about your take on the pre-election stance of Lukashenko? Is a second Ukraine being prepared in Belarus? One thing that Lukashenko said “I don’t understand what is Russian world, you [Russians] don’t understand it, and our people even more so.” That sent chills down my spine – like observing a divide and conquer in action again.

    Hope I am not being sensationalistic here. 🙂


    • The quote does sound alarming – but I haven’t seen it anywhere yet. I’ll look into it further.
      Do remember Lukashenko 1. is between the rock and the hard place in his situation; 2. he is a sly fox. I wrote abt that in my article ab Belarus (search on FT).

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  5. talesfromtheconspiratum

    Thank you Lada. I will blog my question and your excellent response. Peace to your country, Lou


  6. I will start reading your article after I post this:

    It says 2 people found a “Gold Train” in Poland with gold from the Nazi’s. I immediately thought of your book “Gold Train”! What is your take on this? It was also picked up by CNN:

    Our is it what we call a “cucumber-story”?



    • Or a hoax? Or could it be the Russian gold……..???



    • It’s a cute story. Why not, they could have found the real train, I suppose. But $1mln… not very much. The GOLD TRAIN – my book’s – treasure was, what, $35bln? And that was only a small part of the whole. 😉
      Looks more like a curiousity story. Could be a hoax too, but so far, it’s pretty innocent. I mostly talk about malicious hoaxes that confuse people.

      The Nazi gold was generated by looting treasuries of occupied countries and taking it from local Jews. I don’t know if it could be realated to Russian Gold of the Tsars I write about.

      Liked by 1 person

      • hey lada

        the bigest claim on russia these days is that its turning into a theocratic dictatorship run by the orthodox church and repressing left-wing activism

        that is the kind of info you would see in most ”progressive” western blogs

        but as always the reality on the ground is differant

        putin is a very smart guy he puts the russian interest first to prevent any kind of fragmention

        also its a proven fact that pussy riot was a ngo funded group they were not even a real band anyway

        they were so extreme that even liberal minded people think they have gone to far


        • You’re right about Russia and Putin.
          True about Pussy.. what’s their name. I do hope people, liberals or not, have anough sense to recognize them for what they are. Still Hilary was hugging and kissing them, I heard, and promoting them as new messiahs. Very funny girl, Hilary. And that’s presidential frontrunner for one of the parties. Not that the other side fairs any better, lol. 😉

          Liked by 2 people

        • It is quite amusing. Soviet Union being Atheist was bad. Russia being Christian Orthodox is again… bad.

          There was a large piece on the Norwegian news about some Christian activists going on rampage in a modern art museum, smashing some exhibits. This received a lot of attention, when nothing else that comes from Russia receives air time. That made me think of a staged “protest” – like an opposite of PussyRiot – tailored to carter to the Western MSM.

          In fact, the Christian aspect and interaction Church-State has been toned down in Russia significantly over the last years. It was much more prominent in the early 2000s. So those “activists” seem to be late to the party.


        • Actually, it is wrong of me to call Russia for Christian Orthodox, as it is a home to many religions, all of which are respected.


  7. indeed

    america needs another FDR or JFK but with better security service this time

    there are elements in the us that do want to restore the constitutional republic and natinalize the centrel bank break the power of the oligarch forces

    the west is indeed to yang based but i feel that it is slowly moving in the other direction

    also the light forces never intervene unless its vital to but most of all they let evil run its course because it is its own worst enemy

    the direction of vaules of russia i see it going more torwards a balence between both liberal and conservative vaules russia is preety complex as far as i know

    i loved your articale about feminism ect its no by chance that the socail justice warrior types seem to be hyper -agressive about there ideas karma acting out indeed


    • I have a feeling that Trump may just be what USA needs, but it’s a big question if he gets to the finishing line. He does not seem to get a lot of air time.


  8. Some news from Norway. The scare, intimidation and black-painting campaign of Russia continues. TV2 will be filming the most expensive (€9.7 million) series about… Russia occupying Norway and taking control over its oil and gas sector:

    What can I say. I can quote Master Yoda:

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

    And fear (of Russia) is exactly what is being instilled in the minds of the Western audience.


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