New Russian Military Terminator Test Suit Allows You To Walk Unharmed Through Explosions

A friendly nod to my tweepal  for pointing it out.

This video, released by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister and head of defence industry, Dmitry Rogozin, shows a successful test of a new protective suit for the Russian military. The tester walks through huge explosions and bursts of flames, while being totally unaffected by them, thanks to the latest Russian Terminator suit. 
There is currently not much more known about this new secret Russian military invention with anti-explosive body armor characteristics.

And it’s a woman!


As those who watched my Earth Shift Report 4: ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS know, I call the new warfare: the 4D warfare (more on 4D here), as opposed to traditionally crude, 3D warfare, in which millions have lost their lives. I coined the term ‘4D warfare’ to describe the new type of warfare, in which protective technologies come to the fore, and physical damage is avoided at all cost.

This is the wave of the future a new DEVELOPING GLOBAL TREND, in which Russia will be the leader and pioneer!

The 4D warfare puts emphasis on protective and disabling technologies, rather than aggressive, lethal, physical carnage technologies, aimed at destroying as many ‘enemies’ as possible.

It’s still warfare, and still a confrontation – YES! But those who understand how geopolitics work, those who grasp that certain entities in our world would do anything to destroy others if given the opportunity, will appreciate that taking away the chance for a successful aggression will do wonders to stop the aggressor, while preserving life. Therefore, the defensive and protective 4D technology is a huge leap forward in human consciousness, compared to the devastation of the previous world wars!

Incidentally, this is a timely reminder, since we are approaching Victory Day on May 9th, marking 71st anniversary of the end of WWII. Human memory is short – many have already forgotten the devastation of World War II. Some advocate re-writing history, while the resurgence of fascism/Nazism is on the rise (WWII & Great Victory). 



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  1. Need some good earplugs to go with that suit. Us is the leading arms dealer in the world, Russia builds defensive weapons and protective suits for their military. Who’s the evil empire again?


  2. The West has scalar / torsion shield for tanks but nothing for infantry suit! It looks like a normal suit of clothes. Again Russia is the leader in Quantum Wave technology. 🙂


  3. I like the blond but the explosions don’t even move her body a little bit. Surely the shock waves and concussions would push her off center a little bit? Not even a twitch.


    • That’s a good observation, Paleo.

      I think she makes a special effort to appear effortless, since this is a public demo widely distributed as a hint to you know who – I’m sure you know. 😉

      But for an experienced eye it looks not so effortless, which is natural. You try walking through explosions like nothing happened! Even if you know you won’t be harmed, there is a natural physical response of fear and caution.

      Perhaps as an empath, I perceive a lot more information than most people, but for me it’s obvious what kind of effort she makes to keep going as straight as possible – as I said, it’s a natural knee jerk reaction of a human psyche to protect the body from fire, smoke and explosions.

      You should watch her body language more carefully. There are a couple of times when she practically jumps, but corrects herself almost immediately. Obvious to me. Nevertheless, maybe I’m just reading her mind.

      Anyway, this is an amazing first step in the new technology. More to come.

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  4. Imagine what a first responder rescue/fireman could do with this. From Russia with love :).


  5. I will assume a version of these are being used by the crew in the ongoing project to contain the Chernobyl property. Here is the sad state of affairs, and poignant legacy of the “hell of a way to boil water” global insanity:

    Demystifying Nuclear Power: Chernobyl’s Forgotten People/Casualties of Atomic Meltdown

    Chernobyl 30 years on: Reliving horror of world’s worst nuclear accident

    “Our world faces a crisis as yet unperceived by those possessing the power to make great decisions for good and evil. The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and thus we drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.” – Albert Einstein (1946)


  6. One for the “Planting Seeds of Peace” section. Gotta love the ‘futurist’ graphic:
    “President Trump Congratulates Putin on the Retaking of Constantinople”

    Trump Foreign Policy Speech Signals Death of Neocons and Peace With Russia


    • Usually don’t click on comment links, but was too curious about this one.

      The futurist bit about Constantinople is toooooo funny – in a good way.
      Most people have no idea how many problems this would solve and how much it would help to stabilize the world! This is exactly why UK before and now US/EU do everything to prevent this from happening. Well, unless Turkey falls apart. I would vote for that, but that’s a tall order for many reasons… A bit of a fantasy really.
      However, Putin is a major overachiever. If pushed too hard, he may be able to pull off the almost impossible. The hint that Trump would give a nod to that – oh, that’s precious, means that someone understands the real spread.

      Incidentally, picture is inaccurate: a problem with Putin’s rank. He was colonel when he served in KGB, which was years ago. As President of Russia he is Supreme Commander, which makes him Generalissimus, or First Marshal. He’s just too modest to wear his stars ;).


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