Operation #Anakonda16 and NATO Summit in Poland: Direct Threat to Russia


#Anakonda16 (just picture such name’s implications!)

Entitled Anakonda, in June 2016 the largest ever NATO military training exercise took place in Poland. NATO talking heads still lie about the ‘defensive nature of the alliance’ and that ‘BMD bases in Europe are directed against Iran and North Korea’ – claims that only the most naive or sold-out still take seriously. But in real terms NATO, US and EU have stopped pretending.

Anakonda-16 NATO exercises took place next to the Russian border and their theme was the war against Russia. 

This is a video of the Anakonda military training exercise posted on the official NATO YouTube channel:

Poland flexes its military muscle during Exercise Anakonda 2016′ (Note that they actually pretend like Poland was the ‘leader’ and ‘mastermind’ of the whole thing.)

‘Exercise Anakonda, led by the Polish Armed Forces, is a large-scale military training exercise involving 24 NATO and partner countries. For more than 10 days, 31,000 troops, backed by large numbers of vehicles, aircraft and ships are training together. The aim is to exercise and test the interoperability of the Polish Armed Forces with other participating nations.’

It’s interesting to note the comments under this video, which incidentally as of today has 246 likes and only 20 dislikes (kinda makes you wonder how few are actually awake out there).

Comments under video (All big fans of NATO and not a single critical comment!):

Looks like it was a great Day. 👍 Greetings from Germany, cool to see our troops train there.
NATO > russia 🙂
Im from Virginia where we give more troops to the US Armed forces than California and Texas do (individually). It is nice to see allies ready to kick ass in a moments notice. I love NATO. Rusland once a nation to fear, now a nation to pity. LOL.
Wow! Very impressive Poland. Love and respect from Chicago, USA.
Go nato go
This is our way of scaring Russia to not mess with us or see what’s coming.

NATO summit in Poland

Following the Anakonda military training exercise, yesterday, a much trumpeted NATO Summit began in Poland as well. Accompanied by the ecstatic grins and enthralled nods of the Polish defence minister sitting next to him, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the alliance is creating four new battalions to be permanently stationed in Poland and the Baltics (1 per country) on the border with Russia, in order to ‘protect the eastern members of the alliance from Russian aggression.’

On the video below you can see snippets of the July 2016 Polish NATO summit. Check out Polish minister’s happy grins: he’s practically basking in the rare spotlight, which strokes his (and his country’s) ego – and that’s how they buy them. Obama at the summit chatting with Cameron, Stoltenberg’s announcement, and more in this news video:

Happy smiles aside, the Polish NATO summit’s primary objectives are: how to militarize Europe, how to keep the alliance expanding and how to attack Russia. All this is thinly camouflaged with the talk of ‘Russian aggression.’

What Russian aggression?

So far, it’s been NATO that has been encroaching on Russian borders and threatening Russian security. The newly opened BMD base in Romania and the upcoming one in Poland, attempts to drag Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, dangerous provocations against Russian ships and planes in Black Sea, Mediterranean and Baltic by the American and NATO military… As one example, recently NATO jets deliberately came too close, surrounding in dangerous proximity the plane of the Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu and forcing Russian jets to intervene for protection.

Happy like a child who just received a new toy, Polish defence minister announced that one battalion ‘will be sufficient against Russia’ until the main NATO forces arrive to protect Poland against Russian aggression. The NATO Secretary General echoed by saying that NATO will protect ‘its eastern members against Russian aggression.’ Meanwhile across the big pond, US General Breedlove (and others just like him) is publicly professing the need to attack Russia.

The instigator and the driving force behind this conflict escalation is, as usual, the United States of America. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, let’s check where Russia is located relative to the Baltics, Black Sea and Mediterranean, and where US is situated relative to the same areas.


What is US doing half across the globe, in the seas it has nothing to do with?



******NOTE: Both the article’s top map ‘Russia wants war: look how close they put their country to our military bases’ and this map of ‘US bases near Russia’ have been found on the internet. They both have one mistake: there never was a US military base in Kazakhstan. However, there was a US Manas military base near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, which has been closed since 2014 after Kyrgyz government sent US packing. The rest of the info is accurate enough and provides the general understanding of the situation. Actually, in some areas there are more US bases than shown.******

This brand new video from RT summarizes the facts of the escalating NATO aggression against Russia:

NATO meets in Poland to show firm stance against ‘resurgent Russia,’ but something doesn’t add up

MORE FROM RT: What the troop balance on Russia’s northwest border will REALLY look like – READ MORE http://on.rt.com/7i8v

In the situation when NATO relentlessly encircles Russia with bases and insists on provoking WWIII, Russia has prepared a response. The response is unexpected and much stronger than either NATO or US might have anticipated.

Many of you have watched/read my Earth Shift Report 4: ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS. In it we talked about the electronic 4th-dimensional warfare of the future.

This is something very different, originally developed in the Soviet Union, and it’s being brought to light in response to the expanding NATO threats Russia is facing. I am preparing a new surprise Earth Shift Report, which will showcase the new secret Russian weapon and discuss what it means for the future.

Stay tuned!




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  1. The name “Anakonda” says it all – the heaviest constrictor in the world… 😉


  2. Lady Lada ! Your observations are fascinating & commendable. However, i think we should also keep an eye on the crafty George Soros; you know very well about his dark games in Europe and MENA, e.g. Ukraine, the refugee crises. But very few noticed how he positioned in bearish before Brixit and immensely get profited. And very few know that Soros has taken a large series of “bearish derivative positions” against US stocks. You see, he is going after the “Derivatives” of USA. At present USA has a derivatives bubble that is not in millions, forget billions, not even Trillions, but quadrillions of dollars !! Last year it was one Quadrillions, definitely by now that bubble is growing every day. Now, imagine a several hundreds of quadrillion big sized derivatives bubble gone kaboom some day in future, in USA !!! Definitely that would be one of the sweetest day of George Soros, as he would be insanely Rich. But USA would go down the Toilet to Stone Age !

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  3. In what universe do these merchants of death live in the pan-ultimate junkies.

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    • Vis, you have synchronistically touched on a topic not yet out of the bag here in reference to: “in what universe do these merchants of death live…” I suspect we’ll get around to that somewhere down the line.

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      • I wonder: how much interest will the discussion about the true nature of reptilians and other galactic species generate? I know you and some others have asked me to address the issue of who, how and why interferes on the planet.

        I do have a whole big theory on the subject – and it’s not at all what most people think or what’s written in popular lit.
        Wonder if it’s a good idea to share it soon or not?

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        • Well, I don’t know about if or when to say something. Your radar is way better than mine. I’ve been slogging through this subject for years and only recently have I formed a decent hypothesis that at least leads me to believe I know what’s going on myself. I could render a general overview that makes sense but the enormity of it all, and the fact that it’s so deeply buried, will challenge all but the most stalwart and enlightened. We would go into the Annunaki, gods with small g’s, Nibiru, Darpa, Cern, the transhumanist agenda, artificial intelligence and the alien AI takeover of planet Earth… among other related things. When I say alien I mean Archons as well as other ET types. This is a real challenge and I’m not sure a limited, non-professional disclosure would go over very well right now on your platform. But eventually it has to come out in order for us to prevail. I will continue to refine what I have and keep you in the loop. In the mean time, I always love what you’re doing and I’m right there with you. I’m trying to learn how to transfer your new format onto Itunes MP3 so I can be liberated from the computer and just use my Nano (Ipod)… I’ll get my granddaughter on it :). Bless you, dear Lady. Press on.

          Related no BS… there is more than one linear accelerator on the planet and they operate in tandem sometimes. There is one at Stanford called SLAC. My father poured (managed) the concrete for that facility. I was just a teenager… now I’m 70. Little did we know back then what a horror it would become.

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        • I would like you to address Flat Earth first, Lada. The fact is that we do not know what we live on. It is an enormous subject multi-dimensional in scope and involves holographic matrices and parallel universes and indeed confirmation of what we actually see with our eyes! It is the most compelling matter of importance to us all NOW. All the “space” ET invasion junk going on everywhere (Goode, Wilcock, Salla et al) needs to be proven scientific method or shut up. We sure do not live on a ball spinning at 1000mph moving around the sun at 66,000mph which is plummeting through “space” at 666,600mph…note all the masonic 6s! ISS and anything NASA is nothing but CGI rubbish cartoons to distract humanity from their real purpose… Know thyself. The whole jesuit copernican construct perpetrated by the masons for the last 500 years is something we need to finally put down. There is huge interest on the internet and the people like me who have looked at all heliocentric and geocentric evidence thoroughly would like you to address it also. Let’s get back to the most basic of all basics… the earth plane we live on. Thank you.


        • Absolutely Lada. People are waking up and need to have good information… truthful scientific proof of all claims. I have seen light craft on several occasions over many years and also had a close encounter when quite young. These craft were vectored in through meditation using Dr Stephen Greer’s protocols. I believe these were beings from here… see Thule, Vrill and Maria Orsic information. Certainly the experience of Admiral Byrd in 1947 that included advanced technology and saucer craft which annilihated his fleet and Operation High Jump is a good place to start. Apart from his one interview about his first expedition south…. nothing has been disclosed officially. Funny that he went to North Pole once but kept going back south for many expeditions from 1930s – late 1950s. The Van Allen Belt (which we have no proof of) was declared unscientifically around 1958 I believe. This alone is proof (if it actually exists) that we never went to the moon! Somebody knows what he found… I believe he found confirmation of the dome! I strongly feel that Corey Goode, though perhaps sincere, is experiencing interactions with advanced previous civilisations residing here… not from “galactic space”. He has been subjected to all manner of mindcontrol over the years and that says it all. No proof of anything he talks about. We have absolutely no proof or evidence of anything flying more than approx 100miles above earth surface. Most people do not understand the atmospheric layers of the earth and the impossibly difficult survival of anything in that environment that is involved. All probes and moon landings are hoaxes and CGI… in my humble and well researched opinion. Our interaction with anything outside this 3D matrix is involved with our being eternal spiritual beings having just another holographic matrix experience to add to our collective knowledge. Seems Elon Musk is writing about this now too.


  4. it makes you wonder if those people making pro-NATO comments are sock puppet accents or just thrill seeking idiots

    we may never know

    but one things for sure most people in europe and in america are tired of war

    NATO is weak but it needs to pound its chest

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  5. Just one guy’s opinion, but I think it is important for Russia to not get too focused on the military side of things, as the real game plan of the West is to once more relive the 1980’s and 1990’s. To apply pressure on many fronts, and try to use the internal problems in Russia to cause a collapse or change of government. A part of this strategy is to try to get the Kremlin to make concessions of various sorts. A concession may seem to be a small matter, but it encourages those who are neutral to feel that Moscow is losing, and that it is just a matter of time for the West to gain a dominant position.

    Similarly, it is important for Moscow to not lose sight of the great importance of changing the economy and making it a lot stronger. With all the problems in Europe, lots of good engineers, scientists, and so on should be moving to Russia, but it isn’t really very feasible yet. And there are lots of great brains who left Russia who may start returning – if there is good work available. Perhaps you know some of them.

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    • Very good comment. Already Russia has proven that the sanctions against Russia are not working and hurting EU countries big time.The exponential development of NATO happened to make itself relevant again. Big business for the Military Industrial Complex. Most countries only have this earning capacity left having transported their manufacturing to China and in the UK’s case a good deal of it to Eastern European countries. I found a long list of profitable UK companies that were paid very well by the EU to do this. We have to turn this around if we are serious about peace. Less globalisation and more regional development is necessary… which Russia has done with the imposed sanctions. NATO has to have a enemy and Russia fits the bill…. China is perhaps too far away logistically for NATO. I think it is all huff and puff and the weekend has shown much dissention from EU countries about the NATO attitude that Russia is the enemy. EU is not agreed on the need for NATO further development. With the UK Brexit, NATO is perhaps a bit jittery about whether the UK will continue to fund it as well. Lots of jitters financially everywhere in Europe. Outcome of US corporate elections important too as Trump is talking about getting rid of expense of NATO and bringing troups home. I think Russia is doing the absolutely best thing… being prepared and staying cool under all this provocation… huffing and puffing. Any trust in anything that comes out of the mouth of the US corporation or the EU dictatorship oligarchy is misplaced. Many are now educated on what actually happened in Crimea and Ukraine and there appears to be a backdown on going along with NATO’s big ambitions. The EU recent announcement of necessity for EU Army (day after Brexit) also must make be making NATO nervous. After Brexit, the future of the EU is looking very shaky indeed. What an interesting time we are living in… seeing all the criminal structures that imprison us dismantling day by day.

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  6. In Pravda.ru, there is a brief article about ten things foreigners need to know about Russia:
    It gives a glimpse into the Russian soul as I have understood it from Lada. I liked the part that said Russia has two friends… its army and navy… and that they feed them well because if they did not, they would have to feed someone else’s military. This is a good Sunday morning Russian reality check.

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    • For the readers’ info purposes the Pravda.ru post you linked up is useful. That said, I thought some of the post was unnecessarily defensive and based on outdated stereotypes.
      While true about the psychology of the smile in the West vs Russia, in my observation Russians are not any less or more smiley than the rest of the world on average.
      And what dirty streets/cities? You should see some Russian cities, which look a lot more clean (incidentally, they always did, except the ’90s-early 2000s), modern and cool than many American. The infrastructure is steadily improving and life gets better everywhere.

      The famous 19th century quote about the two allies of Russia belongs to Emperor Alexander II. Russians suddenly remembered this after they observed the near destruction of Russia, following the near destruction of the Russian army in the ’90s.

      Your comment actually resonates very closely with the focus of my upcoming new Earth Shift Report.
      More soon! Stay tuned!

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    • P.S. Dear Paleo, wanted to say thank for reminding me about these two famous ‘army quotes.’ A very timely reminder! Come think of it, they illustrate so well the focus of my upcoming ESR on NATO vs the new secret Russian weapon that I’ll use them in the report!


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  7. Lada, maybe a little late, but I translated from Russian an article by Rostislav Ishchenko, which is right on this topic.


    He covers an angle, which draws parallels to 1939, and how the history seems to be in the process of repeating itself, with a chance of another hot war in Europe.


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