Beautiful Russian-Soviet Song Flash Mobs Unite Russians and Ukrainians Against Kiev Junta Hatred

Since 2014 Kiev junta banned Russian language during school classes. Now every teacher is mandated to speak only Ukrainian in class, and so are students. In 2014 and 2015 the historic symbolism uniting Russia and Ukraine was banned. Many historic monuments were destroyed throughout Ukraine as well. Ukro-nazi thugs from the ‘right sector’ Svoboda and various nazi battalions brutally beat up and even killed those who tried to resist. Among things banned in Ukraine have been the Victory Banner (symbol of the WWII Victory), names of cities and streets. They succeeded in renaming one of the largest cities in Ukraine from Dnepropetrovsk to Dnepr. They tried to rename Odessa to Kotsyubeevsk (if you can believe it), but met with staunch resistance from Odessans, which made them back off.

The newest thing the Kiev junta is doing is banning Russian language during school breaks. Teachers caught speaking Russian will be fired.

In the atmosphere of the oppression, the people are finding ways to resist in a beautiful and inspiring way, by performing Russian-Soviet songs at train stations.

It began on November 13 in Zaporozhye, the large industrial city in Eastern Ukraine, located next to Donbass. The city of Zaporozhye is located in the very center of the ancestral Zaporozhskie Cossack territories. Zaporozhye means basically ‘beyond the white waters.’ It is located on the banks of the river Dnepr and it is the white waters of the river that gave it its name. The city was founded by the Russian tsars; in 1930s it became the center of the Soviet industrialization. It is the sight of the famous symbol of the Soviet industrialization DneproGes (Dnepr Hydroelectric Station). It is also the home to the metallurgical giant Zaporozhstal’ (Zaporozhye Metal Plant). Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is also built here. I again want to stress that everything that has been built in Zaporozhye was built by either the Russian Empire or the USSR. During its 25 years of ‘independence’ Ukraine built nothing of significance. On the contrary, much was ruined and stolen. More here: Insane Asylum Overload: Ukraine Bans Communism – Goodbye Chinese Investments.

The first flash mob at the Zaporozhye Train Station sang the song from the hit Soviet film, The Spring on River Street, 1956. The Spring on River Street is a romantic comedy about a worker from Zaporozhstal’ and a young teacher, fresh out of college. The song is called, My Native Street. This song is sort of unofficial anthem of Zaporozhye.

I have to say that after I heard this flash mob several days ago I can’t stop humming this song, which I’ve always loved.

Flash mob at Zaporozhye Train Station, November 2016. Russian-Soviet song: My Native Street:

And this is the original from 1956, with the clip from the film The Spring on River Street. Улица родная – Весна на Заречной улице. You can find this film and this song featured on my RUSSIAN FILMS page. Incidentally, the film was made by the Odessa Movie Studio.


Kharkov, the 2nd largest city in Ukraine and the former capital, was next. At the Kharkov Train Station the flash mob performed another hit from the same era, The Old Maple, from film Devchata (Girls), a romantic comedy by Mosfilm (Moscow Film Studio).

This is the original with the clip from Devchata:

Odessa Train Station flash mob was the largest and it performed the hit Russian-Soviet song Smuglyanka (Darkie, the Moldavian Girl) from the famous 1973 film Only Old Men Go into Battle. I believe this masterpiece of a film was made at the Kiev Movie Studio. It was during Soviet times, of course, before Kiev sold out and destroyed everything previous generations stood for. It is action/drama about the multi-ethnic unit of the Soviet pilots during WWII, who loved to sing. This film is also featured on my RUSSIAN FILMS page.

The choice of a song was good for Odessa, a very international city, as well as it being a close neighbor to Moldova. It also was a gutsy choice, since Soviet symbolism, including Russian WWII symbols, is banned in Ukraine.

This is the original Smuglyanka by the Red Army Choir

In response, Russians organized their own flash mob in Moscow, at the Kiev Train Station. Yep, there is a train station in Moscow that is called ‘Kiev Train Station’ where trains from Kiev terminate. It was always there, and it doesn’t occur to anyone to rename that station, unlike the war on everything Russian in Ukraine. In reality the most popular train in Ukraine is Lvov-Kiev-Moscow, despite all the bans of the Kiev junta.

The song at the Kiev Train Station is called Rozpriagaite Hloptsi Koney (Boys, Unsaddle Your Horses). It is a Cossack song, sung in Ukrainian, or more precisely, southern Russian dialect. My mom loved that song.

In the end of the clip the lead of the group Yarilov Znoy (Ra’s Heat) says that they organized the flash mob to show that, despite all the hateful rhetoric, Russians and Ukrainians are one people, sharing one history.

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  1. The spirit of unity prevails, as people are waking up, standing up and taking action in many places, to wit:
    20 Million Muslims March Against ISIS and Mainstream Media Completely Ignores It

    In one of the largest organized marches in the history of the world, tens of millions of Shia Muslims made an incredibly heartening statement, by risking their lives to travel through war-stricken areas to openly defy ISIS. This massive event that would have undoubtedly helped to ease tensions in the West was almost entirely ignored by corporate media.

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    • Sad to say the demon souls who own and control the corporate media cartel do not want an easing of tensions. They see tensions and chaos as essential lubricants in their plans for the world. A world in chaos can be more quickly and readily directed in the direction they plan.
      It will be heartbreaking for people waking up and realising the extent of the evil and deception and corruption among their leaders.

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  2. Lada, this is a fantastic gift you have put together here for us and words can’t convey any sense to it. This is the jewel in the lotus that the dark forces are trying to kill and I can see the smoke coming out of Porky’s ears as he gets the intel briefing from his minions.
    One can feel the irrepressible heart and spirit and courage of eternal Russia and you just know it’s checkmate for the Death Star. Well done, Lady Lada. Bravissimo! Your presentation is also a way for us to join with them, in the power of song, to be with them in the fight.

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  3. I didn’t understand a single word of the songs, Lada but it didn’t matter. I understood the spirit of the music and the faces/actions of the people. I loved the songs, and all of the flash mobs were very uplifting. Thank you so much for sharing! I like the Cossack song too ;o) And I loved the efforts of the man who attempted to dance for a bit before he lost his balance and fell down. (Lol, I have seen that kind of dancing done for hours while under the influence of copious amounts of vodka. Heaven only knows how the legs feel the next day. No doubt it takes the mind off a pounding head!)

    Here is more inspiring news the media ignored, Hawkeye. On October 21, 2016, a National Day of Prayer for First Nations in Washington D.C. Native Americans gathered to forgive all those who broke treaties and committed atrocities against the First Nations people. That was huge. HUGE. If anyone is interested in reading about it here is a link:

    Holiday greetings, blessings and love to you Lada, and to all!

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    • Hugs and love back to you 🙂

      LOL to dancing and vodka. His effort was really admirable in the video. 😉

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    • Aeyrie- Thanks for that- and it is huge. The Iroquois in my dna does concur. The big question remains when, or if, the contemporary perps and standard-bearers of opression will see the light, wake up, forgive themselves and their forebears (and their corporate overlords) and make a turnaround attempt at restorative justice.
      One can always hope for miracles.

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  4. Wonderful and inspiring. The voice of the people.
    The Ukraine will be ok with heart and soul like that.
    Thank you for sharing Lada 🙂

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  5. Goosebumps Lada! Thanks for posting these wonderful video’s! 😉

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  6. These are such precious news, Lada! I too had goosebumps when listening to the good people of Ukraine resisting to the oppression in such a beautiful peaceful manner.

    Reblogged all your three articles on the recent developments in Ukraine.


  7. PS: It was also very uplifting to read people’s comments on YouTube, from people from both sides of this artificial divide. Here are a few translated from the Odessa video:

    “Лица другие, глаза другие!!!Оказывается, вы ЕСТЬ!! Держитесь. Спасибо!!!”
    “Other faces, other eyes!!! Turns out you ARE to be found there!! Hold out. Thank you!!!”

    “Это Украина которую мы любим!!!!!!!!”
    “This is Ukraine that we love!!!!”

    “Вот это истинная Украина, теперь я узнаю свою страну! Одесса, город герой, город воинской славы! Спасибо, товарищи! Ностальгия по прежней Украине! Скоро все изменится я верю! Благодаря таким людям!”
    “This is the true Ukraine, now I recognise my country! Odessa, City-Hero, the city of soldier’s heroism! Thank you, friends! Nostalgia about the past Ukraine! everything will change soon, I believe in it! Thanks to the people like you!”

    “Спасибо, Одесса! Крым с вами! Поём с вами! Город-герой! Город-сказка! Мы всегда были вместе!”
    “Thank you, Odessa! Crimea is with you! We sing with you! City-Hero! The fairy tale city! We’ve always been together!”

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  8. Lada! Dnepropetrovsk joined the song protest with “Katjusha”!

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  9. Great post Lada! Every peoples find their own unique way to resist fascism. It makes sense that the Ukrainian and Russian people will do this with song and dance which is in their blood. If millions can organize spontaneously throughout Ukraine and then disband quickly this will drive the Nazi morons crazy. It will be like the cartoon character in the boat trying to plug each hole with each finger but always new holes appearing with the boat sinking. Also of noteworthy in the struggle to get back Ukraine was the enormous march of Russian and Ukrainian orthodox believers a few months ago. Lada you have proven to be prescient. I have absolutely no doubt that shortly Ukraine will go back to being a friend of Russia. I guarantee it!!

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  10. Hello everyone .This is off topic and I am wondering if I can get feedback.A recent discussion around the dinner table is whether the internet is free and open to the Russian people .Wikipedia which is a Western ideology mouthpiece says it is just like China . I don’t agree .Any comments would be most welcome and appreciated , as many of the subscribers on this site , and especially you Lada are from Eastern Europe. Many thanks in anticipation of a response.


    • It’s not like China at all. If anything, too free, probably. But they are starting to regulate it more now, for security reasons (you know, like NSA/CIA spying on them). And they really need to do so to crack down on all that porn, freely available lies and russophobia that permeated all media in Russian since the ’90s-early 2000s. And we know where that came from.

      Recently adopted ‘Paket Yarovoy’ (named after Duma Deputy Irina Yarovaya who submitted the new law) implies more supervision of the Internet. Considering it was TOO free for all, they actually need some.
      Russians also are making an effort to break away from the US dominated internet with their own network since the US is refusing to cede its full control over THIS internet. So, more developments are expected soon. We’ll prob have alternative Russian internet soon, which will be a lot safer and free of US control. This will be good, if it’s available to all of us. Plus it will be competition – right now US-controlled internet is a monopoly. I’ll let you all know when I have any more news.

      Wikipedia lies a lot due to who posts most of what shows up there. Much of Wikipedia posts are severely manipulated in order to brainwash the poor unsuspecting Western people, esp. Eng. speakers.

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    • From

      “A new era in Internet governance has started, one which worried observers hope will put off pressures from autocratic countries from trying to close the doors on an open network.

      “At midnight Saturday (01 OCT 2016) the United States ceded control of the Internet’s address system when the management contract between the Department of Commerce and the non-profit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) expired. Since 1998 ICANN has run the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) function that approves domain names such as .com, .ca, .gov and others.

      “Now control of domain names is in the hands of ICANN alone, which can no longer be accused of being an arm of the U.S. government. It is one step in broadening governance over the Internet. Whether this and other steps will appease some countries that have lately been trying to have state control over Internet levers by putting it in the hands of the United Nations and the International Telecommunications Union is still an open question…”

      Not the whole answer to your question but this is a piece of the puzzle.

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      • Thanks, Paleo. Interesting info which shows that someone feels the pressure… “Ceded” control or pretended to cede it, while remaining in the background as a shadow entity?
        Much like ‘private’ companies took over NASA’s work. Supposedly privately financed, in fact the new US space programs are 95% financed by the government.

        My firm advice to Russians and everyone else is: don’t believe it – this move is designed to buy time. I’ll believe it only after Internet is governed internationally, by agency where ALL global powers are represented equitably, with additional independent supervision, and NOT from North America.

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  11. I’m reading various sources claiming that Porky is concocting a Maidan in Minsk with an influx of Ukronazis and weapons into Belarus. And now whack-job Erdogan is stabbing Russia in the back again with his assault into Syria for the express purpose of taking-out Assad… while in the background the CIA is arming Syrian “rebels” with shoulder-launched ground-to-air ordnance. The “news” and rumors are coming so fast it’s hard to keep up. Different topic: As a candidate for the most psycho news source out there this week, I’d like to nominate Veterans Today.

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    • I’ll second that vote, Paleohippy! And now another source of grief from Turkey today. The Russian ambassador to Turkey has been assassinated while giving a speech. The legendary Russian patience and forbearance is surely being stretched to its limits at this time. My sincere condolences to the friends and loved ones of the ambassador and also to the Russian people. This does change the picture, Lada. What can we expect from this latest unfortunate development?

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