Russia Celebrates Three Years of Reunification with #Crimea. #Putin 2014 Flashbacks

Lada Ray’s February 2014 PREDICTION: 

‘Russia will never allow Crimea to be occupied by ukro-nazis, US or NATO. Russia will do whatever is necessary to prevent the crucial geopolitical asset such as Crimea from falling into the wrong hands.’

US Planned to Turn #Crimea into Military Base Against Russia



Watch videos:

March 2017: 150,000 people took part in the third anniversary of reunification with #Crimea celebrations in Moscow.

March 18, 2017: In Sevastopol three thousand people formed a live giant Russian flag to commemorate 3rd anniversary of reunification:


Third anniversary of reunification with Crimea – Moscow fireworks:


If you like contemporary and traditional Russian music check out March 18, 2017 Moscow festival “Spring” dedicated to the 3rd anniversary of the Crimean Referendum and reunification. MGU University Square (MGU is Moscow University). Includes the views of Moscow. I especially recommend at 30:00 a song by Fabrika women’s band and at 35:00 2 songs by Lube. Watch to the end.

Праздничный концерт фестиваля “Весна” 18 марта 2017 г. :

Here is an eye-witness video from YT channel, ‘The Diary of a Ukrainian in Russia.’ It’s a channel by a Ukrainian who was forced to flee his native Ukraine following 2014 Maidan and his prosecution by the Kiev junta for having a different opinion. He now lives in Moscow and posts video blog about his impressions of Russia. In this video you can see him walking around the MGU parks, plus the fireworks.  Around 22 min – overcrowded Moscow Metro due to 150,000 people attending the events.

Just after 22 min. into the video he also includes some footage from his trip to Crimea last year. Off-season Crimea in September: beaches, cliffs, waterfalls, nature:


March 2014 Flashbacks:

This is March 18, 2014 Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin Address declaring the results of the Crimean Referendum:

Putin, March 2014, Red Square: ‘After a long, difficult and excruciating voyage Crimea and Sevastopol are finally returning to native shores, to their permanent port of call’ :


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  1. I have a celebratory post at my blog too, recapping the referendum stats among other things. Added a ping-back to your post now, Lada! 🙂

    There is one passage and photo from it, which I think may be of interest to the readers of FT:

    I have it from a reliable source that Russian Crimeans are willing to fight if someone tries to deprive them of this victory. It won’t be the first time. Here is a photo from my photo album, which I took in 2010, while Crimea was still under Ukraine. Ask yourself, would the people who were so meticulously taking care of their history, of they heroism against the German nazi occupation, take kindly to a nazi regime that took over Ukraine, a regime, that banned and criminalised all the symbols of the 1945 victory?

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  2. It warms my heart to see people celebrating something good for a change. Congratulations, and best wishes to all who are rejoicing in their reunification! Peace.

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  3. Reunification of Crimea and Hilary losing were two events that we should all be thankful for.

    Lada, what do you think of the Dutch election results and it’s effect on Marine Le Pen’s chances? Is the future shift in Europe still on track for her victory or does Emmanuel Macron stand a chance? (I know he wasn’t in the picture back when you made your prediction and things can change) Thank you.

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    • Great question that needs answering. I’ll do something on French elections and EU soon. 🙂

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      • The media is really using all the scare tactics they can think of to influence the public not to vote for Marine Le Pen. Here’s hoping that she does win 🙂 We will find out soon if she makes it to final round and wins.


        • There is a lot of deliberate falsification in the polls and media – they aren’t to be trusted. But yes, the dark forces are on the attack mode and they remain very vicious and strong. They are after all, protecting their very survival.


  4. Streaming Live now (available for off-line viewing later)

    Visiting MPs and politicians from Russia and Europe will hold a video press conference from the Crimean city of Simferopol with journalists in Moscow on Tuesday, March 21.
    The press conference will be dedicated to the results of the official visit to Crimea by parliamentary politicians from the UK, the Czech Republic, and Serbia, alongside Russian officials, taking place from March 19-21.
    List of participants:
    Georgi Muradov, Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea
    Nigel Sussman, Chairman of UK Independence Party in Enfield and Haringey
    Jaroslav Golik, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic Parliament
    Alexander Sheshel, Member of the Presidium of the Serbian Radical Party
    Milovan Boich, Deputy of the Serbian National Assembly
    Oleg Nilov, member of the Presidium of the Central Council of A Just Russia party, deputy head of the party faction in the State Duma

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  5. Hi Lada, thought you’d get a kick out of my recent comment regarding “Russian Hacking”, I referenced your invaluable Trump webinar to shed light and clarity on this topic:

    “Truth is, Lada Ray has shown that the Russians did indeed influence US elections, but done in a sophisticated manner that the morons at the FBI cannot grasp. They have no clue what to even look for and yet Comey keeps insisting that the Russians hack the election.
    Technically, Russians did not physically “hack” the election, they didn’t have to. Yet they very effectively steered the election towards Trump using a very sophisticated psyop strategy that evade the knuckleheads, even if FBI/ CIA understood the tactics, there’s nothing they can really do about it – IT’S CALLED EXPOSING THE TRUTH!”

    This strategy employed makes Trump look credible toward his supporters and everyone starts questioning the lamestream media regarding “fake news”. Putin is a master at this type of psychological operation, he uses it very effectively with his own population, which sees his approval rating consistently above 90% for close to 2 decades! Trump is emulating his mentor Putin, seizing absolute control and making a mockery of his adversaries in the deep state. Putin did the very same thing early in his career when he had to politically consolidate control from the Russian Oligarchs. Savvy Trump is doing the very same thing!!

    Trying to connect “hackers” with the Russian gov’t may prove impossible, because the WikiLeaks info dump concerning the DNC and Hillary’s emails was an inside job, leaked from intelligence insiders who are sick of the deep state. FBI Director Comey is left putting on a dog and pony show. 🙂

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