BREAKING! ‘No.1, North American Dead End’ ~ Russians to change the US Moscow Embassy’s postal address and Dutch Diplomatic Faux Pas

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north amercian dead end

BREAKING from Moscow!

Keep THIS in mind if you are ever looking for the US embassy address in Moscow! IF you hope it’ll have a normal, dignified Moscow street name, think again. The response to all those crazy anti-Russian steps by the US/West is so overdue that it has stopped being funny. The renaming has begun as a response to all those hostilities we have observed lately. When you want to blame someone for the result, look no further than Washington!

BREAKING! Russian Duma is considering new proposal from LDPR (a Russian party, not breakaway Donbass republics) to RENAME the address for the US Embassy in Moscow to… ready for this?! .. No.1, North American Blind Alley, Moscow. Russian: ‘Severoamericansky tupik.’

This mild English translation, ‘Blind Alley,’ is kinda too toothlessly nice, in my view. The Russian word ‘tupik’ is really translated into English as “Dead End.”

Therefore, the address should read in English: ‘No.1, North American Dead End.’

The current postal address of the US embassy, The Bolshoy Devyatinsky Alley, will be discontinued since it no longer fits the essence of said establishment. Well, I agree, sorry to say. When in Moscow, I personally will try very hard to bypass said building located in the North American Dead End / Blind Alley!


Just wanted to include this breaking news as well. The EU is keeping up with the US very well in terms of Idiocracy plus! This time it’s the Dutch who have distinguished themselves… Oops, one can even lose a job, imagine that!

Lying Dutchman: Netherlands’ FM Loses His Job For Spreading Fake News About Putin.



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  1. Our Lying Minister of Foreign Affairs! Good riddance! 😉

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  2. They have no shame!! As Putin said they have some nice suits but they don’t fill them with anything of substance!!!

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  3. I will go off topic here. In olympic games everything goes as normal and looks like all is OK. It looks like everyone is pretending, that this games are not politically corrupt and unfair. I know, it will take years, but could Russia put enough pressure on IOC, that they will annulate this olympic games as unfair, take back all medals and cancel all results? I hope they will cancel this games as they never exist.


  4. More farcical news… Mueller: Russians conducted ‘information warfare’ against US during election to help Donald Trump win! Special counsel Robert Mueller said a grand jury had indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election.

    “By early to mid-2016 the defendants were “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton,” the eight-count indictment charges.”

    Uh, half the country and most of the world hate Hillary… so the DOJ want to make that a criminal offense? WTF?? Of course the DOJ conveniently forgot that under AG Loretta Lynch, they did everything in their power to help Hillary, including the imfamous “tarmac meeting” with Bill Clinton to ‘discuss the grandkids’! 😉

    Lada, this is another lame dog and pony show put on by FBI & DOJ. Indicting Russians is meaningless, US has no jurisdiction over Russian Nationals; even on legal grounds, Russia does not share an extradition treaty with the US. Those scapegoated ‘criminal hackers’ will never pay for their ‘criminal interference’…. if you consider manipulating social media a ‘criminal act’.

    “The charges include violations of campaign finance laws, conspiracy and identity theft and failing to register as agents of a foreign government.”

    LOL, Russian hackers are among the elite, savviest cyber-criminals in the world. They are virtual ghosts, mercenaries of the digital domain. They cannot be traced nor identified, not by the NSA, CIA and certainly not by lowly ignorant FBI agents!

    Besides, 4D warfare is not physical, so logically there will be no tangible evidence of ‘Russian meddling’. This means the DOJ & FBI has carte blanche to make up whatever they deem necessary… as long as the Russians did it!

    In reality, hacking is done remotely thru offshore shell corps – routed via proxy servers and private VPNs. They literally could be anyone, anywhere on planet, truly anonymous. ‘Fancy bear and Cozy bear’ are merely covers conjured by our Intelligence Community to scapegoat ‘black-hat Russians’.

    According to CNN:

    “June 15, 2016 – A cybersecurity firm hired by the DNC posts a public notice on its website describing an attack on the political committee’s computer network by two groups associated with Russian intelligence. According to the post, two Russian-backed groups called “Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear” tunneled into the committee’s computer system. In response, a blogger called Guccifer 2.0 claims that he alone conducted the hack, not the Russians. As proof, he posts internal DNC memos and opposition research on Trump. Furthermore, Guccifer 2.0 claims to have passed along thousands of files to WikiLeaks. Trump offers his own theory on the origins of the attack: suggesting in a statement that the DNC hacked itself to distract from Clinton’s email scandal.”

    Gucifer 2.0 is an elite Russian operative (ghost) collaborating with Russian Intelligence at the highest level, but removed from the Kremlin. Well….. that’s the story floating on the dark web. 😉

    Botom line, keep inventing & attacking imaginary enemies when the empire continues collapsing… great job Don Quixote! I’m not even venturing into IOC and Olympics. 😀


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