Russian Election 2018! WHY PUTIN IS THE ONLY CHOICE + Lada Ray Prediction and top secret, never before revealed stories about #Putin!

Lada Ray, Mar 18 at 10:38am ET





You are reading the two-part conclusion of the Experimental Serialized Earth Shift Report 21: PUTIN 2018 & RUSSIAN ELECTION.

PART 10, which you are reading today, is the first part of the CONCLUSION!

I will publish the last PART 11 soon! So far its topic is a secret. STAY TUNED!



In a few hours the preliminary results of the Russian Presidential Election 2018 will be announced. The result was so obvious this time that I didn’t even bother making my famoust predictions.

Ok, I’ll make one prediction:

Putin will get a higher percentage of votes than the February forecast: See Part 1. The forecast was for 73-74%. I see it as high 70s to low 80s.

I’ll leave it at that.



Presently, the polls are open.  LIVE: Polls open for the 2018 Russian presidential elections.

Russia: Central Election Commission hit by DoS attacks

Russia: ‘We are voting for the head of the world’ – Zhirinovsky casts vote

This will go live in a couple of hours — LIVE: Putin speaks from election headquarters after results are announced

Ukraine: Russian citizens denied access to voting station in Odessa (Ukrainian authorities prevented Russian citizens from voting at the Russian consulate in Odessa. The same, and even more violent circus is going on around Kiev & the rest of Ukraine)




Why Putin is the only choice? 

Just look at what’s happening around the world…

1. The West is going nuts, yelling, baiting and attacking Russia from all directions.

2. Ukraine has gone nuts several years ago, and counting. The junta completely lost it. And the new, even crazier events are developing as we speak in Ukraine. Incindentally, the newest developments are something I predicted back in 2016! I’ll talk about that in a few weeks, time allowing.

3. Due to irresponsible actions by the UK, US and West in general (latest Skripal and E. Ghouta/Syria events), the world is, yet again balancing on the edge of the WWIII abyss, away from which Russia the Great Balancer and Putin personally dragged it previously more that once.

4. This was the first time Western style full-scale presidential debates were organized on live Russian national TV. Read all about it in PART 2.

All presidential candidates, regardless of how small their support was (there were 8 in total), were invited to participate. Compare that to the US, where only 2 RULING parties are allowed to participate in the debate, and others are simply banned!

Putin did not participate in the televised debates. As I told you, his official polite explanation was that he was busy, and indeed he was, running Russia in the midst of some of the most difficult time.

However, as I said in Part 3 of PUTIN 2018 & RUSSIAN ELECTION, the real reason is that he was too kind to other candidates, because it would have been like an ELEPHANT next to a bunch of little yappy poodles (sorry, no offense, poodles!).

And it was proven during the most democratic debates I’ve ever seen. And I mean it! Everyone was allowed to say what they wanted and needed, Western style. And the whole country, and the whole world saw clearly that PUTIN WAS THE ONLY CHOICE.

In the US and UK they may be used to this kind of violent and disrespectful behavior on national TV, but Russians aren’t. And they watched with their eyes popped, in horrified fascination what was happening, being reaffirmed in their conviction that Putin is the only person fit to rule Russia, while exerting such unparalleled influence over the world.

The incidents ranged from near brawls to threats and splashings with water.

1. Zhririnovsky vs. Ksenia Sobchak called each other names and splashed water. See for yourself in PART 3: Zhirinovsky vs. Sobchak: Unlikely Brawl on Live Russian TV Between Presidential Candidates
+ Lada Ray Analysis!

2. Several other candidates made presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak cry on live TV. (I have to say, things she was saying… Who needs CNN or BBC, if you have Sobchak!)

3. A loud scandal, plus a very violent near brawl, prevented by host and other candidates, took place in the last debate between candidate for the Communists of Russia Suraikin and Communist Party candidate Grudinin, plus his second Maxim Shevchenko — all on live national TV. This is the scandal in question.

Detailed and very interesting report on both communist parties and their crisis here: ESR 21 P6 MEGA-REPORT.

4. During one of the debates, in response to UK Theresa May’s ultimatum to Russia in the Skripal case, candidate from LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that: He was the ‘only candidate’ to be the commander in chief of the Russian Army and added that all Russia needed in order to properly respond to the Skripal attack by the UK ‘were two missiles, and that would be the end of May and UK.’ Here’s the episode in question: Zhirinovsky on Salisbury Issue: We Need Only Two Rockets And British Isles Will Be Wiped Out!


Russians are looking at the dog and pony show in the UK; at the US threats in Syria; at the NATO countries ganging up against Russia; at the crazy events just across the border in Ukraine, plus at other candidates during the debates, and they know: It’s Putin and only Putin!

Moreover, however hilarious this may sound, the collective West has listened to candidate Zhirinovsky (to be fair, that’s his usual rhetoric) and decided that Putin, after all, is a much safer choice.

Besides, the people both in Russia and around the world are comparing Vladimir Putin to all that riff raff in charge of the West (see latest UK episode, one of many), and we all know: Putin is the only sane and adult leader, capable of stopping the US/UK/West’s madness, and not only theirs.

A Russian, traditionally pro-West, anti-Putin neoliberal, Boris Nadezhdin, said it best in the latest TV talk show with Vladimir Soloviev. Shaking his head, he said that after observing the US/UK aggressive attitudes, the Ukraine craze, Syria, plus what happened in the debates, he began experiencing the urge to vote for Putin.

And that’s a traditional anti-Putin neoliberal, responsible for the ’90s disaster! Even those in Russia who were against Putin for whatever reason, are now reconsidering. The collective West, with their constant attacks and sanctions against Russia, has done something they are too dumb to grasp: THE HAVE UNITED RUSSIANS AROUND PUTIN, like nothing else would.

As I have been predicting since 2014 and every year after, I might add!

For desert,

I want to give you some of the facts from Putin’s life, in video format, with ENG subs. Some of these materials were top secret or classified, and some were never revealed publicly due to how modest Putin is. Before this election, all stops were pulled, and stories, previously only whispered by some, became known to all.

I have told you one of these stories in ESW6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA. I heard it a long time ago from the horse’s mouth in E. Germany, and later from a Russian intelligence operative.




This one has already been published on FuturisTredncast: URGENT! UNKNOWN PUTIN: I gave order to stop plane heading for Sochi Winter Olympics Stadium!


The Inside Story of the Dubrovka Massacre: Details of the Hostage Situation and Rescue Revealed

STORY 3 – My story from THE PUTIN ENIGMA, but told differently

Putin Stood Up to the Mob – How the Young Officer Defended the KGB Archives in East Germany


The Kursk Tragedy – Putin Recounts How He Salvaged the Submarine…and then the Nation


Putin Almost Died! Chechens Tried to Kill Him While He Was Honoring KIA Russian Paratroopers


Shocking Confessions: Putin Opens Up About the Numerous Attempts on His Life



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Also stay tuned for LADA RAY’S BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR 2018-19!





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  1. At the risk of making a doofus comment, I’m struggling to get a better handle on the present situation.

    So, the Anglo-Israelis have for years created a series of false-flag incidents blamed on Russia (spy poisonings, MH370 shoot down, Syria gas attacks, etc.) in order to paint Russia as a monster in the world media.

    There are 3 goals:
    1. Get Russia off the UNSC based on these operations,
    2, Create a controlled Russia government in exile that would take over Russia’s place on the UNSC, and
    3. Give the Russia elite enough political cover at home to “take out” Putin by any means necessary and install an NWO puppet.

    Today, the Anglo-Israelis have set up a kind of trap, if I understand correctly. They have another Syrian false flag ready. They also have several warships parked in the Eastern Med. So, they pull the trigger on the false-flag gas attack, the media cranks out yet again their dog-whistle stories of Assad as monster. P has said that any attack on Syria will create a response. So, the Anglo-israelis send in a few missiles to Syria.

    Here’s the trap:
    -If P takes the bait and attacks a few warships the Uk has placed as cannon fodder, that only furthers the informational war against him and allows the Anglo-Israelis to make the case of taking Russia out via UNCS and elite takedown of P. They could not care less about a few ships and a few thousand sailors. The more dead, the better, for them.
    -If P doesn’t sink a few UK ships, it looks like he’s lied to the Russian people and Syria, which also furthers the elite takedown at home.

    From the Anglo-Israeli point of view, it’s a win-win situation they’ve set up.

    Unless, of course, it all spirals into WW3. These people are more than willing to risk initiating worldwide destruction in order to take down Putin specifically and Russia in general. It’s their suicidal nature that always mystifies me. They would rather kill everyone than let go of their NWO.

    As a father of three in NYC, I’m having a very difficult time seeing how this plays out in a way that is not very damaging to everyone’s futures. If P can stop the gas attack, that’s great. But there will be another, and another, and another. As The Saker has said, the neocons always double down on failed actions.

    So how does P take down the drunken, knife-wielding, fully psychotic Anglo-Israeli NWO? At some point, doesn’t he have to pull a gun and knee-cap the NWO (in both knees and maybe both elbows) and take the knife away and put the poor sick bastard in the mental hospital?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Casey,

      Prez Putin is a master at playing the long game. He’s a brilliant strategist at neutralizing western aggression, provocations and false flags. Notice whenever a false flag appears and western MSM goes bonkers with the Russian blame game, Putin stays silent and deliberates. He and his team of Earth Keepers do not react emotionally, they respond with cold calculated planning, so whatever the west throws at him will ultimately backfire. Thats why the NWO elites and dark state despise the man, they just can’t crack him no matter what, the old playbook of dirty tricks just don’t work anymore. And the new attacks aren’t any better, Putin’s actions are subtle, balancing, like an expert martial art counter move which takes one totally by surprise, the perfect way to neutralize your enemy with minimal effort and noise. Notice how transparently lame NWO attacks have become these days, easily exposed, countered and Putin makes it look oh so easy! I assure you this is not by accident, there are very competent political & intelligence think-tanks strategizing, brainstorming, dismantling the old system slowly.

      So no, there will be no WW3, b/c Russia the great balancer will not allow it, the West will have to die a slow agonizing death like all fallen empires of the past. Then it will have to reinvent itself to be a part of the multi-polar world, play nice or be left out in the cold. Putin’s so good at his job, there’s no need cap their asses, just reveal the king has no clothes… the power elite puppetmasters running our systems are inane, illogical, psychopaths and there’s no need to play by there rules anymore!

      There’s a new Sheriff in town, and he’s here to stay. 🙂


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