Hey, Brits! Exceptionally Mature Specimens Run UK! ‘Russia Should Shut Up and Go Away’

The ultimate collapse of the Anglo-American Empire is HERE, if such specimens make it to the top!

No comment…

London says Russia should ‘shut up and go away’ in response to a question about Moscow’s statements that it would expel British diplomats. UK also said it will boost Britain’s military in response to the poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/9152

Comments from YouTube:

Go away and shut up says the snot nose kid. You hear about the people being dumbed down ,well in the UK it,s starting at the top.

Brian O'NeillBrian O’Neill11 hours ago

Are you sure it was the parlaiment or the kindergarten? 😉
Chris Williamson is a ‘landed’ parasite from the upper echelons of the tax avoiding ruling class.

hercg1967hercg196711 hours ago Strong words for a little man lol.




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  1. I was going to make a comment, but Paul Joseph Watson’s “The Truth About Broken Britain” shut me up. In a very good way. Okay, not completely. Who in that country in authority would dare criticize anyone when they invite masses of brutal jihadists into the UK and support and protect them in every way so that the loyal subjects of the Queen can be robbed, drugged, raped, and murdered? Sharia, neo British law.
    The psychopaths lust for WW III. Inbred rulers are on the edge of birthing albinos/albinoes to keep company with the feeble minded dwelling in the attic.

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  2. I’m thinking Porton Down, a level 4 British bio-warfare lab, just down the road.

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  3. Now waiting for UK to put it’s money where it’s mouth is and invade Russia!!! LOL!! :-D. It’s impossible to make this up!!!

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  4. Thank you for sharing, Lada. It’s becoming more and more obvious by the day how desperate these people have become. And of course Lavrov once again shows he’s the most intelligent and dignified man in the room:

    In response, Russia’s Defense Ministry said Williamson was an “intellectual impotent” and Lavrov said he probably lacked education. “Well he’s a nice man, I’m told, maybe he wants to claim a place in history by making some bold statements,” Lavrov said.

    “Theresa May’s main argument about Russia’s guilt is ‘Highly probable’, while for him it’s ‘Russia should go and shut up’. Maybe he lacks education, I don’t know.”

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    • That’s the value of UK’s top education, lol. That specimen is a rich upper class kid, judging by his posh accent, and went to Eton and Cambridge, no doubt.

      He isn’t the only one hysterical. Theresa May (preacher’s daughter, non-upper class), all UK generals, Boris Johnson, another upper class kid, and most of the British establishment, are all losing it. The empire’s end is near, lol.

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      • I just hope that the empire will not drag down the rest of the world into the abyss with it.
        UK now expelled Russian diplomats (together with the families, that’s about 80 people leaving Britain by the 20th of March). We all remember how “well” such an act ended to the US, which as a result lost its intelligence (what a misnomer!) foothold in Russia.

        It’s just crossed my mind, that Britain has de facto abducted Skripal’s daughter, who is a Russian citizen. Her (as well as her father’s) whereabouts are unknown, their condition is classified too. For all we know, they may be held in some MI6 cellar.

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