EXPLOSIVE! Skripal aftermath: Nazi UK targets Russians trying to return to Russia? Ex-oligarchs flee London after threats!

Let’s get this straight from the start: those ex-Russian oligarchs who fled to London from Russia, having stolen the people’s money in the ’90s or 2000s don’t have my sympathy. Some of them were outright criminals, but many simply treaded along an illusive gray line between legal and illegal dealings. Having fled to hospitable to all international criminals London from Russian justice or investigation, they all received UK asylum.

At one point, UK was happy to give asylum to anyone who was ready to pay up and deposit their millions — or billions — in the UK banks. And boy those people did! Not Geneva, but London in the ’90s became the world’s offshore capital!

On top of the ill-gotten riches, the major bonus for the UK was to do anything to spite Russia. Presently, Russia has a list of over 40 Russians (last I heard, could be more by now), who are known criminals and are requested to be extradited. Of course, UK ignores all these requests.

At this time, the UK has gotten itself even deeper into dark waters, and even more in bed with Deep State. The new game, having gotten all those lucrative accounts of Russian ex-oligarchs, is to freeze their assets and then threaten them.

Incidentally, Putin and Russian government warned Russians living in the UK this would happen. For that purpose Putin began a broad amnesty program for such ex-oligarchs and business people. Some have already taken advantage of this amnesty program and returned to Russia, bringing back their assets.

Can London allow that to happen? Of course not!

Those who are planning to return with their money have to be very careful. Remember I told you the story of Boris Berezovsky, who wrote a secret letter to Putin, asking for pardon and permission to return back to Russia. For that he was quickly eliminated by MI6.

The recent poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter, upon reflection, could potentially also be in the same category. It is just a supposition, but there is a possibility that Skripal was also looking for a way to return home, and it is logical that his daughter was visiting him for that reason, as his liaison. If we think about it this way, then a lot of inconsistencies of this case fall into place. Such as, why the current location of Skripal and his daughter are being kept secret and Russian representatives are not allowed to see Yulia, who is a Russian citizen; or why the whole case has been made classified; or why the UK has provided no proof, while immediately jumping to accusations against Russia, etc. 

Read my full article:

The rumor among people in the know about the most recent mysterious killing of Russian ex-oligarch in London Glushkov, a close partner of Boris Berezovsky, is also in this category. Glushkov was killed in his London home just days after the Skripal poisoning. He always questioned the UK’s suicide verdict of Berezovsky’s case and reportedly recently was actively seeking a way to return to Russia.

The video below tells a chilling story of how Russian ex-oligarchs and business people are being threatened by the UK media and government, and how some of them have to flee. You won’t ever hear from most of them because they fled quietly and transferred their assets in secret. It has been known for a while that the UK is threatening to freeze Russian ex-oligarchs’ and business people’s assets in the UK.

Video: The UK Witch Hunt Continues – Russian Businessmen Flee London, Fearing for Their Lives:


Meanwhile, the UK clown Boris Johnson compared Russia with Third Reich and Putin with Hitler.

Yet people now flee the UK, fearing for their lives.

Video: Playing the “Literally Hitler” Card: Boris Johnson Compares Russia to the Third Reich:

THE EXPLOSIVE TRUTH! Watch this video to see the British football team during 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany giving the Nazi salute before the game (players in white uniforms)!

Rhetorical question: based on that, should we assume the Brits even then were a loyal part of the Third Reich, and just pretended otherwise? 


Meanwhile, scores are immigrating, returning and even fleeing TO Russia. Actually, Russia can’t absorb the millions who want asylum and/or citizenship. Russia is consistently No. 2 after the US in immigration. That, despite Russian population being less than one half of the USA’s.

Another rhetorical question: which country resembles more the Third Reich and Nazi regime: UK or Russia? 

At the same time, the UK SCHOOLS TEACH CHILDREN THAT PUTIN IS a new HITLER AND RUSSIA IS A FASCIST STATE! Congrats, UK on growing a generation of zombified ignoramuses! The future of the UK is truly dark with school programs like this!



More about Skripal case:

New Details From the Skripal Case: Boris Johnson Admits UK Had Poison AND Even Antidote

Russian FM Lavrov came out and said it straight: the Skripal poisoning is a UK-staged attack against Russian citizens! As Russian authorities have been saying all along, to this day UK shared no details, nor provided any documents or proof to Russia regarding Skripal poisoning, despite multiple requests by Russia. UK’s actions are a violation of the international law.

MY INTEL: The UK envoys have been actively shuttling all over the globe, trying to convince NATO and Western allies to support the British version of the Skripal poisoning case. The fact that UK has been trying to secretly ‘rally the troops’ and get anti-Russian alliance going was leaked to Russia by Turkey. Turkey, as a NATO member has also been approached with an offer of NATO/G7/Western alliance against Russia, but refused. Japan also was approached and instead of saying yes, went to Russia for details.

But EU is fully on board: EU recalls Russia envoy & backs UK belief Moscow 

But that’s what they get when they push Russians too hard! Ambassador Yakovenko: Russians Living in UK Decided to Vote for Putin in Defiance of UK Measures

And this is exactly as I predicted it would happen! Read:







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  1. Dear Lada, thanks to you and several others I’ve been seeing through the whole shenanigans. I still watched the parliamentary circus of idiots in UK in disbelief that they had the nerve to go through with this charade. Talk about the emperor’s new clothes and singing from the same hymn book. It’s incredible that “adults”, for want of a better name, would debase themselves for a pack of outright lies. It just goes to show that the dumbing down of education in UK since the mid 60s is working wonders for dark state. Now I watch incredulously as young people are “married” to their smart phones without a clue what is happening. As always, power to your elbow and all the best, Robert

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  2. Tip-of-the-spear journalism. Thanks, Lada. UK is a really dark place.

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  3. I have an off topic question. Few weeks before elections in Russia were elections in Italy. For now it looks like they will form a new government between Five stars party and right wing coalition of Lega and Forza Italia of Silvio Berlusconi. Do you think they will actually form new government in Italy and what influence will have Berlusconi in it? Berlusconi is personal friend of Putin and more pro-Russian government could stop prolonging EU sanctions against Russia. What will right wing Italian government mean for Russia-Italian relations and for situation in EU and for situation of massive migrations from Africa to Italy?

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  4. the Skripal poisoning was to prepare the British people for a Jihadi ;false flag’ operation in East Ghouta ,Syria,To be blamed on Assad. This was to be the excuse for a ‘shock and awe attack on Damascus as IN Baghdad in 2003.
    The rapid advance of Syrian forces disrupted this plan and several chemical labs were discovered with up to 40 TONS OF CHEMICALS.
    Russia was aware of this plan and warned Washington that it would target all sources of missiles from .land .Air or Sea origination.
    The West only attacks defenceless nations as in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya. They did not have the intestinal fortitude for a real opponent and scuttled away.
    It is not over they will be back, maybe Ukraine during the World Cup.

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  5. Agreed, Lada. Your theory makes a lot of sense. It logically satisfies many sticky, unanswered questions the legacy media is avoiding and misdirecting us on.
    Wow! That was a breathtakingly ugly insult comparing Putin to Hitler and Nazism. What a horrible thing to say!! Especially when every English person knows very well that everyone on on their sodden, moldering island would be speaking German today if not for the incredible sacrifices the Russian people made to stop Hitler (whom pre-war certain of the British backed and financed along with certain Americans).
    It wasn’t just the football team who was hailing Hitler. There are photos of the royals in those days doing the same. I have seen a photo of the young future Queen making the salute outside her home in the company of family members… If it hadn’t been for the Russians we would all be speaking German today.
    As for Fascism, it seems it has once again reared its monstrous head in Britain and is doing quite well for itself there. Oh by the way, isn’t the Queen’s German lineage Saxe-Coberg-Gotha, a line tracing back to an infamous Transylvanian ancestor? That says a lot, don’t you think?
    I pray the people of the UK will soon rise up to overcome their evil oppressors. I pray that together we all will, wherever there are oppressed people in the world. The blessings of love and freedom to you Lada, and to all my brothers and sisters. ❤

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    • I couldn’t have put it better myself. I have the same hope as you that the people will decided enough is enough. All the best to you.

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