Finally in English! WORLD ORDER 2018 – Soloviev’s Complete Exclusive Documentary With President Putin

Listen to full documentary, with English subs, below!

This documentary is a great complement to my bestselling Earth Shift Webinar 6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA!

If studied in conjunction with my theories and webinars, it fosters a better understanding of the EARTH SHIFT processes and greater understanding of the role of RUSSIA THE GREAT BALANCER.

It confirms and validates many of Lada Ray PREDICTIONS herehere, here and here!



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  1. the people of russia putin included know just how rotten the western elite are

    putin is really good at taking there energy and throwing it back at them

    i think there doing all this because of the butthurt back in march 1st

    now that russia can counter strike the west lost the arms race and billions were wasted

    as far as trump goes he clearly is not Independent i still think there elements both positive and negative that are trying to shape policy in the trump administration

    now the UK thinks because the US empire is falling they think they can remake there old empire LOL did not work so well for the french trying to rebrand there old empire it won’t work for the UK

    the more i see events unfold the more i see that russia truly does have a role on this earth

    just wanted to say Lada i have been observing your work since 2014 keep it up and god bless 🙂

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  2. There is an age restriction on that YT video, so one has to sign in to watch it? Interesting.


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