Orthodox Schism: Council Convened to Resolve Patriarch Bartholomew’s Heretical Machinations





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  1. So much is happening every day!
    Today, for example, there was a historic meeting between Putin and Erdogan.

    And another bit of news that is probably going to go unnoticed:

    “The serial numbers found on debris of the Buk missile which downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine show it was produced in 1986, the Russian military said. The projectile was owned by Ukraine, they added. “

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  2. Speaking of the ignominious Bellingcat, which was outed by the Russian MoD in the briefing above…

    The British independent investigativejournalist and truthspeaker Graham Phillips created a documentary, unmasking Bellingcat:

    ¿ Bellingcat ¿ 5 Facts You Need to Know About Bellingcat

    However, after just about 1200 views, the Bellingcat reached out to The Guardian to block the video and stop the truth about Bellingcat’s underhand deceptions from becoming known by people.

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