As predicted: #RussiatheGreatBalancer Pivots to the East (#China #Japan #SKorea #Mongolia)

The global rebalancing continues, as predicted:

Vladivostok Forum: #RussiatheGreatBalancer Pivots to the East (#China #Japan #SKorea #Mongolia)





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  1. There is a future to look forward, indeed! I like the respecful informality between journalists and Putin and other personalities, and the “light” way all these leaders discuss so delicate issues.

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  2. Great Lada. It’s about time that Russia permanently pivot to Asia. I think that strong forces in Russia wanted to do this but there was too much influence from forces too tied both financially and ideologically to the west. I guess life itself forces Russia to change. The future is in Asia not Europe. By the way I just saw beautiful footage of the two leaders of Korea meeting in Pyongyang today. You could see the two leaders embracing each other. When you look at the footage the embracing is totally genuine and heartfelt. It really brought tears to my eyes. I think in some strange way Trump meeting with the North Korean leader helped to facilitate this coming together of the two Koreas. Very encouraging and of course part of the Earth Shift.

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    • Agreed, astute observation Gary. Trump certainly played his role to perfection, as Lada surmised, Trump’s global mission is to facilitate other countries getting closer together as the collective West contracts during the course of great Earth Shift.


  3. I just saw Vesti program on Vladivostok. It has a really great future. I understand that during Soviet times the city was pretty much off limits for foreigners because of the importance of the city as a military headquarters but is it fairly easy now for foreigners to work there who have skills in demand. Anyhow here is the video.


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