Another Split in Ukraine! Schismatic New Church Forces Government Employees to Attend Service!

I already commented on this before.



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  1. Hi lada,

    to be off topic, Trump ordered US Army to leave Syria, what will happenned in next three months. If I remember correctly, you predicted, that US will withraw from Syria, when they will run out of money. It seems US Tbonds don’t bring enough money to US budget as big buyers are now selling them, not buying. I think when Poroshenko will start war in Donbass, US Will simply leave Ukraine and leave Ukraine to mercy of Novorussian army, which will defeat them. There will ne no Minsk 3 to save Ukrainian army. When you have US for ally, you don’t need enemies. Kurds will now realize this lesson hard way.

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  2. Wow! Poroshenko’s tongue slipped again (at 4:28), staring to say “autofeca…” and then correcting himself to “Autocephaly”!
    By the way, the English translation of the Ukrainian anthem there is a bit generous (at 1:13). The first line is literally “Ukraine has not died out yet.”


    • Ah, you are right, good noticing! Just like other ‘Ukraine patriots’ Poroshenko again began calling his breakaway church ‘auto-shitty’ then corrected himself to ‘auto-kefalia.’ Very telling Freudian slip!!
      And the anthem, definitely far too positive a translation, false really. I wonder why?
      First line should be the morbid: ‘Ukraine hasn’t fully died yet…’ Spin off of the Polish anthem.
      There is one more place where the translation should be different: Poroshenko in Ukrainian says ‘we pray our church would be created’, not ‘our church would be strong.’ Perhaps the English translator doesn’t understand Ukrainian very well, just Russian?


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