How Putin Won & Poroshenko Lost Ukrainian Elections!

It was documented that in the 1st round many voters crossed off all the names in their ballots and wrote across ‘Vladimir Putin for president of Ukraine.’ Even though Putin never ran…

Meantime, Poroshenko plastered the entire Ukraine with billboards depicting him and Putin. The slogan he runs under: ‘It’s either me or Putin.’ I guess people heard him loud and clear and… Putin won. Only 16% voted for Poroshenko in the 1st round. And the consensus is that several percentage points were blatantly added to his real numbers, so he would bypass Timoshenko and get into the second round.

This means that 84% voted for Putin. CONGRATULATIONS, Vladimir Vladimirovich!

But 1st round defeat wasn’t enough. The new Putin vs. Poroshenko billboards all over Ukraine say: ‘April 21, final choice!’ Putin already won, but let’s confirm it again on April 21, lol.

Btw, per polls the vast majority of those who voted for Timoshenko and Boiko will vote for Zelensky, increasing his lead. As I was saying before, Zelensky isn’t by any means a great solution to Ukraine problem – I simply don’t trust him. But he is still a bit better than the drunken ‘cynical Bandera,’ as Poroshenko calls himself.

Watch – there’s a hilarious word duel between Ukrainians on this Russian TV show (where pro-junta, pro-Poroshenko bullshitters are allowed, per Russian freedom of speech laws, while Russians are banned from Ukraine, which is being supported by the US and EU):



I have written extensively about Ukraine and Poroshenko, LDPR/Novorosisa, and of course, about Russia and Putin in my new book


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  1. Safe to say Lada, that Porko learned a lot from the US, especially how to lie and delude himself. I don’t think he’ll be a very happy man in the near future even if he manages to rig the “election” to become president again, simply because he never earned the position honestly. Hopefully for the people of Ukraine this is a turning point.

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  2. Hilarious 🙂

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  3. I really love the addition of Putin into the race. If only they upheld the results ! Haha

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    Putin for President…. in Ukraine, LOL!

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