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2D, 3D, 4D & 6D in Star Trek


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Webinars in Series 3:  

ESW11: Democrats & Project CHIMERICA! Who Created COVID-19?

ESW12: EARTH SHIFT & COVID-19, the catalyst of change! Futurist Trends & Predictions

ESW13: GLOBAL & LOCAL ECONOMY! 14 Signs of 4D Shift & Lada Ray Predictions

ESW14: The Galactic Dawn & the Age of Aquarius: 2020-2026 TIMELINE PREDICTIONS!  How Neptune, Saturn & Period 9 Shift Will Change Everything!

COMPLETE INFO for New Webinar Series 3 (ESW11-14): COVID-19 CATALYST
& 2020-2026 PREDICTIONS–2020-2026-predictions.html

All Earth Shift Webinars

TIL JULY 30 ONLY: Series 3 early bird pricing extended!  Series 1 & 2 on huge sale!

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🕊️LIGHTWORKER WISDOM & INSPIRATION 🔮May 2020🔮 Timeless Universal Reading

FYI: Just posted! 

Inspiring reading for lightworkers, earth angels, grid holders, people-bridges, empaths & more! 

Please check it out if you are interested in my public readings!

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🔮May 2020🔮 Timeless Universal Reading 


I am preparing some other readings! Please stay tuned!

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First in series, Earth Shift Webinar 11 will be up soon!

The new page is up on

COVID-19 CATALYST & 2020-2026 PREDICTIONS webinar series page


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MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE! Announcing New YouTube Channel!

Hello everyone,

As promised, I have opened two new YouTube Channels!

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I just started it and the new posts will appear on it soon.


Lada Ray’s higher-dimensional and spiritual revelations, and her Earth Shift, Quantum Calibration and Multidimensional Universe teachings.

Expand your mind, open your heart and get a front row seat on the Great Multidimensional Earth Shift adventure! If your mind and heart are open, if you are ready to receive knowledge, if you want to be on the leading edge of mankind’s future, then YOU ARE DEFINITELY IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

The second channel you already know about:

Timeless Empath Readings

This channel is dedicated to Lada’s TIMELESS public tarot/oracle video readings. We so far have a couple and more coming.

I plan to post weekly, and the more subscribers I get the more I’ll be able to share!

This is a very positive and relaxing channel, you’ll love it!

My public readings also give you a free intro into my CONSULTATIONS and especially into TIMELESS READINGS with Lada.

Both new channels are free and open to everyone. The more subscribers I get the more I’ll be able to post.

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Please read new article: LADA RAY MINORITY REPORT: SUPER-IMPORTANT MESSAGE for all Patrons & public alike! (there are additional thoughts and replies in comments!)

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My Interview: How Calibrations and Chi Work. Who are Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Empaths? Who are Earth Shifters and Earth Keepers?

This is part 2 of my interview with Cat’s Eye on the Future show on Time Monk Radio.

We discuss how Calibrations of Human Consciousness and Chi work. Who are Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Empaths? Who are the mysterious Earth Shifters and Earth Keepers?

Watch full screen on YouTube

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This interview has a unique audience participation format. If you found the material presented interesting and thought-provoking, and if you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section, or leave a comment on YouTube. We will choose the best questions and create a show in which these questions will be answered. This show will be posted either on TimeMonkRadio, or on Lada Ray Channel (to be decided).

Find Part 1 of this interview here

You’ll also be able to find both parts, together with all other past and future Lada’s interviews, on the INTERVIEWS page.

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Wishing MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers!

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