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Focus: The Kingdom of Hawaii and Upcoming Interviews

Hawaii is a magical place, filled with creative energy of the yin, loving and peaceful Mother Earth, still preserved in it despite the historic abuse. I’d never talked about Hawaii before on my blog, although I was often asked for my thoughts about it. The topic of Hawaii just keeps popping up in my life. Today, briefly, I want to say my first ‘Aloha!’ to Hawaii via a few very worthy mentions.

Many of you know our friend, blogger, Blog Talk Radio host,

Kauilapele   Kauilapele (KP), and his KP Radio Hawaii program.
KP’s Blog link is included on FuturisTrendcast Resources page.

In his recent radio show KP revealed some interesting details of how US executed the annexation of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

In the same show, KP also discussed at length his impressions of my Earth Shift Report 4: ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS,  as well as the part of my Earth Shift Theory pertaining to Russia as the Great Global Balancer.

This is the summary of the main topics in the show:

‘Lots of passion in this one, as the “unveilings”, aka, “Openings of the Boxes”, are happening all around us (and within us) now.

  • Boxes being opened… Cosmic, planetary, political, personal.
  • Lada Ray, Earth Shift Report 4 (ESR4), ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS.
  • Kingdom of Hawai’i and takeover thereof… unveilings.
  • Link to US Navy dispatches describing advantages of annexing Kingdom of Hawai’i.
  • Louis Buzzy Agard video, where he describes how he decoded an 1892 Navy message to people in Hawaii describing recommended steps to take over the islands…’

Please have a listen, if you haven’t yet:

Show link:

MP3 download link:

Upcoming interviews

This is preliminary, so far. KP and I have discussed my interview on his KP Radio Hawaii show. We may do it in the beginning of March. It’s fitting really to have it in the beginning of what in the northern hemisphere is spring and the awakening of nature. When I think about Hawaii, this is what comes to mind: Mother Nature at its lushest and most generous.

By an interesting coincidence — oh, but you all know there is no such thing as casual coincidence 😉 — I was also approached for an interview by a lovely lady and author of a book about Hawaii, Alie James. Preliminarily, this one would be in the second half of March.

I’m really looking forward to these interviews and I’ll keep you all posted about the dates!

Upcoming Earth Shift Reports

ESR2 reloaded Ukraine 3

Sorry for the silence. I have been working very hard on finishing up my new Earth Shift Reports. ESR2 reloaded: UKRAINE – TRUTH, LIES & FUTURE HOPE was originally planned to be a compilation of my classic predictions from 2014, the original ESR2 Ukraine: Forbidden History and several early pieces, complete with the 2016 Ukraine situation update.

But as I began writing my update, I couldn’t stop. So much new material has accumulated I never had the chance to share with my readers due to holidays that I felt compelled to put it all into this report. The result is basically a brand new report with latest intel, news and thorough analysis; plus, a number of updated and developed predictions for the 2016-2018 period. If you recall my original 2014 predictions, we are approaching the time when the situation in Ukraine will start shifting. These new predictions take off where the original ones left off. They include US, EU and Russia, as well as Syria and the Middle East – all being pieces of the same puzzle, all related and intertwined.

I am finishing it up and it will be published as soon as I am done, hopefully tomorrow, February 17. As I mentioned in the latest post, How Crimea Was Transferred to Ukraine, I am timing ESR2 reloaded and ESR8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT around the 2nd anniversary of the Kiev Maidan and 2/22/2014 coup. I am simultaneously working on ESR8, which is to follow soon.

Stay tuned!

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