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Sanctions Backfire. Goodbye Visa: Russia Will Create Its Own Payment System

This one is truly hilarious (I laughed for 30 minutes), and more to my prediction that USA plays marbles – very badly, while Russia plays chess – very well. I just wonder where do they get the idiots who give them this kind of advice? Americans really, really, really have ZERO idea about anything to do with Russia.

Here’s the spread: US really wants to hurt Russia economically, but struggles to find a way to do so, as economic relations between the two countries are practically non-existent, thanks to the US own restrictions on trade with Russia.

The US finally found a way! The new US sanctions are supposed to block the usage of Visa card in Russia and by the Russian banks. Russian-issued Visa cards will not be accepted for payment. This should squeeze Russia and its consumers, right? Read the rest of this entry

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