Sanctions Backfire. Goodbye Visa: Russia Will Create Its Own Payment System

This one is truly hilarious (I laughed for 30 minutes), and more to my prediction that USA plays marbles – very badly, while Russia plays chess – very well. I just wonder where do they get the idiots who give them this kind of advice? Americans really, really, really have ZERO idea about anything to do with Russia.

Here’s the spread: US really wants to hurt Russia economically, but struggles to find a way to do so, as economic relations between the two countries are practically non-existent, thanks to the US own restrictions on trade with Russia.

The US finally found a way! The new US sanctions are supposed to block the usage of Visa card in Russia and by the Russian banks. Russian-issued Visa cards will not be accepted for payment. This should squeeze Russia and its consumers, right?

Wrong! For years, Russia has been thinking about developing its sovereign universal payment system. Talks about that have been going on for at least five years; however, in line with Putin/Medvedev’s usual stance, and due to various other priorites, they preferred not to rock the boat and therefore, realization of this plan has been postponed for a more convenient time.

Russian consumer market is quite robust, and compared to the crisis-ridden US and EU, Russian economy is doing well, unemployment is one of the lowest in the world, and Russian tourism to the EU adds a significant stimulus to the EU economy. When Russians travel or shop at Western shops in Russia, they use Visa or MC for their transactions. No MC/Visa credit card transactions mean fewer purchases of Western goods and fewer trips/less shopping in the West, resulting in less profits for the EU/US.

As a result, Visa and MC will get fewer fees, which will cut into their bottom line.

Meanwhile in Russia: Putin has announced that Russia will develop its own sovereign payment system, much like the Chinese and Japanese systems. Initially designed as national systems, both are now widely accepted internationally.

Prediction: Putin never says anything just for the sake of saying it. When he says, “Russia will develop its own payment system,” this effectively means that Russia already started developing this system some time ago, but was keeping it on a back-burner. Now, it’s time to make it official. Only the Russian President has all the information necessary to make the fully informed decision on when exactly to make such new system official. It depends on the situation in the world and the country-wide coordination. However, I won’t be surprised if this happens very quickly – much faster that anyone expects. This is because the system has already been developed partially. It needs tweaking and testing – and then it’s ready to go.

Both Visa and MC spent enormous amounts of money and have done tons of lobbying in Russia in the past to set up their system and to prevent the Russian alternative system from developing and taking a bite out of their profits. The Russian population at large has been wanting to boot Visa out of the country for a while. The population is overwhelmingly in favor of Russia’s sovereign payment system.

As a result of this move, the Russian money will stay in Russia. In other words, it will be sucked out/ stop flowing into the Western system – to this day, the drain on Russian resources is a big problem due to the Western-oriented set-up of credit and loans in Russia, which is a vestige of the harmful system that was established in Russia by the West and oligarchs in the 90s. While the acceptance of the new Russian payment system within Russia, as well as Belarus and Kazakhstan, is assured immediately, its international acceptance is something that will happen overtime. The West and the rest of the world will have to start accepting it gradually, once Russian tourists and oligarchs start using it.

Now, due to the incredible stupidity of Western sanctions, Visa and MC will lose not only their present and future profits, but also all of their past investments in Russia.

This is an enormous victory for Russia – and notice without Russia doing anything. Not only it takes the Western financial interestes out of the country – of their own volition (normally it’s impossible to boot them out), but it also galvanizes the Russian society. Observers have noted that no one can remember this kind of unity in the country. As someone commented, if Putin continues like this, he’s sure to get 100% of votes in the next election.

And this is just the start! After this is done, the following steps for Russia will be: 1. the long-overdue repatriation from the West of business and corporate loans, which will be done through the adjustment of interest rates in the country; 2. nationalization of the ruble and kicking out of the country the Fed-based monetary system; 3. changing the Russian Constitution to reflect the real interests of the country – the present Russian constitution is the 1990s absolete Frankenstein creation by the US “advisors,” which was approved by drunk Yeltsin.

Presently, there is a very different leadership in Russia. The tide has turned around. As I predicted in my previous articles, anything US or EU do will only benefit Russia in the long run and will hurt the US/EU in the long run. Notice, Russia is doing absolutely nothing; no aggressive moves, no provocative, accusatory, or threatening statements. All the threatening and aggressive behavior originates from the West and Kiev. Yet the result is consitently opposite of what they are trying to achieve.

Prediction: Russia is effectively sitting back and watching what the West does, and then reacts appropriately and very mildly. This trend will continue as Putin and the Russian leadership will continue turning around the seemingly negative situations into positive ones, and there is really nothing US/EU can do about that.

Russian citizens are also starting to vote with their wallets. More Russian consumers opt to buy Russian products instead of Western products.

Video: Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his non-confrontational and diplomatic style, announces that Russia will develop its sovereign payment system (Rus). Путин: Россия создаст свою национальную платежную систему.

Someone posted this joke on YT:

На встрече большой восьмерки, Ангела Меркель чтобы позлить Путина, сказала:
— А мне сегодня приснилось, что меня назначили президентом Земли!
Обама поддакнул:
— А мне приснилось, что меня назначили президентом Вселенной!
Путин медленно отпивает кофе и спокойно отвечает:
— А мне приснилось, что я никого не утвердил.

English translation:

At a G8 meeting, Merkel says to tease Putin:

– I had a dream that I was nominated as the president of the Earth!

Obama pipes in:

– I had a dream that I was nominated as the president of the Universe!

Putin takes a sip of his coffee and responds:

– I had a dream that I didn’t confirm either of  these nominations.


P.S. The above lighter note notwithstanding, I want to stress again that we should not get complacent. We certainly are very far from any semblance of a peaceful and normal situation in the world. Due to the aggressive and corrupt policies of the US, UK, EU and their handlers and backers, we are still teetering on the brink of a nuclear war. We are not in the clear by any measure! This is why I will continue writing and speaking to educate people and to bring the truth into the open.

My videos are coming soon to YouTube. Please help more people understand what is going on – Tweet/FB/email/share my articles with everyone you know.

Thank you!

Listen to my recent interview about Russia, Ukraine, USA/EU roles and global predictions with The Plane Truth:

The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev — with Lada Ray



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Lada Ray is a linguist & former financial consultant with Smith Barney. Born in Russia, Lada lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents. She is the internationally certified Feng Shui Master and author of 3 novels + multiple novelettes; most notably, top-rated metaphysical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER & bestselling thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). Lada has extensively written re. Russia, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and consciousness. She is known for her accurate predictions. Lada's Blogs: FuturisTrendcast - geopolitics and predictions. Lada Ray Blog - books, writing, world cultures. We are presently working on expanding Lada Ray Youtube channel to include Lada's original geopolitical analysis and far-reaching global predictions, as well as her mystical futurism. The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe!

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  1. Lol, what a blessing, the US has done so many good thing for Russia (sarcasm)…
    So helpful reunifying Crimea with Russia, which raised the idea of states seceding from corrupt nations around the world, and now Russia’s very own credit system not controlled by worthless petrodollars. Bet “they” didn’t see this coming, hahaha. Can’t even play marbles, US losing all of theirs. 😀


  2. Thank you so much!


  3. talesfromthelou

    Good one Lada. And less debt slavery for the Russians. Or, at least it will be Russian debt slavery…


    • LOL. Could be.
      But hopefully they are working on a fair society design, as they should, at the same time. As far as I know they do, although it’s a process.
      Some society structures still remain intact in Russia since the USSR. If they are smart, they’ll rework them for the new millennium, as we are transitioning into the new society. Western-style capitalism is on the decline and is unpopular in Russia and in many other countries.
      Planning to write about all that at some point in the future.



    Nationalisation of the ruble will be a very good start. All currencies worldwide should do that. But it”s sooo dangerous. Saddam Houssein was not killed because of his misbehaviour, but because he wanted euros for Iraqs oil instead of petrodollars. The same story. with Khadaffi. So, don’t feel too safe Lada. The speeches Obama gave in Europe are not very promising. My prognose is some provoked incident like the chemical attack in Syria..They provoked incidents for months in Kiev, so why should they stop now? Ukraine is just a stepping stone to Russia itself. Aside from this, there is a nice little video on YT about the symbols shown during the Nuclear Summit in The Hague: ‘World leaders wearing unholy triangle’. Greetings.


    • You are right – it’s VERY dangerous, that’s why they are very slow in implementing this. Saddam was a message to all.
      Actually, Russia, like China is waiting for the US to weaken sufficiently. It will be a slow and incremental going.
      Kiev/Ukraine – absolutely correct. The agenda there is multi-prong.
      Syria – they are gearing for something, that’s why they’ve closed Syrian embassy/consulates in the US. See my article about that.
      I agree – there is nothing to feel safe about. It’s super-dangerous and we are still teetering on the brink of nuclear war.
      It will be extremely difficult to change this situation and Russia as usual is paying a disproportionate price for keeping the world intact. No illusions on my part at all, Pieter.
      However, my long-term predicitions still stand. Putin/Lavrov/Russia will be able to pull it off with little or no blood – no thanks to the EU/US and their handlers.

      Thank you for a thoughtful comment, as always.


  5. It is reported that the spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee said this:

    Barack Obama boycotted the Olympics and did not attend the games in Sochi – and we brilliantly won and the Olympics and Para-Olympics. Thank you, Comrade Obama!

    Obama then strongly supported extremists Kiev junta – and we miraculously regained Crimea. Thank you, Comrade Obama!

    Obama imposed sanctions on our oligarchs – and now their money is not in the West but in Russia. Thank you, Comrade Obama!

    Now, if we may, we have more wish: we would like to win the World Soccer Cup…


    • This is so funny, Plane – very true, too. The Russians have gotten a bit frisky after the US Crimea gaffe, what with all those instagram users sanctions, banning Obama from entering their bars, toilets, drinking their morning juice and petting their cats.
      A delegation of a new party, PVO, went to the American consulate with the traditional Russian bread and salt to thank the Americans for the Crimea. You should have seen the face of the American Consul when he was accepting that bread from a pretty Russian girl thanking him profusely. That was sooo funny!
      So, they are making light of it, but the problem still remains and Americans never give up – unfortunately. As I said before, the US empire won’t have common decency to collapse quietly, like USSR did. They will try to stir up trouble all over the world for as long as they can.

      The Soccer Cup – lol. The one thing Russians are really disappointed about is how poorly their football = soccer is performing. US is not any better though, so Obama can hardly help here. 😉 Good one though.

      P.S. There may be a serious revolution starting in Donbass soon. The locals have announced that if the referendum is not scheduled in a few days, they will initiate it. More soon.


  6. Lada,

    I may not have got a question/point across as well as possible about the Ukraine during our interview. This gets the idea across:

    One of the US’s great strengths is to always remember propaganda and marketing. One of the few things left that hasn’t degraded significantly.


    • I compeletely agree with you. This is a very serious and gruesome subject. I skimmed over the material you sent me and it’s a truly disgusting picture. I’ll read it more carefully later.

      I did hear you during the interview, but I kind of wanted to concentrate more on the positives. Besides, to be honest, I’ve heard that it was bad, but had no idea it was THAT horrible. I think I was not the only Russian who did not believe Ukrainians could lie about Russia so blatantly and to this extent. I think pretty much everyone in Russia kept giving Ukrainians the benefit of the doubt and kept wearing rosy glasses, despite the obvious.
      And only when nazis took over Kiev and started demolishing monuments to the Soviet Army, everyone suddenly woke up and saw the reality of things.
      We all had a blind spot where Ukraine was concerned, I think. Perhaps a lot like so many people had a blind spot where Hitler was concerned – until the rude awakening that was WWII.
      You were right of course when you said during the interview that Russia thought Ukraine had a cold when in reality it had cancer. This was – to a degree still is – a blind spot akin to how a rotten child in the family is still loved and seen in the best light, despite all the terrible things he does.

      US propaganda: in complete agreement about that. US and UK are masters of that and to this day no one can match them. There are many historic, financial and actually astrological, reasons for that.
      Russia knows about the power of the US/UK propaganda and is consciously trying to take a very different route – a very different vector, if you will – instead of competing. That was my point during our last interview

      Perhaps, we could talk more about all of the above during our future conversation. 🙂


  7. Well, you might want to add some other aspects to the problem: the Russian speakers in the Ukraine were passive; the oligarchs and political figures from Russian areas were terrible; and the problems in the Ukraine were inconvenient for the Kremlin, so the problem was downplayed for a long time. Russia could have, and should have, created NGOs for Russian rights or investigating corruption of the oligarchs working for the West. They also needed media.

    To use the phrase from, a very good site for Russian issues, the Russian speakers in the Ukraine were not pro-Russia, they were pro-ruble. This made it hard for the Kremlin to constructively create plans. Now that has changed, as per your proverb about Russians and saddles, but it may be too late to save the Kiev area in whatever configuration comes out of this. The EU dream still seems much stronger than the Russian dream.

    The way things are going, we might even have some answers in a couple of months, but hopefully we can save some time for feng shui in that conversation.


  8. I am very new to the Truth about the U.S. 911 got me started and I am ashamed to be an American. My question is: What are the Americans to do? You know, the ones that research and hunger for Truth. I see so few hits on meaningful information sites.
    I am, however, very, very happy for Russia. They are blessed to have President Putin as their leader, as is much of the rest of the world. I would love to see other nations able to escape from the US suppression and dirty deeds. I pray every day for God to spare Putin’s life so that he may continue to solve the problems of the world.


    • Hi Pam,
      Your heart is in the right place. Hope more Americans wake up and start questioning what’s happening around them.

      What are Americans to do? I spoke about that on several occasions. Right now the most important thing is the dissemination of Truth. Tweet/reblog/FB my articles and everyone else’s who do tell the truth. Let your friends know, write to your congressman, US prez, intl organizations, MSM, telling them you don’t appreciate their lies, demand they change their behavior. There are also petitions to join, protests to do.
      The more people awaken, the more they disaprove of their leaders, the harder for them to pool the wool over people’s eyes. Don’t participate in the US usury finl system that enslaves the rest of the world.



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