Post Scriptum: Strange Coincidences? Moscow Metro Tragedy and Malaysian Airliner MH17 Downing

I have to add this to the previous article: Blatant #FalseFlag: #Ukraine Missile Targeted #Putin’s Plane – Hit Malaysia #MH17 Instead!

We have just experienced two terrible tragedies. The Moscow Metro tragedy that claimed the lives of 23 people with dosens of wounded happened on the very same day Russian President Vladimir Putin was in Brazil, participating in the formation of the BRICS Bank. The Malaysian airliner MH17 tragic downing in eastern Ukraine, with almost 300 dead, happened at the same exact time Vladimir Putin was flying back home.

As I explained before, and will continue explaining in the following piece: the dollar hegemony has effectively ended, the US has just lost it’s single super-power status. And Putin was the driving force behind all this.

The Russian authorities have ruled out terrorism for the Moscow Metro derailing. But what about sabotage? The details are scant, but it’s very well known that many blue collar workers in Moscow are guest workers from Ukraine. This includes, first and foremost, construction and public transportation. I hate to say this, but it’s worth checking out. What if someone got to one or more such Ukrainian guest workers, or ex-Ukrainian citizens who still have relatives left in Ukraine? And what if  that person is part of the Metro maintenance crew? What if they threatened their relatives’ lives should they fail to perform the act of sabotage? This appears to have been a very easy thing to do. Incidentally, although most Ukrainians guest workers try to move their families to Russia, it’s not that easy, so lots of Ukrainian guest workers have families they left behind in Ukraine.

Coincidences such as the Moscow Metro tragedy occurring precisely on the dot with the Russian President signing the historic BRICS Bank agreement, followed by the Malaysian airliner tragedy precisely when he is flying back home, only happen in fairytales. In real life we must look at who benefits from these events happening at the time of crucial moments in history. In real life it looks like a warning, or an attempt on the life of the world leader who is instrumental in changing the way the world operates.

For further analysis see previous article: Blatant #FalseFlag: #Ukraine Missile Targeted #Putin’s Plane – Hit Malaysia #MH17 Instead!

ADDED: This is another striking coincidence, which may or may not be relevant. But it’s certainly worth mentioning, knowing how they work. This is the second Malaysian airliner falling from the sky/disappearing in a short time. The first one was the one that ‘allegedly’ disappeared in Asia several months ago. Coincidence? Perhaps not, if we recall that Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, recently hosted International War Crimes Tribunal that indicted the states of the USA and Israel for war crimes. This same international tribunal also indicted both countries’ heads of state, along with many high level officials.

People involved in that tribunal were the likes of Leuren Moret and Alfred Lambremont Webre (follow this link for more about Webre and Moret). Considering that the evidence presented at the tribunal was damning and officials named were the very top of the US and Israel, do you think that maybe, just maybe, someone has a score to settle with Malaysia? Incidentally, per expert Leuren Moret, the founder of Malaysia Airlines (who treated the airline as his baby, his pride and joy) is the former PM of Malaysia, who was an active part of the tribunal. Add to the above a personal vendetta, and a warning.

Last, but not least: 13 years ago, in 2001, a Ukraine missile shot down another plane over the Black Sea. It was a commercial jet from the Russian Sibir airline, en route to Turkey. Over 80 people died. The investigation revealed that the military was poorly trained and shot down the plane by mistake. However, the investigation was never completed, and Ukraine never admitted its responsibility. At the time, there supposedly was no war in Ukraine.


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  1. i know in my heart~~Mr.Putin~~ Blessed Be He….is protected by my ~~Cosmic Brothers~~…spasiba…~~Mr. ~Putin~~Klaniam sie…dziekuje…

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  2. sometimes…when i think of Rosja ….for You Lada…and it will warm up everyone’s heart….

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  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Only time will tell, first we need to have an impartial inspector sift thru the wreckage and document the evidence live so there can be no cover-ups. It shouldn’t be too difficult to ascertain who the culprit is. My prayers & condolences go out to the Malaysian families… again! 😦

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  4. Your apprehension of this entire historical drama is right-on. I knew they were going to blame Russia, too. Now I am an enemy of the state. We all need to be enemies of the state, sooner rather than later, if we are to survive.

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  5. Patrick Brenner

    So very sad…glad someone understands this….

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  6. Some families or groups found in and around the Western banksters have been working for a global control system that the rest of the world might call dictatorial. The BRICS and Eurasian Alliance are attempts to end this Anglo-American bankster control. So it is war. Maybe Malaysian planes, maybe a plane crash that removed half of the leadership in Laos, maybe a bank crisis in Cyprus that wiped out a key zone for Russia, maybe some bombs in Western China. In any case, it is war. As these are largely the same folks behind World Wars I and II, we shouldn’t expect them to be bothered by a few million deaths here or there.

    So it is up to us to try to stop them as best we can. We are lucky to have someone like Putin and a few others in high places within Russia, as they go around the world trying to prevent this kind of spiritual disease that some Western elite have from infecting the whole world.


  7. Patrick Brenner

    I’m waiting for David Wilcock’s take on all this…have both his best sellers…..


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    Thank you Lada! Important questions, people should note these details that the corporate news will not share.

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  9. Very useful comment and analysis Lada. As President Putin is defeating American hegemony by fair means they want to use any dirty trick imaginable to stop him – even trying assassination. I too believe his life will be protected until he has achieved his task – he is a man of destiny.


  10. It is clear from a very large number of Tweets (see: ) by an Air Controller in Kiev that (1)the Interior Ministry ordered the hit against the plane because Military did not know about the crash at first. (2)Interior Ministry talked about the explosion to controllers before they should have known about it. (Controller mentions rummer that the Military has been considering removing the President.) (3)Two Ukraine fighter planes were along side the plane 3 minutes before plane disappeared from radar. (4)Civilian radar are unable to track any missile and could not confirm the “story” given to them from the Interior and Military that a missile took the plane down.

    Other story (see: ) 8. If surface-to-air missiles create round holes in the fuselage of the target, and air-air missiles create arrow-shaped forms, then why does the MH 17 have arrow-shaped forms in the fuselage? 9. Why does the downed aircraft show cladding damage characteristic with pin and shrapnel warheads (air-to-air systems), much more characteristic of R-27 TOPOR or R-73 missiles used on the Ukraine military MIG-29 and SU-27 aircraft?

    It is my opinion that the Kiev war planes downed the airliner.


    • John, I like your reasoning! It seems very logical to me. Some Russian experts say it was land-to-air due to how fast the plane was downed. But then there’re others who are pointing out air-to-air. Zhirinovsky (LDPR leader), who’s no military expert, but he’s privy to political and intel info, believes it was air-to-air, which is probably safer for Ukr junta to use, as Russian radars wouldn’t register it. And it’s certainly much easier to aim.

      Either way, we’ll find out soon enough. I foresee a huge problem for the Kiev junta on the horizon. This will be their breaking point, when European community will turn away from them.

      P.S. I watched an episode yesterday from Amsterdam airport, with all these poor crying relatives of victims. So many lives taken by these assholes yet again…


  11. Dear Lada, I just found this link about mother of a soldier in western Ukraine: can you look around and tell us what is the mood there?


    • From the info I have, in Western Ukraine the soldiers’ mothers are starting to protest their children being sent to fight the Donbass people. There are gruesome reports that the young conscripts who refused to shoot in Donbass are being executed (some caught on video, I believe) and then buried in mass graves, their bodies sprinkled with some sort of acid ( I should think chemists would know what it is) that makes them unrecognizable for future exumation. This was also caught on tape. Terrible.
      More people in Western Ukraine are starting to question the Kiev junta. Kiev is hiding the real number of dead soldiers by dumping their bodies as I described and killing off the wounded so not to show the real number of losses. Mothers complain they can’t get through by phone to their children in the army. It is believed this is because the army is covering up their deaths. Very nasty stuff.


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