The Russian Navy Day: Northern Fleet Parade in Severomorsk, With Putin

Военно-морской парад в честь дня ВМФ России в Североморске с участием Владимира Путина.

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  1. Very pretty pomp n circumstance! But more importantly it sends a strong message not to push Russia to far. Washington is like an annoying yapping poodle, cease and desist already!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this! Agree with 1EarthUnited, it’s not only impressive, it does send a message. Too sad those who cook foreign policy in the west have lost a simple survival instinct. I’ve read somewhere that when polled, many Americans said they want war with Russia because apparently Russia is a terrorist state (little confused sheeple). I wonder what is it? Belief in their superiority? Or just ignorance of what Russia has become in the past 15 years?
    By the way… First video, min. 33:31 – love the kids! such a cute future of the country 🙂 Also love to see Sevastopol with the Russian flag!


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