War on All Fronts: McDonalds May Be Booted out of Russia; Latvia Bans Russian Superstars; Why did Yatsenyuk Resign; Repatriation of Russian Capital

McDonald’s to be Booted out of Russia?

The announcement I just saw says that Russia may ban some of the McDonald’s burgers sold in Russia due to the fact that nutritional values of the burger ingredients advertised do not correspond with actual nutritional value in the final product. The Public Health Control of the Novgorod Region initiated a lawsuit against McDonald’s in the Moscow court. Cheeseburger, the most popular burger sold by McDonald’s, may be the subject of this ban. There is a strong anti-McDonald’s movements in Russia. As profit margins plunge as a result of the network’s inability to sell its flagship burger, the Russian court sanctions may result in McDonald’s being squeezed entirely out of the Russian market.

Some of the McDonald’s drinks also fall into this category.

I say, about time! Get rid of this #GMO infested, full of plasticisers and artificial colors/flavors poison!

Link to report in Russian


Latvia Blacklists Russian Showbiz Superstars 

Those who read my articles know that I call Latvia one of the “Trojan Horses of the US in Europe.” And it strikes again. Latvia announced that it blacklisted three of the most famous Russian singers, whose songs are mega-popular not only in Russia and the entire Russian world, but in Latvia as well. These are Oleg Gazmanov, Valeriya, and Iosif Kobzon.

Valeriya is a pop-singer known for her angelic looks and strong voice, who’s popular internationally. Iosif Kobzon is a legend of the Russian stage. I remember him singing when I was just a child. Seems like he’d been there forever. Being Jewish, Kobzon is a huge patriot of Russia. Oleg Gazmanov appeared on Russian stage in the 1990s. I only discovered him a few years ago on YouTube, and loved this raspy voice, energetic presentation, and the power projected by his songs.

MOSKVA – (Moscow) by Oleg Gazmanov and the Alexandrov Red Army Choir (posted by a German fan):

The Sailor-girl by young Oleg Gazmanov, early 1990s. Check out his athletic somersaults! Олег Газманов – Морячка

 Иосиф Кобзон – Я люблю тебя, жизнь – I Love You, Life – by Yosif Kobzon and the Alexandrov Red Army choir. This song is one of the beloved unofficial anthems of Russia.

This particular performance was probably recorded in the very beginning of the 2000s, when Russia just started recovering after Putin came to power. In the beginning, Kobzon says, “Thank you, all, for keeping the faith and for coming out of it with flying colors (out of the catastrophic 1990s – LR). Always love life!” In the audience you can see the singer Alexander Gradsky, whose song I mentioned in Russia’s NEW Ambitious Anti-Dollar Move: $150 bln Investment in Baikal-Amur Railroad. Also, singing along in the audience is the famous (infamous?) ex-mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov.


Иосиф Кобзон,  Журавли – CRANES (original recording 1971). One of the most beautiful and legendary Soviet songs about the soldiers who perished in the Great War (WWII), turning into white cranes.

Valeriya – ВАЛЕРИЯ: Otpusti menya – Let Me Go

I love Russian songs & Russian movies, and so I try to share them with my readers whenever I get the chance. You can find much more beloved Soviet music hits here; best contemporary Russian songs here; I started posting Russian movies here; my articles, beautiful imagery, history, and lots of other cool stuff about Russia here.

Latvia is tiny and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. However, the problem with being blacklisted and banned from entry into Latvia for a Russian singer is this: the Baltic resort of Yurmala, near Riga, Latvia, traditionally hosts the international Russian song festival, The New Wave – Novaya Volna. The event attracts the best singers, as well as many Russian tourists. It is said that Latvia would have been bankrupt a long time ago, if not for the influx of cash left there by the Russian tourists and Russian festivals. It is well-known that Latvia has been teetering on the brink of an economic collapse for years, ever since it joined the EU. Fully 1/3, or more, of the country’s population works as guest workers abroad, while the industry built there by Russians during Soviet times has been destroyed after Latvia became independent. Latvian agriculture, which used to be pretty good, was destroyed so it couldn’t compete with Western European agriculture.

It appears the three singers irritated Latvian authorities by their patriotic stance. The problem is, all three are long-term fixtures at the Novaya Volna festival.

It is abundantly clear that this move by Latvian authorities is masterminded by the US and is part of the anti-Russian sanctions. Why? This is a signal and intimidation tactic for the sake of all other Russian artists. Don’t dare be patriotic, don’t dare support Donbass and Novorossia against the Kiev junta, don’t dare support Putin. Otherwise, you’ll be stonewalled. Of course it is clear that many Russian artists also have financial assets in the West. It could be bank accounts, villas on the French Riviera and more. This is a hint: you assets are next. This is yet another way to scare the Russian elites, be it political, business or artistic, into toeing the line prescribed by the US.

This is the old, known the world over, tactic by the West and the US. However, it doesn’t seem to be working any more. US power is waning and cracks in the lopsided US-centric system are starting to show everywhere, as I predicted since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis.

Russians are now talking about moving the massive Novaya Volna musical festival to a Russian city. Several cities expressed desire to host it. To me, #Sochi, or #Yalta in the #Crimea, would be a natural fit. Or it could be conducted in different cities every year. Just a thought.

There is another famous Russian festival that is conducted every summer in Latvia’s Yurmala. It’s called Muzikalny Kivin  – the Musical Kivin – and it’s part of the KVN, which is the longest-running Russian humor/music/wit/young talent competition. KVN is older than me, and I watched it since I was a child. At one point, I even participated in it a little, when I studied at the Odessa University. At that time, the team of the Odessa University, called The Odessa Gentlemen, was the undisputed KVN winner for years. Muzikalny Kivin, the musical humor and wit competition just took place in Yurmala, Latvia. But I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were to be transferred somewhere else as well. I would certainly recommend it.

Further consolidation of the Russian society is the likely result of this affront. And Latvia? Well, it’ll eventually lose the life-saving income from the Russian festivals and summer tourists. When the US-dollar-denominated 30 pieces of silver dry up, what will they do?

On another, related note: I predicted previously that Russia will only benefit long-term from Western sanctions

Four biggest benefits are:

1. Consolidation of the Russian society.

2. A more realistic assessment of who is a friend and who isn’t.

3. Re-orientation of the Russian economy from the West to Asia and inwards, with more attention paid to inner infrastructure, domestic industry, development and financing (instead of dollar or euro denominated loans/financing predominant now).

4. Last but not least – the repatriation of the Russian capital located abroad, which will be accelerating as Russians stop trusting the Western banking and business climate. This eventually will turn into a huge exodus, resulting in a loss, if not a catastrophe, for the European banking/real estate and business.

Why Did Yatsenyuk Resign?

A quick remark on the resignation of the Ukraine PM, #Yatsenyuk. It is well known, and it was caught on tape, that Yatsenyuk was literally appointed as Ukraine Prime Minister personally by Victoria Nuland, the Asst US State Dept Secretary; the same Victoria Nuland who bragged publicly to the Washington Press Club in December 2013 that US spent $5bln to subvert Ukraine.

So, Yatsenyuk fulfilled the task entrusted to him by his Washington handlers: he successfully destroyed Ukraine. Ukraine industrial base is in a shambles after bombings of eastern Ukraine and mass exodus out of the country; Ukraine agriculture is in bad shape as a result of war; Ukraine will run out of gas by fall – and the entire country runs on natural gas; pensions and social benefits have been halved.

As a result of a crisis, war and economic collapse, in the spring, Ukrainian currency, grivna, started tanking mercilessly, resulting in hyper-inflation. I heard interviews in which people from different areas of Ukraine complained that inflation was 50-70% monthly, and the elderly couldn’t afford medicine and utilities. But Kiev’s friends and bosses from across the Atlantic promptly tweaked something in the fake financial markets they operate out of Wall Street, and oh miracle! – the worthless grivna of the bankrupt country suddenly became stable! 

But if you can pretend collapse isn’t happening in the fake, computer-generated currency market, you can’t pretend in real life. The country is collapsing on all fronts and disintegrating at the seams. The new #maidan revolution is expected again by next spring. As a result of the Boeing 777 downing by the Ukraine military, all countries banned their planes from flying over Ukraine. Ukraine is an important international flight corridor; it gets $200mln annually in fees for the usage of its airspace. Add this loss to all other accomplishments of the Kiev junta.

Yatsenyuk, as Ukraine unelected PM, presided over the collapse of the country. He knows that retribution is coming. He doesn’t want to stick around when the collapse becomes visible to all. The biggest rat of all is leaving the sinking ship. He was there to destroy – someone else will have to clean up his mess.


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  1. talesfromthelou

    McDonalds is an abomination, I am glad the Russians are thinking that way. Don’t even think, just do it. Ban these scumbags out of your country!
    And Lad, I’d love to see those movies but I don’t speak Russian.


    • Yes, I hope they do boot them out, and I hope many other countries do the very same.

      Sorry about the translation for the movies. That’s why I posted so few so far – still looking, but it’s very hard to find a translation. If I can find it somewhere, I’ll post the announcement here, on the blog. For now, is it possible to use the google translator? Or YT translator?

      I am presently posting the mystery thriller series The Meeting Place Cannot be Changed – my fave. After that, I’ll post some spy and adventure thriller series. So worth watching, all of them!!! Highly recommend, if you can find the translation!


  2. Ban McDonalds in Russia NOW! Goodness, it shouldn’t have been allowed in in the first place! I remember a friend of mine tell me long time ago they were protesting against McDonalds in their city – it wasn’t opened there.
    As for the Baltic countries – pathetic! They wanted to be independent but they just changed hands – from the USSR to the US/EU. And if during the USSR they had a lot and were stable, we can’t say the same now. You’re right, their economy is dependent on Russians, silly people don’t see this. I hope Russians themselves will stop going there – will serve the little whiners right. I also hope from next year on, Russia will host the festivals itself. Time to develop other cities (not only Sochi and Kazan), get more tourists to other parts of Russia (not only Moscow and St. Petersburg), and to advertise itself as a country with modern culture (why not have more and more cultural international events?).

    Liked by 1 person

    • 100% right about everything. 🙂 I believe the goal is to develop various cities’ specialties by distributing assets that are being repatriated – various industries, festivals, etc. International cultural events are great, but I think right now Russia must concentrate on consolidations and organization. Also, they must emphasize Russian culture. Russia was emphasizing internationalism for far too long, at the expense of its own culture, and the result is clear: too many others took advantage of it. The world must come back into a better balance first.

      I hear Kazan looks great. I’ve never been been. Should visit some time. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • You’re right, Lada. Russia should focus on its own cultures, which are many (180?). They are diverse, beautiful, and as far as performances go, are colourful and stunning to see. I’ve never been to Kazan, but heard it is gorgeous 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    I’ve been hoping that the mess underhanded meddling made in Ukraine would result in toppling the oligarchs and outsiders, and returning the people to power over their country. I know unfortunately this process is rarely rapid even if successful but the rotten-brained money worshipers who have for so long maintained control of Earth’s people and resources through exactly this sort of destabilization of nations are losing power and influence daily now. Their model can only work when they can keep their actions hidden-and even then destabilising may simply hand power to different individuals and groups-not necessarily the ones who agree with the instigators. Sadly, their work at home in the U.S. has been too well done. Unless a great many of my countrymen awaken to the manipulation and stop the divisiveness and insane push for a new civil war, we are likely to face a worse time than Ukraine in the not too distant future.
    I so regret not studying Russian now! I’m looking forward to exploring the music and movies you have shared/recommended.
    I think localized economy and culture is preferable and much more sustainable long term than the generic globalisation that erases culture and makes every locality dependent on international networks of finance and shipping for everything.
    Sharing our unique cultures and local differences through trade and travel bring more joy and creative pollination to all. McDonald’s, Walmart, Coca Cola, and Hollywood for ALL (like it or not!) is a recipe for stagnation and extinction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very well said. We all need to get closer to earth and true roots, but not forget to also live in cooperation, as one global village.
      As to the time frame of the events, I have more on PREDICTIONS page on the top bar of this blog. I’ll be adding more to it soon. There is also some info on the timing in the latest interview with Plane Truth.

      Hugs 🙂

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  4. My great thankfulness and respect for the true information and your sincere support to Russia and Russians, Lada! Your true posts are very important for revealing total LIE in western Media!You’re a couragous woman and a good friend to Russia. Thank you so much again!

    Огромное спасибо, Лада, за Ваши публикации ПРАВДЫ о событиях на юго-востоке Украины, о киевской преступной власти, о Путине и России. Среди награмождений глупых выдумок и просто наглой лжи в СМИ Украины, в Европе и США о том, что тут у нас происходит, Ваши посты, как глоток свежего воздуха, идущий с Запада. С большим удовольствием их читаю и делюсь с другими. Успехов Вам в этом достойном деле!
    С уважением,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bolshoe spasibo, Olga :). Ochen priatno ot vas slishat.

      Da, pozhaluista delites so vsemi komu interesno.
      K sozhaleniyu chitatelei iz Rossii ochen malo, no interes na Zapade k moim statiyam ogromniy.

      Mne takzhe interesno videt comments is Rossii i Ukraini na moem bloge. Eto vsem Russkim chitateliam: Ne stesniates – post your comments, so my Western readers could read them as well. Eyewitness comments, opinions, feedback are welcome.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. I’ve been watching the ongoing New Wave festival on TV (RTR-Planeta). Some people turned up in home-made tee-shirts depicting the banned singers. Alla Pugacheva, who is a prima donna and trend-setter of the Soviet/Russian pop stage, performed some of her songs (she seldom performs now), and before performing one of the songs, she dedicated it to Kobzon. The protest is there.
    It was also interesting to watch a duet of two female performers from Ukraine. They were singing a beautiful song in Ukrainian. The audience was taken by them,, and the judges gave them high scores, befitting their excellent performance. I couldn’t help thinking, that if Russian singers performed really well somewhere against a backdrop of a politically-charged conflict, Russian singers would have been given deliberately lowered scores (as was during EuroVision).


    • Absolutely. Can you imagine Russian singers performing in Ukraine today. They probably would have been killed right there, on the spot.
      It is amazing to me how disgusting humans are towards Russians and Russia, when the only thing that is coming out of Russia is calm reason a hand of friendship.
      It’s sickening.
      I don’t watch this festival, but I surely hope they move it next year to a Russian city and concentrate on promoting Russian culture.


  6. Your four points are quite important. Of course, from the point of the US, an 80% decline in the Ukrainian GDP if it harms Russia even 3% is a good thing – plus, it may be easier to draft desperate young men for an attack on Russia.

    By the way, do you think Russians are waking up to the reality that they are on the hit list of Atlanticist system?

    For something a bit non-mainstream to contemplate, the US/Kiev are trying to put a huge force in the Donbass, basically trying to overwhelm the resistance, plus they are trying to level towns with GRADs and even stronger artillery. What this means in practice is that the Ukrainian army is now quite close to Russia, and a lot perhaps most can be hit with weapons from near the Russian border. If the Ukrainian army were in Central or Western Ukraine, it would be out of range.


    • Very unfortunately, as I predicted from the very beginning, and later – they do want to destroy everything they can in Ukraine. And they are succeeding. As I also said from the start, Russia will have to pick up the pieces later, when Ukr is squeezed like a lemon and thrown out. Sorry, but this is the unfortunate reality written in the stars, and the fault of the Ukr, since Ukrainians let this go this far and never corrected their course on numerous occasions they were offered.

      Russia will have to face its shadow side, which is called Ukraine.

      Smart people learn from others’ experience. Ukrainians aren’t smart at large, as we well see. The smart ones either left, or are in Donbass. Only the destruction of everything they have will finally teach them a lesson.

      Yes, Russians are waking up to the fact and taking off their rosy glasses. The trick for them is not to lose the sight of the big picture and not to succumb to hatred, which is the natural and easy thing to do, considering the beastly attitude and hatred on the other side.

      My prediction: Russians will come out of this with flying colors. The west, esp, US, Canada and UK meanwhile is really accumulating bad karma that will come back to haunt them soon.


  7. The end may be very near of Kiev. In the last hour, 2 Border Guards have come over to Russia from Ukraine. Before that 46 ATO came over into Russia. It may be too late for head of US Joint Chiefs to save Kiev. The match for the big fire might be gone. Imagine the embarrassment for the US false leaders that might lay ahead for them.

    Official Ukrainian Military Report of Losses for July 9-15, 2014(Arsen Avakov, Minister of Interior and V. Gritsak, Head of the ATO)

    1. De sertions: 3473
    2. Killed in Action: 1600
    3. Wounded in Action: 4723
    4. Tanks: 35
    5. Armoured Battle Vehicles: 96
    6. Artillery : 38
    7. Aircraft: 7
    8. Helicopter s: 2
    9. Automobile s: 104

    In the event the negative trend continues…I estimate that 2/3 of the active combat military units currently participating in the ATO will simply cease to exist in as little as 4 to 5 days.

    Signe d,
    V. Nalyvaichenko, Security Service
    B. Hrytsak, Antiterorist Center Security Service


  8. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Good thing all the atrocities happening in Ukraine are documented for future prosecution.


  9. Urgent warning of false flag terrorist attacks in Kiev to serve as pretext for declaration of Marshal Law and invite NATO troops:


  10. Paul Craig Roberts usually writes pretty level-headed articles. However, the article that I’ve just read has a feel of panic and desperation:
    Lada, what is your view on it?


  11. By the way, I don’t know if you are aware that Russian Foreign Ministry keeps track of the atrocities committed in Ukraine in a White Book, which is available both in Russian and English:

    The first one is spanning November 2013-March 2014, and the second April to mid-June 2014.


    • Yes, I have been saying for a while the international war crimes tribunal is being prepared and atrocities documented. Over 50 criminal cases have already been started against Kiev junta in Russia. White book is part of it.


  12. The karma for the US and UK goes back two or three hundred years, so this is nothing special. Millions have died in Iraq. The big thing is that it is risking nuclear war.

    I wonder if the Ukraine isn’t just a case of the exaggerated problems inside Russia. The problem of traitors is very serious in both cases, and the lure of a Western lifestyle has captured the hearts of many. And the oligarchs have put both countries in a terrible bind. If it weren’t for Putin, Russia would probably be in a real mess now. Finally, both countries seemed to have lacked a purpose since the end of the USSR. It was thus easy for the US to nurture Nazism as there was nothing else. Russia, too, has seemed to lack an idea of what she is. A large number of those in power are Communists without Communism, and most of them really, really want to join the West – just like in the Ukraine. Gradually, Russian civilization can become a uniting principle for Russians, but what is to unite Ukrainians?


    • Paul, I wonder if you’ve met Russians because from what I’ve seen, they know exactly what they are and where they are heading. and that’s not the West (as for many western oriented people in the governent, that’s a myth). they have too many nationalists, nationalists in a special Russian way, that is people who believe in a special way for Russia, not east or west, but it’s own. there’re many who follow euroasianist philosophy of Dugin. and they know who their enemies are – there’re special networks in Russia to determine traitors both inside and outside the country. As for the purpose, I would advise you to read this article – closer to the end it talks about the collapse of the soviet union and what it started in Russia and overall it talks what people in that part of the world think about the west: there’s no trust anymore, it was lost – http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.ca/2014/07/1989-year-when-west-did-everything.html


      • Elza, thanks for your comment. 🙂 I would suggest you don’t use words like “Russian naionalists” as it is something that may easily be misinterpreted. The word that is customary is “patriots.” I believe that’s the word Izborsky Club and Starikov use anyway to describe what they are doing – and Dugin is a part of the Izborsky Club.

        Russia’s way always had been different and special due to its location between Europe and Asia. Dugin’s point isn’t knew, although he has been the modern catalyst for reminding Russian people about the special place and role of Russia – and that’s his biggest achievement.

        As I pointed out on many occasions, including in ‘Predictions,’ Russia is that unique ‘karmic and historic global balancer’ that is needed to keep the world spinning.

        Perhaps, also ‘special networks to determine traitors’ could be phrased differently. I am not sure what you mean by that, but it appears to me you are talking about identifying who are, or aren’t, the fifth column, and then spreading the word/educating people about their tactics and where they get their financing from, so people wouldn’t fall for their propaganda. ‘Determining traitors’ has a different meaning.

        Lastly, I am sure that Paul knows much about the collapse of the USSR, and that he’s familiar with the blog you are pointing out. Paul generally knows an impressive lot about Russian history, and he understands the historic precesses very well. I think, perhaps, it’s not the issue of knowing but the issue of mentality. Since his mentality is basically Western, it’s a bit difficult for him to think the way Russians think, which is understandable.
        But I am sure, Paul can speak for himself, if he wishes to. 😉

        Thanks, Elza and Paul 🙂


  13. I am a native of the USA. I grew up during the Cold War. I do not hate Russians. On the contrary I like many things about Russian and even about the Soviet Union. However, I admire Latvia and I feel very close to the Latvians. When I see Latvians I realize they are people just like me. I am 100% for Latvia! Russians should stop being imperialists and take care of their own country. Leave Latvia and other European countries alone. They are for Europeans, not for Russians.


    • You make no sense, dear. Russians should leave Latvia AND other European countries? Sorry, no windmills here for you to fight with. Please go back to CNN, or go to Latvia to fight the non-existent aggression or something… Thanks for proving my point about how brainwashed and ignorant the American sheeple are. Feel really sorry for you.

      And you grew up during the Cold War? No surprises there.

      Thank god, my readers are much smarter than that, and many of them ARE Americans, Canadians, Australians and Brits.


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