Lighter Note: A Kiss for Russia, Revolution and Russell Brand on Wall Street

We so need a comic relief after all the recent heavy stuff… I know I do. This video may help!

I am not into Anglo-American stand up, but I do love Russell Brand. He is a ‘brand’ onto himself.

Here goes RT description: “Russell Brand and around 200 Occupy Wall Street protesters descended onto New York City’s financial district, where the celebrity called for a “revolution” within the US. Brand explained his viewpoint to RT correspondent Alexey Yaroshevsky.”

They forgot to mention one little detail… No spoilers, but do watch to the end, for Russell’s surprise kiss! 😉

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  2. ;-)))))))))))

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  3. I think he is right on the money! People are awakening and indeed a revolution is happening now in front of the unexpected spectators…the second point is that he definitely shows much respect for the Russian People and obviously the most awesome Macho and super intelligent Man in the History of Human Kind, Mr. Vladimir Putin President of the Russian Federation, The most powerful Nation in the world
    We are living in a very profound and exiting times now, and we are sitting in front of the most incredible theatre with the most incredible artist and makers of History Writers as Mr. Putin and Russia and the rest of the minor players and puppets as obama and crew.

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