Educational Demo: How to Train Your Troll

Dear readers, below is a demo of a troll comment, with Lada’s response. We counted at least 7 insults in 3 lines. Another comment that was deleted was an outright insult. The troll has been banned. The troll’s comment and reply were posted in recent article: Urgent! Secret Link Between French False Flag Attacks and UkraineFT’s new policy is to root out any shills or trolls.

FT admin

Troll’s comment: Sergey
Submitted on 2015/01/25 at 1:49 am
I’m from Ukraine and can tell you for 100%, this is f.. n fake, this “girl” use words what useful only for russian idiots who’s watching TV and don’t have any brain. Interesting, how much they pay for you for this trash or you still don’t understand,that problem in Ukraine it’s just only start of problems in EU.

Lada’s Comments and Thoughts:

Dear readers,

‘This thing’ left 2 trolling comments, one of which has been deleted. I am keeping this disgusting comment by an ukro-nazi troll to demonstrate what is lurking in the shadows out there, so you know what I have to deal with. Down to curses, accusations, name-calling, the whole nine yards…

I call ‘it’ ukro-nazi because it has nothing to do with normal Ukrainians I used to know while growing up in Odessa. This is a different breed that sprouted in the past 23 years as a result of Soros/Western NGO propaganda; ukro-nazi proliferation; Ukrainian nationalism based on two things only: rabid hatred towards Russia and worshiping of the West; and Ukraine’s own inability to self-govern. With all that, I bet ‘this thing,’ like so many like him, speaks Russian at home and with friends, and thinks nothing of it. For instance, he spells ‘sergey’ the Russian way. In Ukrainian it would be ‘serhiy.’ This is the sad paradox of the situation.

Let’s call this comment a demo, or an ‘an educational shill exhibit.’ Obviously, this troll will be banned. Additionally, my security expert friends and hacker friends will make sure ‘it’ calling itself Sergey, can’t do such things any more.
This is my official warning, do not try anything you will regret, my sites are very well protected!

Additionally, this particular shill, who calls himself Ukrainian and speaks broken English, uses a Hong Kong IP address. It is well known that paid government shills hide behind fake IP addresses using proxy servers.

This is a brutal war between the old and the new, the dark and the light. We previously talked about different dimensions, including 3D, 4D and 5D. The war has spread from the 3D physical dimension, and it has now fully invaded the 4D reality of the internet.

But it will be good for any past and future trolls/shills to remember that I do not take kindly to any such attacks! These attacks will be dealt with very seriously. There are many ways of ensuring that. So,, and other shills, you have been forewarned. You will be rooted out every time!

All readers, especially new, make sure you read my BLOG RULES on top bar and abide by them while commenting. I also calibrate comments for outright lie, manipulation or very low calibration/Chi (see my scale of calibrations in videos/posts about Calibrations of Human Consciousness).

Such comments also won’t make it; therefore, my advice: before commenting, fill your hearts with reason and love. I know the vast majority of my readers do exactly that – and I thank you!

Sometimes we allow first commenters’ comments, even if they don’t comply, but mean well. We simply issue them a public, educational reminder.

Most of my readers, and most commenters on FT are truly wonderful, intelligent, highly evolved people, and I am very grateful to have such readers. Keep up the great job posting your interesting comments!

I realize that my Human Calibrations Scale, and many other ideas I have been slowly introducing on FT and my YouTube channel, are very new to most people. Therefore, I want to use this opportunity to educate.

As a demo, how about we calibrate the above shill’s comment, as well as himself? Let’s see if we gain more clarity about the situation.

The above shill’s comment calibrates at: 85 (violent grief), Chi 95 (violent grief).
The commenter “sergey” personally calibrates at 85 (violent grief), Chi 110 (fear).

By way of a demo, I’ll also add my other secret calibration: what Level soul is “sergey”?

The higher the Soul Level, the more evolved a person is. For example, Mother Theresa’s Soul Level was 7 (this is very rare).

Most humans’ souls are:

Level 1 – Very new souls, with all the problems associated with that. Oftentimes these souls are confused, extremely greedy and materialistic. Often they have a very narrow and very warped idea of reality; often they become violent.

Level 2 – Have been around and function well in 3D, lack perspective and high imagination, very susceptible to propaganda, with all consequences. Often very prideful and materialistic – better adjusted/more reasonable than Level 1.

Level 3 – Striver souls, who want to be holistic and spiritual, but are still held back by fears and baggage – spiritual seekers. Throughout their life they may break through the barrier and join the advanced soul ranks.

When society manifest politicians, military and other leaders that are Level 1 or 2 souls, this society is dying, as such level souls are incapable of solving monumental country-wide and global problems.

Any society/culture needs to manifest leaders whose Soul Level is at least 4, but preferably above. Such culture that does has a stellar future. 

Advanced souls:

Self-realization, self-actualization, and highly functioning souls start at Level 4.

Level 5 is rare and spectacular, where you usually find thirst for true knowledge; ability to love, appreciate and discern; spirituality, conscious living,  and expanded horizons.

Levels above 5: starting at Level 5, but especially above, are those people who lead the world into a better future, as well as those who work tirelessly to prevent the worst from materializing on Earth.

Let’s determine what level soul “sergey” is: His Soul Level is 1.

Hence, by calibrating and determining the soul level, we immediately understand what we are dealing with here.

As to further training of your trolls: on Twitter I simply block any troll. These are practically always accounts that have zero to very few followers, and they are created to troll and/or spew propaganda. Don’t validate them by replying, just ban and block.

On YouTube I block and ban from my channel anyone who displays such characteristics. There are also ways to complain to Twitter and YT. Such accounts may be deleted.

Last but not least, I know that many of my readers, at least many of those who post comments and send me emails, are 4 and 5 Level souls, and occasionally, even above Level 5.



1. Grand Experiment Novorossia and the Birth of the New Revolutionary Monetary System.

2. Ruble Wars as the Beginning of the Death of the Dollar.

These two reports are being written as we speak and I will be posting them as they get completed.

The reports will be posted on my new site

I will take into account recent requests by readers for additional Earth Shift Reports.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Lada, thank you for your filters and shields that keep us on the straight and narrow. You take the hits on the front line so that we don’t miss a thing, or an “it.” Eyes open.

    I can’t resist toying with this “it” : slurguy@sh*ttytirade.con

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  2. I really like the idea of “calibration”. As you said it serves as a reminder for us to first find our highest “love level” — before we speak or act. Gradually it will spread more and more on the Internet. You are one of the pioneers in this — to bring love into political analysis and discussion.

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  3. Thank you so much for your vigilance, and for intercepting the unpleasantness that is out there before it gets into public view on your blog dear Lada! It is such a pleasure participating in a blog that is so well managed and monitored and where almost everyone calibrates at a much higher than average level. ❤ ❤ ❤ Have a blessed day!

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  4. What a great title for a post Lada! 😉

    But I’m really sorry that you are confronted with these kind of comments……but thank you for the educational post!
    Don’t let these types get you down and keep up this great work of enlightening and educating those who want to know what is really going on! I at least can’t do without my daily “Dose of Lada”!

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  5. btw: Love your Calibration/Vibrations series! Will there be a third installment, or was that intergrated in the interview with Melodi Grundy…….just wondering!

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    • The interview with Melodi contained a lot of good info. We’ll have more interviews coming up soon.
      I will do more videos as soon as I recover, probably in February.
      Yes, there will be much more material throughout 2015 and 2016.

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  6. What if both armies laid down their weapons, Poroshenko encouraged use of Russian Gold backed Rubles and western fiat EC dollars, the people started shopping again, and all the taxes collected were spent inside this war zone for infrastructure for the next 20 years?

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  7. I never realised you were being “attacked” like this so much.
    You have your work cut out for you. But you seem to be well in control of the nastier side of the situation. No doubt there are “Other” very strong forces pitching in to help you.
    Your description of the soul levels is very insightful.
    Very wise advice: “…before commenting, fill your hearts with reason and love.”
    Sound stuff! Really good guidelines!
    You have a wonderfully clear view of these matters, and you explain them all so well.
    For me, your insights are really quite revealing, and I honestly learn some very very interesting angles of perspective from you.
    You are sincerely a unique individual.
    Personally, I really admire what you are doing.
    Many commentators here on your blog also present some really great info. Really inspiring work everyone is doing. I thank them also.
    The sooner that really dark negative “ignorance” is eradicated from this planet the better. I look forward to that day.
    Forward, into the Light!
    And may The Force be with you all! 😉

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  8. I have a Q for you.
    I realise that you are very busy, but if you have time maybe you could write up a quickie answer…
    While we’re on the subject of “souls”…
    What is the precise difference between the “soul” and the “spirit”?
    I understand so far that the soul carries the “cosmic history and evolutionary plans” of the individual, and that it resides in the heart “structure” within the human.
    So, where does the “spirit” come into all this? Is it “simply” the auric energy pattern of the individual?
    Does the spirit “contain” the soul, in the same way that our 3D forms at least “seem” to contain our spirit and soul during the physical lifetime? (I mean, the 3D form quits once the spirit and soul decide to take off.)
    Or, are the spirit and soul inextricably tied in together forever?
    There’s quite a bit more I’d like to ask you about all this, mais ça suffit pour l’instant.
    If you are a bit too busy then leave it till another time.
    Ta ta.

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    • May I give this one a try, Lada?

      First of all Nick, the question you have asked concerns itself with an esoteric subject that can (and often does) keep experts in the field occupied into eternity discussing the finer points and ramifications! So I’m going to try to keep this answer very general for your ease of understanding.
      In some traditions the words “Soul” and “Spirit” are used interchangeably. But there is a subtle difference that is often the source of much confusion for the average person who inquires into these matters, as you have discovered. So here is the truth that I know in a nutshell: For those who make a distinction between Soul and Spirit, the Soul is generally recognized as that overarching part of your Beingness that you could also call your Eternal Essence. Your Spirit, then, could be looked upon in terms of being a subset of the Soul.
      That part of you called the Soul is often characterized as being more distant from the physical world, ethereal and without personality characteristics. That part of you called the Spirit, on the other hand, is often viewed as having characteristics somewhat similar to the personality-self because it is more closely aligned with the 3D world, the body and the personality-self (or what psychologists call the Ego) which develops in concert with the body during the lifetime.
      So what happens when your body dies? The truth that I know is that your Spirit essence disassociates itself from the field of the body and re-absorbs, along with all the wisdom, knowledge and experience gained from the lifetime, into your self as Soul or Eternal Essence. The Soul can contain many Spirit essences from many lifetimes. That is about as simple as I can make it, Nick. Does that help you?

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      • Aeyrie, oh no. Sorry, can’t agree at all with what you are saying. If anything, it’s the other way around. While there may be a difference or confusion in semantics, but the body-mind-soul-spirit concept and structure is pretty much agreed upon universally in the New Thought field.

        Just very briefly, from my perspective – and this is part of my Earth Shift system: our energy field (can also be called auric field) is all interconnected as we are one being – every layer co-creates and influences another layer. Still, we can differentiate 4 or 5 energy layers, depending on the level of materialization and energy vibration. Body – fully materialized, the most outer layer; mind – thought, blueprint. Just before mind, I personally also distinguish emotional body/layer (I’ll have some interesting material about that soon). Soul – this is our personal mythology, multidimentional personal truth, as we come into existence resonating with a certain set of energies.

        The innermost, most eternal and most connected to the universe, source, creation – is spirit. Some simplify this by blending soul and spirit. But Nick’s question is valid and there is a substatial difference. Spirit resides in 8th chakra, above soul – it is our direct connection to the divine. The problem is that most humans are completely disconnected. Clairvoyance, claircognizance, etc. reside in the spirit realm. Those who are connected can know and see things.

        Soul is more autonomous and more substantial – yours individually, uniquely. This is why we can calibrate soul level, assign personal calibrations, etc. We can also calibrate each chakra based on how well each chakra functions and performs in your system, how effective, healthy, etc, it is. I can even calibrate IQ of anyone very accurately indeed. Who needs all those silly IQ tests! A few secs, and voila! 😉

        Spirit, on the other hand, is communion.
        I think this is the kind of big and convoluted topic we could discuss in the interview we planned as a Q&A show with Melodi on Cat’s Eye on the Future show. If people have more related questions, ask away. I’ll include them in a video or in the show with Melodi.

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    • Aeyrie, thank you so much for addressing my questions. I very much appreciate this.
      Lada, as usual your info has really knocked me sideways… it is like a drop of H2O to someone already parched to the point of frustration. You are a very good “teacher” (in the larger cosmic sense of the term).
      So, “Spirit” then is not an individual thing… is that right? “Spirit” is more like a system of connection with Divinity? An interconnecting “realm”?
      When you use the word “divine”, is this synonymous with the term “All That Is”?
      We often hear people saying things like “his spirit left his body” – so, more accurately this should really be “his soul left his body”?
      You say that “most humans are completely disconnected” – would this imply then that most humans do not have “Spirit”? They have a “soul”, but they do not have “Spirit”?
      I’ve noticed that most humans seem to really lack some type of crucial fundamental type of “awareness”. I’ve met quite an enormous number of humans in my life so far – some of them exhibit remarkable “mental” capacities (what contemporary society would often refer to as “significantly intelligent people”) – these people are extremely good at handling and managing various aspects of the human-created world – but, I have been rather perplexed to find that their “awareness” is restricted to just that: the human-created world. Anything outside that “bubble” (the human-created world), for these people, is theory, speculation, mythology, fantasy, etc. – they can sometimes find this stuff interesting to chew over, but basically, they sincerely cannot actually connect with anything outside of the “bubble” (or, at least they feel absolutely no hint of this connection in their awareness). Their “focus” on what goes on inside the “bubble” (the human-created world) can be remarkable at times. And “everything” that goes on inside this “bubble” is seriously HYPER-real for them. So, this condition of lacking any real “awareness” that there is an “outside” to the “bubble” (and a rather infinitely vast “outside”), is this a consequence of humans losing the connection with “Spirit”?
      What causes humans to lose this connection with “Spirit” in the first place? Is it simply all the “programming” that one is subjected to from the moment of birth (or even inception)? And what is the fastest, most convenient way for any human to reconnect? Is it “to UNDO” all the programming, etc.?
      Ok, I’d better stop there for the moment. I could feast on this topic till the cows come home!

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  9. Synchronicity perhaps, but I just made this video last week

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    • LOL Excellent. Loved it! I also read all the comments on your video. As someone who has some experience with putting together videos I can’t agree more with what you said about how long it takes to gather just the right elements, put them all together and tweak until you get the great result you envisioned. People who have never made videos seldom appreciate everything that goes into it. Loved how you got the education job done on an odious subject in a very entertaining and lighthearted way. Nice work, Meph!

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  10. Good job Lada, nice to have you on the front lines! ♥ 4D infowars 😉

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  11. Patrick Brenner

    You have probably already seen this…..very interesting….

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  12. Another great article! I would like to add another method for those who may lack the faith to calibrate properly (you can indeed learn. It takes practice to be good, and that generates both faith and belief in yourself).

    Trolls use a language pattern called logical fallacies. They are things that may seem true on the surface, but contains incongruities that destroy its validity. Example: The sky is blue, so you’re brilliant!. Yes, the sky is blue, and yes, you’re brilliant. One does not lead to the other. This is usually used in the negative, but that’s not much fun. Besides, you really are brilliant!

    Here are several fallacies, with a short comment on how they work. Google can expand on these to any depth you with to explore! For those who wish some extra fun, learn some of these, and then watch some political speeches.

    1. Fallacy of Composition
    An assumption that since one part of the statement is true, the entire statement must also be true. This is the example above.

    2. Ad Hominem Fallacy
    This is an attack of character, the idea being to invalidate the subject argument by destroying the credibility of the person. This was used above.

    3. Strawman Fallacy
    Misrepresenting the argument to attack the original argument. Also used above.

    There’s a lot more. In doing my own further research (to make certain my “facts” (information) were as accurate as I can make them, I found a GREAT chart at:

    Click to access FallaciesPoster24x36.pdf

    There are two dozen different fallacies listed. If my three has wet your appetite, the links will provide you with a grand buffet!

    Self calibration with my pendulum
    Calibration: 195 (yearning, and yes there is!)
    Chi: 400 (reason. There are a few subtle signs above… 🙂 )
    Soul level 2 (I feel three is more correct, but that’s the positive with my pendulum)

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    • Very interesting. Thanks for the contribution!
      Just took a very brief look at your post – you’ll forgive me for the lack of time, as I’m trying to juggle many things at once. 🙂 But I’m sure many readers will find it useful.

      What you are describing is using the MIND, which is a crutch, but a crutch that can be very useful nevertheless, to get somewhere important. So, whatever works.

      Calibrating, on the other hand, is an important transition from MIND to BEYOND MIND = SPIRIT, connection to the divine – as we discussed. And I seriously recommend people use my perfected/modified scale, instead of Hawkins’ scale, because it is the new word that takes into account much more. For those who are new to this, please see my videos on Lada Ray YT channel and posts on FT.

      Now, I usually will not do this, unless it is an educational excercise as in the case of the troll, but you brought up your calibrations yourself, so here is a treat for you, my friend ;)!


      Calibration: 198 (yearning/striving – you were very close, good job!) And you are very close to breaking through the glass ceiling of 200! This may happen soon if you stick around, and continue perusing my materials on FT, YT channel, etc.

      Chi: 480 (Level of HUMANITY! This is very high! Congats, you have tons of potential and also, such high Chi indicates how well you are, or can if you pay attention, function in society and in life. It’s very rare, btw). You just have to relinquish your fears that are still holding you back. I know you can do it!

      Soul level: 3. You are the real spiritual and truth seeker, and don’t be afraid or embarrassed by it. Flaunt it ;). Your self-doubt and lack of confidence is what made you assign yourself Soul Level 2, instead of 3 – this, btw, is typical for Level 3s.
      You have stellar potential. Best of luck!

      This is just a brief demo, there is more to say, of course.

      As I said, I usually won’t do this on FT, so please, dear readers, don’t ask me to calibrate someone in comments. Any calibrations I will do will be examples to educate, when appropriate in my opinion.

      However, anyone who is interested – later today and tomorrow I will present my new services: CONSULTATIONS BY LADA RAY. I’ll have a post on FT, and the Consultations page on will have all the details. Please check it out!

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  13. It seems very funny (as in interesting) after reading your post that we seem to be talking about the same thing but using opposite words! You’re going to love this, Lada. Your description of the energetic structure and mechanics of body/mind/soul agrees exactly with how it always looked to me in my own subjective experience as a kid. From very early on I perceived the energetic layers and the interconnectedness just as you described it in your post. I had my own names for what I knew WAS. Which is probably why I always ended up just as confused about the subject as Nick! I had to turn myself inside out to learn to use terms the traditionalists taught me in church. I used those terms in my post because they are still very prevalently used in traditional circles, circles that still try to dominate any discussion of the subject. Therefore, it seemed a safer bet to give the information in those terms. So glad to know the New Thought movement is finally arriving in the main stream and I can go back to thinking about and describing Soul and Spirit in the way that always made more sense for me.
    Is anyone else noticing more and more these days that we all had it right the first time? LOL, I keep having to rearrange my thinking all the time. And, I am always finding I need to put it back to the way I had it when I was a kid! (Yay!!) So Nick, thank you for bringing the subject up. I learned something also. And thank you Lada, for your usual wonderful clarity! No matter what name we decide to give to the essence and activities of Soul and Spirit, we agree there is a definite difference between them. And a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. ;o)

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    • Very welcome, my friend 🙂

      I hope I can continue doing many more videos on this, which is a ton of work in itself. Eventually, I’ll either put all that in books or ES Reports. I feel I hold so much info that people need that I am going to explode if I don’t share it all. But the 3D limitations slow me down – you know what I mean. 😉

      More to come,

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  14. Hi Lada, I just wanted to say “Thank YOu” for your articles and videos. A couple of friends had said they found your work really interesting. Though the videos are long, there is quite alot to them. Again, Thank you, and please continue your work, you cover a few different fields. It makes a difference 🙂

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  15. It is interesting to think of a soul filter, to keep out the trolls. The funny thing is, with all their bravado, they still ooze fear.

    Based on some web sites, I suspect there are robot trolls. Ghost in the machine or something like that.

    Anyway, don’t let the b******ds get you down. You know you are doing good work when you get attacked. Wish it wasn’t like that – maybe in a future era.

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  16. Nick, you mentioned programming possibly being a reason why some people cannot connect with Spirit. Yes, that is definitely one of them. The intent of this programming is to prevent us from being able to connect with Spirit and thereby keep us under control. Don’t worry; it can and is being counteracted. Have you ever heard of a man code-named “Cobra”? If you are interested in learning more about programming, and spiritual matters in general, try taking a look at his site at He is an excellent resource.
    There are some recent interviews posted at his portal that you might find very enlightening. There is also information about how you can participate in very positive work intended to both counteract and overcome programming and also help our beautiful planet. There are weekly group meditations and events all over the world you can attend. Cobra also does a monthly interview with Rob Potter that I like to listen to wherein he gives a progress report and answers questions that listeners send in. The questions are on many subjects, spiritual and otherwise. I often find these interviews interesting and very informative. Cheers!

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    • Thanks again, Aeyrie.
      Much appreciated.
      Ok, so, the programming is a key element… and the related paradigm structure by default, I guess, that locks so many humans down into this sense that this little 3D bubble that we’ve got going here on Earth is the “be-all and end-all” – disconnected from “Spirit”. I suppose there are various other things that contribute to the problem also. I’d love to know what all of them are. I imagine that all the various disruptive “radio” frequencies being broadcast nowadays all over this planet must create some type of electromagnetic “isolation” container for the more “subtle” energy patterns of our being. After all, our brain does act like some type of radio frequency receiver. And then there is some sort of specific ancient energy “grid” that many talk about as enveloping (and quarantining) our planet (I seem to remember reading a report that explained that some scientists have actually identified this “grid”).
      Yet, there are so many individuals that fail to remain caught by this limited paradigm, etc.. They float upwards and remain connected with “Spirit”, despite all the weird stuff here designed to entrap everyone. I wonder how they escape – some easily, and maybe some with a bit of a struggle. I suppose these individuals arrive here on Earth with specific dynamics coded into their soul which helps to block out any of the debilitating programs, etc.. It’s interesting how this really strong “programming” just doesn’t work on some folk.
      Imagine living on a planet where 7.5 billion individuals are all connected to Spirit… I mean, where they all have a really full sense of their place in the entire cosmic scheme of things! Sends tingles up and down my spine 😉
      Indeed, I have listened to some Cobra interviews before. I agree with you, his info is also extremely interesting. Now that you’ve mentioned him I’ll go check out some more of his stuff. He talks about “The Event”. In fact many good folk out there on our planet are now talking about “The Event”. I first heard about it from Drunvalo Melchizedek some years ago.
      Lada, I wonder would you feel like saying something about “The Event”?
      I see also an ET going by the name of “Bashar” (= Messenger) has stated, “The Fall [autumn] of 2016 will be a moment where everything will change. Everything!” My imagination has been reeling as I try to anticipate what this could mean.
      For the moment I feel the strong need to understand better the entire body / ego / mind / emotions / soul / Spirit / Divinity inter-relationship structure, etc.. Seems to be the basic stuff to sort out first.
      Lada, you said you’ll “have some interesting material about that soon”. I am looking forward to it.
      Thanks again, Aeyrie, Lada, and all the wonderfully sparkly souls coming here to the Lada Ray blog 😉


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