Urgent! Secret Link Between French False Flag Attacks and Ukraine

Very worrisome urgent news from #Ukraine and #Donbass, secretly linked to the recent multiple false flags in France!

It has become known that the Kiev junta is planning a new massive offensive on Donetsk and Lugansk around January 15. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Kiev is announcing a new mobilization to recruit anywhere between 50 and 200 thousand additional soldiers. Some of these are foreign mercenaries, including from Poland, US, France, Lithuania and Israel, among others.

Link to Sergey Lavrov’s announcement: Сергей Лавров: Украинские силовики готовят попытку силового решения конфликта в Донбассе. Lavrov said: “We have a very worrying information being presently double-checked, that Ukrainian army is preparing soon a new attempt of resolving the Donbass problem by brute force. This attempt will be a catastrophe. Ukraine isn’t denying that a new mobilization is supposed to draft anywhere between 50 and over 200 thousand new troops. In addition to this new problem, we still have no clarity on the status of various so-called ‘oligarchic battalions’ with no clear chain of command; there are still the illegal bands such as the right sector, roaming free. Today we discussed with German FM the fact that EU is sending a mission to Kiev, which we hope will help correct the problem with the illegal bands of well-trained, well-armed people who control a large part of Ukraine’s territory, many of whom are suspected of committing serious crimes against humanity, such as the mass graves found in Donbass.”

How is the #falseflag in France connected with this worrying announcement of a new offensive on Donbass?

If you watched the “Unity March” in Paris in response to the Charlie Hebdo and other attacks, you have noticed that Ukraine’s Poroshenko marched in the first row next to the French president Hollande and German chancellor Merkel. You would have also noticed Israel’s Netanyahu as well, one of the world’s biggest neocons and NWO pointmen. It is rumored that Hollande asked Netanyahu not to come, but Bibi came nevertheless. Video here.

Poroshenko, the head of the illegal Kiev junta government, whose hands are up to his elbows in blood of the Donbass and Odessa people, came to show his solidarity with what exactly in Paris? And Netanyahu?

The timing of the whole thing is very, very suspect yet again. Let’s recall that last July, when the EU bulked at the new round of sanctions against Russia, the #MH17 catastrophe promptly happened. This was immediately, despite all indications to the contrary, blamed on Russia and Donbass, which caused the ‘indignant’ EU to adopt a new harmful round of anti-Russian sanctions. Read: Ukraine’s Snowden: Whistleblower confirms MH17 was shot down by Ukraine, and my other articles on the issue, links to which you will find inside this link.

Let’s see what happened this time:

Recently, French president Hollande announced he wanted to play peacemaker between Donbass and Ukraine, Russia and EU. He flew to Kazakhstan and then made a surprise visit to Moscow; he also hinted that perhaps anti-Russian sanctions, damaging to both Russian and EU economies, could be lifted.

The pro-Russian, anti-sanctions moods have been growing in Europe as simple Europeans get sick and tired of the status quo.

I have shown how some Germans feel in my last piece: World Beware! What is Really Behind Angela Merkel’s Subservience to the US? In this piece I have also shown that Merkel of Germany is a completely sold-out and very dangerous agent of the Anglo-American NWO elites.

Honest Europeans don’t want war and animosity. It’s natural for people to want to live in peace and cooperation. As Europe again starts doubting the wisdom of sanctions and of alienating Russia, THE NEW REMINDER is necessary. Enter #CharlieHebdo massacre and other French false flags.

It is clear to me that #Poroshenko’s real goal in Paris was to meet with Hollande and Merkel in order to obtain EU’s green light for the massive new attack on Donbass, to begin around mid-January. As of the beginning of January 2015, based on the mood of their people, it appeared that EU leaders wouldn’t easily acquiesce to this new attack, nor would the EU people close their eyes to it. That mood was changed by the French false flags. The French false flag game changer was especially necessary in order to convince Hollande, who was wavering the most based on the feelings of his electorate.

I have said before that the US/NATO/NWO are a wounded, rabid beast painted into a corner, desperate to save its dying petrodollar system. Change is coming swiftly and it’s coming from Russia. Therefore, Russia and Putin have to be vilified, weakened and destroyed. This is their prime directive and primary goal.

I also said in previous articles that due to certain fiascos they suffered in Ukraine in 2014, US/NWO is now using better masterminds and a more creative approach. The false flags in France were meant to accomplish several things at once:

1. EU needs to curb muslim emigration and restrict free movement across borders – making people afraid of terrorism is the best way to justify doing that.

2. More surveillance and other controls will be authorized as a result of the French attacks; this time Europeans, like Americans after 9/11, won’t protest.

3. Hollande’s approval ratings were slipping badly. He felt he needed to play the ‘better relations with Russia’ card to improve them. The US/NWO masterminds are offering him an alternative here. As a result of the nation rallying against attacks, his ratings should go up. And look! No improvement with Russia is needed. I predict though that this fake rating improvement won’t last long for Hollande. People aren’t that stupid.

4. Since direct false flags involving Russia or Donbass won’t work any more as the majority of the world’s population is already on to them, this roundabout false flag is so much more useful! Here is how it works: create an image of a potential terrorist in the minds of Europeans, then superimpose this image onto several million of the Donbass people, and especially the Donetsk and Lugansk self-defence. Make them all look like terrorists. Make them seem similar to those who committed murder of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and other false flags.

Except, call them Russian terrorists. Tell Europeans that Russian terrorists, together with Chechen terrorists (remember the “Chechen terrorists” Boston bombing false flag?), invaded Donbass. Also, twist history and tell Europeans that it were Russians who invaded them in 1944…

This was the plan designed for Poroshenko by his handlers and successfully accomplished:

Dispatch another US puppet, #Nuland’s favorite disciple #Yatsenyuk, to Berlin. Have him say on the main German STATE TV CHANNEL ARD that “Russia attacked Nazi Germany and that Russia also attacked Ukraine.” More about this stunt here.

Then, have the same ARD TV channel, controlled by Merkel and her government, for the umptieth time say that it was Russia that downed MH17 in Ukraine, despite all facts to the contrary.

At the same time, have your Western handlers organize multiple false flags in France. Then have them organize a 3 million people march in Paris. Go there for a magnificent photo-op, happily wave to imaginary ‘fans’ in the crowd during a somber day of grief; register yourself next to Merkel, Hollande and Netanyahu as a dove of peace, while old women are starving and children are dying of bombings back home. Video of Poroshenko waving to the crowd in Paris.

After that, have your handlers equate the Donbass people fighting to protect their homes from the ukro-nazi invasion with fake muslim terrorists in France; have them spread fear of Russia invading Europe again… just like in 1944.

Just like it happened 1000, 300 and 100 years ago, they are again attempting to re-write history. Was it Russia that invaded Europe? Or was it the other way around? I must be hallucinating when I clearly recall that it was specifically GERMANY that invaded Russia/USSR in 1941. I must also be hallucinating when I recall that it was specifically FRANCE that invaded Russia in 1812. And these are specifically the ‘leaders’ of these two countries that are now huffing and puffing about Russia??!

Last step: Poroshenko meets with Hollande and Merkel to get an okay for the new round of destruction and killings in the long-suffering Donbass. Mission accomplished.

MY DIRE WARNING: Europeans, if you don’t want to learn, then don’t cry later, when it’s too late. You are being pushed in all the wrong directions by psychotic and evil forces that want to drag the world into the last war. Remember my predictions: Russia can always protect herself. It will be the EU that will be caught in the crossfire.

It appears Poroshenko has received his okay from the EU, hence the new mass mobilization campaign. Many in Ukraine hide from draft or even cross into neighboring countries to avoid it. The moral in the army is very low as for the most part Ukrainians don’t want to kill their brothers and sisters. But that doesn’t mean that these reluctant soldiers still can’t inflict new untold damage on the poor Donbass, while being threatened with their lives by the armed national guard nazis stationed behind them to watch their performance on battlefield. This is how ukro-nazis and their handlers turn the entire nation into killers.

The Donbass people are also worried that when NATO sees that Kiev army can’t accomplish the task of destroying the stubborn Donbass, they will start sending their own troops to Ukraine to squash Donbass. Interview with more in Russian.

I do see a problem with this scenario.


Looking into the future – as I said from the beginning of 2014 – Russia will not send troops to Ukraine, neither I see any possibility of a direct military confrontation between Russia and NATO/US.

That said, should NATO ILLEGALLY send troops to Ukraine, Russia will not sit idle. NATO/US simply won’t dare. Instead, they will continue making Russia’s life extremely difficult, inventing new acts of sabotage and false flags, trying to strangle Russian economy and the economy of Donbass, and do other despicable and vicious things they are masters of.

Another thing not to be discounted is Russian diplomacy. Lavrov and Putin are very hard at work trying to smooth out the situation. Larvov is diplomat from god – literally. His ability to create a more favorable reality cannot be underestimated.

Those readers who wrote to me that diplomacy is dead, think again. If not for Putin and Lavrov’s diplomacy last year, the world may have been tipped into the hot war already. Think of diplomacy as a way of resolving any crisis with much less blood and much cheaper than without it.

The worst case scenario will be avoided yet again. However, the festering wound that is Ukraine will remain until the people there are awakened sufficiently and until they take their power back. Unfortunately, this won’t happen for another year or two – at different times in each part of Ukraine. See Predictions for more.

The uprising leading to change has to mature internally. There is no other way. The people have started rising in key cities, such as Odessa, Zaporozhie, and especially, Kharkov. The Kharkov underground has made an announcement that they would be beginning an active stage this year, but that they also want to avoid the bloodshed and mistakes of Donbass. The new mass mobilization and plans to squash Donbass are undoubtedly related to this announcement and the most recent Odessa explosions.

Added! Video – Ukraine peace talks: Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, Russia & Ukraine finish meeting in Berlin. Includes announcement by Lavrov about the danger of mass mobilization and a new strike in Donbass!


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  1. Yes Lada ,Sergey Lavrov is a diplomat par excellence .He should be the secretary general at the United Nations ,IMHO . He would bring much fairness and balance to much dysfunctional organization right now.
    There will not be a war , unless the criminals decide on the Samson option and the whole world goes down in flames.
    They will fight tooth and nail ,I am sure of that ,with their tricks ,obfuscations,dis-information with their presstituted media ,but I can’t see a war ,as it would probably mean the end of civilization.
    The ones that would be left would envy their departed friends and family.
    Many thanks for your insights.

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  2. For those of us who meditate, and if it resonates with you, please envision the planetary grid system lit up with scintillating golden Light, our beautiful planet bathed in pink Light. For those of us who do not meditate, please consider starting. We need you! This is very easy to do and takes only a few minutes at any time of the day you think about doing it. When we do this together our mutual Light quickly sends the dark ones with their evil agenda running for cover like cockroaches. “Toute de suite” as our French cousins say! If by our Light work we permit them no dark holes to hide in they will have no other alternative but to leave even faster than they already must. (Our Mother Earth’s Light Quotient is continuing to rise naturally on its own.) Soon our beloved home will be ours once again! Blessings and much love to you all.

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  3. Thanks for the insight Lada,
    Further consequences of these continuing false attacks may soon usher in CISPA controls to the internet free-speech *possibly world-wide in effect.
    I would recommend you inform as many of your readers as possible about joining a VPN services. I use privateinternetaccess.com which have been reliable for me over a few years now. Sites/blogs like yours or the ones such as below (and many more for sure) may be made unavailable.

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    • Thank you. I’ll look into that. Something concerns me with WP, although they had been good to me for the past 3 years.

      Just a heads up for my readers! I may eventually transition my blog to my website LadaRay.info.

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  4. Hi Lada, thanks for the heads up. Your analysis of the timing of the Paris events is right on. All eyes should be on Hollande. Apparently he’s the weak link in the EU’s sanctions war on Russia. I agree with you that this false flag attack by Nato was to discipline Hollande to toe the hate Russia line. If what you outline as the scenario indirectly tying psychologically Russia and Donbass with the Paris “terrorists” in the minds of the French, then the Nato masterminds are really reaching for straws. I really don’t think that the French in general are that stupid. And that goes for the Germans. I could see this false flag supporting French escalation into the phony war on ISIS. Yes this has direct relations but tying Novorussia with this is really farfetched. But as you said, the western elites are desperate to do anything so this plan could be true. The same characters that have masterminded this charade also coached Yats into saying that Russia invaded Nazi Germany. Boy if this is all they’ve got then they’re really digging deep into the barrel and coming up only with feces. Apparently this is the best they can come up with. I guess the US should have allied with Nazi Germany and not the Soviet Union since Hitler was just an innocent victim of aggression. This is becoming a bizarro world indeed.

    Regarding immigration into Europe and France in particular, the NWO has been trying to dilute national identities by flooding countries with immigrants, the idea being that multiculturalism will defang any nations’ sense of identity and therefore make it easier to force down the citizens’s throat unpopular policies that will strengthen a dictatorial world government.

    Webter Tarpley has a great analysis on these false flag operations. He’s on the right side regarding this and Russia. His site is http://www.tarpley.net

    Hope you solve your dental problems and feel better.

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    • It’s designed for the politicians/MSM who are ready to believe any negative narrative about Russia, ease them into saying yes to the new attack on Donbass. I thought I explained that very well.

      Don’t you see that Lavrov/Russia had been hard at work trying to get Europeans to agree to monitor Ukraine and create a peace deal? Hollande was a big part of that. Get him into a rage from committed violence in France and he won’t think the same way, plus he’ll be very busy, he won’t care as much what happens in Ukraine. Psychology 101.
      They are aiming to undermine the dilligent and felligree efforts by Lavrov to difuse the Ukr situation.

      EU population is meant to be merely indifferent/distracted while they are preoccupied with their own violence concerns. Eventually, people again will start questioning this, but they will buy some time and advance their agenda.
      Yes, it’s grasping at straws because they are running out of ammo and direct fasle flags don’t work any more. Read between the lines more carefully.
      It’s darkest before the dawn.

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    • Thanks for your good wishes 🙂

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  5. I think that in the bigger picture, the Western elites are ready to abandon the petrodollar when it can no longer be sustained – and they will replace it with SDR’s as the new world reserve currency. At the same time, the chaos will be used to grab even more wealth from ordinary people who will be unprepared for the fiat currency resets around the world,

    So I guess some of the elites may be desperate about saving the petrodollar, while others already have plans for the time after it. Creating chaos around Russia, China and the Middle East plays into their hands in any case.

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    • Yes, creating chaos – it’s in part correct, although there will be no SDR’s – old news (Read my ‘Is Putin Part of NWO?’ Report, and there will be no new world reserve currency either. Not for the lack of trying.

      The geopolitical dynamics are a little different. Please read my articles for the past year on the issue and Predictions. 🙂

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  6. Roger that, Lada… we’re on the same page. I tried to “like” your comments but the stupid
    ID gates wouldn’t let me.

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  7. As the plot thickens to the consistency of tar:
    Paris Attackers Funded by Pentagon Dinner Guest, and 5 Other ”Coincidences”

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  8. And consider theses data dumps and perspectives as well:
    White House to Israel and France: “Screw You!”
    US/French intel leaks explain Paris attack as part of wider agenda.
    Fiasco France: Lie to Me Once (updated)
    “Je suis brainwashed”

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    • Les, thank you for the links and welcome to my blog. Make sure next time you don’t overload your comments with that many links – please read BLOG RULES on top bar. Your own thoughts are welcome. Thank you.

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  9. I totally agree with you on this, excellent article again Lada!

    Found something interesting (through VT, and this time they were right), there is a video of Hollande speaking on tv to the nation. In this video he says that the “Iluminée” are behind the attacks in Paris and that it has nothing to do with Muslim religion. The translation in English gives “mad men”, but he says something else in French very clearly, here it is for as long as it is still up. Start at 2:55:


    This is the best link to this video with a good translation in English, and if you speak/understand French you can follow it very easily without disturbance from a speaking translator!

    I will try to write some intelligent comments after I completely read your post!

    In Peace,

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  10. Thank you so much Lada for your honest work!

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  11. The Unity March became a distasteful death triumphal, but I think it reflect the situation very well. And most of all, people have eyes for the ‘dirty’ leaders obscure outing where they openly harvest promotion from negativity. Very significant for The Illum and The Cabal, who now is operating in the open, since they have lost their secrets over the last couple of years. And obviously they are never able to change their behavior.
    For west europeans this is unacceptable and really put west european politics in a relief.
    So, as you say, the west moves slowly at east. And the next fake false flag will just make the move faster.

    The Cabal is about to dissolve and information about the break down occur nearly every day. I think both Russia and China know this and that is why it is no need for them to take all this war-speak serious. The terror-actions is more signs of internal Cabal confrontations.

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  12. Hey, they always re-write history. Perhaps the big issue today is the TV seems to do such a good job of brainwashing people. Can do in 20 years what used to take 100.

    This was probably a French 9/11, so it will lead to a lot of things. Escalation in the Middle East is one obvious possibility. And Hollande may regret voting for Palestine in the UN. Sarkozy may now become the next president. It may even lead to a fake state of unrest in the country at some point.

    A war on terror also makes it harder to seek peace with Russia, though one can doubt how the EU could ever disobey the US on anything important. The US can threaten European countries with the loss of access to the world’s financial system and the North American market. Not many can withstand the kind of pressure the US can apply. Look at the enormous fines the US has imposed on European companies. Having said that, it is likely Hollande wanted to make small progress and try to not kill the French weapons business. So he was trying to get a temporary thing. Maybe freeze the Minsk deal for a bit longer.

    By the way, in another post, I said that Russia had had lousy diplomacy over the last 15 years. What I meant to say is that Russia has had lousy foreign policies, and problems within the foreign policy establishment. The ambassadors to the Ukraine are among that problem. Lavrov is a very good diplomat, and Russia has obviously tried very hard to keep things from getting worse in the Ukraine. Putin and Lavrov have clearly been working to improve the diplomatic corps, but really, the USSR and then Russia fell into a mess and it takes time to change the whole place.

    The statement by Yats about Russian aggression is really just him provocatively stating the common view in the Western Ukraine, where they largely backed Germany. They lost, and want revenge. This burning desire for revenge is a big part of what is going on now. It is an emotional thing. For whatever reason, the USSR kept Galicia inside the Ukraine, and that is a big reason for the current mess.

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  13. Thanks Lada! I can’t help it but i feel really concerned and by seeing Poroshenko participating the silent march I was really shocked! This song just to ‘relativize’ things a little

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  14. This prediction was proven True fairly quickly. I see Ukraine’s Rada appealed to the European Parliament, PACE, national parliaments in the EU states, the US, Canada, Japan, Australia to put Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics on a list of terrorist organizations.

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said earlier that on JANUARY 15 (as your pointed out above) the European Parliament would urge the EU leadership to recognize Donetsk and Luhansk People’s republics as terrorist organizations.

    If the EU goes with that, we would suspect that Russia would notify Europe that they have committed an act of war so, I don’t think EU is going to go along with these crazies. This morning the Latvian FM doesn’t think it is ready for WAR.

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  15. Shouldn’t Kiev leaders and military be declared a Terrorist Organization by Donbass petition movement?

    Liked by 3 people

    • They should, but you know that NWO puppets surrounding us only have ears for one side. The Donbass people constantly complain that no one hears them. OSCE ‘neutral observers’ in Donbass only notice if something is wrong with any Kiev terrorists that had been taken prisoner by self-defence.
      But they turn the blind eye to the atrocities committed daily to local population, not to mention the severe torture Donbass prisoners sustain when they are captured by Kiev.

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  16. Twitter hashtag #JeSuisDonbass


    By the way, Soros visited Kiev a couple of days ago, and then the shelling of Donetsk was stepped up. Over the last 24 hours the city was shelled 82 times, with 5 civilians killed and 15 wounded. The scenario that is playing out reminds of the genocide of the Serbian Kraina in Horvatia.

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    • ALL terrorists and nazi criminals always get encouraged by such visits and support from the West, overt and covert. That’s how Hitler escalation played out in the 1930s as well. Different names of visitors – same result!

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  17. Dear Lada,

    In addition to your insights and analysis, I’ld like to know what’s your opinion about the following supposition one of the visitors of ‘infowar’ made recently:

    Ukraine war will become hot with Russia when the West attacks Syria after the Mecca Clock Tower Terror Attack on 11th Jan 2015, predicted in the Illuminati Playing Cards;
    ### http://www.aamichael666.com ###
    It’s all about blocking GazProm and Rosneft out of the EU market to destroy Russias economy, and Syria and Assad is standing in the way, preventing the pipelines from being laid, which is why Assad has heavy arms support from Russia. Ukraine will start up for real when Syria is invaded after the Mecca Clock Tower false flag attack which will unbelievably be blamed on ISIS as a cover to put together a ‘moderate’ Caliphate under Saudi control … supported by NATO of course. This is what the Charlie Hebdo attacks and Sydney Siege are all about, laying the propaganda foundation for a full on MENA (including Libya) invasion that will put Saudis, Qatar and Turkey in control of the required geopolitical territory to kill Russias fossil fuel industry … thus the petro-dollar stays together. ALL connected.

    P.S. And what about the possibility of a neclear war?


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  18. Lady Lada:

    If Putin is not a part of the agenda for establishing the New World Order how do you explain chemtrails over Moscow?



    • You posted here a video with all of 16 views and zero likes since March, 2014, which could have been shot anywhere by anyone for any purpose???
      And you want me to respond to that?
      Usually, I would delete irrelevant to the post at hand comments, keep that in mind. If abuse continues, I also ban such user. More in Blog Rules.
      As to your question:
      Dear, there is nothing to explain. Please continue living in the kind of reality you choose to create for yourself.


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  19. re:

    It’s all about blocking GazProm and Rosneft out of the EU market to destroy Russias economy, and Syria and Assad is standing in the way, preventing the pipelines from being laid, which is why Assad has heavy arms support from Russia. Ukraine will start up for real when Syria is invaded after the Mecca Clock Tower false flag attack which will unbelievably be blamed on ISIS as a cover to put together a ‘moderate’ Caliphate under Saudi control … supported by NATO of course. This is what the Charlie Hebdo attacks and Sydney Siege are all about, laying the propaganda foundation for a full on MENA (including Libya) invasion that will put Saudis, Qatar and Turkey in control of the required geopolitical territory to kill Russias fossil fuel industry … thus the petro-dollar stays together. ALL connected.

    There are many problems with this, besides the issue of some numerologically-based attack. Turkey wants away from the West, and is very negative to the Saudis. ISIS may even be a threat to the Saudis now. They are not doing so well in Syria at the moment. Also, what does the “Ukraine will start up for real” mean? They have a limited capability for war, and may start using that soon. Yes, they could also blow up a nuclear plant or something. However, that would enable Russia to move in for a temporary clean-up, and the Ukrainian military would probably be too demotivated to resist. And the Kiev regime can be brought down economically pretty quickly. Besides just not giving them gas and coal, one could selectively sabotage a few things and the collapse would occur even faster.

    Finally, Russia’s energy industry is in good shape. They can sell to Asia, and that alone damages the petrodollar. Getting gas from the Persian Gulf in pipelines to Europe would be a ten-year project.

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    • Paul, yours is a very good answer and summary.
      I didn’t get the chance to read the original comment you are replying to, for the lack of time. It contains a lot of inaccuracies and wrong assumptions.

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  20. Thanks Paul, for your comments. And thanks Lada, for reminding me to read your ‘predictions’ once again. I surely missed it as there’s so much info here and so complicated. That’s why I’m happy to have your opinions. To be continued.

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  21. Re: video of Hollande speaking on TV nation. He says: ” l’unite” ( unity ) not Iluminee or Illuminati.


    • Thanks, Irina. We’ll let readers decide for themselves. But wouldn’t it be nice if Hollande wasn’t really a puppet, and if he really spoke in code, trying to communicate his true meassage to the world. 😉
      There is a lot of wishful thinking and HOPE among all those in the world who do get it – that change is possible, and that there are at least some politicians in the West who aren’t outright evil. People must have hope.

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  22. How about this ‘false flag’ fake photo op. The Truth always prevails, and in shorter timespans as we hurtle through the Shift.
    The Truth “Behind” The Charlie Hebdo Solidarity Photo-Op


  23. The US and Nato supported false flag in Paris will not benefit them as we first thought. It’s been a few days now and already the effect is wearing off. In addition the phony unity march of western leaders in Paris went viral on the internet. You see these “brave” leaders completely isolated from the main march on a side street with a small group of their own. If these false flag attacks by muslim patsies continue then the political forces that will benefit will be the likes of Le Pen in France and UKIP in UK (Nigel Farage). These forces are not just bitterly opposed to immigration but also to Nato, EU, Euro and the sanctions against Russia. They also favor a return to the gold standard. So it seems like anything the western elites do causes blowback against them. The life span of these provocations is maybe one day or two tops.

    One other comment. In the end markets and making money always trump political expediency. I’m absolutely sure that Germany will pivot east eventually because there’s too much money for German industry to make with Russia and too much money to lose in hostility to them. This fact alone will cause Germany to take sides. In the long term Germany will not allow their industry to fail because of politicians’ and militarists’ hatred for Russia. You can count on that.


  24. Nancy C/Seattle

    For the woo-woo aware, here’s insider/ Resistance Forces liaison, Cobra’s take on the Paris False Flag – promptly checkmated by Switzerland and Russia. I’m just posting the meat of Cobra’s views. Go to the original for all of Cobra’s supporting links.


    **Since the beginning of the year, the conflict between the Eastern Alliance and the Jesuit/Illuminazi financial/military industrial complex is escalating, Europe being the battleground of this proxy war because of its geopolitical position in the middle of main operating centers of both the Alliance and the Cabal, and because it is the location of many important vortexes in the planetary energy grid which hold significant key to the control of the planetary energy body.

    The Paris false flag attacks were engineered by the Jesuit/Illuminazi Cabal with Paris being an important Isis vortex and as a warning and a threat to France as it was about to make a decision to join the Alliance:

    (…) In the European situation, the Eastern Alliance strikes back. First, in a not so surprising U-turn, Switzerland has de-pegged its currency from Euro wonderland and is joining the Alliance in preparing for the transition into the gold-backed financial system after the Reset:

    (…) Second, Russia has threatened to cut gas supplies through Illuminazi controlled Ukraine towards Europe in the middle of the winter and reroute gas through Turkey, effectively forcing European countries to choose sides.**

    Regarding Cobra’s comment about Paris being an important Isis vortex, I googled the subject & discovered the very name “Paris” references Isis. .http://basyevortex.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40&Itemid=59

    ** “Paris” may in fact be a contraction of “Par-isis” – meaning, “by” or “near” Isis….**


  25. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Lada! I’m so grateful for your patience in blogging the complexities of this situation. I’ve been astonished by the utter lack of sense so many otherwise intelligent Americans have demonstrated in completely swallowing the propaganda about Ukraine. As this post demonstrates, the situation is not amenable to the usual “sound bite” news treatment. I have been keeping the people of Ukraine in my prayers, especially Donetsk and Donates. No matter how many times these atrocities occur, it never becomes understandable.

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  26. I’m from Ukraine and can tell you for 100%, this is f.. n fake, this “girl” use words what useful only for russian idiots who’s watching TV and don’t have any brain. Interesting, how much they pay for you for this trash or you still don’t understand,that problem in Ukraine it’s just only start of problems in EU.


    • Dear readers,

      ‘This thing’ left 2 trolling comments, one of which has been deleted. I am keeping this disgusting comment by a Ukrainian troll to demonstrate what is lurking in the shadows out there, so you know what I have to deal with. Down to curses, accusations, name-calling, the whole nine yards… Let’s call this comment a demo, or an ‘an educational shill museum.’ Obviously, this troll will be banned. Additionally, my security expert friends and hacker friends will make sure ‘it’ calling itself Sergey, can’t do such things any more.
      This is my official warning, do not try anything you will regret, my sites are very well protected!

      Additionally, this particular shill, who calls himself Ukrainian and speaks broken English, uses a Hong Kong IP address. It is well known that paid government shills hide behind fake IP addresses using proxy servers.

      This is a brutal war between the old and the new, the dark and the light, and it has now invaded the 4D reality of the internet. But it will be good for any past and future trolls/shills to remember that I do not take kindly to any such attacks! These attacks will be dealt with very seriously. There are many ways of ensuring that. So, sergey@wittytrade.com, and other shills, you have been forewarned. You will be rooted out every time!

      All readers, especially new, make sure you read my BLOG RULES on top bar and abide by them while commenting. I also calibrate comments for outright lie, manipulation or very low calibartion/Chi (see my scale of calibrations). Such comments also won’t make it, so before commenting, fill your hearts with reason and love. Sometimes we allow first commenters’ comments, even if they don’t comply, but mean well. We simply issue them a public, educational reminder.

      Most of my readers, and most commenters on FT are truly wonderful, intelligent, highly evolved people, and I am very grateful to have such readers. Keep up the great job posting your interesting comments!

      Much more, including advice on how to deal with trolls/shills + demos, in my new post: https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/2015/01/25/educational-demo-how-to-train-your-troll/

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