Wake Up, the Soldier of Ukraine!

This is a video with a very poignant new song by the band called “Alexander Matrosov,” entitled: “To the Soldier of Ukraine.”

The video shows the truth of the new ‘order’ in Ukraine, imposed by Kiev and the West. It is powerful, at times very disturbing, and must be seen to know the truth. I thought it was so important that I decided to translate the whole thing.

Lyrics – English translation:


Remember, the soldier of Ukraine,

you swore to protect your people?

Why do you turn Donbass into ruins,

why do you keep shooting at children?


You kill,

You are killed.

What for?

You don’t understand,

but bullets keep flying.

This war is bad for everyone.


Those who get filthy rich on war.

They will create any deception,

for them your life means nothing.

In the quiet of their offices,

in stylish designer suits,

they enjoy the whisper of dollars,

while you die in the war…


Wake up, the soldier of Ukraine,

stop shooting at your brothers as if they were training targets,

and shell them from Grads,

and send mines instead of presents into every home.




This isn’t a secret any more!


Your enemies are in Kiev offices!

The more deaths the bigger their banking account!


There is no other reason.


They will seduce and scapegoat you.

They are only strong while war rages.

Wake up, the soldier of Ukraine,

Wake up, the soldier of Ukraine,

Wake up, the soldier of Ukraine.

The world is awaiting your decision!

Video with song:

It is very well-known that the lies and zombifying propaganda of the Kiev junta is absolutely numbing. It has turned citizens of Ukraine – those who watch Ukrainian TV and read papers – into absolute zombies and crazed maniacs. Those who understand the truth, report that they can’t watch ukro-TV for 5 minutes because their heads start hurting violently. In others words, their mind, recognizing profound psychological manipulation, starts rebelling.

On another hand, insistent reports continue surfacing, which are being diligently suppressed, that MK Ultra and other advanced, mass-zombifying techniques are used on Ukraine citizens to turn them into Russia-haters. I talked about that in one of my previous YouTube episodes. There is a strong indication that the devices located in the largest in Europe, recently built US embassy in Kiev, as well US ships docking in Odessa, are used to induce anti-Russian hysteria in Ukraine.

But in truth, once a person has been brought up in a specific way (and all young Ukrainians were brought up with Soros-sponsored history books insisting Russia is their enemy No.1), all you have to do is trigger this hidden button you had planted in the dormant mass psyche – and voila! – you get desired mass psychosis. Expensive new technology may not even be necessary. Still, insistent voices continue warning about US testing such devices on Ukraine citizens, for future use on their own citizens and citizens of the EU.

For additional angle on this also read: How US Invaded Europe with Its Army of Manchurian Candidates.

The only country that cares about preserving the lives of Ukrainians is Russia: 

Ukraine itself doesn’t give a damn about their people. The Kiev junta is sending its young soldiers to die. The Kiev ministry of defence has purchased a plot of 80 hectares, where they are actively digging graves for their soldiers. This plot is enough to bury 160,000 people. These gruesome images went viral around the net. An image of such dug-out graves is included in the above video.

Losses of the Kiev army in Donbass are 10 to 1 compared to those of self-defence, as reported by Kiev. They send them into battle without training, without food, without proper equipment. Therefore, the rulers in Kiev don’t care how many young people, who could have children, would die. See my recent: False Flag Alert; Kiev Regime Needs War to Survive; Ukrainians Refuse to Fight; Foreign Mercenaries and NATO Weapons.

The only country that cares, the only leader that is concerned about the preservation of the Ukraine’s population and the lives of its young men, are Russia and Vladimir Putin. 

When Ukraine men try to escape mobilization, they board busses and run to another country. Seeing that, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia have closed their borders. The only country that hasn’t is Russia.

However, recent changes to Russian law due to Ukraine’s stance of confrontation is that Ukrainians can only stay 30 days on the Russian territory. Vladimir Putin has announced that this law will be modified to accommodate a huge inflow of refugees and mobilization escapees by prolonging their visas beyond 30 days. 

Crimea specifically said they would be ready to accept ‘mogilizaion’ (from Rus. ‘mogila’ – grave) refugees. In Russia these refugees are given free room and board in college and factory dorms. Those who want to work to make money in order to take it back home, can find jobs easily in the nearby Belgorod, Lipetsk and other Russian oblasts bordering Ukraine, as robust Russian job market experiences a need in all kinds of workers, from janitors to nurses and other qualified specialists.

Eye-witnesses report that entire western Ukraine villages look deserted as all adult males have left to hide from mobilization. Western Ukraine is the birthplace of ukro-nazis Bandera, Shukhevich and their heirs, ‘the right secror,’ ‘svoboda,’ and other contemporary ukro-nazis.

Where do you think these western Ukrainians, who hate Russia, and who jumped on Kiev maidan promising to ‘knife Russians,’ are running? That’s right, to Russia. They are being checked out as FSB/Russian police work well. If they are clean, they are allowed in.

However, speaking of brainwashing, what is becoming very clear is that when such Ukrainians, even coming from western parts, are taken out of Kiev’s deafening anti-Russian propaganda for a few days, they change completely. They see that while Ukraine is full of hatred towards Russia, Russians address them with kindness and compassion. They see that there is no talk of war in Russia – Ukraine propaganda presents it as if Russia has attacked and is conducting a war against Ukraine in Donbass, and this is why Ukraine soldiers are dying there in such numbers.

According to Kiev MSM, several Russian divisions already perished in Donbass, as the brave Ukraine soldiers continue deflecting the attacks by vicious Russian army that invaded the sovereign Ukraine. These Russian invaders must be invisible as to this day not a single proof was presented of their existence.

How else would Kiev explain to their population the staggering losses they sustain while fighting against tiny Donbass? How will they justify the fact that DNR and LNR small self-defense armies manage to give the much bigger and better equipped Ukraine army a thrashing every time? They can’t possibly admit that their losses stem from their own stupidity and incompetence. They can’t say that they are fighting against the peaceful population of Donbass, which would rather die than live under ukro-nazis.

Ukraine keeps accusing Russia of aggression – with zero facts, of course, but backed in all their lies by the US and EU. When in Russia, Ukrainian refugees discover that Russians are thinking only of how to stop civil war in Ukraine. The parallel is that of  a nasty, unreasonable, selfish, and at times violent, teenager, who says to his parents ‘I hate you,’ while parents in response continue loving him, trying to protect him from his own self-destructiveness.

Ukrainians also discover with surprise how well Russians live. For example, Moscow is one of the most modern, well-to-do and best looking capitals in the world. A friend who traveled for New Year’s to the capital of Latvia, Riga, noted that you’d think it was Latvia that was under severe Western sanctions: on New Year’s it’s deathly quiet, streets are dark, people hide out in their homes. This person was born and grew up in Riga, and he was shocked to see the poverty and desolation there. In Moscow, meanwhile, streets and squares are nicely lit up, with beautiful New Year’s trees and street celebrations; people are joyful, they laugh and have a good time. I once showed around Manhattan to my friends from Germany. We walked along Broadway and they thought I was playing a joke on them. They said: ‘This is New York? This is Broadway? Looks like a getto.’

Point is, Russia is being deliberately, systematically and viciously maligned and put down by the West – and now that unfortunately includes Ukraine as well. Black is made look white, and vice versa.

This is nothing new: the massive lies and anti-Russian propaganda were common during Cold War; before WWI and WWII; as we are now starting to re-discover from our suppressed history – this was equally the case during 19th, 18th and earlier centuries. Europe always felt jealous and intimidated by Russia. Not because Russia threatened the West – it was the other way around as we well know from history. It was because of Russia’s role as the great karmic balancer of the world.

There are many forces in the West that need and want to keep the world in grave imbalance. If there is balance and fairness on planet Earth, how will they dupe, enslave and rob the entire world?

Read more about Russia’s global role in PREDICTIONS on top bar. Also, I will be talking about that in my upcoming YouTube videos.

Speaking of West’s jubilation that Russian economy is in ‘tatters,’ as announced by Obama…

Not even close! Russia creates new jobs by thousands, daily. This is why Russia can easily absorb emigration rivaling USA’s, while having only 150 million population. US loses jobs with the same speed, daily. Not counting McDonald’s burger-flippers, of course – that market is booming.

Poland’s unseemly role:

Meanwhile, scandals shaking up Poland: Polish president proposed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory (victory over Nazi Germany in WWII) in Poland, where WWII started. And the logic behind celebrating Victory Day in a place where the war actually started and where no significant battles were fought? Don’t ask. Obviously none, except to spite, insult and try to humiliate Russia.

Russia already announced that this is yet another provocation by Poland designed to dissuade some EU politicians from coming to the traditional Great Victory celebration in Moscow on May 9th, 2015, thus sabotaging the important 70th Anniversary commemorative event.

Nothing new here: remember 1980 Moscow Olympics boycott, attempts to boycott the 2014 Sochi Olympics, present attempts to isolate Russia, turn off SWIFT, sanctions and attempts to blame Russia for the Ukraine disasters.

Poland’s hideous, demonic role in this entire Ukrainian war has yet to fully come out. One of the biggest Trojan Horses of the US in the EU, Poland does US bidding, as well as pursues its own ulterior motives. During recent commemoration of the 70th anniversary of liberation of Poland and Auschwitz by the Soviet Army, Poland snubbed the country liberator of Poland and Auschwitz for an official invitation. President of Russia Vladimir Putin wasn’t invited. Meanwhile, Polish FM made a statement that it was Ukraine that liberated Poland and Auschwitz, and the rest of the USSR had nothing to do with that.

Someone left a comment in my previous post on this topic, saying that Poland made a mistake. Not even close to the truth. Polish FM, who made that statement (for which I hold personally responsible the Polish president and Polish government) is a Soviet trained historian, and US Manchurian Candidate, who knew precisely what he was doing. See my article: How US Invaded Europe with Its Army of Manchurian Candidates.

In fact, in addition to being a US lapdog, Poland is pursuing its own interests. Poland is trying to recreate its failed medieval empire, called Rech Pospolita. While Ukraine is falling apart and everyone is looking the other way, Poland hopes to bite off as big of a chunk of Ukraine as they possibly can. This is why they need to keep everyone’s eyes on Russia, blaming Russia for all mortal sins and keeping Russia fending off attacks.

Other countries that are licking their lips at juicy pieces of Ukraine territory are Romania and Lithuania. As a diversion, they need Russia to be under attack all the time for their plan to work.

Therefore, Ukrainian soldiers, simple people of Ukraine who think that patriotism equals being anti-Russian, and all those who are caught in the web of propaganda, are helping vultures ready to tear apart what’s left of their country.

These silly people don’t understand that only Russia can guarantee the integrity, free cultural development of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture.

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  1. Hi Lada, just wanted to let you know more video footage appearing about US made weapons recovered at Donetsk airport:


    Also mass defection of Ukrainian soldiers the DNI :

    Everything is getting exposed by local civilians!

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Very illuminating post Lada, u’r so right to point out- Russia does not fight hatred and disinfo with the same, but just the opposite, show love and compassion to the Ukr. refugees and soldiers who flee from the front lines. Re-educate them with the truth and set them free! Brilliant humanitarian strategy! 🙂

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  3. Lada, your posts are getting better and better. I consider your blog a must read, and have already purchased one of your books. I plan to donate funds when you post your report on Putin.

    Bless you.

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  4. Lots of good stuff in your post. It will take time for Russia’s approach to work. There has been 23 years of brainwashing, and you can’t expect that to go away in just a year or two. It will take a collapse of the government in Kiev and possibly a change in the media or at least the watching habits of the people. You might want to do a post on Ukrainian TV some time. It really looks like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or something from a religious cult.

    The unfortunate thing is that the American policy may be to destroy the whole country, with warlords/oligarchs running different regions. Sergei Glazyev said something like this a few days ago, and that it will take a tremendous amount of money to keep people alive in the Ukraine, and that is without rebuilding some kind of industry. He says there is no way Russia can afford the kind of costs that will be coming, and that the US knows this. Russia needs to find investors to get ready to try to come in and salvage as much as is possible there. Who knows? Maybe some areas of the Ukraine will be good places to live or invest in after the war.

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  5. Hey Lada things are changing. Main general of Ukrainian army admitted yesterday – no such thing as Russian army in Donbass!!

    I wonder what will come out of this.

    As for Poles, a group of Italian Jews were left inside Auschwitz, after the commemoration. They were waiting inside at minus 9 degrees Celsius, after which they were detained by Polish police and interrogated.
    An incident, or a sign??

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    • Sign or not – but typical Poland, now showing its real face for the world to see. Perhaps the world will finally notice?
      And it doesn’t give me pleasure to say that. I was to Poland 4 times and had good friends there in my day. But the truth is the truth.

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  6. Britain and its Commonwealth were dragged into the war by Poland and paid dearly.
    Now we have something approaching 2,000,000 Poles flooding into Britain.
    Rude arrogant, many criminal, and grabbing all they can.
    Demanding free housing, huge benefits, overwhelming our schools and health service.
    They claim child benefit for kids in Poland – no proof required amounting to over £60,000,000 a year.
    Europeans – mainly Poles pocket 5 BILLION pounds a year in tax credits.
    Few pay any income tax.
    They have undermined our own working class by undercutting pay rates.
    British workers pay rates have declined 14% to an unlivable level.
    Plundering and occupying and leeching off the country is bad enough – but the political implications are worse.
    Not least in any in/out referendum on the EUSSR – the lib/lab/con almost certainly intends to let them vote – to stay in of course.
    They have brothers. sisters and second cousins who all want a share of Britain and its people – never having paid in a penny piece.
    We are fed up to the back teeth.

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    • Yes, I’ve heard about the emigration problem in the UK. Thanks for the inside look. The Irish are saying the same.
      Recently, the info surfaced that it was actually Poland that pressured France into a more anti-Russian stance than Hollande intended. Incredible, isn’t it?
      Now you all know what Russia went through with Poland – and much worse. Something Russians habitually denied to themselves for the sake of ‘friendship and brotherhood.’ Same as Ukraine, actually.
      Honestly, for UK it is a great idea to exit the EU. I see such exit as being a big question mark though, at least for now, due to various pressures. In a way, UK, strangely enough, is in a similar straight jacket as Russia – can’t move an inch either way.
      Same goes for a lot of other countries that used to dominate the world arena.
      Fascinating really, but normal in the extreme Earth Shift situation. I’ll write more about that in future Earth Shift Reports.

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  7. There’s no way that Kiev is going to defeat Novorossia. Regular Ukraine army grunts only join because of threats of jail time. Whole villages are being emptied of young men who go to Russia to evade the draft. This is becoming huge all over Ukraine. There has been increasing defections of regular Ukraine soldiers switching sides and/or sabotaging their own army. Now let’s look at the Novorossian army. They’re all voluntary recruits, come from their area and are defending their land and people against the invaders. They’re in high spirit and high morale. Really now, who’s going to be victorious. I’ve been riveted on youtube watching seens of Novorossian army in snow gear fighting the Kiev junta. I can’t believe what I’m watching. It looks like re-enactments from World War II against Nazi invaders.

    By the way the sinister George Soros was in Kiev on January 14 to evaluate the financial needs of his puppets in Kiev. According to a news service he said that it would take a miracle for Kiev to persevere but still he’s trying to convince the west to give them more money anyhow. I think the US knows that the jig is up and they want to destroy as much of Ukraine as possible to give Russia a black hole of money to spend. After all the US is only in the business of nation destroying. That’s all they do nowadays. I firmly disagree on the impossibility of Russia helping in the rebuilding of Ukraine. The problem is not in the rebuilding itself. Hell Russia was able to dismantle whole industries from the invading Nazi army on a moment’s notice, move them and re-installed them faraway to the east in no time. Russia was unbelievably devasted after the war, much more so than Ukraine is now and they were in a few short years able to rebuild. No the problem with Ukraine is not that. The problem is with the Ukrainian people themselves. They have to themselves rebuild their country, dispel the malcreants from their land, show good work ethic and basically get their act together. The Russians don’t want to squander good money after bad on people that will just waste it. The Ukrainians have to become normal hardworking people again and prove what they can do. Then the investment money and Russian aid will pour in.

    On another note Greece caved in and voted with the EU to extend the Russian sanctions. Well the dream lasted for only a couple of days. You have to be either in the EU and become a slave or you leave and be free of them. There’s no sitting on the fence. Just wait until the EU bullies start to wither away Syriza’s will and force them to make compromise after compromise until they are just like all the other socialist spineless weasels. I’m sorry but don’t count your hopes with Syriza. You may have better luck with Le Pen of France and Farage of UK who make no bones about leaving the EU and against Russian sanctions.

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  8. Well, there are a few interesting things going on that apparently were not in the news/newspapers! PCR has it, so here are the links, he first wrote this piece yesterday:


    and today he wrote this:


    We are definitely living in interesting times! So Gary, let’s see how this all plays out! David W. also said that: “Everything has sped up dramatically”!

    Sorry Lada for the links…….


  9. Thank you very much Lada, for your insights in this terrible tragedy……I don’t understand Russian (so sorry), but the videos have very telling images and the people interviewed look and sounds very sincere!


  10. Lada, this a very strong song indeed. And you wrote a very strong article to it – stronger than your more soft-spoken, though equally revealing, previous works. I guess as the theatre of cruelty in Ukraine goes into overdrive, a stronger stance against it is really needed.

    I came across an article, which provides further evidence for what we already knew:

    How the February Coup in Kiev was plotted and arranged by the US – New Evidence
    “Planning for the February 2014 Coup D’Etat in Kiev started in March 2013 (or earlier).

    This amazing speech in Ukraine’s Rada (Parliament) details how 300 people, under the direction of the US Embassy in Kiev, were to mobilize and manipulate social media in order to provoke protests that would lead to a Coup to oust Yanukovych and then start a Civil War.”

    Also, as you mentioned in this article how Russia was historically vilified and mired, I’d like once more give the link to my translation of a Russian documentary on this topic, for the new readers:

    I’ve made a small donation, and will definitely be buying your books. The work you are doing is one of a kind!
    Can I suggest that your IT wizards also add an option for Bitcoin donations, for example through BitPay?

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    • Thanks so much, Nemo! These links are very welcome, and I strongly suggest people watch the Ivan the Formiddable (incorrectly translated as ‘the Terrible’ in Eng.) documentary with your translation! It is very important!
      Bitcoin button: people have asked me for that. We’ll be adding it soon. With all other events and obligations it was put on back burner, but coming soon. Thanks for reminding me!
      Best 🙂

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  11. You know, seeing how the Poles and Galicians view Russia, I would say that Russia’s attempts to sweep things under the rug with ideas of Slavic brotherhood and such were not wise. Even within the Ukraine, Eastern Ukrainians saying “We are brothers” while Western Ukrainians said “We are not brothers” didn’t work out so well. It might have been better to say “We are cousins; we don’t always agree, but let’s work together when we can.” A bit of an overgeneralization, but you get the idea. The point is that you have to stand up for yourself in this world, and get your position across, particularly when it seems like you are facing a bully.

    One can make the case that the Soviet and Russian leadership wanted a huge Ukraine that contains too many groups and cultures as a way to prevent NATO or nationalism from gaining territory. The drawback is it really isn’t a normal country, and this made it easy for the West to take over with Bandera types.


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