False Flag Alert; Kiev Regime Needs War to Survive; Ukrainians Refuse to Fight; Foreign Mercenaries and NATO Weapons

Ukraine is the geopolitical ground zero and the massive fault line between the old and the new. It is in Ukraine that the future of the entire mankind is now being decided.

On this blog, we’ve been talking about it since the beginning of 2014, and I feel we’ll continue talking for the foreseeable future. Much more in PREDICTIONS and 2014 articles under Ukraine category.

This is why anything that happens in and around Ukraine and Novorossia/Donbass (Donetsk and Lugansk) has such global resonance. Even those who don’t understand geopolitics and hidden connections between things, people and events, still sense that something important is taking place in those parts.

US president Obama claims Russia is one of the three problems the ‘world’ has, the other two being Ebola and ISIS. Obama obviously means the US-centric, petrodollar-denominated world, which has nothing to do with the perception of the world by the majority of mankind.

I am not going to re-tell the ludicrous things Obama parroted about how terrible Russia is and how great USA is in his State of the Union Address. You can find it online. I am not going to discuss how with these words the entire congregation of Obama-followers exploded with stand-up ovation, reminding me of the Maoist China or USSR Politburo, rather than of what we used to consider a democratic society.

I am also not going to talk about the anti-Russian statements by the neoliberal ameri-nazi Samantha Powers, US ambassador to the UN, whose speeches resemble the Goebbels war propaganda (she is a personal friend of Obama’s, I hear). I received some comments in the past trying to convince me that Obama would ‘in the end stand tall,’ and that I shouldn’t criticise the US politicians. Those who still harbor any illusions as to who Obama, or any other US politicians are and what they are capable of, I suggest you lose these illusions for your own benefit, to avoid severe disappointment later. In fact I very rarely, if ever, talk about US politicians because I think it’s clear who they are. In fact, they aren’t worth my time and energy. I won’t say more about Obama, although I could say quite a lot. You can see my prediction about Obama in 2015, if you follow the above PREDICTIONS link.

This post is also not about the fact that Ukraine regime’s PM Yatsenyuk recently went to Germany, where he proclaimed that Russia invaded Germany and Ukraine – a statement met with uneasy silence by Merkel and German politicians. Poroshenko meanwhile is in Davos, where he is parading a piece of the hole-ridden Volnovakha bus, which was blown up by the Kiev regime with 13 peaceful pensioners and children killed and 16 wounded. Poroshenko’s story is of course to deny the obvious, insisting that it was a shell from the Donbass self-defence that hit the bus (contrary to conclusions by military experts).

You will remember that since the beginning of 2014 I’ve predicted that not only Russia wouldn’t send troops to Ukraine, or get involved militarily, but also that Russia would slowly remold the situation in Ukraine in her favor, using all peaceful and quiet means at her disposal. I also said that eventually very different people would come to power in Ukraine and that between 2016 and 2018 Ukraine would do a wild swing to the opposite side and join Eurasian Union. I further said that Ukraine would never be admitted to the EU or NATO. Most of the above has already come true; recently German and other EU politicians have re-confirmed than no one would admit Ukraine.

Not only the maidan promises by Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Klitchko and the ukro-nazi gang that Ukrainians would soon travel to the EU visa-free and would live ‘just like Europeans do’ turned out false, bu the EU is now closing visas to even those Ukrainians who previously had them. The EU is desperately afraid to be flooded by ukro-nazi gangs and deranged armed thugs. These fears are well-founded.

But at the same time, EU is serving as an instrument of the US-led aggression in Ukraine. Certainly, the war and destruction of Ukraine is in the best interests of the US. It is also in the best interests of the US to weaken the economies of Russia and EU with their own hands, as I repeatedly warned in the past.

Throughout 2014 I wrote a lot about how the aggression in Ukraine was, and continues being perpetrated. I won’t go over the massive amount of proof I had cited in my many previous articles. Those who are new are welcome to read through my past writings.

It’s a pity that so few people seemed to have clicked on like for my last article: How US Invaded Europe with Its Army of Manchurian Candidates. This article, like many others on my blog, reveals the inconvenient truth and contains a dire and very important warning. I had just released it, and massive proofs and confirmations of what I had said in it, began pouring in.

You probably remember that several days ago Polish government appeared to have snubbed Russian President Vladimir Putin for an invitation to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Poland and Auschwitz from the German Nazis. The Ukraine puppet president Poroshenko and lots of other heads of state had been invited. The clincher is that it was specifically RUSSIAN/SOVIET ARMY that liberated both Auschwitz and entire Poland. In other words, the liberator, without whom I wonder what would have happened to Poland (?…), wasn’t welcome. Talk about ingratitude.

But the Polish president didn’t stop at that. He said that it was Ukrainian army that liberated Poland, thus not only falsifying history, but also insulting all those who were there – and we are talking millions of Soviet soldiers from all corners of the USSR – 100 nationalities in all, most of them Russian.

The above goes hand in hand with my article: How US Invaded Europe with Its Army of Manchurian Candidates, which I suggest you all take more seriously. This is the anti-Russian Manchurian Candidate army at work in Poland, and elsewhere.

Neighboring Latvia (another Trojan Horse of the US in the EU) has become a true nazi state. The new law will fine 400 euro anyone who dares to speak Russian in Latvia. More about that in comments by Paul and Nemo here.  There is also more in comments by Nemo here. Again, US Manchurian Candidate army hard at work!

Keep reading! Below, you will find a lot more proof of criminal involvement of Poland, US and other countries in the armed conflict in Ukraine.

The Kiev regime is on its last legs and it is trying desperately to stay afloat by blaming Russia and the poor Donbass they are so bent on destroying, in all their self-inflicted problems. Poroshenko and his cronies are also starting to get on the nerves of their US/NATO handlers.

The earth-shattering news from Ukraine keep pouring in. As if the Volnovakha bus wasn’t enough, today the ukro-nazi terrorists (the real, not imaginary ones!) blew up a bus with peaceful citizens in the center of Donetsk – the latest: 13 to 15 people dead. RT video: Donetsk bus stop bombed: Graphic footage from East Ukraine.

Meanwhile, I have gathered a lot of telling information from different expert and eye-witness sources. This information proves that Ukrainians don’t want to fight any more. Here is the summary.

In January 2015 Poroshenko announced a surprise mass mobilization of up to 200,000 people, including 60-year-olds, women and children. This occurred immediately after he went to the Unity Parch in Paris and after the Volnovakha bus shelling by his army. Read: Urgent! Secret Link Between French False Flag Attacks and Ukraine and Ukraine’s Snowden: Whistleblower confirms MH17 was shot down by Ukraine.

Immediately several things happened, according to witnesses.

1. Huge lines consisting of healthy men trying to avoid mobilization formed in front of medical offices and hospitals.

2. Ukrainians were hiding from draft throughout 2014, as I wrote before. But now, draft-dodging is becoming an epidemic. People hide in cellars, change names, leave families behind and move to other cities and countries, as far from their home as possible.

3. Immigration to Russia has reached staggering proportions. What Russians are noticing with alarm is that, as opposed to 2014, when refugees from the Kiev junta atrocities flooded Russia, presently, the so-called maidanutie (those who are anti-Russian, pro-Kiev-maidan) are also flooding in to avoid mobilization. They are anti-Russian, yet, they run to Russia to avoid being drafted to the anti-Donbass ATO.

4. Kiev regime’s plan was to mobilize 50,000, and later, another 150,000 in stages. So far, they are only able to fulfil their quota by about 25-27% due to draft avoidance. Experts estimate that soon draft fulfillment will be down to 10% of the quota.

5. This morbid mobilization has been dubbed ‘mogilization’ from Rus/Ukr/Slav ‘mogila’ – grave. It has become known that Ukraine army acquired 80 hectares of land to bury its ATO soldiers. This information was freely posted and advertised on army site and all over Ukraine media. 80 hectares is enough to bury 160,000 people. The entire mobilization is supposed to be 200,000.

6. Despite such lofty mobilization numbers, even a fraction proved to be unreachable. Ukrainians write in social networks that they would rather go to jail than get drafted – it’s a 3-year sentence for refusing ‘mogilization.’ Advisors and experts in Ukraine are openly advising people to run away, hide, or, worst case scenario, go to jail.

7. According to the military experts I’ve been listening to, the sloppy, unprofessional, not to say, stupid actions of the Ukraine army attest to the fact that real commanders and army professionals don’t want to achieve victory in Donbass. Career officers don’t want to fight, as their heart isn’t in it. What can we talk about if the minister of defence in Kiev is a policeman. They couldn’t find a single military officer for this post.

This resonates directly with one of my early 2014 predictions that Ukraine army won’t want to fight, allegiances to Russia, old Soviet/Russian military traditions and affinity with the Donbass cossacks serving as a break. The reason is: this still is one people, one culture, who have one history – and it’s very hard to take that away despite years of falsified history and Soros/NGO propaganda. I said that Ukraine army would be ineffectual in the hands of the ukro-nazi regime. As a result of the severe unprofessionalism of the ATO operation Kiev regime keeps losing blockposts and villages to the Donbass self-defence. The Donetsk airport is the major win by self-defence. Donbass army may also advance on Mariupol, Gorlovka and Slavyansk, provided Kiev keeps provoking them.

Kiev army has been losing several hundred people a day since the beginning of their offensive. Losses ratio is 10 (Ukr army) to 1 (self-defense).

8. Ukraine soldiers sabotage ATO: This is an eye-opening audio of a web-chat by various people in Donbass. A man calls self-defense to report that a huge shell landed in front of his neighbor’s front door, but didn’t explode. They are worried it could explode any moment. A specialist confirms by the picture that it is indeed a shell of a specific calibre, but that the tip containing detonator has been removed. That’s why it didn’t explode. If it blew up, the neighbor’s house would have been gone. Another man joins to confirm that there are incidents of Ukraine army soldiers removing detonators and shooting blanks. There are also incidents of Ukraine army soldiers scribbling words “helping you however we can” on disarmed shells landing in Donbass. Link to the conversation in Russian from News-Front.

I warned about this last year – and here we go again. This site, News-Front (former anna-news), is very good, with lots of authentic hands-on info you won’t find anywhere else. However, because they are so good and therefore dangerous, they keep being deleted and sabotaged by YouTube, Ukraine and their handlers. So, watch any vids I link from them asap, before they get deleted.

9. In the end of 2014, as people relaxed to celebrate the New Year’s and Rozhdestvo, the US and NATO sent massive amounts of advanced military hardware to Ukraine. Alarmed messages were coming in daily that 4 major airports, including Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Zaporozhie had been closed for at least one to two weeks, while they were receiving huge amounts of military hardware from NATO countries. At least 2 ships – one from Australia and one from Canada – docked in Odessa port. Officially, they brought winter uniforms for Ukraine ATO army. However, the rumor is that there were weapons as well. Odessa also reports that ships from France and US docked with armored army vehicles being unloaded.

10. Donbass self-defence has just liberated the strategically important Donetsk Airport. Kiev troops shelled the peaceful citizens of Donetsk from the enormous territory of the airport. After the airport was taken, self-defence discovered large numbers of American-made weapons, as well as a lot of Polish-made items. Some of the dead left behind were Poles (with Polish IDs, wearing Polish-tagged clothes, etc.) Another group of dead bodies were identified as muslims based on specific anatomic details. Throughout 2014, Kiev touted its soldiers sitting inside the airport as ‘brave and invincible cyborgs.’ Self-defence now thinks that at least some ‘cyborgs’ were actually the muslim mercenaries who stayed behind. Several days prior, self-defense allowed everyone who wanted to leave before the final attack on the airport. All Ukrainians left unharmed. It’s interesting that prior to leaving, Ukrainians had burned all the corpses of their dead. For what purpose? To avoid identification?

Some information suggests that muslims, who look different, chose to stay as leaving would have given away the fact that they were foreign mercenaries. It appears that the remaining Polish mercenaries also stayed as their accent would have given them away as well. Those who remained were promised that they would be liberated later, when the general attack by the Ukraine army begins. As we know, that plan failed, and moreover, Ukraine army lost 2 more blockposts and a couple of villages.

Below are several corroborating videos and my partial translation.

(For a more detailed translation, try the closed captioned feature available on YT)


 Польский наемник на Украине выдал себя по глупости, за пьянкой. Drunk Polish mercenaries proudly show off their Polish-ness. When a journalist in the beginning says, ‘And these are our Ukrainian fighters,’ a Pole answers, ‘No, Polska’, meaning, Poland. The video is self-explanatory.

German security expert, Michael Lüders, on German channel Phoenix-TV: there is information that 500 US mercenaries from Blackwater are fighting on the Kiev regime side. Perhaps there is a divergence starting between EU and US. It seems, EU is starting to understand that EU’s and American interests in Ukraine aren’t the same, especially when it comes to relationship with Russia. (As my readers know, since the beginning of 2014, I had been warning about EU needing to distance itself from the US, realizing that US pursues the goals of: 1. putting a wedge between Russia and EU, and 2. weakening Russia and EU’s economies. If they are finally starting to grasp that – good. But to me it’s simply mind-boggling how clueless EU politicians are if to date they are only starting to understand what should have been clear from the start. Of course it doesn’t help that EU politicians are utterly dependent on the US  – LR) Russian translation and German original.

Interview with Ukrainian patriot, head of the movement Anti-Voina (anti-war) Viktoria Shilova, Dnepropetrovsk: Double standards of Ukrainian elites and the horrors of civil war. О двойных стандартах поведения украинской элиты, Виктория Шилова.

Fresh Interview with eye-witness Dima, citizen of a small industrial city of Artemovsk on the occupied by Kiev side of Donbass. The young man says that Kiev regime distributes leaflets to every worker throughout the city “inviting” people (he adds, like a wedding invitation) to appear in a certain place as their patriotic duty. When people show up, they tell them they have just been mobilized into Ukraine’s army. The young man also says that no one is planning on enlisting, that they would rather go to jail.

From my other source: Another creative way Ukraine mobilizes is this: whenever any man comes to a nursery or kindergarten to pick up his child, he is also served with mobilization papers.

More from the same young man: prices are up for everything, including utilities, housing, transport, food, gas, clothes, medicine, mobile phones. They are suffocating the population. All borders and roads have been closed down. People are very confused, don’t know what to do and where to run. People are very scared.

He says he is a former contract soldier, and can say that the troops occupying his city are not local. They get drunk in public, swear and threaten the population; they go to the local hospital’s maternity ward and yell/swear, interrupting operations. When doctors tell them to be quiet, they intimidate them. At night they engage in drunken shoot-outs next to public housing. Based on what locals overhear, seems like a lot of them come from Lvov, Kiev, Cherkassy, with Western Ukraine prevailing. When they show up in stores, they rudely shove people out of their way and order everyone around. They behave like occupiers, certainly not like part of the same people – the WWII German Nazi occupation comes to mind.

He goes on: everyone wants to be with Russia. No one wants to be a part of Ukraine, people can’t wait for the Donbass army to come and free them. Everyone wants to be a part of DNR, but it’s a little late for that, Dima says. (He’s understandably depressed, but he’s certainly wrong, it’s not late – this is just the beginning. The tide will turn eventually – LR). 

Press conference of the DNR Head Zaharchenko and Ukrainian soldiers taken prisoner in Donetsk airport: ‘Ukraine left us to die, they need only cannon fodder.’ They were lied to and never told that the operation they were being sent for involved heavy fighting. Some arrived to the front barely a few hours prior to being taken prisoner. They were the only survivors in their respective units.

Interview with military analyst Konstantin Sivkov: Ukraine incapable of sustaining any serious systematic military operation. Ukrainian officers don’t want to fight. Ukraine defence minister and staff incompetent. Военный аналитик: украинская власть не способна обеспечить планомерную боевую операцию 21.01.2015

News-Front interview with Oleg Tsarev, Novorossia Parliament Speaker, former Ukraine Rada Deputy and presidential candidate, whose house was burned down and who was severely beaten by ukro-nazis while running for Ukraine president (I discussed that in one of my video on Lada Ray YT channel). Tsarev has a lot of intel channels he has kept in Kiev. He is one of the best intel sources for what’s happening inside the regime.

Host: What are the main reasons for the new massive offensive of Kiev against Donbass, terrorist acts in Donetsk and Volnovakha, an why is Kiev losing again?

Tsarev: The Ukraine regime was seriously hoping that on 1/19 the EU would recognize DNR and LNR as terrorist organizations. That didn’t happen. The issue is very grave for them, because if ATO is conducted by Kiev without any terrorists present, then the gravity of the war crimes falls on Kiev; and as we know, war crimes have no expiration date. The new offensive in Donbass was supposed to disrupt the possibility of peaceful negotiations. It’s the main goal of the USA – not to allow Russia and EU agree on peace in Ukraine. This has been achieved – negotiations were sabotaged.

Besides, Poroshenko is left without any allies in Ukraine. Yatsenyuk and Turchinov are trying to unseat him and US is unhappy with him. Poroshenko wanted to attack Donbass to try to convince everyone he is tough. Meanwhile, Yats, Turch and Avakov are secretly meeting to try to create a narrative for blaming all problems in Ukraine on Poroshenko. Intel says he will be blamed for the ATO failures, grivna fall, economy collapse and shortages.

Also, the reason they thought this new offensive would be successful was because the army reported their readiness. They had program minimum: occupying 1/3 to 1/2 of the DNR and LNR territory; and program maximum: taking over the entire Donbass and killing all ‘separatists.’ The Ukraine military wrote in their reports that they knew that Donbass self-defence would not shell the areas occupied by their citizens, hence they considered obtaining those territories a piece of cake.

The data Ukraine military supplied to Poroshenko was that Ukraine had amassed a 200,000 army; that the army was fully re-armed. In addition to everything, the airports in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk were closed down for weeks to receive massive infusion of NATO weaponry and hardware that was supposed to fully re-arm them for this offensive. After all this massive preparation, it turned out that no one wanted to fight and the army was unable to perform any serious military action.

There are, of course, terrorist battalions and nazis that are still fighting, but it’s not the war they expected. This is a broken up, confused civil war.

Host: professor of Georgetown University, the Potomac Foundation president Philip Harber (sp?), said that he was a guest at the ukro-nazi battalion Dnepr 1 deployed in Donbass, and he personally counted dozens of Russian tanks crossing the border. In other words, no radar or satellite could confirm this, yet this professor visually, being far away from the border, personally ‘saw’ Russian tanks. This professor now calls on the US to supply Kiev with advanced lethal weaponry to counter ‘Russian aggression.’ In other words, Russia sends humanitarian convoys in white trucks, while US wants to deploy lethal weaponry.

Tsarev: What you mentioned, our intel says they already have supplied all that. It had been delivered during the closure of the  4 airports.

In conclusion, the following alarming intel.

1. Responding to a question, I said in my recent article: “Problem is US and Ukraine completely lost it and are too dangerous; they can concoct another false flag in a jiffy. This worries me most.” And just almost as soon as I wrote this, the following warning by analyst from Kiev, Rostislav Ishenko, came up: Kiev is extremely desperate.The country is falling apart and they can’t win a war against Donbass no matter how they try. Their US handlers are unhappy with them, while the EU is waking up, doubting the Kiev story more and more.

(Examples: many Germans are openly criticizing Merkel’s position of subservience to the US; during Poroshenko’s trip to Geneva, he was met with boos and protests; in the most progressive northern part of Italy, locals re-named one of their squares ‘the square of the Odessa Martyrs’ after the Odessa Kulikovo Polie May 2, 2014 massacre – LR).

Therefore, warns Ishenko, Kiev will attempt a massive false flag in order to prolong its existence. This false flag has to be huge in scope, preferably, with thousands of victims. They already had MH17 with almost 300 dead, yet even that didn’t create enough resonance. They need something much bigger to again sway EU into a tough position against Russia. Of course it will be blamed on Russia and/or Donbass self-defence.

Some think that this could be a terrorist act on one of the three main nuclear stations of Ukraine: Zaporozhskaya – the largest in Europe, closest to Donbass and Russia; Yuzhnaya – near Odessa, with potential poisoning of the Black Sea; or Rivno Station – in the western Ukraine ukro-nazi/Bandera capital of Rovno, which is geographically closest to the EU. The warning about a nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine, compared to which Chernobyl is a tiny blip, has been circulating for a while.

However, Ishenko thinks that because a nuclear station explosion won’t achieve the effect of a lot of victims at once, it would be something else. I am thinking: perhaps a terror act against foreign diplomats in Kiev, blamed on self-defense; assassinating president Poroshenko together with other politicians; blowing up the Central Rada with all deputies in it; or a mass killings of various activists, could be even ukro-nazis, as some examples.

2. Second warning is that Kiev, in its desperation, may openly declare a war against Russia. This idea has been expressed by many in the Kiev regime. I personally think this would be suicide and a very quick one at that, for the Kiev regime. I don’t think even they are stupid enough for that. But for what it’s worth, this is what’s circulating.

My opinion: a massive false flag is a clear and present danger. I think everyone should talk about it everywhere in order to dissuade them from executing it. Some false flags have already been prevented because people made it public and their plans had to be cancelled. So, tweet, FB, share this info!

This article works together with How US Invaded Europe with Its Army of Manchurian Candidates.



1. Grand Experiment Novorossia and the Birth of the New Revolutionary Monetary System.

2. Ruble Wars as the Beginning of the Death of the Dollar.

These two reports are being written as we speak and I will be posting them as they get completed.

The reports will be posted on my new site LadaRay.info. Stay tuned!

Other goodies coming too!


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  1. Yes, Kiev and Washington have only a few choices. This was one of the reasons many expected Russia to invade. If they don’t, then they can’t stop a massive disaster so easily.

    On a related front, I seem to recall that you posted a video or two of a man from Kharkov who was trying to stop the war/disaster. He eventually joined the Novorossiyan army, and just posted a video that warns of Kholomoisky and the Dnepropetrovsk nationalist forces building a private army designed to take over Kiev. Those folks probably want the Kiev army destroyed in the Donbass, so their coup can proceed.


    PS It is interesting how so much of the radical nationalism came out of Dnepropetrovsk, not the Western Ukraine. It was a weapon they used in their fight against the Donetsk gang.


  2. Lada a great wrap up. We’re only three weeks into the new year and this year will be one for the ages. We’ve already had a crash of the oil price along with other commodities and the huge event of the Swiss de-pegging their currency from the Euro so far in 2015. The Kiev regime is really losing it and you’ll probably start seeing civil warfare amongst the regime supporters. We have to really be on the lookout for any false flag event sponsored by the junta. I’m thinking of them blowing up an office building in Kiev a la 911 and conveniently finding ID’s of Donbass residents to blame it on. It has to be something like this that would cause hundreds of deaths. Sabotaging a nuclear reactor isn’t that easy for thugs to do. Anyways if it happened it would provide Russia with a ready made pretext (and a truly justified one) to massively intervene to save the population. They’re going to have a tough time of it though. The world population is rapidly catching on to the west’s shenanigans. I wish Russian officials would be more pre-emptive and publicly warn of false flags by the Kiev junta. Maybe Lada you can enlighten us if they already have.

    Please listen to the latest King World interview with Paul Craig Roberts. It’s a great summary of events in the world.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Lada, because of such predictions atleast the kiev junta and the whole us army of warmongers have to take a back foot now from false flag attacks.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. cheers lada, very good update on the abysmal morale in the ukraine military

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Again, thank you, Rada, for your insights
    This idea of Ukrainian forces sabotaging their own equipment (and other things, doubtless?) to minimise the war crimes and atrocities they are forced to commit, is most extraordinary! Perhaps this testimony is also part of it, showing something more than incompetence? -:
    A wounded 24-year-old soldier in hospital bed, innocently retelling his story to a vising U.S. Army General: “They ordered us to fire on a specific location from the BMP, but it could not fire. Then they ordered the tank to fire, but it reported it does not have sufficient hydraulic pressure to fire… ”http://fortruss.blogspot.com/2015/01/us-general-thanks-crippled-ukrainian.html
    By the way, the link to Viktoria Shilova seems broken, but a search under her name will produce a number of youtube Iinks. She is very brave.
    Paul, thanks for the link. Most informative. I had missed the fact that Kolomoisky is the head of the European Jewry: first, a “putsch” to become President of the European Council of Jewish Communities, then, the efforts to control all Jewish organisations in Europe, followed by the founding of his own outfit, EJU (in 2011) then the EJP !!?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Jewish_Parliament
    An October 2014 article in Haaretz titles: “Is this man the most powerful Jew in the world?” http://www.haaretz.com/news/features/.premium-1.620845
    And all that agitation, before – or in preparation for – the Ukraine coup and subsequent events….
    But why is RT calling him “Kiev protégé” ? (http://rt.com/news/159168-kiev-businessman-massacre-mariupol/) It seem to be rather the other way around, doesn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The idea that Kolomoysky is the most powerful jew in the world is grossly overstated. But he is very power and money hungry. He is called racketeer No1 in Ukraine. He isn’t Kiev protege now, but initially he was installed as gvn of Dnepropetrovsk by Kiev junta. Hence RT’s ref.
      Kolomoysky isn’t at all what you’ve read he is. Extremeley sly, he is ready to switch sides at any moment. I have lots of dirt to die for (literally) on him. Maybe one day I’ll share it. If people are interested in super-interesting intel out of the horse’s mouth, let me know. I can do it as donation-based only ES report. It takes a lot of time and work to put that together.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, Viktoria Shilova is very brave.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. How credible is this report?
    Ukraine Obama Phone Call Leak: Ukraine Shot Down B-777



  7. There is intel that suggests that there is a faction within the US administration that is very aware of what you have written above and that they are the good guys ,so to speak .They are about to break this criminal cabal wide open.I don’t know if this is true or not ,we can only hope .Supporting criminal activities all over the world must come to an end .This is insanity .It is good to hear that the Eastern Ukraine is holding their own and will eventually win their freedom . Hopefully Western Ukraine will shrug of and prosecute their criminals.
    Make Ukraine whole again and live in peace .I am not a religious man ,but prayers are in order.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Summitfyer (a lovely pen name!),
    There are good guys everywhere – even there. And everyone in the admin, congress, etc. is aware of all this. Just check V. Nuland’s congressional hearing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TpZa4OMFVk). The issue is that the “good guys” lack either the power or the will to act: the negative/selfish forces are too strong. In fact, only the American people, acting en masse and purposefully, can change the course of things. But they are almost totally uninformed, or worse, misinformed and manipulated. As PC Roberts wrote the other day, Americans sorely need another M.L.King, and there is none for the time being.
    Still, who knows? Perhaps one will arise, or a group, to mobilise the good people against this madness. And Lada is correct: although Ukraine is only one trouble spot among so many around the world, yet “it is in Ukraine that the future of the entire mankind is now being decided”, because, more than the other places, it is the battle ground for the forces of good and those of evil. The latter have found a kind of anchorage or launch pad in the neo-nazis – but only as an outer manifestation, for the real evil is what is behind these miserable tools. And I don’t mean Yats & co., or Kolomoysky, or Soros, or Nuland: these are just small-time agents. (Obama is not even an agent: he’s a mere puppet). It’s the forces behind all these people – those who have been planning mayhem way before the current crises, behind the destruction in the Middle East, behind the breakup of Yugoslavia, the World Wars, and nazism (but not communism, which, as most fair-minded people know, was a good idea badly, or perhaps just prematurely implemented.)
    And yes, Lada, you are right, Kolomoysky one of the very powerful, but only an actor, a front man whose great activity during the past years as alluded to in my previous msge is only a sign that there was some sort of acceleration in the preparations for what we now have in Ukraine. Some organisation to set up just in case Europe was tempted to drag her feet or show a lack of enthusiasm in obeying orders.
    The good forces are all the rest – except most are uninformed, and thus inactive or temporarily misled. These forces are represented by Russia, as we’d all know if we paid more attention to the seers and intuitives and prophets, who all say that Russia is expected to contribute something very important for the future well-being of humanity.
    “Through Russia comes the hope of the world” (E. Cayce).
    “Russia is the home of a germinating revelation of great spiritual value. This fact, that Russia is the spiritual custodian of a revelation, is sensed by the other nations in the world; and the first reaction has been fear (on the part of selfish leaders), but the people view Russia with expectation: they dimly realize that from her will come some new thing” (DK)
    But in order to give what she holds for the world, she first has to survive the onslaught of those who want to destroy the gift. She must therefore fight hard but fairly, prudently and intelligently. And that’s exactly how it’s going to be:
    “You know, I have a certain style of my own that has developed over years. I never take decisions that may entail consequences I can’t foresee. And if I cannot foresee the consequences, I prefer to take some time. … [Then, when you have an] understanding of how the situation should evolve, your reaction must be fast.” (Pres. Putin’s interview with Tass, 24/11/2014 – http://eng.kremlin.ru/news/23274; video in Russian: http://kremlin.ru/video/2761?page=7)
    Let’s hope your intel is correct, and some in the US and EU power circles are ready to join the fight on the side of good… For the rest of us, watch and pray is the word.


  9. Kholomoisky is certainly very powerful, but it does depend upon how you view various Jewish organizations. How powerful are the Chabad? For that matter, is the World Jewish Congress that powerful, or is it more a place where Jewish and Zionist groups work out their positions? Finally, is there really a “Jewish” position on this war? Aren’t there just a bunch of powerful factions with different goals?

    In any case, it looks like Russia is now taking a harder stance, and Putin’s comments a day or so ago showed that. He talked about criminals in Kiev and called the rebel republics by their names. And, of course, there is war in the Donbass again.

    The US has lots of experience at keeping unpopular, militaristic regimes in power through violence. The leaders can change, such as in South Vietnam, but the wars go on. It really doesn’t require that much money if American troops are not involved. So the US wants to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian. Unfortunately, the Ukraine never really created a society or ideology that could resist this. Hopefully, this is now changing.


    • Media power of Chabad and Jewish orgs is very large. Financial power is great, but diminishing and not enough.
      PRACTICAL power of Chabad is very small. Ukr population is on to them. Ideological power is spotty and small. If Russia finally decides to turn on RUSSIA’s formiddable ideological/cultural influence, the whole thing will turn around in a jiffy.
      Besides, many in Israel are pro-Russian and/or anti-American. Many Jews -especially those originally from Russia/Ukraine, especially, Odessa (there are lots and lots of those) all over the world – are on Russia’s side.
      There is much, much more to the story…

      A couple of weeks ago I had written a large piece explaining the truth, all the details and secrets of Chabad/Khazarian Kaganate ‘resurrection’ and Kolomoysky in Ukraine, but a computer glitch ‘disappeared’ half of my document.
      I’ll have to re-write everything and eventually it will come out, possibly, as an Earth Shift Report. Stay tuned! It’s very interesting.


  10. Lada,

    That sounds very interesting. I have read that most anti-Russian Jews left Russia, and that a high percentage there today are fairly pro-Russian. This makes sense, but it would mean that Russian Jews in Israel might be less pro-Russian than the ones inside Russia. By the way, didn’t most Ukrainian Jews leave after independence?

    The ideological power probably comes from media. The TV really brainwashes people. Sad but true.

    By the way, we will have to do the show in February. Doing it sooner looks like it won’t work.


    • I already got it about the show – felt it wouldn’t work since yesterday. No problem. Emailing you soon. 🙂

      There were in fact very few truly anti-Russian jews – it’s all Western/US/Zionist propaganda from the Cold War. But those few who were, yelled the loudest and were touted by Zionists/West as freedom fighters. That was how you got immediate refugee status, jobs and money during Cold War. You had to prove bogus prosecution by the USSR – all lies for ulterior motives, perpetuated to this day. Remember, I was there.
      In reality, most left USSR for economic reasons, very, very few for political. Most also lied about it as refugee status was only given if you could show political prosecution. Sure, there were a few sell-outs and a few passionate russophobes, most – did it for personal gain.
      I knew massive numbers of jews in the US and Israel. Few are anti-Russian, minority is neutral to skeptical, majority are pro-Russian. Even those who are anti- still consider themselves proudly a part of the Russian culture. Incidentally, no one ever says “Ukrainian jews.” This is another Western BS. All jews from the USSR are called everywhere ‘Russians,’ even if they are from Uzbekistan of Azerbaijan.

      All russophobic jews are American jews only + some jews in Israel without cultural connection to Russia, because they had been brainwashed for generations. This is a fact.

      I think I’ll do an Earth Shift Report on all that.

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  11. Hi Lada, I am really looking forward to reading your report on the Chabad/Khazarian Kaganate ‘resurrection’ and Kolomoysky in Ukraine. There is an angle to this war that is often missed, the desire by a few fanatics to recreate a so called homeland for jews in the Crimea. Genetic testing has now demonstrated that most Aski. jews are from the Caucaucas, Black and Caspian Sea regions. If it helps, I promise to send you a donation as soon as it appears. Please publish at your earliest convenience.


  12. Great discussion as usual. I believe there’s an unspoken and powerful hidden truth that is completely ignored by the western media and that is the increasing leverage that Putin and Russia have in Israel because of the heavy Russian immigration there. I’ve even heard reports, and Lada please correct me if I’m wrong, that many of the presumed Russian Jews aren’t really Jews at all but just opportunists who somehow were able to claim Judaism as their religion. Anyhow assuming that all of them are Jews, they’re not, as Lada correctly states, the hardcore zionist types that come from the US and western Europe. I think the ones from Russia are really first and foremost Russian but who identify themselves as cultural Jews but don’t pit one against the other. In other words they don’t wear their Jewishness on their sleeves so that everyone can see. They’re also not into this zenophobic, expanionist psychopathic philosophy that zionists are into. As you say they just want to prosper economically and believed that moving to the west would have fulfilled that. Most of them were probably hoping that Israel was just the first stop to the US and western Europe and but now they’re basically stuck there. This is just speculation on my part but Putin and Russia may be building some kind of coalition in the middle east between non-zionist forces in Israel, non fundamentalist Egypt, Lebanon and the Syrian government against the Nato sponsored muslim extremists who are also supported by the Israel zionist government. Anyhow we should keep our eye on the political development inside Israel of the pro Russian forces.


  13. When you wrote in point 8 about Ukrainian soldiers sabotaging the artillery projectiles (something I didn’t know about), I immediately thought of WWII and how the prisoners from the occupied territories, who worked at the German munition factories, would sabotage the bombs and slip in small messages, like the one you quoted above, into disabled bombs.

    And about the advance of the Donetsk Republican Army: they have managed to break through to Mariupol.


  14. Hello Lada. You wonder why not more people give you a Like? I’m sure lots of people like what you write – me too!
    May be the reason is that we have to look up our password (which I don’t find now) and log in first. Why do you make it hard if it could be so easy to give you a Like where you really deserve it?
    Rudolf 😉


    • Hi Rudolf, it’s not my system. It’s WordPress that makes it so. I don’t know if I can make it easier. My best suggestion is to open a WP account and keep yourself logged in. Then you don’t need to look up your password. I believe my admin posted ‘how to sign up for WP account’ instructions on BLOG RULES page. If anyone still has any questions, please post these questions in that page’s comment section and we’ll respond.

      WordPress has a lot of good features, that’s why I am with them. It is possible that eventually I may move my blog to my own website LadaRay.info. But it will be some time from now.

      Thanks for the good words 🙂


  15. “But the Polish president didn’t stop at that. He said that it was Ukrainian army that liberated Poland, thus not only falsifying history, but also insulting all those who were there – and we are talking millions of Soviet soldiers from all corners of the USSR – 100 nationalities in all, most of them Russian.”
    Lada, it wasn’t the president, it was Poland’s Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna. 😉
    He seems to have corrected it later, after protests of the Russian foreign ministry, saying that in the tank which opened the gate there was an Ukrainian driver…


    • Thanks, I know it was Schetyna. I have no time to correct it – and I am not interested in doing that. It’s splitting hairs. There were also other provocative statements made specifically to insult and to provoke. The meaning and intent has not changed. Polish president is the first person responisble for such statements of his govt. They know exactly what they are doing. Schetyna is Soviet trained historian, who knows axactly what went on and who knows exactly that it was called 1st Ukrainian Front because it was one of the 4 Fronts that liberated Ukraine. That’s how Front names were assigned. He also knows just as well that the same Front was before that called Voronezhsky, and before that Bryansky. Therefore, following this logic, it might have been the citizens of the Russian city of Voronezh who liberated Poland after all.
      What poles are doing is called malicious intent. Their goal is to try and get their foot in the door to bite off as big of chunk of Ukraine as they can when Ukraine starts desintegrating.


    • P.S. ‘schetyna’ has a very bad connotation in Russian, which I won’t repeat. Resembles a swear. I think it means the same in Polish.
      Names convey a lot of meaning.


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  17. Lada, this might be the false flag you are warning about:

    According to a student, who returned from Ukraine to Crimea, Kiev enlists students to organise a large provocation on the Russian border on the 29th of January. Armed Ukro-Nazis will be participating along with the students.
    And it will be done in connection to a Soros-twisted event of Ukrainian “heroic” history…


    • More people, for various reasons, are feeling that a false flag is incoming. The following article on ZeroHedge is about Russia fighting Western hypocrisy with logic, but a reader comment lower down is as interesting as the article itself:


      Here’s a fragment of it:

      “Is Russia allowed to interfere with Israel’s future gas profits? No way in hell. Time for Israel to get their money’s worth out of bribed U.S. congressmen. Time for Nettanyahu to trot out some of those stolen W54 nuclear pits for a little mischief. This time their only option is to nuke something in Ukraine to provoke a war. Their last false-flag – MH-17 – was a god damn flop and dismal failure. They’re getting desperate and that always makes them sloppy. The only thing they have left to work with regarding Russia is some Ukrainian Nazis, a few U.S. military commanders in their pockets and the Blackwater/Xe/Vehicle Services assasins in Ukraine. Well, that and the W54’s.”


  18. Dear Lada,

    I just received following video; it confirms things were all planned quite some time ago. How disgusting, those yelling guys on the background! Are they part of the Washington revolution machine??? Underneath the english transcript:

    Deputy Oleg Tsarov has the wordHonourable Colleagues
    Honourable Vladimir VasiljevitchIn my role as a representative of the Ukrainian people…
    …activists of the public organisation “Volya” turned to me…
    …providing clear evidence…
    …that within our territory…
    …with support and direct participation
    …of the US Embassy in Kiev…
    …the “TechCamp” project is realised…
    …under which preparations are being made for a civil war in Ukraine.The “TechCamp” project prepares specialists for information warfare…
    …and the discrediting of state institutions using modern media…
    …potential revolutionaries…
    …for organising protests…
    … and the toppling of the State Order.The project is currently overseen and under the responsibility…
    …of the US ambassador to Ukraine…
    …Geoffrey R. Pyatt.After the conversation with the organisation “Volya“…
    … I have learned…
    …that they succeeded to access Facilities in the project “TechCamp“…
    …disguising as a team of IT specialists.To their surprise, briefings on peculiarities of modern media were held.American instructors explained how social networks and Internet technologies…
    …can be used for targeted manipulation of public opinion…
    …as well as to activate protest potential…
    …to provoke violent unrest on the territory of Ukraine…
    …Radicalisation of the population and triggering of infighting.American instructors show examples of successful use of social networks…
    …used to organise protests
    …in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.”TechCamp” representatives currently hold conferences throughout Ukraine.A total of five events have been held so far.About 300 people were trained as operatives, which are now active throughout Ukraine.The last conference “TechCamp” took place on 14 and 15 November 2013…
    …in the Heart of Kiev on the territory of the US Embassy!You tell me which country in the world would allow…
    …a NGO to operate out of the ​ US Embassy?This is disrespectful to the Ukrainian government, and against the Ukrainian People!I appeal to the Constitutional Authorities of Ukraine with the following question:Is it conceivable that representatives of the US Embassy…
    …which organise the “TechCamp” Conferences…
    …misuse their diplomatic mission?–– Let him speak ––Carry OnUN Resolution of 21 December 1965 regulates…
    …inadmissibility of interference in the internal affairs of a state…
    …to protect its independence and its sovereignty…
    …in accordance with paragraphs one, two and five.I ask you to consider this as an official beseech…
    …to pursue an investigation of this case

    Thank You!


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