Putin Authorizes Delivery of S-300 Missile Systems to Iran

As a direct consequence of the US and EU push for the lift of the oil embargo and sanctions in exchange for Iran giving up its nuclear program (well, at least partially), Putin has lifted ban on delivery of S-300 missile systems to Iran and authorized the delivery. The contract between Russia and Iran was signed over 5 years ago, but the US and EU imposed anti-Iran sanctions and broad embargo, preventing the delivery at the time. Russian FM Lavrov announced that with the ban lift, there are no more obstacles to the contract completion.

It has to be noted that S-300 isn’t Russia’s most advanced missile defence system. S-400 is a more sophisticated one, and the newest cutting-edge designs are coming up as well. Iran faces dangers in the region and it needs the means to defend itself, while S-300 is a purely defensive system posing no threat, said the Russian leadership.

This new development is happening at the same time the US and EU say they won’t give up on their missile system in Europe, despite the fact that hypothetical aggressor against which this system is supposedly directed – Iran – is giving up its nuclear program. It’s common knowledge that in reality, US missile defence system in Europe is directed against Russia, which both US and NATO have denied for years.

It has to be noted that the Yemen bombings have also influenced the Russian S-300 delivery decision.

In addition to Iran’s need to defend itself from potential aggression by Saudis, US and/or Israel, Russia’s move is part of a complex geopolitical chess game in which S-300 is used as leverage. One of the messages Russia sends to the US and EU is: ‘you make your move – we make ours.’


‘Second class Americans’? US fails to rescue its citizens in Yemen… it’s Russia who does the job. Hundreds of civilians from over a dozen nations are evacuated from war-torn Yemen – in Russian planes and ships.




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  1. Leaving your citizens to face doom in a foreign country is pretty low class but it’s what I’ve come to expect from Washington, DC. It was built on a swamp which has morphed into a sewer. Perhaps the DC crew was hoping for some kind of a massacre to use as an excuse to invade. Russia to the rescue… impeccable chess move.

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  2. One tiny note to the article: the C-300 embargo was self-imposed by Medvedev. C-300, being defensive weapons, didn’t fall under the assault weapon sales sanctions imposed on Iran, so Russia could have delivered them already 5 years ago.


  3. I guess the famous “reset” is now over. Russia needs to get the S300s into Iran before too long, as Iran is developing their own system.

    Still, though, Russia generally plays things in a pragmatic way. For example, now abstaining on the UN vote on Yemen. Many find this distasteful, but perhaps this will help the Saudis get stuck in a war and have less energy for things like Syria or Central Asia.


    • Right on about Saudis in Yemen. The idea is to get them stuck there when they can’t start an all out war, can’t get out.
      Reset has been over for a long time, in fact it never happened.


    • Let me rephrase. It’s a complex game and getting Saudies, and not only Saudis, tied up in Yemen is only a part of it. Saudis need to be tied up in the danger zones in their own backyard, so they won’t have time nor resources to stick their big noses into other people’s backyards. There is a good possibility of SA eventually falling apart at the seams too.

      Why exactly is Russia’s abstaining distasteful? I don’t remember Russia owing anyone a veto or anything else. I don’t see anyone supporting Russia when Russia needs support. Why should Russia go out of her way? Russia must always act in her own interests and they, at this moment in time, dictate neutrality.

      In the 20th century, Russia saved the world from fascism at the expense of 27mln people and destroyed country. And I don’t see scores of grateful people out there. Instead all these so-called allies and those who owe Russians big time are all boycotting May 9th in Moscow and portraying Russia as an aggressor, including those whose countries and populations would not have survived if not for Russia and Soviet Army. THIS is what I find extremely distasteful, treaterous, offensive and unforgivable. Perhaps Russia should pay no attention whatsoever to what other countries want or need to teach them all a lesson. Russia has everything she needs inside the country and they don’t need anyone else; they’ll be happier working with their own resources and only with those who appreciate them.


  4. Some people are looking for a knight in shining armor because they are so unhappy with the situation in the West. So they want Russia to be better, and not vote based on its national interest. They want Russia to use morality in its votes. Not that this is fair, but it is the sentiment. The Saker had a post on how this was a significant failure by Russia. I tend to disagree, but UN diplomacy and votes are complicated and can mix several angles.

    The other issue is that a large number of countries are simply under US occupation or the equivalent by Wall Street and the City of London. So voters have no power, but they hope that Russians do. Bulgarians are not happy about losing the Southstream; they are merely pawns in the game. And their media and cultures have been taken over, as in the Ukraine. So of course they are going to become somewhat anti-Russian over time. If pro-Russian owners and NGOs get established, then things will gradually change. The problem is that those people may have terrible accidents or be arrested over bogus things.

    Of course it is painful to watch the behavior over May 9th. This is a huge provocation against Russia. And sad. But it is reasonable to ask how this happened, and to try to draw some lessons from it. My gut says that Russia took a very passive approach in Eastern Europe over the last 15 years or so, and this encouraged the US and EU to think that they could easily take up to Russia’s borders, and eventually break Russia. Call it arrogance or insanity, but if you have been stealing and cheating for 20 years, aren’t you going to expect to continue the game? Now and then someone like Lavrov would complain, but actions speak louder than words, and it is unclear that Russia ever did anything – till the Crimea.

    So perhaps the lesson should be that Russia should engage with Europe, not turn away. The US, after all, is trying to get Russia to give up on Europe. However, don’t get fooled with a good cop/bad cop routine. European elites would love to see a broken Russia.


    • You’ll forgive me if I am not sympathetic to others’ plight just now. I know, it’s not like me. But presently, I am still digesting the May 9th boycott by the wonderful allies masterminded to specifically hurt every Russian on the face of the earth, and every former Soviet. This long list includes even yours truly – and that’s a very difficult thing to do.

      If there is an epic failure – that’s the one. All they are achieving is that what’s left of the Russians’ good will towards EU or US will evaporate. Believe me, I am listening to the Russian Duma minutes and talk shows, and I can tell you they offended everyone, and not just in Russia and it won’t be forgotten.

      As to those who want Russia to fight their battles because they prefer to continue living their comfy lifestyle, while others fight and suffer – sorry, no dice. Russia has done that more than once. I know it contradicts what I usually say about Russia’s global role. But this is how I feel for the moment. I think right now Russia needs to be as selfish as possible. This is my verdict. As to the Saker, or anyone else – I think usually he is pretty good. Sorry and surprised to see he is so incredibly wrong. And as you know, I usually do not comment on others’ opinions. Let’s call this a ‘special emergency exception to the rule.’

      As to Bulgaria, or Poland, or any others… Russians saved Bulgaria more than once from invasions, while I keep hearing from Bulgarians on SM: but we are your younger brothers, why are you not supporting us? It’s another version of Ukraine, just not as overtly violent. I thought they themselves didn’t want South Stream? Austria, Serbia and Hungary didn’t succumb to pressure, why did they? In fact, Bulgaria in every war sided with the opposite side: WWI, WWII-with Nazis, and now they are McCain’s lapdog. But all these years Russians were conveniently closing their eyes to all that for the sake of ‘friendship and brotherhood.’
      Who needs enemies with brothers like this? Poland is even worse – and it pains me to say this. But this is what Russians will tell you today.

      Russia has to be selfish and pragmatic. No more charity. Want to be a friend – prove it with your actions. And this must apply to everyone.


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