Was 1917 Russian Revolution an Early Color Revolution? Starikov on EU, Armenia Maidan and Greece


Was the 1917 Russian Revolution an Early Color Revolution?

Russian Analyst Nikolay Starikov on Armenia Maidan and Greece

My view on Russian politician/analyst Evgeny Fedorov

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In reply to my article: Color Revolutions: Who and Why Takes Advantage of Border Disputes and Historic Resentments?

Nemo says 

“That’s how all these color revolutions we have observed, were created. Be it France to unseat De Gaulle, or Hungary in 1956, or Georgia, or Egypt, or Serbia, or Ukraine…”

I think we can safely go even further back. The way I see it, the coup d’etat of 1917 in Russia bares all the characteristics and attributes of a colour “Red” revolution, maybe in a cruder, earlier form.

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That’s why I said the color revolution manual hasn’t been changed since the beginning of the 20th century.

However, the real color revolution was the February 1917 coup/revolution that unseated Nikolay II and ended the Russian monarchy. Without those Russian oligarchs, counts, officers and Tsar’s relatives who came out wearing red bands in February, plotting to unseat Nikolay II, the later Bolshevik Revolution wouldn’t have happened. Without the direct British agent Kerensky (proven fact Kerensky himself brags about in his memoirs) and his Temporary Government – Rus.: Vremennoe Previtelstvo – of oligarchs that destroyed what was left of the country’s infrastructure and morale in the short several months between March and October, the Bolshevik Revolution wouldn’t have happened either.

The 1917 Russian Empire situation looked a lot like Ukraine’s today, in other words, total madness – albeit on an incomparably larger scale. The Bolshevik Revolution of November 7, 1917 capitalized on the ensuing mayhem and went much beyond the color revolution goals, in fact breaking out of the mold, and building an alternative social system to rival and balance out the West.

But yes, February and November 1917 were in fact 2 parts of one mega-coup.

This is where Nikolay Starikov, whom I mentioned on several occasions, shines: explaining color revolutions. The geopolitics of the 20th century – through now is his period. Perhaps also 18-19th centuries as well. (He loses me when he goes deeper in history, into areas he doesn’t understand.)

Just posted: great latest video by Starikov where he gives his perspective on Greece and Armenia electric maidan. He echoes and compliments very well from his angle what I have been saying all along on these issues.

Have a listen. Sorry everyone, only have it in Russian, but I hope you can turn on English subtitles on YT.

Generally, Starikov is one of my top recommended Russian geopolitical analysts. Just keep in mind what I said earlier about him in regards to different historic times, plus the fact that he takes an exclusively patriotically-Russian angle on things (don’t blame him), while I prefer to think of the good of the entire Planet Earth.

In this video Starikov also talks about a direct connection between Gorbachev’s ‘treason,’ as he calls it, and the EU formation. I did mention in the above-linked article that I think this view of Gorbachev is overly simplistic.

Starikov makes a compelling case that Gorbachev’s actions, resulting in the break-up of the USSR, set in motion a chain of events culminating in the mushrooming of the EU as we know it today, on the bones of the Soviet Union.

Since we are on the topic of Russian geopolitical analysts: one of my readers, Kostya, also asked my opinion about Evgeny Fedorov and his ‘prediction’ that there is a secret negotiation to replace Putin. My readers do know my rule that I don’t discuss other people’s work or personas, unless I can say something positive, as in the case of Starikov above. I’ll make a quick exception here, since I often get questions about Fedorov’s sensationalistic predictions that never come true.

Here is what I replied to this reader’s question:

I generally don’t listen to Fedorov, as I mentioned on prior occasions. My view of Fedorov is that he is a fear monger and sensationalist. But perhaps he plays the role of the boy who cried wolf, which can be useful, I suppose, to wake up those who are normally asleep. Sadly, some need a dose of his scares he likes throwing around, to keep them alert.

I demonstrated in 2014 how his ‘prediction of the upcoming maidan in St Petersburg’ didn’t materialize, while mine that it wouldn’t happen – did. ‘Nough said.

But some don’t want the truth, preferring sensationalism and tall tales.

That said, as you know, I agree with Fedorov in principle regarding the NWO and UK/US globalist hegemony agenda gone too far.

Added to clarify some questions: I also appreciate Fedorov’s long-standing resistance against and vocal position on the US globalist agenda issues. In a way, he is a hero and a great awakener. But I disagree with his methods and information delivery. As I said, some people may require this type of presentation, which is sad.

Link to the above-referenced post:  As we all know, no maidan ever happened in St Pete, in line with what I had said back then.

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  1. My I recommend Lada you get in contact with Joseph Patrick Farrell via his website http://www.gizadeathstar.com or his facebook page. I think you share a lot of thoughts in common.


  2. Thank you Lada. Colour Revolutions are a form of False Flag. Politically motivated revolutions or False Flags have been happening for centuries… certainly intensively over the last 400 years or so or since before and after the French Revolution. The Baur/Rothschilds were active all through this period. I do believe the Russian Revolution was a Rothschild/Zionist event. As was the 1991 disintergration of the USSR engineered by the same agenda but different generation. False Flags are now so common that hardly a day goes by without one! They are used to create fear and galvanize the people’s attention to an agenda. The main agenda currently is about creating chaos, instability and imprisoning people in a life of slavery and poverty with no freedom…. complete domination by a few elites. There is no doubt in my mind that Maidan was a Zionist intervention. Ukraine has been robbed of any asset by its complicit oligarchs who are in step with the Zionist controlled US government that interferes everywhere and has most governments toeing its agenda line. The US government has been completely infiltrated and no longer shows any allegiance to the Constitution progressively over the last 150 years. My investigations and understanding of the 9/11 Attack on New York and the ensuing 7/7 London Bombings as well as similar events in Spain, Kenya, Australia, began the war on terror. Wars make money. The Rothschilds got their financial leg up by robbing Prussia of moneys that were due to be paid to Prussian soldiers but instead lined the Baur/Rothschild coffers. I saw the 9/11 tower events on Australian TV as I was preparing to go to work. I just happened to turn on the TV and saw it…something I rarely did in the mornings in those days. Many Australians were killed on 9/11 as they worked in the Towers. It was not just US citizens. An Australian Zionist (Westfield Corp) was involved in the leasing of the properties. I have posted all the information I found to be relevant here https://ascensioncorner.wordpress.com/accountability-911-truth-movement/
    The recent Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Charlie Hebdo events in France and Denmark as well as the many US shooting events that are anti-Islam or Anti-Negro also have some mind-controlled patsy involved who is no doubt a Zionist manchurian asset. Not to forget the assassination of JFK.
    I am constantly intrigued by the fact that Israel has not been attacked by ISIL when every other country in the region has been invaded and plundered by ISIL. There is good evidence that this is another Zionist engineered sect, trained and supplied with armaments as it is by US, UK and Israel. Russia would do well to make sure that it and its satellites are not infiltrated by these same organisations. Funny how Al Qaeda has evolved into ISIL… the former was a CIA/Mossad construct too. Trying to keep this concise…I could write a book about it all!
    Noeline Clayfield

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  3. Thank you, Lada. Everyone, even those who know about it (like me), seems for some reason to forget about the February “revolution” and concentrated on the October one.

    Kiseljovs’s “News of the Week” from yesterday (available on YouTube) had an interesting feature on the US NGOs in Russia and around the world, their modus operandi and financing. A good cautionary report, helping Russian citizens to wake up, and not to follow the instigators.
    The following is a screenshot, take from a French 2007 documentary “Revolution.com or USA – conquering of the East”. Quite telling.

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  4. Same with China and Mao Ze-tung.. all bought and paid for by the same forces wrecking havoc on the Chinese society then.. here in Sweden we had a much softer version.. by the assassination of the PM Olof Palme.. who had no body guards when shot.. ! He was supposed to meet up with the Russians about the alleged Russian Sub that got stranded in Swedish waters..

    There is a guy Ole Dammgård who was written extencively about this murder and the charade after when they “tried” to blame Kurds for doing it amongst others.. he also connected the dots with the sinking of the ship ESTONIA..

    According to him Olof Palme was about to meet the Russians about the U-BOAT, but the Russians where about to tell him where the sub really originiated from.. which of course was not allowed to happen.. and he got killed..


    • Ollie, you are probably spot on re. what is happening in Sweden. At a minimum, I can tell you that Scandinavia/Baltics are one of the most messed with and kept hostage regions of the world by you-know-who.

      Wrong about China and Mao, where the situation was entirely different. I know this is one of the ‘brilliant’ conspiracy theories floating around, obviously by someone who has no idea about China at all, just like all those who come up with outlandish stuff ab. Russia, Astana, and Putin as NWO, knowing nothing of what they speak.

      I do plan an Earth Shift China Report at one point, where I’ll try to address this issue among everything else on China.


  5. Freuadian Slip 1/2 ?

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  6. Freuadian Slip 2/2 ?

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  7. One way of looking at it is a question of a country’s immune system. A sickly country can be overthrown and a strong one can’t. The Russian Empire was tangled up with too many problems. The Ukraine had four or five major problems, not just one or two. America may or may not be a parasite, but the opportunistic infections in many places are due to the country not really working tolerably. Take China for example. The US has been provoking things all the time there, and the Tiananmen Incident is widely seen as having been a color attempt. But nothing has worked. The main reason is that half of the elite do not work for the US or have most of their money in the US.

    Lada, I know you tend to have a fairly internationalistic outlook, which is fine, but it is certainly the case that the easiest thing to exploit is nationalistic sentiment. The EU and USSR worked reasonably well when Germany and Russia were subsidizing everybody else in a big way. When the money got tight, the internationalistic spirit went away, even in Germany and Russia. Human nature, perhaps.

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  8. A good documentary (in Russian) was aired on RTR yesterday. It’s called “Biochemistry of Treachery”. It covers many of the points raised in this article, including the February coup d’etat, the treachery of Vlasov during WWII, how the Nazis were given asylum in USA, forming of the radio stations, aiming to foment split along the national lines in USSR, and the present-day attempts to substitute real heroes with traitors (like it was done in Ukraine with Bandera).

    I will try to write a translation, but cannot promise anything.

    Interestingly, Natalia Poklonskaja gave yesterday a qualification to Nikolai II’s abdication, saying that it was illegitimate and violating several norms and protocols.


    • Starikov suspects Nikolay never abdicated and that it was a fake announced to the people and troops to get the color revolution going and to begin the dismantling of the country. I think he may be on to something. It sure was illegitimate however you slice it, and Poklonskaya is right.

      Researchers (Starikov and others) are also saying that Nikolay and his family weren’t executed by the Bolsheviks, but by esers (social-revolutionary party), acting on direct orders from England. Same story goes for Admiral Kolchak execution. Esers at the time were siding with the Bolsheviks, although their methods were more aggressive; later it became known they acted as direct agents of you-know-who. All this makes the February 1917 coup a direct granddaddy of today’s Kiev maidan.


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