Look Who’s Finally Waking Up! EU Plan B: ‘Treat Russia Nicely, Stop Being US Stooge’

My readers who follow me regularly know that I’ve dedicated a big part of 2014 to trying to talk some sense into the EU politicians and Europeans in general. I wrote countless articles explaining how harmful it was for the EU to continue as a US slave, and how necessary it was for the EU to make a turnaround towards cooperation with Russia. By 2015, I became so disgusted with European ‘leaders’ that I stopped talking about that.

However, to the surprise of some of my readers, I continued being long-term mildly optimistic about the EU turnaround, saying that it would have to happen sooner or later because there really was no other way for the future to play out.

Sooner or later EU would have to deal with Ukraine’s bills they couldn’t carry on paying (it is happening now); with the influx of armed ukro-nazi thugs on EU territory (may happen soon as Ukraine continues to disintegrate); the aftermath of sanctions forced on EU and Russia by the US and corrupt European politicians could become unbearable (farmers all over EU are protesting as we speak).

I also said from the very start of 2014 that just like with the Georgia/S. Ossetia crisis of 2008, the 2014 Ukraine would also blow over. They would yell and scream for a couple of years, and then start forgetting about it, turning to business as usual. They’d eventually tire of anti-Russian statements, remembering that, after all, EU and Russia did share one continent and trade between the two was too significant to jeopardize.

It turned out that the shock of Syrian refugees became the event that broke the camel’s back. Oh yes, the US prostitutes such as Merkel and the bought-and-paid-for EU MSM still puff their cheeks in the direction of Russia. But many of EU’s elites, as much as ordinary citizens, approve of Russia’s actions in Syria. The approval of Putin’s actions is through the roof, the fact being diligently hushed up.

Bought-and-paid-for or not, EU politicians have to start responding. And the turn begins.

The desperate need for a turnaround in European politics was crystal clear to me and my smart readers from the start of the 2014 Kiev maidan and coup. But EU politicians are awfully slow. Almost two years later, EU governments and individuals are finally timidly starting to see Poroshenko and the ukro-nazi junta for what they are. Poroshenko was again called on the carpet, this time in Paris, and admonished personally by Hollande, Merkel and Putin for non-compliance with Minsk agreements. Again, the meeting lasted for four or five hours, while Poroshenko was left humiliated waiting for his turn as Putin talked in private with Hollande and Merkel.

But on the global stage Ukraine events have now been relegated to the second tier of importance . The Syrian refugee crisis takes the cake. EU has never expected such massive inflow of refugees. More so, EU’s top bras have never expected such fight between countries regarding refugee passage and quotas. EU is strained to the core and is showing cracks, while the economic crisis makes countries question their participation in the EU. Crisis shows that the only unifying factor in the EU was ‘having good times and prospering together.’ The good times are gone, and so is unity.

This reminds me of Napoleon, who was the first to voice the idea that Europe should be ruled from one center, thus being considered the father of the EU. His multinational army only held together while it was advancing and winning. The moment hardship set in and the mighty Napoleon began losing to the Russians, his army disintegrated like a soap bubble.

The pro-Russian moods in the EU are growing, despite all the resistance by the US and anti-Russian/pro-US lobby. Pro-US moods are waning, and rapidly, although it is still far from reaching the level of real change. We can be assured that US itself and USA’s Trojan Horses in the EU will continue putting enormous pressure on Europe to toe the line.

For how this works see companion post: Bulgaria Returning to Native Shores: ‘Thank you Russia – 1878 and 1945’

EU may have not liked so much the latest pronouncements from the insane asylum formerly called Ukraine. During his UN speech drunk Poroshenko announced that “Russia is attempting to destabilize ISIS,” which I think embarrassed every remaining sane Ukrainian on the face of the Earth. Later Poroshenko proposed that Ukraine should gather data on families of Russian pilots in Syria in order to pass them on to ISIS so they would terrorize these families. Anton Gerashchenko, former advisor to Poroshenko and present Ukraine’s interior ministry advisor, announced that Ukraine should send troops to help ISIS take revenge on Russia.

I think even the sold-out EU politicians would experience nausea listening to such lunatics, who now scare to death many of their former supporters and maidan instigators from Poland, Brussels, UK and Germany.

However, for the anti-muslim-immigration countries such as Hungary, Poland, Czechia, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and Bulgaria, nothing has worked as well as the cold shower of the mass Middle Eastern migration. Rhetoric towards Russia changed overnight once they realized Russia could quickly accomplish what US and their own NATO were unable and unwilling to do for years: get rid of ISIS and stabilize Syria.

Again, like 70 years ago (WWII), 130 years ago (Ottoman Empire), and 200 years ago (Napoleon), Russia has to rescue these countries or territories, which in good times seem to forget everything that Russia has done for them, betraying their savior on a whim, once someone dangles a bigger and shinier carrot. In some cases, such as the traditionally pro-Russian Bulgaria and Slovakia, we are talking about US-bred russophobic elites installed as puppet governments, and equally puppet MSM. In cases of Hungary and Czechia we actually have relatively pro-Russian heads of state, who are surrounded by the same US-grown russophobic elites.

Out of all the above countries I want to single out POLAND, who for the longest time worked the hardest to damage Russia and whose not very intelligent policies turned it into the biggest US Manchurian Candidate and Trojan Horse in Europe.

It’s hard to turn around the EU. But the process of the EU turning away from the US and towards Russia and China is unavoidable and historically predetermined, unless EU wants to go down together with the mothership. They don’t seem to desire such outcome…

It will be a treacherous and lengthy process, as I’ve predicted in 2014. But this epic turnaround, when completed, will finally re-unite Eurasia, which still remains one continent with one single unified space, the need for cooperation and common goals, despite what some may want you believe.

So, the turn of this huge, misshapen ship has begun, despite the resistance. It is being signaled by the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who has said in a surprise speech in Germany: “Europe must treat Russia with more decency, improve the relationship, and not let EU policies be dictated by Washington.”

Video: EU turn: ‘European policies must not be dictated by Washington’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsB0039hUik

And another one, with additional analysis: ‘EU seeks for any possibility to stop Syrian-migrant crisis’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfrNMt8tt_w


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  1. This is the centennial of the Great War and the bicentennial of the 1789-1815 War. If Europe haven’t learn it’s lesson by now it will never learn it.


  2. Just started reading this, what promises to be an optimistic article. But I feel, I need to post some heads-up about negative events, speaking of mounting desperation across the pond.

    Chief of Pentagon Carter virtually declared war against Russia yesterday. He basically said that if Russia does not stop what it’s doing in Syria (fighting ISIS terrorists) and does not get out of there, Russian soldiers will start dying and then war will be transferred to the Russian soil. Less radical statements than his were treated as declarations of war in the times past!

    At the same time, StateDep said that they will be giving military and air support to militant groups in Syria. When asked which groups, the spokesperson evaded the question saying that there are many such groups there. Basically US declares military support to ISIS, just like they supported Taliban before.

    And finally, when I thought that the bottom of double standards was reached, somebody knocked from below. US announces that it will introduce new round of sanctions against Russia for… assisting Syria in their fight against ISIS terrorists.

    Undaunted, Russian Air and Space Forces continue assisting Syria in their strive to preserve sovereignty. One town was completely liberated from ISIS yesterday and a valley there is being cleared now. Also Russian forces conducted a series of missile strikes from the Caspian fleet of small frigates (alarming USA to no end my this unexpected move) and from the Black Sea fleet ships, which are located near the Syrian shore.


  3. Amazing, how fast you’ve reacted. It was in the news just yesterday evening. My first thought was: One swallow does not make a summer. But you have definitely more clairvoyance than me, so I’m prone to believe your take to be more true than my doubts.

    But I must admit I firmly believe that the fundamental basis of western politics is murder threats and finally murder. Only beginners or promising social climbers in politics, media and so on are offered suitcases with money. So, how come that EU Commission President Juncker dares to secede from his puppet masters in public? It’s not his rising genius drowned in alcohol previously or his bad feeling. He must be offered protection by somebody else. He can’t be so stupid, so naive, so sentimental declaring suicide publicly. The same goes for German chancellor Merkel, one false step too much and she will get a heart attack or a deadly accident quickly. The Minsk Accords were her idea, thereby she surprised her US masters and risked her life. Remember the Kennedys? Ok, inappropriate comparison, but you know what I mean. By now she didn’t get protection from elsewhere. The same goes for Obama, his indulgence of the Russian air strikes in Syria is the utmost he can do for the betterment of the world.

    There must have been a huge power shift behind the scenes and only therefore we can see visible improvements in politics.


    • Yes, the power shift. That’s what I am talking about in my post, don’t I?

      Junker, as I said, is reacting to the massive ongoing shift in the minds of his constituents and peers from the elite. He obviously has enough like-minded people behind him. But he is also emboldened because he sees the confusion and inaction of the US. Make no mistake, the saner of the EU elites are tired of US dictate and can’t wait to get out, but they don’t want to risk their cozy lives, so they will wait till it’s safe enough. China and other countries do the same. As usual, Russia has to rescue everyone while they wait till it’s safe to stick their necks out. That’s why, understandably, some Russians consider Europeans cowards. But what can you do – that’s life. Merkel and Hollande actually showed a little more bravery than one would expect, but it was only because they had no choice – Ukraine had to be pacified to avoid worse problems.

      On a more global note, as I said, EU has to jump on the new bandwagon, so is US, before it’s too late. That’s what’s happening. Everyone’s vying for positions in the newly budding world system, while trying not to damage their today’s existence at the same time. One thing for sure, US is losing its influence all the time.


      • No hard feelings, Lada, please. Of course, you’ve talked here about power shift, but this time in a more general way. I’m always curious about what we don’t see. That’s why I like you and appreciate your blog so very much.


  4. The turn cannot come quick enough. My impression from comments left on MSM newspapers like the Guardian etc is that the vast majority of ordinary people are beginning to see through the MSM propaganda and they support President Putin’s actions against ISIS in Syria. Very few are taken in by the whining and stuttering of the Washington Regime and NATO.


  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Perhaps the EU was formed under NWO to abdicate their collective sovereignty.


  6. Thanks for the article and the comments, indeed so many things happening…it’s good to come here and learn about the subtleties of this global shift !


  7. When I first watched that speech by Juncker, I thought that it represents an early bird warning of the much needed changes to come. Hope it’s not just my wishful thinking talking… Right after there came what can be summarised as a retraction from other EU tops, who said that Juncker’s speech should not be treated as any signal of a change of EU’s policy towards Russia.

    Incidentally, a cover of Der Speigel caught my eye at a news stand today. It has a Putin-demonisation image of him sitting behind the controls of a MiG with a helmet carrying a red star (aren’t they behind times, holding on to an antiquated symbology?) and a text (my knowledge of German is scant) saying something along the lines of Putin taking a grip and Russia advancing onto the world…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I am translating a series of articles from Russian. Two of them are about the Arab refugees in Hungary and Austria, and another about the treatment that the internal refugees from Donbass get within Ukraine.

    Here is the first article, about Hungary:

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    • Thanks for the Nemo 1024nlink the situation in Europe-Western Asia-North Africa grows more dark by the hour.


    • The second article, pertaining Austria:


      Key quote from it:

      “Meanwhile, in the course of the conversation an interesting thing turns up. Khamis has lived in the camp “for displaced persons” in Turkey (Mardin province) for two years and did not think about Europe: for the smugglers took 10 000 dollars per person for transport by sea to Greece, while he had nowhere near that kind of money. So, there came to their camp some unknown to recruiters in July – they promised free shipping to Europe. One had to agree to the offer quickly and to go right away.”


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