Ukraine Blows Up Power Lines, Leaving Crimea Without Electricity

11/23/15 See added latest developments at the bottom.

Being a very important development, this deserves a bigger post, with videos, additional links and all bells and wistles, but due to my many other projects brewing, I just feel it’s crucial that I share as much as I can at this time.

I may return to this topic in my upcoming surprise Earth Shift Report: Black Sea-Caspian Gambit.

Yesterday Ukraine blew up two strategic transformers and power lines near Chaplinka in Kherson Oblast, on the border with Crimea. This left the entire Crimean peninsula and 2.5 million people without power. Emergency generators turned on a couple of hours later in the capital Simferopol. However, most of the peninsula is still experiencing severe power shortages. The Crimean governement ordered to regulate electricity by turning it on for two hours daily on a rotation basis. Monday, November 23 is a day off for all, except for municipal and government emloyees.  The emergency situation is declared in the Autonomous Repubic of Crimea.

In response, today Russia stopped supplies of coal to Ukraine. Coal is used extensively in Ukraine for heating, together with natural gas. The reason Russia can’t stop gas supplies is because Ukraine still is a significant gas transiter to the EU. If gas flow to Ukraine stops, so will gas flow to the EU.

Who is behind this terrorist act: Crimean Tatars (Tartars) from medjlis extremist organization (financed by US, Turkey and supported by Kiev junta) acting together with ukro-nazis from the ‘right sector,’ as well as ukro-nazi battallions Aidar and Azov.

Medjlis is extremist Islamist Tatar organization, which is now recognized as terrorist organization. The names of its leaders are: Djamilev, Chubarov and Islyamov (Islamov). Of these three, the first two are Ukraine Rada’s deputies from Petro Poroshenko’s Block – in other words, the party of the country’s president. The latter is major ex-Crimean oligarch with personal grudge, since his properties were nationalized and he was banned from entry to Crimea, following his calls to destroy Russia.

While many – probably most – of the 250,000 Crimean Tatars living in Crimea are just fine, anti-Russian medjlis has been known to be agents of CIA and Turkey. They have been long calling for a holy war against Russia, and now also against Crimea.

Kiev junta gave medjlis the green light for the recent food blockade of Crimea, which medjlis and the right sector executed through blockade of roads on the border between Kherson Oblast and Crimea. This resulted in no problems for Crimea, but it severely damaged the important agriculture of Kherson, as well as neighboring Nikolaev – both on Ukrainian side. Meanwhile Tatar medjlis and the right sector armed militants made a killing from bribes they took from poor farmers and produce shippers who paid them to be let through to Crimea despite blockade.

When it became known that Crimea substituted the 5% of agricultural produce imported from Ukraine within one week through Russian and Turkish sources, they took the next step and blew up the power lines.

Both medjlis and the right sector admitted being involved and vowed to destroy Crimea and its people. As of today, there are ongoing ukro-nazi and Tatar riots and protests in Kherson and Kiev demanding the full blockade of Crimea.

It has to be noted that Kiev junta and ukro-nazis had come out with multiple announcements in support of ISIL and its terrorist strike against the Russian Sinai, Egypt flight (lots of important intel on the Russian plane terrorist act as well, which I will share as soon as I have the chance to do so). During his recent speech at the UNGA Poroshenko infamously said that Russian bombings were destabilizing ISIL.

Kiev junta generally loves to put its foot in its mouth. In light of Paris attacks, this hasn’t generated too much sympathy towards Ukraine in Europe, and even US is beginning to distance itself from Kiev. Otherwise it would be too hard to explain to the world why US is supporting so openly an openly pro-terrorist government of Ukraine.

Kiev junta sent police to the location of the terrorist act in Kherson Oblast, attempting to investigate and stop further damage. One of the policemen was stabbed, others received injuries. No further action was taken by Kiev and no one was punished.

The latest: repair crews from KhersonEnergo who are trying to get to the damaged transformer towers to beging repairs are being threatened and diverted by the armed thugs, who aren’t letting anyone near.

Link to interview with the head of the Crimean capital of Simferopol administration. He says that Ukraine has turned into a terrorist state, where terrorists do whatever they want, no one stopping them.

The conclusions and rumors range from ‘Kiev doesn’t control the situation in the country,’ to ‘this terrorist act was organized by the US embassy and ambassador Payet.’

I would add that both the right sector and Tatar medjlis have their own interests, such as anti-Russian Ukrainian and Tatar oligarch property in Crimea being nationalized. They are also mad that their calls to invade Crimea aren’t being heard. But in addition, there are some serious external factors directing their actions.

It is clear that what I predicted last year is happening: the West did yell as scream about Crimea for a while, after which both US and EU began to calm down. Now they are starting to slowly but surely revert to business as usual with Russia, wanting to cooperate again. Proof is G20 in Antalia, Turkey, that has just ended. Obama, Erdogan, Merkel, Kuwait, Saudis, Japan, IMF’s Lagarde and everyone else on the list wanted to have a chat with Putin.

It’s also clear that both US and EU are slowly trying to extricate themselves from Ukraine mess into which they had gotten themselves. Kiev junta, ukro-nazis and Tatar medjlis are seeing they are being sidetracked and they want to re-ignite the interest in Ukraine. Poroshenko is put into a straight jacket as far as his own actions and has to abide by Minsk agreements for fear of being cut off from IMF loans – the only funds that still keep Ukraine afloat. So, if junta wants to create a diversion or sabotage, they must use non-government organizations known for their violence and radicalism. The kind of organizations they could say later had nothing to do with them. Same goes for the US and its ambassador of color revolutions Payet.

This is not the first major act of sabotage by Ukraine against Crimea.

Last year Ukraine destroyed the North Crimean Canal built by the USSR through Ukraine to supply water to the consistently dry Crimea. Water shortages started, damaging harvest. But soon, water supply was restored through Russian and internal reserves.

Crimea is almost an island, connected to mainland via just a thin sliver of land. It doesn’t have fully autonomous water and energy systems. The thing is that all the infrastructure had been built by the USSR. It connected Crimea via Ukraine to the rest of the country. The entire system was interconnected, including roads, railroads, electricity, gas and water. It ran like a clockwork, until Ukraine began sabotaging it.

Ukraine’s junta and various nazis and extremists in power are now trying to destroy all the connections that existed historically, be it economic, cultural or political.

Russia has been continuing to supply electricity to Ukraine at heavily discounted prices (essentially a bribe), so Ukraine would continue sending some of this power to Crimea through the common grid.

The EU gas transit situation is similar. Ukraine is holding hostage both Russia and EU, milking both and refusing to pay for its gas.

This situation will continue for as long as Ukraine continues being a major transit hub. The gas transit outlook will change immediately once Nord Stream 2 is built, and Turkish Stream (Blue Stream 2) is built as well.

As far as electricity and Crimea, there is a similar situation. Russia has been building an underwater cable system for everything from elecric to internet and telephone connections under Black Sea. The first line is to be completed by the end of 2015, thus aleviating the power shortage situation. Until then it may be very tough.

The famous Crimean nature park and zoo called Taigan is having an especially tough time due to power shortage. They have hundreds of tropical animals and birds, plus hundreds of newlyborn tiger/ lion cubs and baby monkeys. I just listened to the interview with Taigan’s director, who said that thankfully it’s still warm during the day, but little ones get cold at night and they have to cover them with blankets and keep whoever they can by pechkas (wood or coal burners). They can’t warm up all of them though and they are afraid to lose some of the tropical animals if power isn’t restored soon. They are also afraid to lose 10 tons of meat stored in the fridge for lions and tigers.

Russia is building a massive bridge to connect Crimea to mainland Russia. There is a temporary bridge that already functions. The main bridge for both train and auto transport will be completed in 2017-18.

When all the above gas, electric and transport projects are completed, Ukraine will be out of munitions to blackmail Russia and EU. At the same time, US, Turkey and other unscrupulous parties will lose interest in Ukraine, since it will lose value as a means of sabotaging Russia and EU.

It also has to be remembered that an act of such massive provocation and sabotage really warrants Russia’s military interfrence into Ukraine as it directly affects 2.5 million Russian citizens. Undoubtedly, this was in part the goal.

You will recall that I said from the beginning of 2014 that one of the goals of the Ukraine coup and subsequent war with Donbass was to provoke Russian intervention resulting in isolation and painting of Russia as ruthless invader.

This was necessary to create a complete and long-term rift between Russia and EU, mainly Germany, resulting in EU shifting closer than ever to the US, which would buy US more time. It would also sabotage the BRICS and Eurasian cooperation projects, including SCO, Russian gas and Chinese New Silk Road. I predicted back then that Russia would not send troops to Ukraine under any circumstances.

This new provocation is yet another desperate attempt to get Russia to send troops to Ukraine.

They are desperate because they don’t have much time left. Once Nord Stream 2 and alternative bridge and electric lines to Crimea are built, Ukraine will lose any value. Since the first underwater power line will begin its work by January 1, 2016, they have to strike now, before it’s too late.

Obviously, they waited for the cold time in order to cause maximum damage. This is how those who live in hate act and think: their goal is to make others suffer as much as possible and destroy what others had built.

11/23/15 Added latest news:

In fact 4 or more strategic long-range transformer towers (Rus: LEP) were blown up. Some of them resulted in Kherson Oblast, as well as parts of Nikolaev Oblast, losing power as well.

Rolling blackouts resulted in power being turned off for factories and production plants on Ukrainian side. Tatar villages in Kherson Oblast near Crimean border have been without power for two weeks (when first power lines were destroyed). Looks like they were destroying any transformers they could get their hands on without any regard as to whose power lines they were damaging.

In addition, at least one Ukrainian electric station in Kherson is out due to damaged infrastructure, causing further outages.

Since the beginning of this year there were warnings (I wrote about them early in the year) that ukro-nazis may blow up or damage one or more of Ukrainian nuclear stations, thus creating an all-Europe catastrophe. These warnings are now sounding again.

Rus: Interview with Alexey Zhuravko, a politician and opposition activist from Kherson, who had warned a month ago about LEPs to be blown up and who says that what happened is just the beginning.











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  3. Thanks for the update Lada

    Tragically the West has no political leaders at this time; only technocrats & executives; local area human resource managers. The West is essentially a corporate system behind a façade of disposable democracy.
    To find political leaders in today’s world we must look to Russia & China & Syria & Iran etc. In fact, to identify genuine political leadership on Earth today one merely needs to consult a list of the enemies of the Washington regime. Which is a truly tragic reality. Sadly I do not see any real political leadership emerging in the West today.

    In my opinion Lada the real struggle that underlies and drives what is happening in the Ukraine and Syria and the world generally is between a transnational cabal of corporate and finance elites and the sovereign nations of the world. These corporate elites are waging their war on the nations on multiple fronts and levels. Their primary objective is to erode national sovereignty and render our nations exposed and compliant to their control and predation. The secret trade deals are part of that war.


  4. Thank you Lada, very useful information! Wow, a lot is going on at the same time, looks like we are getting closer to the point where everything will be “disclosed”!
    We are in this together, so stay strong everybody!



  5. Bravo, Lada! Concise and accurate analyses of the situation in Ukraine. May I also add that one of the Ukrainian police officers who tried to restore the order was knifed in the ensuing scuffle?! Ukrainian nationalists on Facebook were making fun of his wound. Anarchy is descending on Ukraine. The same day a group of Right Sector scum entered one of the private banks headquarters, beat up the guard who tried to stop them, and trashed the offices yelling , “Down with the money gang”. Poroshenko is losing the grip on the power.


    • Yes, thanks. That’s true. Did mention the wound in the article. 😉
      Another situation: in the Rada an ukro-nazi deputy punched in the face a general from SBU (SBU is Ukrainian CIA or KGB). Before that in Rada, a female deputy tried to beat up one of her ukro-nazi friends with her purse, and this male deputy reacted by crushing her skull with a glass bottle full of some drink. She was rushed to the hospital in bad condition. These are all Kiev maidan friends and allies. Spiders in a jar.


  6. This looks like a underworld power grab what we have in Kiev is a government in name only.


  7. And Turkey shoot down an Russian Jet in Syria!! Both pilots seem to be dead although the ejected according to Russia-insider and RT.

    Things are ramping up.. this will not sit well with Putin!


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