Russian military reveals details of ISIS-Turkey oil smuggling

Erdogan promised he would resign, should Russia be able to prove that Turkey supported ISIL (Daesh) terrorists and was involved in ISIL oil scheme. This, of course, was no more than simple lip service.

Russian Defence Ministry is calling Erdogan’s bluff with undeniable proof, and there’s more where that came from.

Oops… Now it’s Erdogan’s turn to live up to his promise!

On another note, Russia has initiated a UN Security Council resolution regarding ISIL financing and Turkey. Let’s see how US dares to veto it, thus revealing whose side it’s really on.

Video of Russian revelations – Eng translation:

Russian Defense Ministry holds news briefing on new findings related to counter-terror activities – READ MORE

URGENT: Massive truck flow through Syrian-Turkish border at Reyhanli checkpoint

Combat cam: Russian warplanes target ISIS oil facilities in Syria


For the whole Syria spread, read 


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Earth Shift Report 7

Erdogan, Davutoglu & Ottoman Empire

Coming Sunday, December 13! 
Stay tuned!

Turkey conundrum 2

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  1. Great! Now we have to see if he is true to his word!
    Lots of things going on and it even slips through to the msm!
    Great article, as usual, Lada!
    Bearhug ;-))

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  2. :- ) Ahh …. Sweet and beautiful ! This is called some Good Evidence ! Now, it seems Mr. Erdogan had put his foot in his own mouth by promising to resign, should Russia be able to prove that Turkey supported ISIL (Daesh) terrorists and was involved in ISIL oil scheme.


  3. Dear Lada,
    Here are two cool video’s on youtube – Why Russia is destroying ISIS in Syria mercilessly,
    and Russia criticized for Hollywood style footage of Syria
    Perhaps we can soon start seeing movies where the Russians are the good guys and the US are the bad guys 🙂
    My friend who worked in Russia for a few years visited me over the weekend. I asked him if he would live in Russia… and he said ab so lutely, the Russian people are awesome !
    LOL, the only problem would be to teach the Russians the Boer language.

    Can you imagine what disaster the world would be if it wasn’t for Russia…
    Differently put, there are MANY who are thankful for what Russia and Pres. Putin is doing.

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    • LOL about teaching the Boer language 😉
      Soon we’ll have reliable auto translations into any language and the language barrier will cease to artificially separate us.


  4. I think this is exactly the form of retaliation that is most effective. Not only does this retaliate directly against Erdogan, it also sends a clear message to other Western powers & leaders – “don’t provoke us”. Their crude attempt to provoke Putin into making an error has failed.


  5. Cornered rats apparently have a tendency to attack. I know that Sorcha Faal is not regarded as a most credible source, but her latest article regarding Putin’s orders may suggest a pretty accurate scenario regarding Russia’s current war footing… I won’t provide a link. I am looking forward to your next ESR.

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  6. Thanks for this footage Lada. Besides seeing how the US dares to veto it, I’m curious to see what the European countries will do. By making a refugee pact with Turkey they made a pact with the devil and they know it! This tells how desperate and weak Europe is actually. Meanwhile the dirty war goes on as NATO expands like an oil stain with Montenegro into the Alliance!


  7. How about going further than Erdogan resigning force him and his fellow collaborators to publicly commit seppuku. And most of these would not be Turks but Europeans would be more guilty than him.


  8. The loot from Syria has certainly been an important angle. For Erdoghan, though, I read that someone said he was on Turkish TV and said that he had warned Putin not to bomb Turkmen areas/gangs in Northern Syria. Russia bombed them, so Russia crossed his red line. So perhaps ISIS is not the issue for Erdoghan, but the Turkmen areas are. He wants to control them and to keep Syria in a state where it is not part of the Shia alliance. The borders in the Middle East are bad, and they practically beg someone to start a war over them.


    • Yes, Erdogan did warn Russia not to touch HIS POCKET terrorists. So? This justifies Turkey? And Russia should have said ‘yes, sir’?
      I know there is lots of twisted disinfo floating around, but I haven’t heard anyone justifying Erdogan that way yet since it doesn’t hold any water.

      Please get your facts straight!
      Here what you say isn’t even an issue because Russian jet wasn’t bombing Turkomen in that particular area, he was just returning to his base after bombing ISIL oil sites many miles away, AND moreover, his flying close to the Turkish border was an absolutely routine and every day occurrence, as has been proven. That’s what makes it especially devious.

      Also, the so-called Turkomen have been proven to be Turks from across the border, as I write in my articles. But guess what, regardless of who they were, they had a better chance of surviving and holding on to that area if they didn’t touch the jet. That area had been blanket-bombed by Russia after the jet downing, so whoever was there isn’t there any more. Assad army secured that part of the Turkish border.

      Please look better into the facts of this case – yours are simply wrong. Also, recommend you read ESR5: SYRIA GAME CHANGER where I discuss in detail what Turkey is really after.
      Next ESR7: Black Sea Gambit will go even deeper into all this and more.


  9. The disinformation propaganda machine is in full throttle. BBC has actually been showing the Russian video proof 1000s of tankers freely crossing the Syrian Turkish border in its newscasts. This theft of Iraqi, Syrian resources by DAESH is clear to see. I know the people do not want any ramping up of the war machine but Cameron has been throthing at the mouth all week like a mad dog about the DAESH threat to the British people!

    I am in disbelief that UK Parliamentarians voted last night to bomb Syria! This is proof of the power of disinformation propaganda in the face of undeniable proof that Syria is not the problem but DAESH mercenaries supplied by CIA/Mossad/Khazarian Maffia are financed by US, UK, NATO, France and Turkey who has been the facilitator of finance, terrorists, stolen oil by DAESH through its territory totally allowed by its dictator Erdogan and his family. The recent arrests of Turkish journalists for telling the truth about the collusion between DAESH and Erdogan is further proof of Erdogan’s complicity with DAESH. I have spent days writing to my local MP a conservative who has a mind like a closed flytrap and is totally brainwashed and tied to the Tory Conservative agenda here in the UK. I have met and communicated with him on other matters to no avail. I know I am communicating with a blank mind controlled brick wall that is required to vote the party line on everything. That is the sort of person who represents the people in every Tory electorate here in the UK. The inequitous electoral system also supports a two party system and needs to be updated to a preferential system such as Australians enjoy. But scant hope of that while the Tories are advantaged by the current system. So many problems here in the UK and all they think of is bombing Syria! Just a distraction. Waiting to see how President Putin and President Assad respond to this illegal action by the UK which does not have their authority. Will the S400 fly into action and knock them out of the sky? Certainly the Brits are calling the Russian and Syrian bluff.


  10. Lada,

    I am not saying Erdoghan was right in supporting the war on Syria or in shooting down the Russian jet. I am just saying that this is a power struggle, and Turkey has committed to getting a zone in northern Syria where lots of Turkmen villages are as a “no-Syria” zone. I don’t support that; it is just we have to see what the other side thinks it is doing or fighting for. Russia has been helping Syria regain those territories and Turkish media have been saying that this was making the Turkish government apoplectic. So Russia better be prepared for a Turkish invasion. From a Turkish point of view, those areas are like Russia’s interests in the Donbass. Russia would be apoplectic if Kiev overran them. If the Russian media aren’t pointing this out, then they aren’t talking to enough Turks. Where the jet was at the time it was shot down is more relevant than where it was bombing.

    To me, Russians often have a romantic streak, and that can cause them to not pay enough attention to the harsh realities of the world. Turkey is Russia’s opponent in the Balkans, Black Sea, Caucasus, and gas areas of the Persian Gulf, which overlaps into Syria. Sure, there are mutual profits in many things, but the strategic interests are very far apart. It isn’t simply Erdoghan. Of course, Turkey wants a Sunni government in Syria. That was obvious many, many years ago.

    So I was not justifying anything; just pointing out a bit of the Turkish perspective. Personally, I agree that Erdoghan and some of his cohorts are nuts. They are also largely under the control of NATO, who may want a Russia-Turkey war.


    • Russian media is pointing out much more than that, believe me.
      But I am Lada Ray, I am not Russian, or any other media.
      ‘Turks feel’ this, and that, and a million other things. Doesn’t make it the truth. We must discern where there is a seed of truth, and where only manipulation. And believe me, Turks have always been the best manipulators out there – it runs in their blood.

      The so-called Turkomen, or Turkamen (Turkmen is a nationality living in Central Asia that has a namesake state, the post-Soviet Turkmenistan), as I said, are an artificially created mix – and myth. There is no such ethnicity or nationality – they simply invented it. Some are just Turks from across the border, and many of those they put into that area are actually from the post-Soviet Central Asia, plus Caucasus.

      Did you know that this is one of the pieces in their attempt to recreate the Ottoman Empire, and they plan to quietly annex big chunks of Russia, Europe and other countries? There will be more about that in ESR7: Black Sea Gambit.

      Meanwhile, they completely deny the rights of Kurds, and incidentally, Armenians and Syrians.

      Again for the full relevant picture suggest reading my Earth Shift Reports, past and future (and articles).

      P.S. I don’t seem to have your latest email. Please email me should you want a complimentary report.


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    • Thank you for your request.
      Depends on the kind of investment advice. I do not do stock advice. What I do are Earth Shift Consultations, which provide the predictory big picture of what to expect alternative investment-wise, geopolitically and for real estate/global relocation, tailored to your needs and based on your specific issues and questions. You can read about it under Earth & Personal Shift Consultations on

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      All the best!


  12. Maybe my comments didn’t get the important thing across. Turkey is in a desperate situation. If a Kurdish autonomous region or quasi-state gets created in Northern Syria, the current system or even borders of Turkey are likely doomed. That is why the Turkish establishment is in a state of panic. It is not over losing the stolen oil or even the salvation of ISIS. Sure, they want ISIS to win, but the Kurds are a life-or-death matter for Turkey.

    The only way Turkey can prevent a Kurdish zone is to have a blocking area in Northern Syria that is occupied by Turkey or possibly NATO. And Ankara can’t trust Damascus, Moscow, or DC to prevent a Kurdish zone. The Turkic areas of Northern Syria are an excuse to keep those areas under Turkish control and to prevent a full and connected Kurdish zone.

    In their desperation, the Turkish leadership may do desperate things. And the West should get the blame for destabilizing the situation in such a way that there are no solutions for various players. I was not saying that Erdoghan was “right” in any of his actions or that Putin was wrong.

    I look forward to your report. I don’t pretend to know the game behind the games in the Black Sea region or the Middle East. But the Kurdish question is the big one for Turkey, and has been for a long time.


  13. 40 million Kurds where effectively expelled from their lands by the United Kingdoms map drawers.. as the tribes in Africa.

    The US will never admit that they have been co-creating terrorism with and without proxies like, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey… etc..

    The fact that their statedepartment does not reqognize the Russians evidence says it all, they can probably count how many bumblebees that crosses the Turkish/Syrian border at any given time but they can’t find 1000 oil Trucks, refineries and or where the oil trucks are going in 3 years??

    And then both UK and Germany joins the effort with France and Russia but none of them except Russia has asked Syria for permission?

    This takes the cake.. !

    I heard Russia has builit a power bridge for Crimea… successfully in a couple of days.. ! Yay..

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  14. I am indeed very curious about Russia’s reaction to both UK and Germany sending their airforce to bomb Syrian territory, and Germany declining cooperation with Russia today. Will Russia enforce the no-fly zone?

    Erdogan basically threatened Russia with more “accidents”, saying yesterday that collision of interests will be unavoidable as Russian and NATO planes will be operating in the same space. It seems NATO has decided to run interference with Russian anti-ISIS operation after all…


    • Yeah, this is very precarious and a similar situation did take place not so long ago – there are still people alive who recall how it happened last time.
      I will discuss all this in ESR7 – coming by the end of next week.


      • What is happening now, reminds me strongly of a more distant period in Russian history – the First Siege of Sevastopol. The way Britain, Turkey, and the rest of the Western powers align, how everything gets focused onto the Black Sea.

        The “Crimean War” of 1854 was more than just about Crimea. Russia was attacked on multiple fronts, but managed to repel all those attacks, suffering losses in Crimea. And in the later years, the Western historical propaganda turned that, what in reality was the real first world war, which Russia won, into a minor “Crimean” battle, which Russia lost. This lie unravels, though, easily with one question: if Russia lost the Crimean War, why then did it keep control over Crimea?

        For the readers, wishing to understand that part of Russian history and Russian people, I would highly recommend turning to the classics and to Leo Tolstoy’s “Sevastopol Sketches”:

        Only now have the tales of the early days of the siege of Sevastopol, when there were no fortifications there, no army, no physical possibility of holding it, and when at the same time there was not the slightest doubt that it would not surrender to the enemy,—of the days when that hero worthy of ancient Greece, Korniloff, said, as he reviewed the army: “We will die, children, but we will not surrender Sevastopol;” and our Russians, who are not fitted to be phrase-makers, replied: “We will die! hurrah!”—only now have tales of that time ceased to be for you the most beautiful historical legends, and have become real facts and worthy of belief. You comprehend clearly, you figure to yourself, those men whom you have just seen, as the very heroes of those grievous times, who have not fallen, but have been raised by the spirit, and have joyfully prepared for death, not for the sake of the city, but of the country. This epos of Sevastopol, whose hero was the Russian people, will leave mighty traces in Russia for a long time to come.

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      • PS: The English translation of the “Sevastopol Sketches” can be found here:


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