Libya 2.0? West demands Syria no-fly zone. Retaliation? Russian Kalibr Missiles strike US Intel Center

West demands Syria no-fly zone, but only for Russians & Syrians

Yes, we have heard and seen this before. Remember what that fake no-fly zone did to Libya? Remember Qaddafi?

They tried to unseat Syria’s Bashar Al Assad in all ways possible: from accusations of chemical weapons, threats to bomb, arming ISIL and other terrorist groups, to insistence that ‘Assad must go.’ Nothing worked. Now they want once again to try to pull the same number they once did in Libya. Is anyone dumb enough to fall for it yet again?

A typical MO of a dying empire: they are so decadent, so stuck in the their imaginary ‘America is exceptional’ little world that they are unable to assess the reality on the ground. They don’t understand that the ship has sailed.

Listen to what Germany’s PM Frank-Walter Steinmeier and US Secretary of State John Kerry say at the UN: ‘We need no-fly zone.’ Yes, echoes a US general, we agree to a no-fly zone: Russian and Syrian airforces must be grounded, but only them; our jets must continue flying.

Incidentally, listen carefully to how Kerry phrases his statement. He insists on temporarily grounding of all aircraft over Syria. Of course, we all know what happened in Libya after ‘all’ aircraft was supposedly grounded: US and allies came in and began bombing Qaddafi’s forces, followed by the ISIL takeover of the country with subsequent horrid death by Qaddafi himself.

Therefore, certainly no one will fall for this again. However, in the run up to my new ESR11: THE IMPORTANCE OF 2016 RUSSIAN ELECTIONS (to be released tomorrow 9/24), I want to emphasize one point! Among other crucial things, in ESR11 I discuss the Syria developments and US/West bombing of the Syrian army. In this regard I provide my take on the shifting situation within the US elites. In the FREE Part 1 of the report you’ll see me talk about a rift within US elites, as well as attempts by Kerry to play his own game. Check it out!

BREAKING NEWS! Retaliation for Syrian army’s bombing? Did Russia strike joint US/Israel/West/Turkey Intelligence Center in Aleppo?

Text in Russian:

Published on Sep 23, 2016

Согласно сообщению информационного агентства Fars News, “российские военные корабли выпустили три ракеты “Калибр” по иностранному офицерскому координационному оперативному центру в районе Дар Эзза (Dar Ezza), убив 30 израильских и западных офицеров”. Военные США вместе с союзниками создали полевой “Оперативный центр” (Field Operations Room) в районе Алеппо, укомплектованный личным составом разведывательных служб. В нем действовали сотрудники разведок США, Британии, Израиля, Турции, Саудовской Аравии и Катара. Профессор экономики Оттавского университета, основатель и директор Центра изучения глобализации (Канада) Мишель Хосудовский пояснил, что Российская сторона нанесла удар по разведывательному объекту США непосредственно после воздушных ударов ВВС США по вооруженным силам Сирии в районе Дейр-эз-Зор в поддержку террористов ИГИЛ. Оперативный центр находился в западной части провинции Алеппо в районе горы Саман, где имеется много древних пещер. Регион расположен в глубине горной цепи. Центр в регионе Алеппо использовался для координирования действий на земле с разведывательными действиями беспилотников и для нанесения ударов с воздуха. Согласно сообщению агентства Fars, личный состав разведывательных служб участвовал также в планировании и осуществлении нападения ВВС США на сирийских вооруженных сил (Syrian SAA forces), которое было проведено непосредственно после заключения женевского соглашения о перемирии.


My English summary translation:

According to Fars News agency, Russian military ships launched three Kalibr cruise missiles; the strike hit the Dar Ezza joint intelligence coordination center for the US coalition, killing 30 Israeli and Western officers. The center, aka, Field Operations Room near Aleppo is staffed with officers from US, Turkey, UK, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar. Canadian researcher Michel Chossudovsky says that the center was hit after US coalition forces bombed the Syrian army. The intelligence center in question provided intelligence and played a leading role in making the bombing happen.

Incidentally, in tomorrow’s ESR11, I will explain why the US attack on Syrian army was no accident and why it happened right before Russian Elections of September 18! 




The Importance of 2016 RUSSIAN ELECTIONS






P.S. Russian FM Lavrov is now speaking at the UN. This is his live speech:

This in Lavrov’s press conference in English

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  1. The fact that Russia attacked a Field Operation Room, indicates that the next suggestion likely to come to the front from Russia, after they move in a bunch of S300,400,500’s, is that no one flies without approval from Assad. Period.

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  2. I’m glad you got onto this, Lada. This is a big deal in that it shows Russian diplomacy on the ground shows no fear of slapping the bully in public. Now the West has activated their nuclear missile systems pointed at Russia and threatened attack from space with hyper-kinetic missiles which fly so fast as to be untargetable. This would seem to put Russia between a rock and a hard spot. Then we have Marine General Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who I thought was one of the good guys, coming out with the party line against Russia. Looking forward to the new ESR tomorrow. Carry on, everybody. We’re surrounded and have them right where we want them.

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    • Actually, the Russians have had the ability to target these since “generation 3”. The are delivering G5 technology now and working on G6. Our military is way out of date actually, used to relying on terrorists since the Taliban (Freedom Fighters) after our Draft was killed. We used them against Russia since the ’80’s.

      UK, Saudi Arabia, US created these in our Pakistani brain washing schools in Pakistan. Al Qaeda (we have to change names) grew from that. ISIS grew from Al Qaeda. All the terror groups from Africa to China grew out of Al Qaeda.

      We started the fire. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, are trying to put it out. Only when those nations represented in the Control Room are prohibited from entering any of these nations will they succeed in doing so. And without the Russian/China/Iran/Lebanon help, it can’t happen.


      • Absolutely true about Russian G5-6 tech and ability to deflect US targets.
        (I’ll include brief notes about this discussion in the beginning of ESR11, since I talk about Syria there, as well.)


    • Gen. Dunford is the guy in the video above, I assume? I am not familiar with US military top brass: actually (sorry, no offence) make it a point not to be familiar with it nor talk about it as a rule. Too bad I still have to, sometimes. 😉
      As to the activation of the missiles. Have been busy and haven’t heard that yet. Another breaking news? The world events are moving extremely fast, and will continue doing so – just hold on to your chair! If they did, that’s pretty audacious as there can be no winner in this. We all know it. But no wonder Kerry looked so uncharacteristically furious at the UN. Still, this posturing and they won’t dare attack Russia.

      All in all, my predictions stands, as usual: RUSSIA AND US WILL NEVER BE IN A DIRECT MILITARY CONFRONTATION.

      Note that ESR11 was finished before all these breaking news began showing up and now the polishing touches are being applied. I won’t talk about the newest developments in ESR11. However, the ADDENDUM will spell out the TRUE reasons behind retaliation. Once you know what US planned in Russia during or after elections, you will be able to put the two and two together. Look for ADDENDUM with the most explosive intel!

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    • P.S. Ah, yes, Dunford is the US army general who said ‘I have no facts, but I have a general feeling that Russians have bombed the UN convoy in Aleppo.’ To which Russian Ministry of Defence replied that unlike US military, Russian military has no trouble with with facts. LOL. Rus Def Min provided the facts, namely satellite footage showing how a US drone Predator ‘worked’ – read dropped bombs – in the convoy area.

      Rus Min Def video with a sarcastic statement to that effect:

      I forgot to add: US and/or Israel were the ones who bombed the convoy, since the earlier attack on Syrian army ‘backfired’ and didn’t achieve the intended objective. The objective was to derail Kerry – Lavrov negotiations on Syria at any cost. More in ESR11: where I talk about the in-fighting within US elites.

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  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Lol, double standard much? Kerry should go the way of Nuland… passing burgers to ISIS on the way out. As for Russia’s military strike, DUH, that’s where the real terrorists’ at!!
    Looking forward to ESR11 insider’s scoop. 🙂

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  4. Right on Lada! One thing that intrigues me is the friendly posturing between Kerry and Lavrov. Is this just a performance? Surely Lavrov does not depend on a single word out of Kerry’s fork-tongued mouth. The push by US et al to get a No Fly Zone over Syria is so desperately blatant. Samantha Powers is clocking up some mean karma too. Sod the lot of them. Just hope Russia does not ever trust them again or buckle under pressure. These ceasefires just give the terrorist/US time to regroup and re-arm.Here in the UK they are going to allow prosecution of soldiers for war crimes. UK government has just announced that legal fees will be deducted from soldiers’ paypackets.This is a very interesting situation because hopefully soldiers will at last realise how unvalued they are and the absolute betrayal by their country and government and finally throw down their weapons. Not only are they not being supported for their PTSD following their harrowing war experiences and possible guilt at what they were ordered to do or be shot by their peers. I was shocked when I first learned that many soldiers who refused to fight in the trenches in WW1 were shot as cowards and/or traitors. According to BBC propaganda not one would be shot today but I doubt that. The culture of the British Army is very much officers overlording the cannon fodder still. I had that from the mouth of a current Grenadier Guard who really presented as an elitist prat with no respect for either his underlings or life in general. He had been through some pretty nasty mind conditioning to become such a psychopath. Some interesting facts about WW1 here:


    • RE Kerry: Nope. I explain everything in the upcoming ESR11 re Russian Elections – pay attention in the very beginning about Syria, Kerry and US elites. And keep in mind that ESR11 was recorded before all this new stuff happened. It’s especially interesting to watch all that in light of what happened just 2 days later.


    • Sorry to learn how soldiers are treated in the UK.

      But wow, that’s unbelievable about UK deducting legal fees from military’s paychecks! This means the govt is really intending to distance itself from what happened. I have to look into that further. It may mean that new UK govt is genuinely trying to get back into Russia’s graces. And deflect Russian retaliation, as it were ;). Also, to distance from US.

      Plus, another interesting thing: they may actually know (MI5-6 is a top intelligence, after all, if only it was ever used for good instead of evil) that it was a deliberate provocation behind their backs, and their soldiers were bribed by US/Israel or Saudis to knowingly participate in it.

      This is what comes to mind just going by your comment here: don’t have my own info from UK. Will try to look further into that. If this is true, then we may have a BIG shift underway in Europe, which correlates with some other news I’ve heard from EU.


  5. This is big news. As usual not a word in the western MSM about the control center. No wonder the wasps nest is angry!
    Russia must stand firm and see the Syria game through to the end. The world depends on it.


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