Beautiful Moscow 2017: Mesmerizing New Year and Christmas Wonderland

Just some beautiful videos of the New Year’s and Russian Christmas Moscow I thought you’d all enjoy.

I truly, without any doubt, can say that Moscow for New Year Holidays turns into a unique and gorgeous wonderland you won’t experience anywhere else on the planet. Absolutely nothing comes close! Highly recommended for your next journey!

Video #2 is Central Universal Store decor 2017:

‘Musical Forest’ grew on Pushkinskaya Square:

The Light Tunnel on Tverskoy Boulevard:


One more time!


Back to serious stuff tomorrow. Major announcements to follow! Stay tuned!


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  1. Wow. Perhaps we should spend new year’s eve in Moscow some day!

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  2. Moscow, an enchanted winter wonderland where the people warm my heart. 🙂

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  3. Wow Lada, beautiful!! Indeed lets spend one Christmas and New Year there!
    Happy New Year to you and yours too Lada, and to all my fellow Trendcasters:
    Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!

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  4. Beautiful, but I’m afraid it’s not going to last much longer with Global Warming happening at an accelerated pace. Until all countries, including Russia, acknowledge the true state of our environment and how the global Geoengineering programs are wreaking havoc on an already DIRE situation, we are all on borrowed time. I know that you don’t like to broach the ‘chemtrail’ topic, but there is no doubt Russia is participating in these programs as I have seen pictures of their skies and they are definitely being sprayed. I was born in Uzbekistan and grew up in the West and, like you, have fond memories of my first seven years of life that I can only compare to what I think would be paradise.
    Putin is not a stupid man and if he really wanted the world to wake up, at one minute to Nuclear War, he would disclose the truth about the sixth great extinction our planet is undergoing and the Geoengineering/HAARP programs adding fuel to the fire. I woke up in 1996 and believed that humanity would have followed suit by now, but all I see is a digression and I believe the only way to wake everyone up, before it’s too late, is to inform them that the Titanic is going down unless they wake up and see the iceberg.

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    • In the interests of real science, I would like to say that the Sun itself is undergoing changes not caused by anything on Earth. The entire solar system is heating up, again not caused by Earth. While our geo-engineering is not helping the core problem, it is certainly not causing it. Humanity seems not ready for the cosmological macro view so leaders like Putin are only going to say so much, even if they are in the loop. I was unaware that Russia was being chemtrailed but if it is, then there’s a problem.

      This blog has a particular focus and it’s where I come to learn about Russia and Russian history, politics and personalities. To expand its focus to tangential concerns would only serve to dilute a nearly perfect product. That’s just my opinion, although I do agree that the Titanic does seem to be sinking. For astrophysics and the electric universe I go to JimMcCanneyScience on the web. Actually, I’m all over the web always looking for coincidences and synchronicities and at the end of the day I’m smarter in some ways and dumber in others. My default backstop is that I know I am an eternal consciousness just temporarily occupying a physical body on Planet Earth. Ain’t much “they” can do to me.

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      • ‘Spraying chemtrails over Russia’ isn’t what it seems to those in the West who are programmed in a specific way.
        But there is no point in arguing, if one is set to see it one way only. I don’t want to waste my breath explaining something that will fall on deaf ears.

        And yes, geoengineering is a terrible problem globally.

        For those genuinely interested in learning, I’ll eventually do a webinar on how to practically combat it and protect yourself and your neighborhood, up to 20-25 miles in radius.

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