Sweet dog Dasha, protectress of Donetsk

This is a new video released Jan. 11, 2017 by News Front, with my Eng. translation.

Dasha the dog’s story told by a female member of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s self-defence regiment:

She survived all the bombings with us. The boys from our recognizance team rescued her during a bombing somewhere near Nikishino village. She was so starved and emaciated that she couldn’t stand on her feet. We, the medics, healed her, got her back on her feet. (At that moment Dasha extends her paw to her friend, as a thank you). “She knows we rescued her.”

She was very scared at first. I printed several ads in the Donetsk paper, hoping to find her owner. No one replied.

Dasha isn’t young any more, missing some front teeth. She is a very kind dog.

“She rides with us in the Urals (military vehicles), in cars, comes to drills and even accompanies us in battle, right, Dashen’ka?”

It appears the owner escaped the bombings and left her behind. It appears he’s alive, but no one knows why he abandoned her. Maybe couldn’t fit her in the car since she is a big dog, you know how people at the time ran in panic (LR: to escape the bombings of the Kiev junta and ukro-nazis). 

So, we have given her a home here and she now helps us protect Donetsk (again, Dasha places her paw on the lady to re-affirm the statement.)

That’s her life, her destiny now. Same is true for half of the dogs and cats of Donbass.

She loves to keep warm, loves to sleep on our beds, and we are glad to spoil her.

She feels the bombings coming and warns us with her behavior. “You are a good, good doggie, Dasha.”

She is big friends with our cats. Not so much with other dogs, but cats are her buddies. She is a big, intelligent dog. That’s our Dashka, ‘the dog of our regiment.’

We have lots of cats and there are also many local homeless dogs that our boys adopted. They are very helpful: as if live alarms, they warn us of upcoming attacks.

At that moment Dasha rolls on the cot, exposing her tummy.

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  1. Aww, such a good doggie! Dasha picked the right side. XD
    Don’t worry, you will all be free very soon!

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  2. I love dogs, now I have 3, all very old and rescued from a shelter in my town. It’s fantastic whar these people have done! Thank you!

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  3. Teresa D. Preston

    More of a ??? on a very unfriendly comment supposedly from a Russian columnist. I enjoy even the English subtitle version of Putin’s annual address. I’m sure there are differing opinions of Putin inside Russia..but this strikes me as western propaganda. Otherwise it would not be given the time of day in our controlled press. (And it would be no more than 25% of the column space allocated. I would be interested in your opinion. Thanks.

    I remain an avid fan of your analysis and insight. I especially enjoy the cultural knowledge of Russian customs and holidays you share and continue to believe as this unfolds you will provide a major voice in bridging the eastern/western divisions cultivated over the years by political forces who aim to keep and enhance those divisions. I am so sorry for the recent deep loses the Russians suffered over Christmas.



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    Good dog!

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  5. Nancy C/Seattle

    What I really appreciate about your site is along with excellent tutorials on geopolitical events, Russian culture, history and a stellar predictive track record, you provide loving balance as in this post on Ukraine & “Russian Anthem on the Hudson”. I also appreciate your practical tips, like the one on reducing the clutter in your living space. Thank you.

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  6. Yvonne Scarlett

    A big thank you to the humans who took in Dasha bringing her full essence back to life. Always a wonderful thing to behold. Blessings and safety to all. (heart)

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