A Letter from Slovenia, EU: After studying your work I understood how the world works

Hi Lada,

I’m from Slovenia. I have purchased almost all your reports and webinars. They offer different view which fits with common sense and make understanding of how the world is moving. Your predictions and understanding make me understood what is going on in this word. I knew before reading your work, that reasons that main politicians are giving to us are false.
With your view we can see who is working behind the scenes and support the right people and explain to other people why and who is good and bad in this game, so more and more people will understand what is going on.
I’m seeking for all my life spiritual truth or to simply answer the question why I am here and what to do. Your work helped me to understand a lot. I miss more reports and guides regarding personal growth.
I’m applying for 50% OFF SCHOLARSHIP for ESW6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA.


Aleš Povšič, Slovenia, EU

Lada says: 

Dear Aleš, thank you for all of your support of my work. I appreciate it!

Congratulations on winning the 50% Scholarship for 



Dear friends,

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you, who have been supporting my work through liking, positive commenting, encouragement, sharing and promoting, and of course, through your invaluable financial contributions! 

Vladimir Putin

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  1. Hi Lada,

    I would like to say I also appreciate the hard work that you put in to helping us all to understand international geo-politics better and also combatting Russophobia. Your work is very valuable and please keep it up.

    By the way speaking of Russia, Flynn is now supposed to be ready to testify against Trump over Russia related affairs. It looks like sooner or later Trump may be impeached. The MSM are also saying Pence should go and that means speaker Paul Ryan would become president, but a weak one who would not be allowed to engage in reconciliation with Russia.

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    • Thanks, Shaf.
      They got to Flynn. Offered him a bargain — guilty plea and Trump testimony in exchange for either immunity or nominal sentence. We’ll see what Flynn ends up saying. I don’t think he is the snitch or lying type, but he is in a very tight spot.
      Frankly, I understand Flynn. Trump betrayed him at a drop of a hat. Now they are all on survival mode and try to save themselves at any cost. Rats abandoning ship. That’s US empire sinking for you.

      Trump is a survivalist and fighter. If needed he’ll walk over anyone to save himself.
      Also as predicted, he is losing his people at a lightning speed.

      To answer your earlier question re. marines taking over US base and a ‘revolution.’ It’s all a sensationalist hoax, hardly worthy of two sentences.

      We can only dream at this point that consciousness in US elevates sufficiently to create conditions for a new society. NO dice and they will cling to the old with all their might for as long as they can, as I predicted in my webinars.

      Changes will come later, and only because US is forced to accept them as the world around them SHIFTS. Again, as discussed in Earth Shift Webinars! http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/webinars.html

      Some countries in Europe, and Europe in general, are much closer to that breakthrough.
      I know you listen to my webinars. As predicted, for now and until Period 9 it will be very gradual. The whole thing will be developing according to factors and timelines described in ESWs.

      I am watching all this closely and will have updates when something that isn’t a hoax and that is truly worthy of attention comes up.

      Best wishes


  2. Thanks Lada, so these claims amongst some pro-Trump people on social media that Trump was recruited by patriotic elements of the military to run for the presidency, as they were disgusted by the corruption of the US elite (including paedophile networks) and Russiagate is a giant “sting operation”, with Trump deliberately excessively mentioning his liking for Putin in order to get attacked for being a Russian puppet so that later an investigation would be opened in to his Russian links, only for him to expose Democrat dealings with Russia (e.g. Uranium one) are just nonsense?

    The good news is that Russia is winning and no one seems to care about this whole anti-Russia hysteria. This is from the Saker:

    “For whatever it’s worth, and in spite of the constant hysterical russophobia in the US Ziomedia, I detect absolutely no sign whatsoever that this campaign is having any success with the people in the USA. At most, some of them naively buy into the “the Russians tried to interfere in our elections” fairytale, but even in this case this belief is mitigated by “no big deal, we also do that in other countries”. I have yet to meet a US American who would seriously believe that Russia is any kind of danger. I don’t even detect superficial reactions of hostility when, for example, I speak Russian with my family in a public place. Typically, we are asked what language we are speaking and when we reply “Russian” the reaction normally is “cool!”. Quite often I even hear “what do you think of Putin? I really like him”. This is in severe contrast with the federal government whom the vast majority of US Americans seem to hate with a passion.”

    I am not sure if I am allowed to paste the link so it’s his latest article entitled “Progress report on the US-Russian war”.

    This is from Moon of Alabama’s latest article on Yemen:

    “Yemen is devastated and will need to rebuild. Everyone who participated in this war has lost. The only winner is Russia.”

    The title of the blog is: “Yemen – Saudis Throw The Towel – Saleh is Baaack – Russia Wins”


    • I never said what you said in paragraph 1 of your comment. Please don’t put the words in my mouth. I stated my position and predictions on Trump very clearly in FT articles, YT vids, my ESRs and Webinars.

      True about Russia winning, but I look at if from a higher perspective, not from ‘my daddy can beat up your daddy’ perspective.


  3. Hi Lada, I was referring to some Americans on other websites not yourself. You’ve said that he will be put in a strait jacket and not allowed to engage in reconciliation with Russia.

    These other people I am talking about are saying other things different to you which seem to be wrong.

    Thanks, happy 2018 in advance! I’m going off on holiday soon.

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  4. Dear Lada.
    There is one article on Russia Insider that I’d like to draw your and your readers’ attention to:
    I wrote about it on my blog on the 30th of December 2015, however this article brings much more detail and perspective to the scale of the plans, and it’s especially relevant in light of the current nuclear sabre rattling against North Korea.
    Plus, such information should be repeated, lest it’s forgotten and brushed away from history.

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  5. And so it happens. Olympic games are over. With the political ban, IOC has buried the very fundamental idea of the Olympics.

    As IOC is allowing Russian athletes to compete as neutrals, what IOC is forbidding, are the Russian state symbols – Flag, Anthem, and not the alleged doping use. They are in effect waging war on Russia, based on some “hear-say” delivered by a man, who was under investigation in Russia for use of dopings on his athletes, first and foremost, his wife.


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