Dear friends, I have lots to share with you, most is good, but there are a few things that aren’t. That said, I am used to squeezing tart lemons in order to make delicious citrus juice. I know that together we will turn around any situation that comes our way!

We’ll start with the great news!


I know this has been a long Thanksgiving weekend in the US. Nevertheless, I hope by now many of you got the chance to listen to my new and very important interview with The Plane Truth:

The Putin Enigma and The Coming Western Perestroika

You can also Click here to listen to it directly on YouTube!

There are things in it that are not only important but crucial. These are the things I am unable to address on FuturisTrendcast due to time restrictions, such as my predictions regarding Merkel and German Elections, including where the EU is going and what is to happen in the West, new stuff about Trump and more about Putin.

The interview format, when executed by a good interviewer allows me to cover a lot in one go, something which would take a much longer to write. As some of you know, I enjoy our friends at Time Monk and really like the interviewing style of the host of The Plane Truth!

When listening, remember to click on that LIKE button!


Huge Earth Shift News! New Important Interview Coming Up!

I have just recorded a new interview with The Plane Truth! The thing is that all last week we had a veritable monumental Earth Shift happening in the Middle East, under Putin’s and Russia’s tutelage and with Russia’s invaluable help. And I bet many in the West have missed it entirely.

The news are so huge that we decided to record a full follow-up show on it! This follow-up show is shorter than usual and runs at just over an hour. It should be posted shortly. Don’t miss it!

We jam-packed it with rare internal Russian intel, breaking news and things you are guaranteed to never hear in the West, Lada’s geopolitical analysis and her unique interpretations and predictions. We talk about Putin-Asad secret meeting in Sochi and the announcement of a major shift; The Russia-Turkey-Iran Sochi summit, already dubbed the new ‘Yalta Conference,’ where the map and the future of the Middle East is being decided; Putin’s calls to Trump, Netanyahu, Saudi, Qatar and Egypt leaders; the unheard of in its boldness follow-up conference of the various Syrian factions; the fact that EU and US were completely bypassed and much more! Just wait till you hear all the details!

I even managed to pack into this interview the somewhat related news of the Czech and Slovakian (not to be confused with Slovenia — a separate Slavic state located in the northern Balkans) rebellion against EU anti-Russian sanctions and what will come out of it. This piece about some Eastern Europeans, such as Czechia/Slovakia apparently having learned their lessons, at least in small part, resonates with my recent important article:

UPDATE! The new interview is now posted: 

A New Tsar Arrived: How Putin is Squeezing US out of the New Middle East

It’s also added to Lada Ray Interviews playlist on LADA RAY YouTube Channel, so you can refer to it later as well!



I am very pleased to announce the beginning of my BIG HOLIDAY SALE!

Between November 27 and December 31 you will be able to enjoy my consultations and written reports at a discount! This exclusive offer applies only to FuturisTrendcast followers! I am offering:




If you were thinking about ordering one of these, don’t miss this rare discount.

My consultations are 100% done by me from scratch, and fully personalized just for you! They are held to the highest standards. These consultations/reports contain such a wealth of multidimensional information, personal diagnostics, revelations and solutions, which you simply won’t find anywhere else. Usually my consultations don’t go on sale. This is a one-time event, just to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND THANK YOU to my biggest supporters!

To qualify for the discount, you must order between today, November 27 and December 31, 2017! Please go to relevant consultation page for details: go to CONSULTATIONS and click on relevant link! As usual, email us with your consultation choice and we will email you invoice and consultation dates available (for Skype). Written reports are even simpler: click on the PAY button and after we receive your payment, your report will be prepared and emailed to you within 14 days! For those who order early I may even expedite the dates, so you could enjoy your consultation before or in time for the holidays!

But that’s not all! I have even more great news!

If you order ANY Skype or Written Consultation between November 27 and December 31, 2017 (whether it’s on sale or not), we will also send you 1 or 2 (depending on the consultation) FREE BONUSES. These bonuses are the new LADA RAY PROSPERITY RITUALS, which will be unveiled soon and sold separately as written mini-reports on LadaRay.com! You may have seen one or two of these on sale before, but the majority are brand new and very exciting!






This is merely a heads up on several things that I am planning for the coming year 2018. Look for official announcements in February 2018!

You will see below that some social media is restricting and sabotaging my work. There is also undue pressure from some very disgusting humans, and moreover, there are pressures from the multidimensional dark forces, which I won’t touch upon here, but perhaps will discuss later with my subscribers.

This should be expected. There are many of those forces which can’t bear the truth and disclosure of their dark deeds. There are also many of those who are mortally afraid of the Earth Shift and Russia the Great Balancer. Naturally, they want to silence anyone who is bringing the truth to light.

Despite my serious protections, which, as it turns out, are still not enough due to how relentless the attacks are, I have to seriously rethink some of my strategy.

At the same time, I want to expand my work and outreach exponentially.

In 2018 you will hear about some big news and changes in how I communicate with you all and how I share my knowledge and intel.

Here is a sneak peek into MY SEVERAL BIG PROJECTS

1. I will be starting the brand new, crowd-funded site, complete with an absolutely new forward-looking concept. Through it, I will share advanced revelations and knowledge never shared before, knowledge so profound and important that you will want to know it in order to fully confidently look into the future during and after The Great Earth Shift! Details coming in Feb 2018!

2. In the upcoming years, and starting in 2018, I will be publishing my new books! In order not to depend on the sold-out social media, and to preserve my info and knowledge for posterity, the books are a must. Books are also very affordable and they can be purchased by anyone. What books and when? Subscribe to FuturisTrendcast and visit LadaRay.com to keep on top of announcements in 2018!

3. In 2018 and the years after I will release several more series of EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS. The themes and topics will be announced in Late Jan-Feb 2018! The new 2018 series, where I can more freely share knowledge and profound revelations than I ever could through my public sites, are designed for my true followers, fellow multidimensional travelers, my loyal students, seekers and awakening or awakened 4D – 5D – 6D souls, or those 3D souls who are ready to make a leap to higher dimensions of consciousness! If this applies to you, don’t miss my webinars!

The webinars are designed in such a way, so you can refer to their guidance for years to come. I hope many of you will still take advantage of the latest ESW6 THE PUTIN ENIGMA, as well as prior EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS 1-5! You can do so any time! And note that ESW1 ON TRUMP & US is now on Holiday Sale!


NEWS that are perhaps not so great, but a great lesson:



Many of you, who have listened to my last week’s interview: Lada Ray TimeMonkRadio Interview: The Putin Enigma and The Coming Western Perestroika, know what I am going through and what kind of attacks are happening. Actually, you don’t know even 10% of what’s happening, because I am not the complaining type. One day, for educational purposes I’ll share the nature of the multidimensional attacks I’ve been subjected to. I will do so only so to teach you what to be on the lookout for and how to protect yourself.

For the details of what kind of pressure YouTube, Google, Facebook are putting, listen to the above-linked interview. This pressure and various sabotage attempts began as early as last year, but they really reached new heights since approximately August 2017, and even more so since October 1, 2017.

Today, I just want to tell you what I have decided:

1. I only opened facebook account for Lada Ray/FuturisTrendcast in July 2017. Before that, I once had facebook account,  but because I knew they were in bed with CIA and Dark State, as a matter of fact, they ARE an intrinsic part of said Dark State, I pretty quickly closed it. This time I did it only because a number of my big followers begged me to do so, since they had relevant groups on facebook, and therefore, they wanted to share my content with their own followers in an easier fashion. After much deliberation, I decided to open my new facebook fan page, with the idea that perhaps my high energy would do something to change the low energy of facebook from within and perhaps if I stayed in my little corner of it, I would be safe. No dice, they get to you pretty quickly — and a good thing I only put a minimal amount of work into it.

Facebook has been meddling with my mentions and FuturisTrendcast repost counts ever since 2015, whenever my readers shared/linked-up to my articles, and well before I had facebook account. I noticed as early as 2015 that some of my 2014-15 posts that told the truth about Ukraine and that had a 1000 or more facebook mentions and reblogs, suddenly had just a few, or even zero. The rest would be wiped out by facebook.

But recently, facebook went for broke. They told me that I was impersonating ‘a celebrity’ — in other words myself (!); that proof that I was in fact me was needed. When I sent the required proof, they simply deleted my account.

Specifically, they deleted my account after this recent article: Analysis: Consequences of Russia’s Mirror Response to US Witch Hunt Against RT – and so much more!

Regardless of whether they ever decide to reinstate my account or not — I could care less — I have made a decision to NEVER DEAL WITH FACEBOOK AGAIN.

If any of you still have facebook accounts and want to share my posts on your wall, or to share, link-up or mention me, by all means do! The facebook share button will continue being posted below each post on FT. But I will never re-open my facebook account.

I will be looking for an alternative to facebook. I have been looking into Russian VK, which is similar to facebook format — see more on VK below.

For now, this is a low priority: I am happy and comfortable staying right where I am. Although, I have to say the way it’s going, I will continue monitoring all social media, website and blogging platforms, and duplicate my content, in case something changes.

What happens if another SM platform goes berserk and suddenly I disappear from somewhere? 

This is why I do duplication. You know where to find me at this time — see full list of links below. Should something disappear, you’ll see me elsewhere, that’s why it pays to subscribe to multiple platforms! Through various venues I am on, I’ll also advice you if there are changes elsewhere!






Auxiliary blog (author’s blog): LADARAY.wordpress.com

WordPress has been good to me since I first opened my author’s blog. I notice a certain amount of subtle stifling and minor sabotage attempts, plus a good amount of glitches. But compared to everything else, and certainly compared to Blogger, WordPress is much better and I will loyally stick with them for as long as they don’t betray everything they are supposed to stand for.

However, should the sad situation we see with Blogger, facebook, YT and Google happen to WordPress, I will transfer my blog to my own site LadaRay.com.

And as I mentioned above, the new mega-blogging and mega-revelations platform I am developing will be through crowdfunding site. I will reveal which and how it’ll work in 2018!

MY OFFICIAL WEBSITE LADARAY.COM (a wealth of free info, links, reports, webinars and services). More content will continue being added to this site, which is my main hub! I suggest you periodically visit it and peruse its free resources, as well as, of course, Earth Shift Webinars, Reports and Consultations! My BOOKS info is also posted there, along with my main theories’ primers, some interviews and videos. Check it out, if you haven’t yet!

Twitter @LadaTweets I have been with Twitter for several years and I’ll continue being with them for as long as they maintain their present standards! To me, of all social media platforms available, this is the one worth following, even with all its faults and problems. This will continue being the main SM outlet where I share all the links to everything I write and talk about! This is also where I reply to my followers through my NOTIFICATIONS page and where I would retweet you, when you tweet my FT, YT or LadaRay.com posts! There are also some improvements Twitter is making, which I like. Follow me on Twitter, if you haven’t yet!

Lada Ray Channel on YouTube Subscribe to it for all my free videos, interviews playlist, and various video announcements I post there. YT has a monopoly and there is really no alternative to it at this time. But eventually, I hope we have a better option. For now, it’s YouTube.

I also have a Vimeo account, but for now I don’t promote it publicly. It’s on hold till further notice. I might move some of my video content to Vimeo, or to LadaRay.com site at one point.

G+ Lada Ray — yes, I know, it’s Google. But so is YouTube. What can we do. I get free G+ account with my YouTube channel, so why not use it. I share all my FuturisTrendcast posts there and it works similar to Facebook or Twitter. So, if you have G+ account, for now this is also a venue through which to keep on top of things, but only regarding FT posts. You won’t see or hear me share on G+ any of my other work.


On the US-controlled internet and SM, there is a widespread crackdown against those who tell the truth, help create a better future for humanity, reveal what was hidden and show the way.

Interested in my work?

Don’t want to miss the most important stuff that is to come?

Here’s how:

Follow me on FUTURISTRENDCASTTwitterYouTube, and my auxiliary LADARAY blog. Keep on top of  LADARAY.COM! 

In 2018 I will offer you a new INSIDER opportunity through crowdfunded patron subscription! This will be a new and exciting level of sharing of the most important info, free from censorship and accessible only to my patrons! 

I will continue releasing new FREE articles, new FREE interviews and new FREE videos, with important revelations, intel and knowledge, through FUTURISTRENDCASTTwitterYouTube.

However, as you know from my latest interview, Google de-ranked and demoted my articles and videos to such a degree that traffic to FUTURISTRENDCAST has fallen by MORE THAN HALF! This means that very few NEW people can find me through search engines, and this also means that fewer people will be able to be awakened and know the truth!

The fall of traffic to my blog is especially strange because I see that more new people follow FuturisTrendcast regularly! The following is growing, yet the traffic is decreasing — and we know why!


In this situation I can only rely on my friends and followers to share my work and spread the word! Please spread it through any means you have. Links to my FREE posts, interviews and videos on any social media sites you have, reblogs, shares and reposts on your blog/site or on any third-party forums you may frequent, are all greatly appreciated!

If you are linking and promoting my articles and posts on your blog/site/SM, and want to tell us about it in the comment section of any of my FT posts, that way you can also include a link to your site/SM in your comment, thus increasing traffic to yours. I am very happy to post such comments!

Please also spread the word via email and give my links to all of your friends and family, and anyone you know!

**Also, note that we have now manually added the VK (Russian VKontakte) sharing button, which you can now see after Twitter sharing button at the bottom of each post! Some people have been asking me for this button, which didn’t work previously (for the same reason as discussed throughout this post!). It is fixed and functional now. If you have VK account, please make sure you share my posts on it! My VK account has not been functional due to a glitch (or another sabotage attack?). I will look into it and we’ll  see if we can make it functional soon, to fully replace facebook!

Lastly, I want to mention Google search engine as a separate point. As one of the sabotaging attacks I was unable to do any searches on Google for about 6 weeks. When they ban you, they ban you.

Along with facebook, I would like to boycott google search engine for their underhanded tactics! However, this is proving difficult. I am considering transitioning for all my searches to the Russian search engine Yandex, which many say gives more accurate results. However, look at this bit of latest news about Yandex and Uber merger. For now, a few question marks. We’ll see where all this leads. There is some hope that Russia may remold the US-controlled internet from within — on standby to see where it leads, and we’ll talk more about that in the future!

Consequently, keep in touch through available venues. As I said, in 2018 I will have major news, and we will continue working on alternatives. 

And please share my links, info and articles with everyone you know! That’s how we beat the Dark State and all those dark forces that want to shut down the truth!

P.S. Some huge developments in Donbass/Ukraine! Article coming, stay tuned!

About Lada Ray

Lada Ray is the creator of the EARTH SHIFT AND GREAT REBALANCING TEACHING, AS WELL AS QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS & MULTIDIMENSIONAL TEACHINGS! Author of several books, multiple Webinars, Quantum Reports, and more! ** Lada has extensively written and spoken on global events, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and higher consciousness. She is world-renowned for her accurate predictions, which are currently materializing one by one! ** The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe to Lada's blogs, SM and Patreon, to stay ahead of the curve and to learn the REAL DEAL! ** Main sites: LadaRay.com - ALL WORK, BOOKS, FREEBIES, BUY WEBINARS & REPORTS! ** LRP: Join long-term monthly subscription: Patreon.com/LadaRay - regular reports and articles, advanced intel, analysis, predictions ** Twitter @Ladatweets ** Blogs: FuturisTrendcast.wordpress.com - geopolitics and predictions - huge archives LadaRay/wordpress.com - books, writing, world cultures - big archives ** YouTube: Lada Ray Channel

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    Thanks for the important updates Lada, VK and Yandex are very good alternatives in place of institutionalized monopolistic FB/ Google. Change is Good! 🙂

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  2. Thank you for all you do Lada. I will try and help in any way I can 🙂

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    This is a reposting, upon my blog, of a posting by Lada Ray upon her blog, FuturisTrendcast.com.

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  4. Your information is and has been very useful for everyone. I repost many of your posts on my WordPress blog, timtolzmann.wordpress.com.

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  5. Hi Lada, I’m still here and still following you as much as my tiny budget allows. I was about to buy a webinar as a birthday present to myself in September but it didn’t happen. Both my boy kitties passed on the same day, two days after my birthday. Mieko was failing and ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge at the ripe old age of 17. Genji (age 12) had a surprise encounter with a raccoon in my driveway. (It was constitutionally impossible for that little booger to ever back down from protecting his home!!) It only took one swipe from the raccoon’s claws to injure Genji’s face very badly. It was very expensive to try to find help for him but there was none. With no alternatives, I had to put him down. I was terribly painful and difficult but at least my boys crossed the Rainbow Bridge together. I take comfort in that. So, no birthday present and a lot of tears instead, but such is Life sometimes, the bitter with the sweet. I miss them every day.
    I am continuing to recommend you to everyone I talk to! I wanted you to know that people are really happy to learn of a high vibration source of information about parts of the world, people and traditions they would not otherwise have access to. They thank me over and over again for turning them on to you! 🙂
    Thank you for all the kewl stuff you have planned. It sounds really exciting! By the way, I like to use either Ixquick (my first choice) or Duck Duck Go to do my searches. Neither of them track you or give you a hassle about what you are “allowed” to look at. Much love to you, Lada. I think of you as a soul sister; I hope you don’t mind. I trust you and your loved ones had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Blessings, continued success to you and best wishes for the holiday season! ❤

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    • So sorry about the kitties. I know how hard it is.
      I appreciate very much your support and I know you are contributing monthly despite the fact that you don’t have much money — THANK YOU AND BLESSINGS!

      Could you please email me directly? You know my email since we emailed you re. ESW5. Thanks so much!

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  6. Natercia Pedroso Pedroso

    Hi Lada. I have an account on VK, I tried to share your post and it goes directly to my profil, and no share at all. That’s exactly the same in was as I told you some time ago.

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  7. Natercia Pedroso Pedroso

    Yes, I will try Lada.

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  8. I have been waiting forever for your article on Geoengineering and climate change, as you have promised. As much as I enjoyed connecting with you and my Russian roots, it has become obvious that your Ego prevailed. With weeks or months left to our extinction you want to capitalize on what most light workers like myself, a single mother, have been doing for free for years; spreading our light. The Geoengineering of our skies have ramped up and Russia is part of these programs too, destroying the ozone layer and poisoning all life on Earth all in the name of greed. I wanted to believe in Putin and people like you because you were my last straws to grasp on, but unfortunately I forgot that NO HUMAN can replace our HIGHER SELVE which we forever seem to disconnect from in this game called LIFE.
    Good luck with your new endeavors for the $$$$, I personally will not support you.


    • Oh you poor unfortunate soul. You must have had a very hard life. I do understand very well how hard it is to be a single mother.
      But it’s all in our attitude. If you are angry, jealous and lash out at others, your life won’t get any better.

      The only few comments you ever wrote to me were of a trolling and provocative nature. So don’t worry, I don’t need support from such low-calibrated individuals like you.

      So there is no doubt of what you are, here are your FREE calibrations, with my compliments.
      Perhaps that will help you look realistically at yourself in the mirror, but I seriously doubt it.

      Enjoy your FREEBIE!

      Irene Parousis
      Continent: North America
      Country: Canada
      State/Region: Ontario
      City: Toronto


      Quantum Calibration: 95 – Fearful Grief

      CHI level: 85 – Violent/Angry Grief

      Interpretation: Both very destructive calibrations, on the life-threatening levels. Individuals on this level cannot see the world realistically and they tend to see a warped picture of everything around them. The result is either self-destructive or destructive to the ones around them, often both. Some known terrorists calibrate at this level.

      You poor thing.

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      • Hi dearest Lada,

        I didn’t want to write this but decided to contribute because this person Irene Parousis comment made me angry. I certainly understand why you responded to her because you wanted to educate and expose her for what she is. I take my hat off to you for being so reasonable and kind in response to someone who is being so rude and vicious to you. Not to mention crazy and lying.

        Just look at her logic, according to her you are out to make as much money as possible fast because the world is about to end. And your goal is evidently to spend all that money after the world ends? I bet she doesn’t get how deranged she sounds.

        Anyone can tell she’s not Russian as she claims. Parousis is a Greek name, and she resides in Canada, so what Russian? I heard you say before that many Ukro-Nazis reside in Canada, maybe she’s one of them.
        I could dissect the rest of this troll’s comment. But I think her calibrations speak for themselves.

        To conclude: it’s outrageous that lowly calibrated entities like her pollute your beautiful blog.
        Keep up the great work Lada! I personally learned a lot from you.
        I am rooting for you and I am your huge fan!

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    • It seems like you may have acquired a perpetual black chemtrail cloud overhead. With a bit of gratitude and optimism, you can shift your reality for the better… if not for yourself then for your children. I suggest doing some shadow-work and examine darker hidden aspects of self that you do want wish to see, or acknowledge.

      Lada can certainly help you, as she has helped countless others, but you have to open up and receive her knowledge and gifts. Light is all around us, but you are too blind to see, to full to receive. Open heart, open mind, one love. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • @Irene Parousis You are not a light worker but a dark worker. Stop complaining about Lada, get off ur fat lazy ass and start doing something about climate change and geoengineering if ur truly passionate about saving the world!

      I see ur one of those nutters who think the world will end every few months because you hate ur life and want to end it, causing as much pain suffering to others as much as you inflict upon urself.

      Newsflash, take responsability now and do what ur passionate about, if you want to learn how to stop chemtrails, Lada has an excellent program she shares with the world.
      I see you just complain, blame, and bitch about the world because you are so powerless to do anything urself. That’s just pathetic, get a life you troll.

      FYI: Lada is one of the few ppl who share selflessly with 1000s of free articles, videos and interviews to enlighten humanity and raise consciousness. Stop embarassing yourself and stop flattering yourself with lies / self-delusions.

      Also hate to burst ur bubble, but the world will not end in a few weeks or even months.
      Then what will you do???? U’ll have to deal with your issues sometimes, why not start today?! When criticizing others, first see if it applies to urself first.

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  9. I just watched, Lada, your most current radio interview with Mr. Plane (Rob Plane, I think). Brilliant! A virtuoso interview you gave. Your breadth and depth of knowledge are wonderful. And of course you gave very good news for mankind, in that more cooperation and harmony are being manifested in the Middle East, the heart of the world. Thank you so much.

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  10. Dear Lada. Thought the jury is still out on Yandex, I would not read too much into the Uber merger. It seems to be concentrating on Yandex.taxi service and Yandex is still preserving the majority shares and say in the company. I have also a feeling that Uber’s moves will be watched.
    Trolls seem be be about – even my not-very-much visited site got a visit from a troll pretending to come from a .UA address, yet tracing to a service in the US.

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  11. Thank you Lada for all the informative updates! I am sorry to hear of all the difficulties you have been having! Thank you for being a beacon of truth and light to all! Blessings!

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