One Hundred SU-30 Futuristic Fighter Jets Fly From Plant in Siberia to Air Base in Europe

Russian army is quickly and very efficiently modernizing. While the quantity of Russian fighter jets, battle ships, missiles, defence systems and tanks is well below that of the US army, the quality, as recognized by global experts far exceeds the US and NATO armaments. The quantities are growing too.

The problem is that US and NATO have been actively trying to drag Russia into the new arms race, much like the one that began during Cold War and that nearly bankrupted the USSR in 1980s, undoubtedly contributing to its ultimate demise. Part of the arms race was a ruse, concocted by the CIA — it was the so-called ‘Star Wars doctrine,’ which existed only on paper. The USSR believed this deception and had spent more money than it had to protect itself from the non-existent threat.

The contemporary Russia has learned the Soviet lessons very well and is determined not to fall for it again. The US attempts aren’t working this time. As the US under Trump keeps growing its military budget ($700 bln in 2018 vs. $600 bln last year), Russian military budget has shrunk compared to last year’s. It is presently less than 1/10th of the American.

This tells us that the efficiency and economy of the Russian military budget is very high and that Russia will not allow herself to be drawn into a new arms race.

Russia also possesses a very large and impressive reserve of secret weapons and cutting-edge new gen defence tech, some of which are being developed and many are still shelved and awaiting their time. Some of the super-advanced 4D electronic defence weapons have been shown in the visually stunning documentary I translated for you as part of ESR4: ALIENT TECH & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS.

As I showed to you in previous posts:

there is an ongoing military escalation all over the world, and it is worrying on many levels.

However at the same time, it is something I had predicted as a typical occurrence during this Period. For full predictions listen to Earth Shift Webinar 4: PERIOD 8 GLOBAL PREDICTIONS.

It is worrying; however, as history has shown, it is an absolute must when dealing with nations who understand only force. Unfortunately, the West has proved time and again that it is prone to unabated aggression against weaker nations.

On FT and on Patreon we often talk about 4D, 5D, Earth Shift and rising consciousness. Yet, much of human consciousness still exists exclusively in 3D, where the only protection and guarantee against aggressors is a strong and superior military.

Video: One Hundred SU-30 Futuristic Fighter Jets Fly From Plant in Siberia to Air Base in Europe (Russian, with Eng subs)




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  1. Hi Lada:

    I’ve got a few comments.

    Regarding the modernization/upgrade level of the Russian Army and Navy, it should reach up to 70% per the national approved military plan in 2018. It’s pretty good as we’ll see more military orders coming to the Russian defense plants. Such much-needed orders will keep plants running, give jobs and guarantee payments to workers, skillful engineers and scientists.

    Speaking of the US vs. Russia military budget, the American one would be more effective and efficient but for the tremendous corruption and greed of American corporation contracted by the US Government. What makes it sad is that under any President in any foreseeable future such practice is not gonna stop until the US dollar as the world currency collapses.

    Speaking briefly of myself, I’m the Russian national and is based in Russia. Reading your bio, I can’t help noticing some common facts with my background.
    Like you I have some Ukrainian blood flowing in my veins. I have the linguistics educational background. I started my career doing translations which was followed by a number of jobs in the consultant’s and manager’s roles while working for the US organizations and companies in Russia. The same way as you did I witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union. At the mature age I came to realization that I should make some changes in my life. Actually I was driven to make such changes. And I’ve gradually ended up stepping into esoterics/mysticism as part of my new development efforts. So far my interests have been connected with such tools as runes (amulets,divinations, predictions), Tarot (divinations/predictions), palmistry(palm readinngs).

    Sorry if I’ve got you somewhat bored.




    • Just adding on to my previous comment, I’m also highly interested in Russian history, culture and politics.

      Coming back to the military topic and on the eve of the Olympic Games in South Korea, I’d like to share my prediction on the development of relationship between North Korea and USA (and its strategic allies) in the Far East? It covers the period thru April ’18.

      At the beginning we’ll see intensifying contacts, discussions and negotiations among all sides involved. They will be finding ways to mitigate the tension, get more understanding and try to reach a compromise on all levels, including the diplomatic channels. It may seem that the time has come when we can forget the development of the war/conflict scenario in our minds and replace it with the consensus among the concerned sides. However, at the certain point, something may go wrong and all of a sudden the situation may take a different direction. It will exacerbate the controvercies once again. We may again feel the heightening tension in that region. The sides may resume the military agressive rhetoric, saber rattling and return to revewing the military solution to the controversial situation. The world may come to the brink of the war conflict in that region over again.



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