America’s Worst and Most Complained About Banks

I was just doing some research and stumbled upon this article in

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I thought it would be useful and appropriate to let you all know about this, since big changes in the global banking are coming and I’ll be soon doing an article on Patreon on that. Read: Banking Industry Overhaul Timeline: Saturn in Capricorn (preview).

Of course, take everything with a grain of salt and always do your own research when it comes to financial matters, don’t just believe anyone’s word! Still, this is useful info. As for me, I had closed all my accounts with the likes of Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, and any other major banks a long time ago, and never looked back.

This article is by Nick Clements (article’s direct link: It is from 2014, however, the info remains current and some data is very notable. Here is an excerpt:

‘Most Complained About Banks – We crunched the numbers’

  • Bank of America remains America’s most complained about bank
  • Ocwen has rapidly become America’s most complained about mortgage servicer. (Not surprising, given the mistakes they have made. If you are a customer, you could get money back from them. Find out more here.)
  • Citibank Credit Cards have the highest complaint ratio (complaints as a % of total credit cards)
  • Capital One received the most retail bank complaints per branch (with Bank of America a close second)
  • Experian is the most complained about credit bureau
  • Encore Capital Group is the most complained about debt collector

If you are having a problem with your bank, you can get help with your complaint from the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). Just file your complaint online, and they will help you get answers – and maybe even money. I told the story of my friend, who had his credit history fixed and money reimbursed, in this DailyFinance article. The CFPB has received over 400,000 complaints since it was launched, providing a real alternative for people to get help.

The CFPB makes its complaint database public. To date, over 250,000 complaints have been made public (and more are being added to the database every day). At MagnifyMoney, we believe that public access to complaint data is a great public service. It enables people like us to identify trends, rank banks based upon complaints, and help consumers make good financial decisions.

Today we are pleased to release our analysis of the complaint database.

Over 76,000 complaints were made public during the first six months of the year. Of the big four banks, Bank of America remains the most complained about bank. 5,261 people complained about BofA. Wells Fargo received 4,834 complaints. Chase received 3,988 complaints and Citibank received 3,025.

What does this mean for you?

We have crunched the complaint numbers, and have the following tips:

  1. If Ocwen is your mortgage servicer (now the largest non-bank servicer in the country), you should pay close attention. They have a history of mistakes, which can be very costly. If you are having problems with Ocwen, don’t be shy. Complain to the CFPB, and tell Ocwen that you are going to complain to the CFPB. They are a bit touchy, given they have just been punished with a judgment of more than $2 billion due to their mistakes.

  2. If you are receiving calls from a collection agency, you have rights. And if someone like Encore Capital Group keeps calling you – and you don’t know why – don’t be afraid to raise the issue to the CFPB (and tell Encore that you are doing so).

  3. For choosing a retail bank, we have long argued that branch-free banking is the way to go. Traditional banks pay the lowest rates on savings accounts, charge the highest monthly and overdraft fees, and limit you to their ATM network. Look at our checking account and savings account pages to make your checking account free, earn the highest interest on your savings account, and ditch your traditional bank. Of the big banks, Chase has half as many complaints per branch at BofA. And PNC and US Bancorp always did well.

  4. Credit bureaus can make mistakes. You should check your credit report every year, and make sure that mistakes aren’t there. You are allowed to get a free report every year from all three bureaus, and make sure you do. To get the issue fixed, you can go straight to the bureau. But, if they don’t move quickly enough, use the CFPB.

  5. The biggest complaint categories for credit cards are billing disputes and ID fraud. Sign up for alerts with your credit card company (they can send you an email if a large purchase is made). You should also download your bank’s app so that you can keep an eye on spending. Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately – and you should keep a paper trail of your communication with your bank. The earlier you catch anything suspicious, the better.

Lada’s 2 cents:

So, according to the above report, the most complained about banks are Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Capital One — all ‘too big to fail’ major multinationals. Bank of America alone had over 38,000 complaints registered.

The regions with most registered complaints: Washington, DC; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA.

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Read more Banking Industry Overhaul Timeline: Saturn in Capricorn (preview)

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  1. If you can’t stand the banks like me just be your own banker and buy bitcoin. If you haven’t already start accumulating Bitcoin by dollar cost averaging each month. Buckminister Fuller said that if you can’t beat the system just produce a better model that will replace it. That’s what bitcoin is. It will be the most disruptive technology on a par with the internet. We won’t need bankers in the future. Bitcoin is the first trustless, permissionless and censorship resistant money with a distributed and de-centralized public ledger. After bitcoin proves that we don’t need a central bank maybe the idea will get around that we don’t need leaders or politicians also. What a concept.

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      As to the other stuff, listen to other past webinars, AND much more about that in upcoming webinars.

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      • Thanks Lada I will. Bitcoin is the most disruptive money the world has seen and within a few years may even be the world reserve currency. The blockchain which is the total record of transactions since the beginning is absolutely immutable and no one, I mean no one, can stop anyone from bitcoin to anyone else. It’s good that Russia and China have created a gold note which will increase sovereignty from the dollar but that’s going back in time to an old type of money. They both need to finally embrace Bitcoin which is the ultimate currency of sovereignty and move to the forefront of this world shaking technology. If they don’t and keep on making it very difficult for bitcoiners then they will fall behind countries like Japan and South Korea which have enthusiastically embraced it. Even the US is more bitcoin friendly than either Russia or China. This is a big mistake which quickly has to be remedied.

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    • Gary, ur correct that central banks have no direct control over cryptos, but they can certainly influence price movement and cause legal problems for the exchanges. For example: Bitcoin bleeds over news of US government subpoena.

      Any ideas for cryptocurrencies to circumvent gov’t interference? Lada did raise some really critical issues in her webinar 3, I’m sure a follow-up is in order.


  2. Of course banks are not far removed from the head of the beast and we are stuck with them. I don’t have big bank problems because I use a credit union. Same functions as a bank but owned by its members. Big difference. The CFPB has just been purged at the top by the Trump Machine and is allegedly not a Clinton/Obama money laundering operation anymore. Stay awake, do your homework. Thanks, Lada.

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    • Local banking — yes!


    • Credit unions are great, i use one myself. When i was in Great Barrington, MA. they had their own local currency called Berkshares. It was based on a type of credit barter system where locals exchanged Berkshire IOUs for goods and services, a pretty cool 5D experiment in community building.

      I’m also looking in state-chartered banks which are more financially secure than the shaky FDIC “insured” fractional banks.

      In any case, all banks are subject to Federal gov’t regulations and Federal Reserve policies of control. No world banking systems are sovereign, they are all relegated to a foreign entity above and beyond national laws… Central Banking sucks!

      Here’s a good article:


  3. Was just about to sign up with Patreon but they want 20% VAT in addition to the monthly pledge. Apparently they charge VAT to anyone in the EU. I know Lada doesn’t get the tax so I’ve decided not to feed the corporate giant.

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    • So sorry to hear that, Ann. Sorry you won’t get so much new and exclusive content. NO ONE told me about VAT tax for EU subscribers, total news to me, and quite shocking. 20% is crazy.
      I’ll have to think about that and see what to do about it.
      Thanks for your support, as always, Ann!

      Now I see why people may be on the fence. I’ll get back to you and others who may have the same problem.

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    • Ann, I would really appreciate your help! Can you please tell me: when you pay via Paypal fro webinars, etc., are you also charged VAT or not? I need to see if there is a better way to organize this outside of Patreon, if this isn’t working for many people.

      You can respond here or email me, if you prefer. Thanks so much!


    • I can’t be helpful here except to remember that taxes are used as a part of social engineering and to quell dissent or opinion if so applied to an author’s intellectual property. 20% of $20.00 is $4.00… and that’s a lot. So we all have to make personal decisions and do the math pertinent to our situation. Maybe Lada can come up with a workaround, maybe not. For me, in for a penny, in for a pound.

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      • Why Patreon allow taxes to be charged on their platform is a mystery, since they are not offering direct goods and services, what is being taxed?
        Does the EU consider donations to be a taxable item now? How odd, I will have to bring this issue up with Patreon admin.


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    To whom it may concern:


  5. Link to journalist Matt Taibbi’s RollingStone expose, “Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail” published May 2012.

    Taibbi points out even when the bank is court ordered to pay fines for its repeated criminal acts or make financial restitution to defrauded credit card holders or even investors, Bank of America doesn’t comply.

    Edited excerpt from opening paragraph:
    **At least Bank of America got its name right. The ultimate Too Big to Fail bank really is America, a hypergluttonous ward of the state whose limitless fraud and criminal conspiracies we’ll all be paying for until the end of time. Did you hear about the plot to rig global interest rates? The $137 million fine for bilking needy schools and cities? The ingenious plan to suck multiple fees out of the unemployment checks of jobless workers? Take your eyes off them for 10 seconds and guaranteed, they’ll be into some shit again:

    (….) They’re out of control, yet they’ll never do time or go out of business, because the government remains creepily committed to their survival, like overindulgent parents who refuse to believe their 40-year-old live-at-home son could possibly be responsible for those dead hookers in the backyard.**

    I would like to ask Lada. Can you do current calibrations for Bank of America? Are you able to calibrate if values have worsened or improved since 2008 bail outs, Taibbi’s 2012 expose and prognosis for future?

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  6. Lada, sorry for the delay in replying. No, I have never had to pay VAT on any of your webinars etc. via Paypal. This is purely to do with Patreon. I do hope we can find a way round it. Would it be possible for you to issue a log-in to Patreon to me and any others affected in return for our setting up a monthly donation to you direct via Paypal rather than via Patreon?


    • Hi Ann, this is Maddie. I’m Lada’s tech advisor and maintain her website. So I did some research and Patreon is a relatively new fundraising platform for creative artists. They do not offer direct access to content without contribution.

      However, Lada already offers Paypal donations via her Support page on her site:

      Under monthly donations, you can easily match the “pledge amount” offered on Patreon and I can easily send you the same paid content via email, the same day it comes out on the Patreon platform so you and other EU supporters wouldn’t miss a thing. I’ll have to make a few modifications on Lada’s support/ donation buttons.

      Will follow up with more info soon. 🙂

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      • Ok, I have created adjunct subscribers list via Paypal, so you can receive all the same great content found in Patreon without paying for that silly VAT tax.
        Why Patreon allow taxes to be charged on their platform is a mystery, since they are not offering direct goods and services, what is being taxed?
        Does the EU consider donations to be a taxable item now? How odd, I will have to bring this issue up with Patreon admin.

        I have created a separate access page for all supporters who donate $10 or more to Lada via Paypal and would now gain the same invaluable content. Cheers 🙂


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