Great Balancer Weekly: Lavrov opens up and Putin jokes; are Russians too tolerant?

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Sergei Lavrov: Diplomat Extraordinaire Opens Up About the Details of the Dangerous Profession

Of Ice and Fame. Russian figure skaters Medvedeva vs Zagitova: friends off the ice, rivals on it

Are Russians TOO Tolerant? Russia-Hating “Rockstar” Allowed to Tour Country and Spew His Bile

FUNNY: Putin Cracks Jokes With Young Scientists On Russian Science Day






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  1. Might be a good time to explain what is going on now in Syria, given that the US appears to be attacking Syrian forces, prepping false-flag chemical attacks with the French, and perhaps taking out a large number of Russian military contractors.

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  2. Lada: yes, Russians are too tolerant!

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  3. hey Lada what your view on the Communist candidate Pavel Grudinin ?

    i think he will help Putin more than hurt him

    i feel If or when 🙂 putin wins another term he will make more moves against the economic Elite then move to Nationalizing the ruble

    some say that Putin supports Migrants from central asia and supports free trade ect

    well as far as i know Migrants are forced to obey Laws unlike the EU russia is not PC

    i think putin is a economic Moderate he supports economic populism but he does not want to End Privatization only Mass Privatization i think he’s a 3rd positionist

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  4. Lots of exciting plans in place. I especially like your plans for weekly Great Balancer updates section as Russia continues to try to balance the globe while the US is still stuck in what Pepe Escobar calls, Empire of Chaos. The world becomes a significantly less fearful, uncertain place when one realizes there is an Earth Shift process in place. All your work is stellar but to me, it’s your work on 2 countries in particular – Turkey & Ukraine that has been especially helpful in understanding the shifts and changes in play. It’s these 2 countries that so clearly show 3D Chaos losing to 5D balance.

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