Exposed: Ukraine – Germany Nazi Scandal! Ukrainian Consul to Germany: ‘It’s an Honor to be a Fascist’

The international scandal is growing. Turns out Ukrainian consul to Hamburg, Germany, Vasil Okhrimets, was using his diplomatic immunity to keep an elite Nazi Facebook page, where he promoted the ideas of hatred and mass murder. The page is only open to members. An undercover investigator team, headed by popular Ukrainian blogger in exile Anatoly Shariy, infiltrated this closed Nazi Facebook page. After several months they published the results of their investigation in Ukrainian, Russian and German. Vasil Okhrimets and his followers usually wrote on this page things like: ‘It’s the highest honor to be a fascist’; ‘If you see a Jew, kill him/her’; ‘If I got my hands on communists, I’d be hauling their bodies out in plastic bags in heaps.’

The Okhrimets’ Nazi Facebook page counts among its supporters the who’s who of the diplomatic circles of Ukraine. For example, it was patronized by the Ukrainian ambassador to Portugal, Inna Ognivets.

I want to stress that these last names (Ognivets, Okhrimets), while clearly Slavic, are NOT the usual Malorussian /South Russian last names, which would usually end in ‘ko.’ These are undoubtedly western Ukrainian names, where ukro-nazis (supporters and descendants of Hitler’s collaborator, ukro-fascist Stepan Bandera, who in fact was a Polish citizen) are common.

We discussed many times in the past 4 years how clandestinely and quietly western Ukraine Nazis, guided by their Canadian and American diasporas, took over the entire Ukraine, suppressing the core native population. This Nazi layer, supported lavishly and loyally by Canadian and US governments for as long as they played the role of anti-Russia on Russian borders, is what is keeping the Kiev junta regime alive.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m exaggerating? Just wait for my next post! The situation with ukro-nazis in power in Canada is a lot worse than you imagine and they now have openly penetrated the highest echelons of power!

Are we observing a resurgence of fascism and Nazism? Yes, we are — in those countries where law and order, as well as the consciousness are in bad shape.

Are the resurgent Nazis part of the Dark State? You bet they are. All kinds of dark entities tend to crawl out of their holes when we all look the other way.

German government has to respond to the scandal: the acts committed by Ukrainian consul are all criminal offences under German law. Will Germany have the balls to deal with the situation honestly and send the Ukrainian Nazi to jail, or will they hide their heads in the sand yet again? My bet is on the latter.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is trying to shush the scandal by quietly removing its diplomat from Germany.

Ukraine says they are ‘investigating’, but if they are investigating Okhrimets the same way they have been for years investigating the May 2, 2014 Odessa massacre, we’ll never see the result. It’s clear why: Poroshenko and other top brass were all involved in the Odessa massacre. The same is true for this new Nazi scandal: the who’s who in power are involved. They won’t put themselves in jail.

Next post — Has the world diplomacy been taken over by Nazis in disguise?




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  1. And now Merkel’s second trip to Sochi in a month. Does that signal a thawing of Germany’s black op in Ukraine? If she recognized Crimea, she’d be toast, I expect. Still, she appears to have some room to maneuver. Be interested to know whether a pull-out of Swift is in the cards. Not sure what to think about Helmer, but he has certainly been keeping the Ukro/Canadian minister’s family Nazi background in focus.

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  2. Boy are you confused. Bandera was born in Galicia (Austro Hangary) and was responsible for the slaughter of100s of Poles.


    • Yes, he was responsible, and I wrote about that many times before. And he was at the same time a Polish citizen because GALICIA, located in WESTERN UKRAINE, WITH CAPITAL LVOV, WAS A PART OF POLAND TILL 1939, knucklehead. The reason Galicians, while being under Poland were so against Poles was because they were very suppressed by Polish ‘pans’ for centuries, and it was coming out in ugly and homicidal Nazi forms.

      So, as you see, the only confused here is you.
      Learning to keep up and reading between the lines is a mark of an intelligent being.
      In this case, I only mention he was Polish citizen, BUT never Ukrainian, Russian or Soviet, because he talked about ‘liberation of all of Ukraine,’ which he didn’t have any claim on.
      Learn to keep up, and learn some basic history, if you ever want to comment on my blog. Otherwise, you just look stupid!

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      • As usual you censor comments you don’t agree with. Stalin would be proud of you.


        • Your comments so far have not been censored, the opposite: I replied to you and even wasted my time on trying to explain. Moreover, I tolerated your 2 personal attacks against me! But I should’ve known there is no one to reason with here. You are just a malicious and unhappy troll/shill, dear, and there is nothing to agree with here, when you are simply baiting me and spewing lies. What does one expect from someone calibrating at 80 – GRIEF!
          I have a lot more important things to do than to waste my time on you, so yes, since you haven’t learned your lesson AFTER 2 STRIKES, you are now BANNED!
          You may not be aware that FT policy is to out all trolls/shills to the full extent. I’d be careful if I were you.

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            Of course, I should’ve known – this ‘buster’ is in Warsaw, Poland! Details:

            Decimal: 1497370598
            ASN: 6830
            ISP: UPC Polska
            Organization: UPC Polska
            Services: None detected
            Type: Broadband
            Assignment: Static IP
            Continent: Europe
            Country: Poland pl flag
            State/Region: Mazovia
            City: Warsaw
            Latitude: 52.25 (52° 15′ 0.00″ N)
            Longitude: 21 (21° 0′ 0.00″ E)
            Postal Code: 00-202


          • The dark troll in question refused to learn and continued attacking me, now by sending an even uglier and more disgusting verbal attack to my private email!

            You’ll be pleased to know he is now also banned from my website and blocked on my email.


            Lada Ray


            • LOL, another Polish troll bites the dust. When will they ever learn? They can’t debate intelligently with logic and reason, thus resorting to childish name calling and internet trolling. I can see where Ukro-Nazis get their training from!

              Is it possible that Poles had a hand in falsifying Russian history? Hmmm.


  3. This woman, Inna Ognovets, is awfull. Portugal is balancing betwen making trade with Russia and being nice to the western partners! It’s not easy, and really, the political elites in Portugal are all belonging to the Opus Dei (the right wing) and Masonic (Socialist Party). And most of them are Bildberg. The only ones who don’t belong to such organisations are the Communist Party and the Bloco de Esquerda. And we are also a Nato country! A disgrace Lada!

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    • I know what you mean. Thanks for sharing. I really hope Portugal turns around soon. The neo-liberal agenda has penetrated too deeply into all European societies, will take a while to disentangle from it. Wishing all the best to Portugal – always had a soft spot for it. 🙂

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