Now the Ball’s in Your Court: HOPE FOR THE BEGINNING OF RUSSIA-US NORMALIZATION (Best Video Collection) #PutinTrumpSummit

I’m sharing with you Lada’s Best video collection of today’s Putin-Trump Summit in Helsinki!

We have lots of discussion and predictions on this topic and much more, in my latest 



(Special Multidimensional Astrology & 4D Geopolitics Report)

Also this week on PATREON we’ll have Quantum Calibrations of the PUTIN-TRUMP SUMMIT – coming Tuesday. In addition, I’ll have a separate analytical piece on the event – most likely Wednesday. For over a month now on PATREON we have been discussing Trump, US-EU relations, NATO, Russia and Putin, with quantum calibrations and much more. Check out all these posts, if you haven’t yet, by scrolling down the POSTS lineup.



Full 2 hour Putin-Trump presser after Helsinki summit, July 16, 2018


The same presser from CBC perspective


Putin arrives to Helsinki. Putin’s Limo: First public appearance of new Russian Aurus outside Russia


And here’s that ugly TRUMP’S NEOLIBERAL GLOBALIST STRAITJACKET REARING ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN — 100% according to my prediction since 2016 – early 2017 (ESW1: WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM)

Western MSM in panic over the summit: what if Russia and US do end up getting along for a change? What horror, what treason!


And incidentally, what did I tell you months ago (since 2015-16 really) in my predictions about the SHIFT of Israel! Others are only beginning to talk about it now!

**Those who read my Patreon articles and watch my Webinars will also recognize some of my predictions about what Putin will get out of this summit vs. what Trump will get out of it. Although I said much more…

(Incidentally: my hint — Putin won’t bargain at Iran’s expense, that fantasy is completely off the table. But Putin will listen if US and Israel want to help clear Ukraine from the ukro-nazi junta contamination, and if US wants to get its troops out of Syria.) 

Listen to the hint in this video: Trump Enters Helsinki Amid Press Storm: Europe Terrified Russia and US Might Find Common Ground


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Awesome summit for Putin and Russia! 🙂

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  2. Putin has “handled” this cowardly bully of a “president” beautifully ! Hè has proven Hillary right…Putin wanted a puppet and got that in Trump . The bastard totally sold out his country today


    • Regardless of what Trump is and how you personally feel about him… Come on, that globalist neoliberal agent Hillary is right? And Trump ‘sold out’ his country because he wants to attempt restoring good relations with Russia? And that’s bad how?!
      Boy, you are one poor Western MSM product.

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      • You are an ignorant ass


        • Yeah, I start feeling really sorry for Trump with a country full of people like you, lol.
          As I predicted, incidentally.
          Keep demonstrating your true essence here. We are all very interested to see how disjointed minds like yours and Hillary’s work.
          I wonder what you are even doing on FT? Got lost between CNN, HuffPost & NYT? My blog is actually reserved for people who are smarter and who can string together more words than the juvenile sentence you just posted because you have nothing else to say.

          Do keep in mind, we fully out and expose trolls like you on my blog – you may want to be careful.
          And of course, we ban them without a second glance.

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          • I clicked on House of Heart’s blog and saw her quoting CNN and John McCain…lol I really hope she is trolling because it is a lot more sad if she isn’t.

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            • I didn’t even know she quoted CNN, but boy did I call it. That’s how prominent her energy was in that direction.
              I was just thinking yesterday & the appearance of this little ****** prompted the thought: How sad that Hillary and McCain supporters completely align. Sad day for America. The end – time to move out.

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  3. Lada I’ve been waiting all day to chomp at the bits. I understand that you’ll be doing an in depth analysis in a few days but I just have to get my two cents in. I’ve been watching mainstream news today from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, etc. and I find the panic and hysteria really funny and I’ve been laughing more than anything. Maybe I should be scared at the amount of morons hysterical over nothing more than the President of Russia and the President of USA having a meeting and getting along. These summits were commonplace during the cold war and even up to Obama so what’s the big deal. I just can’t help but giggle when dolts like Lindsey Graham, McCain, Rep. Maxine Waters and all the pundits condemn Trump. Outside of Trump’s BS remarks on Israel, Iran and beating ISIS (Sorry Donald Russia and the SAA did the beating), his performance with Putin was truly outstanding and was back at what made me admire of him during the election campaign: i.e. getting along with Putin. My feelings of Trump really go on a roller coaster ride ranging from admiration to intense dislike but I have to admit at this time, right now, at this moment Trump is showing unbelievable courage in taking on the dark state, the war party and the fake media. What he will do and say tomorrow or next week is anyone’s guess. If he sticks to his guns and doesn’t budge on his words of today then we’re in store for a real fight between the forces of hostility and the forces of friendly relations with Russia. And it’s about time we have this fierce debate.

    Get the popcorn ready and your seat belts fastened because this is going to be one helluva ride.

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    • Gary, if you want irony, watch Hillary giving an interview on Russian TV!! This is the only sane moment I’ve ever seen her, and it’s hilarious.

      In a 2010 interview for Russian television, Hillary was asked, “What is being done to make it easier for Americans to come to Russia, and for Russians to visit America?”

      Imagine if Trump gave this response —

      Well, we want to encourage a lot more travel, and a lot more exchanges. And as we move forward and we get more experience between our two countries and facilitate business travel, tourism travel, education travel – every kind of travel – I think it will become, at least I hope, easier and easier.

      Many of our businesses want to have their business leaders come and have open ended visas… and, similarly, a lot of Russians want to come [to the U.S.] and have as much time as they need. That’s what I would like to work for.

      We want very much to have a strong Russia, because a strong, confident, prosperous, and stable Russia, we think, is in the interest of the world.

      “One of the fears that I hear from Russia is that somehow the United States wants Russia to be weak,” Clinton added, according to The Daily Wire. “That could not be farther from the truth. Our goal is to help strengthen Russia.”

      Imagine the utter chaos if Trump said the same thing?

      There would be riots in the streets. News commentators would be screaming at the top of their lungs!

      But when Hillary says that one of the goals of former President Barack Obama’s administration is to “strengthen” Russia, where was the outrage? There was none.

      It should be noted, this interview occurred during the controversial Uranium One deal, where Russia was purchasing control of 20% of the United States strategic uranium supply – a deal signed off on by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

      The Clinton Foundation was also receiving multimillion dollar donations by the Russian government and oligarchs during this exchange.


  4. This may be off the wall but has anyone noticed that President Trump looks more and more like John F. Kennedy, especially his hair. It struck me as interesting watching him in the press conference with Putin. Has his changing his hair style to look like Kennedy’s been made subconsciousnessly as though he’s being channeled by Kennedy’s soul or as just a subconscious admiration of JFK. Or it could be just a PR stylish change to look more youthful and presidential. If he continues on his quest to destroy the old institutions of power, be it Nato or the EU, and on his quest to restore friendly relations with Russia, then he certainly will live up as the successor of the martyred 35th president. Hopefully he won’t suffer the same fate.

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    • NYT magazine has become the official premier yellow journalism rag of the US! Cover of Trump made to look like Putin, they Russified the President to antagonize the sheeple, LMAO!!!


  5. The rift between “us” and “them” is opening more and more, we must have patience until the day we form two worlds apart invisible for each other 🙂 (I’m commenting also on the post about the west versus russian journalists)
    and bravo to Trump for the courage he is revealing… something’s changing? Or is he always an unconscious agent of destiny?
    and blessed be Putin. Always!!!

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