Cuban Missile Crisis-2? Trump Threatens Russia and China! (LADA’S CONCLUSIONS)


‘We’ll build up nuclear arsenal until Russia & China come to their senses’ – Trump



  1. Apparently, the 20th century and two hot world wars, plus the Cold War, weren’t enough… Here we go again – the definition of madness confirmed: certain humans and certain countries never seem to learn!
  2. Trump is really desperate and completely succumbed to the ‘swamp’ he promised to drain once…
  3. Trump’s STRAITJACKET at work: he’s completely under the thumb of the infamous Russophobe, his security adviser John Bolton, and other neocon hawks.
  4. Oh, believe me, Trump, Bolton and others are in fact playing a double game: with all that tough talk, Bolton is now in Moscow, trying to re-negotiate some sort of deal with Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu (basically Putin read a long-overdue lecture to Bolton, with his usual nice smile: see video).
  5. Trump is trying to twist Russia’s arms, like the US has done to so many times before to so many countries. Nothing new: it’s the usual US bluff, a stunt they’d pulled before to Brezhnev and Gorbachev, not to mention Yeltsin. And note, getting out of nuclear treaties limiting the use of nuclear arms, is Bolton’s old doctrine!
  6. Except, today Russia has Putin, and this is The Time of Russia! This time the old stunt won’t work! Any re-negotiation will be NOT in the USA’s favor!
  7. Not the SUBSTANCE: It’s the appearance of frantic activity, and the appearance of a ‘victory’ — that’s what Trump desperately is trying to show before midterms, and the hell with the rest of the world!
  8. The Earth Shift continues! So are the death throes, aka, the Inverted Collapse of the US/UK Empire – and it’ll be very good riddance!
  9.  If Trump or US ever think they can stop the process of the massive all-planetary EARTH SHIFT, they are so sorely mistaken!
  10. All Trump’s actions will do is draw Russia and China closer together (per predictions)!
  11. And even more so, this will expedite the break-up of the US Empire! So… Best of luck!



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About Lada Ray

Lada Ray is a linguist & former financial consultant with Smith Barney. Born in Russia, Lada lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents. She is the internationally certified Feng Shui Master and author of 3 novels + multiple novelettes; most notably, top-rated metaphysical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER & bestselling thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). Lada has extensively written re. Russia, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and consciousness. She is known for her accurate predictions. Lada's Blogs: FuturisTrendcast - geopolitics and predictions. Lada Ray Blog - books, writing, world cultures. We are presently working on expanding Lada Ray Youtube channel to include Lada's original geopolitical analysis and far-reaching global predictions, as well as her mystical futurism. The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe!

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  1. The USA vs China conflict is about the palladium for nuclear arms they steal here from the Boervolk’s Transvaal in the Platinum belt stretching from Mafekeng to Rusenburg. The Chinese are also mining the resources here and America has been thieving the resources since 1902.
    The ANC is selling land to the Chinese and there are over two million Chinese here already.
    America and China cannot start their conflict for the resources here, it would draw attention to the British created disaster ongoing here .


  2. Dear Lada!

    I came across an article, which casts mode detailed light on the American/British invasion of Russia in 1918-1920:

    Occupation American-Style: 100 Years Ago the US Army Invaded Russia

    You touched upon some of it in the first parts of the Putin Enigma webinar, but the article delves into the more gruesome and outrageous acts that were carried out by the American troops against the Russian population.

    Interestingly, of the Western politicians, only Winston Churchill acknowledged what happened in 1918-20 for what it really was, and that despite him not exactly being fond of Russia.

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    • PS: With regard to the statement of The Republican senator from the State of Washington Miles Poindexter quoted in that article: “Russia became simply a geographical concept, and it will never be anything else. Its force of unity, organisation, and restoration left forever. The nation doesn’t exist …”

      It just goes to show that whoever was (and is) in power in USA do not understand the difference between a state and a nation. A state (Russian Empire, USSR) may die, disintegrate, but the state-forming nation would persevere (the Russian nation, comprised of both Russians and the other multitude of nationalities, which identify with Russia).

      The opposite may also happen – the Ukrainian state is politically still there, but the Ukrainian nation (within the framework in which it was attempted to be formed these past 100 years) is no more.

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    • Thanks, Stanislav, your contributions of truth and hidden intel always welcome! 🙂


  3. double game indeed.

    the good cop bad cop tactic won’t work this time.
    like it did in the last century

    this is the Kissinger strategy at work
    last time it was used on china.
    but now Trump’s trying to undo what Nixon did decades ago LOL

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  4. Lada,

    Why is Putin selling s 400 s to the Saudis?

    Bob Durham

    On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 1:04 PM Futurist Trendcast wrote:

    > Lada Ray posted: “LADA’S CONCLUSIONS… and it’s good news, even if it > doesn’t seem so at first glance ‘We’ll build up nuclear arsenal until > Russia & China come to their senses’ – Trump > LADA’S CONCLUSIONS IN S” >


    • Haven’t heard of it. Working on books and new Africa Calibrations posts.
      I’ll see if what you’re saying is confirmed. If it is, I’ll write a post on PATREON with analysis. But perhaps you meant Turkey? Thanks, Robert. 🙂


  5. The great Truth that American Politician’s brains cannot capture is that American Voters are actually after PEACE. They are not excited about WAR. They go there because Presidents and Congresses take them there with the argument that we have to go first to war than we will arrive at peace.
    Trump would win by historic proportions by simply saying these words:

    “I am taking all Nations of the Earth to Peace. I will strive for Peace first. We will go to war only against Nations that resolutely prove that they HATE PEACE, who will not make PEACE with us. War last. Peace first. We are at a historic time that Democrats have not understood. China, America and Russia can make PEACE NOW and I WILL MAKE THAT HAPPEN NOW.”

    (This is the most Presidential like course that could be taken by ANY American President at almost any time in our Nations recent history.)

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    • Amen to that, JD. Problem is, the establishment, call it Dark State, deep state or elites, WON’T ALLOW IT! And unfortunately, they know very well how to pull the strings of the populace, so said populace either takes it for granted or lauds American aggressions. As always, a small aggressive minority rules and makes the large, but silent or confused majority to toe the line.


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