LADA RAY PREDICTIONS! Will US Plan to Weaken Russian Orthodox Church Succeed?



Teresa mc Will Orthodox Church really get weakened by this schism? To me it seems more the separation of the wheat and tares…

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The weakening of the Russian Church is the US plan in order to hurt Russia as the biggest and main Pravoslavny (Orthodox) state. Russian Church is one of the foundations of the contemporary Russian state, it’s the glue that helps holding the Great Balancer together. Destroy the Church – you’ll weaken Russia.

Will they succeed? Temporarily yes, as confusion and in-fighting intensifies within the global Orthodoxy, and as many independent regional churches are forced to choose sides. There is much grief and tribulations expecting the people of Ukraine, as well, since the corruption reached astronomical proportions and the people allowed the ukro-nazi junta to take over.

The so-called ‘managed chaos’ is the US plan for the entire world. Not just for Ukraine or the Russian Church. It is the same exact plan for the US European ‘allies,’ and for China, and for Asia, and for Latin America. Everyone and everything, from the US perspective are pawns in the big game.

Don’t forget, the US is feeling the heat, its power is slipping away all around the globe and as I was predicting before, they’d do anything and everything to preserve this ill-gotten power!

By instituting a wholesale chaos around the world, whether it’s global trade wars, sanctions or religious wars, the US hopes to again improve their status and prevent the collapse! Long-term they’ll certainly fail.

In the end, I see the Constantinople patriarchy hurting most as a result of its betrayal of he Russian Church and the centuries-old canonical principles. As a result, it may be stripped of its privileges or even disappear. It certainly will lose much of its reputation. It appears however, that Bartholomew, blinded by ego, jealousy and hate, is ready for the global religious war in order to become a schismatic ‘Orthodox pope,’ and to earn his cash. Per recently voiced accusations, he received $25 million from the US. It’s also unclear what role is played by Turkey in this whole scenario.

But whatever happens, Russian Church must go through a cleansing and re-evaluating of priorities process, in order to determine who they can or cannot trust.

NOTE! We all individually, and every single country, will have to go through the same process as part of the EARTH SHIFT!



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  1. Lada, I’m not worried at all even in Ukraine. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
    so, as you say, short term there will be confusion, but even medium term Russia will come out smelling like roses. Even if half of the orthodox churches outside of Russia join the schismatics it doesn’t really matter as long as the church in Russia stays united. To me all that counts is the church in Russia. I think the entire plan is to divide Russia itself which I guarantee won’t happen. Make no mistake the target is Russia. So what if some of the churches go with the egotistic orthodox “pope”. What will happen anyways. Is the new pope going to declare a holy war on the church in Russia? On this point I have to quote Joseph Stalin who queried to the pope of his time “How many divisions do you have”.

    As I said in an earlier email you mess with people’s religion you’re asking for trouble. This undermining of the church in Ukraine just may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in that it finally may give enough Ukrainians the gumption to throw the bums out of Kiev. I have to admit, even myself not being religious at all, that religious beliefs can make people very courageous, highly motivated and not think twice in sacrificing their life for their church.

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  2. Yes Lada, a winner and stronger than ever! And maybe this religious mess in Ukraine will be indeed the straw that breaks the camel’s back… may God listen you, Gary 🙂

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