Largest since 1991 NATO drills in Norway – What do Russians Think?



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  1. Crazy crazy world! “They should have lived happily but they want to play war-games”… indeed!

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  2. Hmmm… what is the REAL purpose of NATO…. imperialism much?

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  3. So much for the”lessons learned” in the West. Propaganda touts Russia as the enemy but many people don’t stop to think that Russia has never actually gone out of their way to conquer anyone. They have enough resources without stealing them via imperialism as the West does. So why on earth would Russia go to the cost and logistic problems of occupying another country where they would be continually resented? Anyway, once a tank has lost a track it’s dead meat and how well do aircraft carriers work on the sea bed?

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  4. And in Norway, in so far I follow the gossip at work (I don’t know what went on on he MSM channels as I don’t watch TV), these drills went completely unnoticed. On the other hand, politics and any kind of political opinions are generally a taboo topic at workplaces in Scandinavia, so this lack of mention does not surprise me.

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