COMING! Two Interviews with Lada Ray and Masaki Miyagawa!

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Coming next Monday – Wednesday!

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  1. Lada I feel the same way when I saw that video of her. I said to myself, Yuck. What a piece of work! If she needs Russia to support her seat at the UN she probably will need to give up something to Russia, I would think. I’m 50-50 on giving her anything. What will Russia gain by giving this malcreant her seat at the UN where she’ll spill more vitriol at Russia and of course support her puppet masters by voting with them. But I’m sure Putin and the Russian leadership will look beyond her at the big picture and know full well that eventually the Baltic states will move back towards Russia. I’m absolutely sure they’ll do the right thing in dealing with this lady in Estonia. By the way I think that the Russian leadership doesn’t trust Lukashenko 100% and that’s why, like they’re doing with Ukraine, they bypassed Belorussian territory in supplying Kaliningrad with natural gas in making that port an LNG terminal. Instead of going straight through Belarussian territory they went a roundabout way in the Baltic Sea to do this. Russia is really learning recent history and taking proactive steps.

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