Syria Fiasco and Syria Embassy Closure: Another Attempt to Destabilize the World

US has announced that it closes down the Syrian embassy in the US and its 2 consulates, mandating personnel to clear out within 24 hours. The usual diplomatic meaning of such a move is the declaration of war.

But war with whom?

Lada’s analysis:

The #Syria embassy closure is orchestrated deliberately while #Russia is busy with the Ukraine and #Crimea crisis. US is trying to sneak in yet another invasion while Russia is looking the other way. I have repeatedly explained and predicted on this blog that the United States and their allies had sneaked in the Ukraine regime change while Russia was busy with the #SochiOlympics. Now they are attempting to run the same script for #Syria.

Clearly, they just can’t accept the fact they lost in Syria in 2013, and this is the attempted payback. It has to be remembered that the US lost at least twice in 2013, to #Putin’s subtle, peaceful, yet through and through brilliant chess mastery. #Snowden and the #NSAscandal was a huge slap in the face, and as if that wasn’t enough, next came the Syria fiasco. This must have hurt…

To say that the US has never accepted the defeat, and that it has tried very hard to reverse the #Syria agreements – with no result to speak of – is an understatement.

Since then, the #Obama government and their handlers have been obsessed with getting even with Russia. Make no mistake, the Ukraine coup was a long-term plan aimed at destabilizing the Russian World and entire Eurasian space. This was publicly admitted by Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria #Nuland, who said that US spent $5bln in the past several years on “subverting Ukraine” and preparing the coup. Yes, it was the long-term “strategic” plan by very poor checkers players, who thought they could play chess. No – scratch that! In fact Obama, #Kerry and their staff play marbles, while Putin and #Lavrov are playing chess.

However, the burning desire to get even with Putin and Russia for Snowden and Syria was a big part of it. That’s why they couldn’t wait for the lawful Ukrainian elections in order to unseat #Yanukovich, but used the pretext of the Sochi Olympics to execute their plan, making sure Russia was looking the other way. During Sochi, Russia was obviously unable to respond for fear of the Olympic boycott, as happened during the 1980 #MoscowOlympics. Yes, this plan succeeded short-term, as they brought to power in Kiev their stooge Yatseniuk and a bunch of Ukrainian nazis.

But as a direct consequence of their stupidity and myopia, they have lost the very important strategic asset that is #Crimea, and this loss is permanent and irreversible, as I have predicted. Read more about my prediction: Striking Geopolitical Similarities: Georgian War – Beijing2008 and Ukraine – Sochi2014. This is yet another egg on their face, and these rotten eggs just keep coming. There is no one to blame but themselves, of course. However, Washington customarily will blame anyone BUT themselves.

Syria destabilization and takeover is a part of the long-term plan, as disclosed in 2007 by US Gen. Wesley Clark. He said that the US plan was to invade/take over 7 countries in the Middle East. including Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Syria. The Iran invasion attempt was brilliantly thwarted by Russia back in 2008 – read about that here. Since the earlier attempt was unsuccessful, ending with yet another egg on Washington’s face, attempts would continue. Syria is called the gateway to Iran, and therefore, Syria is next on the list, with #Iran to follow.

It has to be understood that the primary and long-term US goal is to destabilize the world, by any and all means possible, as according to the old geopolitical playbook, war is the only way for the US to get out of its current systemic crisis. The closure of the Syrian Embassy is yet another move in the same direction. 

However, I predict that it won’t work this time. There is a new force in the world, and it relies on peaceful and diplomatic means. It doesn’t threaten and lash out; it doesn’t do violence. It just calmly responds to threats, allowing the opponent to show its weak hand. This force is unlike the US, UK, EU and their stooges. And this force is the only one capable of neutralizing Washington’s aggression.

Watch report on the Syrian Embassy closure.


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    Yes, the coup d’état was democratic and the referendum is illegal. That’s the logic of the NWO. But don’t worry too much Lada. According to the world reowned gold expert Jim Sinclair.Russia possesses an economic nuclear bomb to bring the USA to reason. If Russia accepts any currency for oil and gas, except the US-dollar, that will be the end of the petrodollar. “This will turn the US economy upside down and into collapse.” See on YT ‘Jim Sinclair, Russia can collapse US economy’.


    • Thanks, Pieter. Great point. I saw that episode with Jim Sinclair – he is very good. Russia does have that capacity, but they won’t use it yet. It’s a bit early. I’ll do a prediction on that some time later.
      Unfortunately, the US in its stupidity is bringing itself closer and closer to the point of no return.
      By the way, Pieter, I’d love for you to share with us on this blog what ordinary people in the EU think of everything that’s going on in Ukraine, Russia, US etc. Please do, if you care to. 🙂



        Some people here fear Putin, but the majority criticize the EU-politics concerning Ukraine. Most people even don’t want Ukraine to be part of the EU and are even questioning the EU itself. The EU lost a first referendum in Switzerland, they lost a second in Crimea and will lose a third one the 25th of May in the EU itself. Eurosceptic votes will raise from Finland till Sicily. The EU is not democratic. Barroso, the president of the European commission was chosen in a secret election in the EU parliament. He’s a knight of Malta and a 33 degree mason. Herman Van Rompuy highest score in a Belgian election was 32.000 votes,which, even in a Belgian context, doesn’t mean much. Three months before he became president of the EU he was the honored guest of the Bilderberg Group. He has no personal view on Europe, he is just the well paid servant of his Bilderberger masters. More and more Europeans understand that the EU goes against their interests, that the EU serves a different program, the program of the NWO, a phrase that even that pale grey Van Rompuy mumbles since he became president.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for sharing Pieter. Great info about EU – of course as expected. I always want to hear from someone on the ground. Eyewitness’s point of view is invaluable – to me it’s like the pulse of life on our planet.
      I’ll include your comment in one of my future posts, if you don’t mind. I’m planning a Q&A post with the most interesting reader comments soon.


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