Why Is Canada’s PM Harper in a Rush to Visit Ukraine?

“Canada welcomes latest U.S. sanctions (against Russia – LR). While Ukraine’s interim prime minister has left his country to solicit the support of other world leaders during the crisis in his country, no G7 leader has set foot in Ukraine amid the political unrest.”  – CBS News

“Harper’s visit to #Kyiv — where he will meet with Ukraine’s Interim Prime Minister Arseniy #Yatsenyuk —​ will be further “expression of Canada’s principled stand on Ukraine,” said the prime minister’s director of communications, Jason MacDonald in an interview with CBC News on Thursday.

This visit has been proclaimed to be “historic.” I bet this is the first time during his entire tenure that Canada’s PM Stephen #Harper found the time to personally visit Ukraine. And it’s not just any time – it’s specifically NOW, after the coup that unseated the democratically elected Victor #Yanukovich and installed the unelected US stooge Yatsenyuk, or “Yats,” as was so well articulated by Victoria #Nuland in her leaked phone conversation. Canada’s Harper also holds the dubious distinction of being the VERY FIRST foreign leader to visit Ukraine since the Kiev coup!

To remind everyone, #Canada, a member of G7, was also the first nation to start the so-called sanctions against #Russia, consisting of telling the Russian soldiers in Canada, who were there as an exchange delegation, to clear out of the country within 24 hours.

Harper’s visit to Ukraine is orchestrated by the same US and EU forces who created the area of extremely dangerous instability in Ukraine, next to Russia’s border. It is orchestrated in the same way as the recent Kiev coup to coincide with #SochiOlympics; as the un-signable trap that was the Yanukovich’s EU association agreement; as the Western Ukraine nazis’ financing and armed takeover of Kiev. For more on that, read my analytical series on this blog: “What is Really Happening in Ukraine.”

So, why was specifically Harper chosen by the G7 to start the new “trend” of visiting the unelected governments? Very simple: Harper is a very convenient figure to do that. First, Canada has practically no trade, no borders, nor any other important or far-reaching relations with Russia. It would be difficult for any EU country to start this trend; the result for mutual trade with Russia would be pretty adverse. US president Obama already met with Yatsenyuk in Washington, but of course he considers it beneath himself to fly over to Kiev. He might send Biden instead. After all, USA is “special.” Enter Harper.

To quote my fellow blogger, Tales from the World“Once again I feel as a Canadian that I must apologize to the world for our so-called leader who is merely a minion puppet of the White House. Ask yourselves why Harper is the first foreign leader to visit the Ukraine. I tend to believe that Obama is so far behind on the popularity scale, the enormous lies are not saving the White House this time, that Harper was probably asked (told) to go and do Obama’s bidding. This Harper administration has changed the role of Canada on the world’s stage from a peaceful and liberal nation to another subsidiary of the American military complex.”

I agree, Canada used to be such nice and reasonable country – what a pity…

The above notwithstanding, in this article I will prove that this “historic” visit by Canada’s PM Harper to Ukraine goes well beyond him being a US stooge. Harper’s interest in Ukraine is more than that. Here is why:

First: Many of the old immigrants from Western Ukraine and their heirs reside in Canada. There are some of those in the US, but fewer. The immigrants from Ukraine tend to be farmers, as that is what they used to do in the old country. Canada happened to be the preferred place for Ukrainian emigration throughout the 20th century. The two main waves of the Ukrainian immigration to Canada were: 1. anti-Russian, anti-communist, ultra-nationalist Ukrainians who fled from the newly formed USSR after losing the 1918-1920 Civil War; 2. Ukrainian nazis from the Galichina SS division – the most vicious SS division of which even Hitler was afraid. After the USSR won the war against Hitler, these Ukrainian SS members fled to the USA, Argentina, but primarily to Canada.

These were the people who always hated Russia. I met some of them in the USA and I wish I didn’t. For them time stands still as they still carry their old hates and spites through all these years. For those who don’t know, SS Division Galichina, and its leader Stepan Bandera, who is considered by the Ukraine’s new government the biggest Ukrainian hero, killed and tortured to death hundreds of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians and Poles. After this, no wonder the Crimeans and Russian-speakers in Ukraine are afraid for their lives.

The descendants of these people currently form a powerful Ukrainian lobby in Canada. I am sure Canadian political insiders can put exact numbers to my words. However, from where I sit, I strongly suspect Canadian policies are influenced in no small measure by this Ukrainian diaspora. The same way as the long-standing US Cuban embargo (whether such embargo makes sense or not) continues being strongly influenced by the powerful Cuban anti-Castro lobby from Miami.

The citizens of both USA and Canada should seriously consider who, how and why is secretly pulling the strings of their countries’ political leaders behind their backs and contrary to the people’s true interests.

Secondly, here are two very interesting questions for the investigative journalists out there:

1. Does Harper himself have any Western Ukrainian roots? Considering how passionately and eagerly he is acting in this case, it seems likely.

2. Even if this isn’t so, he must show to his electorate that he’s tough. What is Harper’s electorate? Did Harper get political contributions from the Ukrainian lobby/organizations in Canada? He may be working off the money he received from his electorate, and I bet those who specialize in Canadian politics will find that a chunk of his political contributions comes from the Western Ukrainian lobby in his country.

Finally! As always, follow the money and you’ll know the truth. Both Canada and USA are actively engaged in #fracking, or hydraulic fracturing – a very harmful to Earth and nature procedure to extract natural gas. Canada’s fracking is probably even more invasive than USA’s, with huge potential consequences to the country’s nature and its future. USA/Canada are engaged in a global campaign to sell fracking as panacea for those countries that rely on natural gas exports.

To remind: Russia is the world’s largest natural gas exporter. Russia also announced that they emphatically ban fracking as the barbaric method of gas extraction.

Ukraine receives the majority of their gas from Russia. Ukraine’s debt to Russia for gas now exceeds $2bln, and it keeps growing by day, while Ukraine is broke. Actually, Ukraine’s overall debt to Russia is at least $16 bln (by some estimates $36bln), depending on whether Russia decides to press for it or not. But this is a separate story which I’ll discuss in another article.

Recently, with USA’s and Canada’s financing, technology and direct participation, Ukraine started fracking to decrease dependence on Russian gas. For Ukraine this could undermine their entire way of life. Ukrainian black soils, chernozem, are considered the richest and most productive in the world. Prized chernozem soils exist only in south-western parts of Russia and in parts of Ukraine. Fracking threatens to poison these soils and further destroy the disastrously mismanaged Ukrainian agriculture.

Citizens of New York State, where I used to live, have for years succeeded in keeping the fracking vultures out of state. Read my article here. Ohio recently announced a state-wide moratorium on fracking after the state started registering the increasing number of quakes. But look what fracking has done to Pennsylvania and Texas! It poisoned their lands and created daily tremors and earthquakes.

Profit-driven fracking companies are looking for new ways to make money as citizens in the USA start saying no. If they can’t frack freely in North America, they have to go international. This is Harper’s secret goal – securing more fracking contracts. And if they can hurt Russian financial interests in the process – they would consider that a wonderful side-effect.

Consequently, Stephen Harper’s interest in Ukraine is more than just political. He surely is there to sign more fracking deals. Meanwhile, Ukraine is being designated as their cannon fodder.


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  1. Wonderful and new information, important to U.S. citizens as well to know.


  2. talesfromthelou

    Good one Lada. Follow the money is right. Re-blogging it with your permission of course. Hope it’s OK. Lou


  3. He’s from Alberta, right? That’s got plenty of anti-Russian Ukrainians. Then it’s part of the US oil complex. Besides, he’s part of the new breed of Western politicians, who are all Zionist, and Russia is a big obstacle to lots of Zionist ambitions.

    As for fracking, most folks not in the US zone of brainwashing consider it to be an expensive and short-term thing. Kind of a Wall Street pump-and-dump operation that has the side benefit of hurting Russia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, thank you Plane! Excellent points and summary! My fellow blogger, “Tales from the World” confirms that Harper is from Alberta. Everything is coming together.
      I don’t know enough about Canada and its politics, but my intuition immediately tells me he must have the Ukrainian lobby connections. I recognize the stroke.
      Great point about Zionism, too.

      All the best!


      • I believe Harper is originally from Ontario and I think he has British roots, but as Plane mentioned his political base is western Canada which has the heaviest concentration of Ukrainian immigrants. He is playing to them for sure, but I believe the stronger force guiding him is imperialistic zionism. Russia’s Eurasian Trade Union represents a serious threat to their monetary control system.


    • Regarding fracking – the cynicism is amazing, isn’t it? They are happy to poison the entire world, mutilate nature, create quakes, as long as they can hurt their geopolitical enemy, who doesn’t even want to fight with them.


  4. Reblogged this on Chez Dcembre and commented:
    Harper chez les sionistes nazis…


  5. I hate this Harper-zionist…..what a creep!


  6. So glad I found this site. Excellent work. As a political opportunist Harper will go to whatever way the wind blows if he sees a few votes for his Karl Rove inspired fraudulent government. Canada has actually lead the world in progressive social policy from insite injection facilities to Kyoto Accords. Harper has reversed all of these policies and returning to the Dark Ages. He fans the flames of irrational and backward currents in our society and has much in common with the thugs who illegally took power in the Ukraine. And he claims to be Israel’s best friend! Remember the G20 in Canada which resulted in the greatest violation of civil rights in our history at a cost of 1,000 million dollars and martial law in Toronto Canada for 3 days? The G20 is detested in every country they meet which requires outrageous security measures so that these criminals can look respectable while our governments and civil institutions are turned into a Kleptocracy. Fascism is what it is and it is what you get from capitalism in crisis. Socialism or Capitalist Barbarism Thermonuclear Obliteration or Environmental Extinction this is our choice and is the reality that we are facing -settling accounts with the Capitalist Social Order remains the historical task of the millennium. In Western Capitalist Societies truth telling is treated as treason, a subversive criminal act. We need only be as radical as the reality that we confront. In this historical present, I agree, there is no alternative.


  7. It doesn’t surprise me that he is displaying this bellicose behavior, because his political support base is western Canada which is where most of the Ukrainian immigrants settled. But then again, this is also the same clown that cut off Iranian diplomatic relations and ejected their diplomats for no valid reason other than to please his zionist masters. Truth be told, Harper has systematically ruined Canada’s international reputation as a peaceful, centrist nation. He truly only represents about one third of Canadians as the leftist vote was split between 2 parties (the NDP and Liberals), and Canada’s Liberal party ran such an abysmal campaign that it practically wiped out their party. On the street, there is really very little support for him or his policies, and I do not see how he can possibly get re-elected. The problem is that the damage is done now, and it will take a long time to repair. On behalf of Canadians, I would like to apologize to the Russian and Ukrainian people.


  8. Typical of the US to export all our crap around the world, mantra of the sleeping dead, “I don’t wanna know about the rest of the world, just not in MY backyard.” Pretty soon sheeple would have no choice but to WAKE UP when it’s their turn to get fleeced!


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