Koala to Putin: Now I see what all those other animals have been raving about!

Koala to Putin: Vladimir, don’t mind Tony, his communication skills are zero and vocabulary a bit limited. He meant ‘the cuddly koala group hug,’ but it came out as ‘shirtfront.’

(Shirtfronting: rough tackling to the ground of an opponent in Australian slang – move considered illegal in Australian football. Australian PM Tony Abbott infamously repeatedly announced he would shirtfront Putin. Honestly, Putin’s nerves are made of steel and his patience is infinite after a comment like that. Link)

putin and koala

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Tony Abbott with cute and cuddly koalas at G20 in Brisbane, Australia


Koala to Putin: Vladimir, now I see what all those dogs and other animals have been raving about!

Putin 3

putin and dogs

This kind of tackling is welcome, as long as none of these dogs is called Tony 😉

putin and snow leopard

Putin and the Caucasus snow leopard, one of the mascots of the Sochi Olympics

New pic added!

putin dolphins

Putin swimming with the dolpins 

Better than killing dolpins with high intensity sonar! Please see my related new post: This must stop! U.S. Navy wargames to kill hundreds of whales, dolphins. In the post you will find two petitions to sign to stop this outrage! Thanks for your help!

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  1. Good to see the 2 laughing and smiling together! Was getting feed up with Tony’s ‘foot in mouth disease’ and making us Aussies look idiotic on the international stage! Thanks for these pics Lada! Llyrran


  2. Still can’t decide which picture I like best Lada ~ I think for me it’s a toss-up between snuggling that beautiful puppy and petting the snow leopard… thanks again for sharing these with us!


  3. Dear Lada,

    All pictures are beautiful. President Putin having strong affinity with the animal world . Animal magnetism. Animals don’t lie. They see us as we are, no politic, total honesty.
    “Putin’s nerves are made of steel..” Yes, indeed.
    I repeat again, Vladimir Putin is an outstanding leader. He outshines all the G20. As it said: Some people are going to reject you, simply because you shine too bright for them. And that’s okay. Keep shining.
    Good health and success to President Vladimir Putin.
    With much respect.


  4. and we all human beings…..


  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    This is so adorable, o’bummer already has hands full with imperialist NWO agenda, so he’s raving alright.


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