Desperate Obama, A Voice of Sanity from Czechia and Anti-Russian Sanctions

Milosh Zeman is a rare voice of reason in the EU.

President of the Czech Republic, Milosh Zeman (I summarized/translated his interview given in Russian):

‘We have to understand that there is a civil war in Ukraine. We in the EU have to stop dreaming; during a civil war economic support for Ukraine is complete nonsense. First step is peace agreement between Ukrainians and Ukrainians. Next is agreement on gas, followed by steps to save Ukraine from the looming bankruptcy. During a raging civil war any economic help is just throwing good money after bad. There is a term “win-win strategy.” I’ve been saying all along that there is also the opposite: “loss-loss strategy.” Sanctions against Russia represent this loss-loss strategy. This is the kind of strategy where everyone loses and no one gains any advantage.’ Video interview.

Also see video: ‘Sanctions are politically, economically useless.’ So far, the EU didn’t adopt a new round of sanctions against Russia. But per peports, this may change in December. Only 6 out of 28 EU countries support anti-Russian sanctions and there is a dissent even in Germany. If there is so little support then the obvious question becomes: who and why is behind this and who continues actively pushing the anti-Russian agenda despite opposition?

Those who read my previous articles will easily answer this question.

Incidentally, recall that when the EU bulked in the summer at the new round of sanctions, the MH17 Malaysia Airlines false flag promptly happened to spur the reluctant EU into action.

The situation in the world is extremely delicate and volatile. IF the EU bulks again, provided the US wants to keep the anti-Russian momentum going, I do not rule out a new attempt at a false flag to frame Russia and Novorossia in order to force the EU to adopt a new round of sanctions.

I know Putin and Russians are on top of it. Chances are (and I sincerely hope) this won’t happen. On the other hand, there is a certain ominious energy emanating from certain entities I am watching, including the Kiev junta and those small European countries I call the US Trojan Horses in the EU. I have written about some of the Trojan Horses in previous posts. At the same time, there are many sane forces in the EU that are finally starting to consolidate and show themselves.

It often boils down to the filigree chess game between Russia and the West, which we will never see. This delicate secret work is what has for many years stopped the worst from happening. I won’t repeat for the millionth time who in such situations is aggressor and who is defender and protector. I think this should be obvious.

Let’s also remember that Obama’s rating is at an all time low and the Democrats have lost the majority on Capitol Hill. The only way Obama knows how to fix this disaster is to lash out at Russia. Of course, long term this will only backfire. By doing that, Obama is losing the last remaining smidgen of credibility he’s ever had.

Recently during his UNGA speech in NYC, and just a day ago during G20 in Brisbane, Obama repeated like a mantra that there are three threats to humanity: ISIS, Ebola and Russia. According to Obama, US has taken a lead in fighting all three. He forgot to mention that ISIS and Ebola were both American creations. As to Russia, it is the only force that stands up to the global US aggression.

A number of sane people globally are working hard to keep the world spinning. Still, we all need to continue monitoring for the possibility of a new false flag. Just a cautious warning… I would much prefer it didn’t materialize.

Many of my Western readers have written to me asking what will happen to Europe, Canada, some other countries in the following years. How will they be impacted in the upcoming tectonic shift of energy away from the West towards the East? Here is my response:

The confrontation between forces that want to keep the status quo and those who want to create a better world to replace the dying system, is on the rise. Most US and EU politicians are products of the old, dying system. We need more top politicians like Milosh Zeman. He is a bridge between the old and the new; he is someone who can relate to both, who can see both sides and who can discern the complete picture thus facilitating a smother transition. 

More predictions coming soon!

Afterthought: Ukraine president Poroshenko has visited Bratislava, Slovakia. Look what happens on the ‘Peace Square’ while Poroshenko is exiting after negotiations. Video: a group of protesters is chanting ‘fascist’ as Poroshenko rides away.

P.S. After I finished this article, I learned about a mass anti-government protest in Budapest, Hungary under the EU banners. Legitimate internal problems notwithstanding, note one thing: Hungarian government has become too friendly to Russia lately, and just like the Czech president, they had been making statements that are deemed too reasonable for the liking of the US and EU. Moreover, Hungary has repeatedly attempted to exit the EU – with no success. As such, Hungary now is prime candidate for a color revolution. This also serves as a reminder for others to toe the line. But forewarned is forearmed. Just by anticipating the event we can change the outcome. I think governments in both Czech Republic and Hungary are strong enough to withstand pressure at this time.



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  1. There may be some color revolutions or other problems being prepared. The current Maidan in Budapest is an example.

    Of course, it makes it easy to see the game being played.

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  2. I just want to let you know I appreciate your blogs and analysis.
    I am so sickened by the irresponsible behaviour of the USA and its so-called allies (vassals more like) and the Western mainstream corporate media cartel propaganda against Russia and its demonisation of Putin. The whole carry-on in Ukraine is outrageous. That bitch Merkel and the rest of the fools currently misleading Europe need a good kick up the arse…as we say here in Ireland.

    Anyway thank you Lada

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  3. The financial oligarchs in the West have said this all along. There was the famous quote from James Warburg, of the Warburg family, in front of the US Senate:

    “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

    What he meant is rule by the Western financial oligarchs.

    And Russia refuses to be “subdued”, to use Putin’s word. The problem is that it is so difficult and dangerous for decent people to stand up and resist. Those who do deserve our respect.

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  4. Hi Lada,

    Great article, and good insights. Thx for sharing.

    Seen what is happening in conjunction with the BRICKS countries and the banks that are set up next to the Rockeller/Rothchild/ banks… I have a serious question and would love to hear your insight on this.
    Pres.Putin seems to brought the Vatican into BRICS AS A MAJOR BANKING PARTNER?
    The Vatican and Pope Bergoglio are the most evil force on Earth.
    SInce you stated that Putin in not NWO, then why this move ?

    Thanks for your time and insight !


  5. There is a good article on SputnikNews about the Hungarian FM urging a revival of “pragmatic relations” between EU and Russia! I cannot post the link here because WP does not support it, but you can check it out for yourselves if you want to!


  6. And in Germany they are fed up too:

    “Katja Kipping, the head of Germany’s Left Party, noted that Chancellor Angela Merkel should invite the Russian President to the next G8 Summit, to be held in Germany next summer, with the aim of improving relations between the two countries, Germany’s Rheinische Post reported.”

    Also on SputnikNews!


  7. Hi, Lada.
    It’s been a while since I commented.
    I became aware of the following report that confirms that the Ukrainian gold is really gone.

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  8. A bit more on topic: Czech president invited Putin to commemoration of liberation of Osvencem concentration camp by the Soviet Forces. Poland, the trojan horse, voiced their protest, not seemingly to understand why Putin was invited without the Polish by-your-leave and saying that the “world is outraged by such act”:

    Poland seems to forget the liberation of Krakow and how many Soviet soldiers died so that the city would not be blown up by Germans.

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  9. Thanks Lada for your quick confirmation about the Video on Zionists and Freemasons in Ukraine. I have promptly added your comment to my post on Jean Haines’ blog.

    Not sure if you still follow George Eliason…here is his latest article @

    ***Ukraine Punisher Commanders in DC Now to Ask Warren and McCain for More Guns***
    The money they appropriate will go directly into the murder of innocent people, torture, and rape.

    Within a few days the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is going to meet with Ukraine’s best and brightest. They are coming to ask for money, weapons, and start lobbying for direct intervention. The thought that the halls of the US Congress can be sullied with this kind of people treading on its floors is beyond my imagination. You don’t need to care about Ukraine on this issue. American moral authority and the well being (electability) of some good Congressmen that only hear the propaganda might be at stake. Please take the time to read through and if this is not acceptable tell your Senator why.

    (I hope you had a chance to read his article “Embedded” – no better proof of on the ground in East Ukraine.)



  10. Lada,….great blog!
    My I ask please what your thoughts are on the upcoming Moldova elections. From afar it looks like the authorites are using all the crooked tricks (with EU backing)to fix the election. Yesterday’s news about the ban reaffirmed that to me.

    It also seems to me that if enough of the Moldovans in Moscow vote over there……then the pro-russia side should win.

    Any thoughts?


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